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    Re: Titfight/Assfight Videos

    Titfight/Assfight Videos
    Hey guys, thanks for posting on the forum Apache. It's good to see another person into these type of videos. I know you mean well but you can't do that mate. korn is right, people have spent a lot of their hard earned cash to get videos produced, not just assfights/titfights but any custom video. In most cases the producers have went out of their way as well to provide extra whether that is bonus clips, extra minutes or special outfits for example. Missing the point of the thread a bit. We want to have a thread where people can come and see the latest videos being released that focuses on ass vs ass contests and also in some cases tests of strengths and titfights/sexfights. This also doubles up as giving the producers a bit free advertisement. I know personally that I would like these sort of videos to be produced now and again without the need for paying full custom videos, I was hoping popularity would help or decrease the cost. With some of the videos they have been top sellers so in some ways its worked. Allowing free access to clips screws over everyone, it could get to the point where producers no longer make the video as it's just not profitable. You dont want to screw over the producers that make the clips, not all producers are willing to make these sort of videos, trust me

    On top of that some of the producers check this forum, it's maybe a bad idea to show them where there videos are being uploaded and how they are losing money from it lol

    I know you mean well though and it is good to share but it's not the right way to do it lol

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    Re: Titfight/Assfight Videos

    Hey I noticed that there is a few videos popping up now and again. Some are mainly tests of strength videos and some are more to the assfighting style. It's good to see that there are more people getting customs done for this category If your passing drop a post! Any producers that want to chat about this as well that would be great also

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    Re: Titfight/Assfight Videos

    Was checkibg out Manyvids.com
    I stumbled upon this nice piece. Georgia Peach is her name, lovely store, lovely ass, luscious body and she also has a lovely partner in crime in Lexxxi that accompanies her in some of her videos. Lexxxi is awfully even in measures and booty too.
    Their style reminds me a bit of Miss Liss and Ashley Dobbs videos.
    There's some body vs body and comparisons in Georgias store, here's one with assfighting involved.

    ManyVids - Hottest vids from your favorite girls
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    Re: Titfight/Assfight Videos

    Your right Korn, Lexxxi and Georgia are very close in size. It wasn't too competitive but still a fun video! Not sure how I missed that one! lol Seems like Lexxxi came out on top in this match anyways! Hopefully they do another one that's a bit more of a contest!

    Not so much of a butt fight but a rare sexfight video from Asian Wrestling Girls Asian Wrestling Girls. Seems to be doing well actually!

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    Re: Titfight/Assfight Videos

    Not had a chance to see it yet but might be of interest! Good to see another video coming up!

    Fell-On: Fetish Factory

    The video is from madisin Lee and is called:

    Ass Queen: Bubble Butt Wrestling

    Looks good!

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    Re: Titfight/Assfight Videos

    Amber is going to be doing another butt wrestling video soon! Twitter

    This one should be great! She lost vs Andrea but what about vs Luna!

    Both have great butts and I am sure there are a lot of twitter fans to dont think Amber can lose this one! It's getting filmed on the 3rd. Need to check this one out!

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    Re: Titfight/Assfight Videos

    I like to contribute
    With this sample of larger animation ASS TO ASS cunt to cunt fight

    ASS TO ASS preview - XVIDEOS.COM

    Thanks for watching

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    Post Re: Titfight/Assfight Videos

    Fishnet Housepet has released a video together with her fellow bbw girlfriend Clover Soft.
    Clover Soft seem to be a frequent partner to her in her videos and finally they've made an assfight video.
    Both are very much even matching in measuers, big meaty asses put under pressure.

    Fishnethousepet - Ass vs Ass with Clover Soft WMV

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    Re: Titfight/Assfight Videos

    Hey Korn,

    Thanks for the post, both girls are really close! Was a good match, especially with larger girls. Some of the videos seem to lack effort but both girls really tried to win this one. It was back and forth and both girls managed to push each other out and pin each other. Hopefully they will be able to do a rematch! Its good to see larger girls that are close in size to each other do these kind of videos, it's hard to pick a winner from the start.

    Good news as well! I posted a tweet from Amber Dawn a while back. Well she has released the video now.

    AmberdawnXXX Fetish Store

    Amber fought Andrea before in a match that looked really good but lacked a bit of competitive fighting and was partially scripted. Now in this one she takes on Luna Lain in a much less scripted match and both these girls really battle hard! Luna almost gets hurt quite badly from Amber pushing her out so far! There's a lot of twitter fans for Amber who would agree she has a great butt. Luna's is great as well and and the outfits really work as well. You can tell Amber is not messing about with this one and wants to win. It's a close match as well, both Amber and Luna manage to bump the other out the ring and then it gets down to sitting on each other. The match ends with one girl sitting her ass on the others face and the loser admits defeat. They are looking for a rematch however!

    It's well worth a watch with 2 great girls and better for fans who like the more competitive style battles. Maybe Amber to take on Andrea in a competitive match as well?

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    Re: Titfight/Assfight Videos

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    Titfight/Assfight Videos
    Thanks ryan for the post! I'll check it out☺
    Both have amazing asses and Amber is very aware and keen to prove it in her videos, this one seem to be no exeption, real good!
    And that's a significant point, the more script, order and details the less autentic it tend to get, especially when the script is very detailed and
    structured in order. If it's none or just one of either ones, the scenario falls much more autentic I asume.
    I always use to point it out in my customs, that improvisation is highly encouraged.

    - - - Updated - - -

    It seems this one hasn't been linked yet(!!) so here it goes.
    Galas has been a fairly unfamiliar to me, but she has been around for a while, lot's of videos in her store. Now she has done an assfight with Jacquelyn Velvet. Looks to be a masterpiece, allthough remains to be seen for me.
    The 10min clips has been out for some month and still seem to top Galas popularity list.
    Check it out!

    Galas Balloons and Fetish Clips - Ass Fight Jacquelyn vs Galas HD MOV

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