The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye  Chapters 64-65
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Thread: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 64-65

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    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 64-65

    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye  Chapters 64-65
    A very special thanks to JB57, who unselfishly gives of his time to proof read my writing. Thank you JB.

    All the characters and their names in the following story are fictional. I hope you enjoy reading “The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye.” © AngelDawn

    The amazing digital art was created by darkhound1. You can see his amazing work at

    This story is about stunningly beautiful women who desire other stunningly beautiful women. The characters are more sexy and beautiful than you can possibly imagine.. with excessively large breasts, incredible nipples and amazingly hard tight buttocks .... Women who have an insatiable desire for sexual pleasure. .. Women with a ravenous appetite for sex.. an appetite that is fueled by lust, anger and jealousy.

    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye
    Chapter 64
    Second Saturday

    Michelle and Veronica

    Michelle Michelle 5 - Angeldawn30's
    Veronica 3 - Angeldawn30's

    Veronica parked her car in Michelle's driveway and thirty seconds she was ringing the doorbell. As she waited, she heard Michelle's voice coming from a speaker near the door .. “The door in unlocked.. come in and lock the door behind you.”

    Veronica opened the door.. looking around.. but did not see Michelle. She turned around and closed the door, then clicked the dead bolt into place before turning back around.. “Where are you bitch?”

    “I'm right here you fucking tramp!” Michelle answered as she stepped from the hallway into the living room. Michelle was wearing a black thong and heels … and nothing else as she glared at Veronica.

    Veronica slowly removed her blazer and unbuttoned her blouse, sliding it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. A moment later she had removed her skirt, … leaving her with nothing on but her own black thong and heels. Michelle stared at Veronica for the first time.... staring at her breath-taking beauty... her beautiful face.. the blue eyes.... luscious lips.... silky light brown hair...legs to die for. Michelle felt her pussy already getting wet as her eyes moved to Veronica's abundant tits. They were magnificent … two huge round globes... sitting high on her chest.. with two of the longest hardest nipples Michelle had ever seen.

    “Like what you see bitch!? Veronica teased her.

    “Turn around.” Michelle answered.

    Veronica slowly turned around and swayed her perfectly formed buttocks back and forth. Michelle was instantly in lust with this stunning brunette.

    “Like my ass, bitch?” Veronica purred as she turned a little so she could look over her shoulder at Michelle.

    “Not bad... not bad for a bitch.” Michelle answered.

    “Perhaps you need a better view.” Veronica purred as she completely turned her back toward Michelle again... slipped her fingers inside her black thong... and ever so slowly, she began peeling it off... sliding her thong down over her hard tight buttocks as she continued to sway her ass back and forth. A moment later Veronica was slipping her thong down her thighs, past her knees, and finally kicking her thong off. With her ass still facing Michelle, Veronica widened her stance and leaned forward until her hands could almost touch the floor... then she ran her fingers up the inside of her legs... from just below her knees, all the way up to her pussy.. then back down.. then all the way up again... as she looked at Michelle from between her legs.

    As Michelle watched, Veronica began to slide two fingers up and down her wet slit... “Like my pussy bitch? …..Ummmm … see how wet I am? … Can you feel how bad my pussy wants to fuck your cunt?”

    Michelle's nipples were pulsing... her pussy was leaking … Veronica was a hot bitch!

    As Michelle stared, Veronica raised back up and turned around facing Michelle and cupped her huge 34G tits... thumbing her always hard erect nipples. Michelle gasped... she loved big tits... and Veronica's tits were excessively big.. and Michelle loved big hard strong nipples... and Veronica's over-sized nipples were more that adequate. Michelle felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter... soaking her thong as she watched Veronica tug and pull on her lengthy nipples. “Ummmmm,” Veronica teased her.. “You want to suck my nipples sooooooooooo bad... don't you bitch?” Michelle moaned... Veronica was definitely igniting all the fires inside her body... then Veronica spoke again … “I love your tits Michelle.... too bad they are not as big as mine.”

    “We will see about.” Michelle answered with a smirk... knowing that her already big tits were going to swell up at least a cup size bigger.. and maybe more as soon as she had an orgasm with this hot bitch standing in front of her... Yes, as soon as Michelle had an orgasm, the voodoo magic was going to flow through her body.. and she was going to put this hot bitch in her place. As Veronica toyed with her erect nipples, it was now Michelle's turn to show of her amazing body … Like Veronica had done a few minutes earlier, Michelle turned around and wagged her hot ass back and forth in front of Veronica for a moment... then she reached inside her thong with her fingers and slowly began stretching her tight black thong down over her hard tight ass... and inch at a time... deliberately taking her precious time as she peeled her thong down lower and lower until her amazingly hard buttocks were completely exposed. Veronica was licking her full moist lips as she watched ... After Michelle had shimmed her thong down past her knee, and kicked them off, she leaned forward, sticking her ass out as she raised her right hand and slapped her ass .. 'Slap!'

    “Ouuuuuu.” Veronica gasped... and then Michelle slapped her firm buttocks a second time.... 'Smack!' “Mmmmm, you like it rough, don't you bitch?” Veronica was already wet. Michelle was driving her crazy with lust.

    Michelle turned around and cupped her huge F cup tits with her hands .. “The rougher the better..... bitch!”

    “Sounds like you're looking for a bitch-fight.”

    Michelle tweaked her long hard nipples... giving them a good firm pinch before responding .. “I was thinking more of a bitch-fuck.”

    “Ohhhhh yes,” Veronica purred … “A fucking hot bitch fuck-fight.”

    Michelle slid her hands down her abs... her sharp nails tracing down past her abs toward her pussy. She then grabbed her already wet pussy lips and tugged on them.. stretching them out... before letting go as Veronica watched Michelle's labia snap back into place. Veronica was getting wet with the anticipation of locking cunts with the nasty bitch who was standing in front of her.... then she gasped as Michelle pushed two fingers up inside her pussy... swirling them around before slowly pulling them out and bringing her wet dripping fingers to her mouth.

    “You nasty whore.” Veronica spoke with a quite voice as she watched Michelle sucking on her fingers... licking her sweet pussy juice... tasting... slurping .. before she pulled her fingers out of her mouth.

    “Mmmmm, I taste so good.... I bet you are just dying to stick your tongue in my hot sweet pussy, huh bitch?” Michelle teased her.

    “I think you want your tongue in my pussy.” Veronica replied. “You have never tasted a pussy as sweet as mine.”

    Both alpha-bitches were turned on... wet … anxious … ready …. ready to fuck the brains out of each other. Michelle swayed back and forth.. her huge tits barely jiggling on her chest... “Have you ever seen a pair of tits so big and firm as mine?”

    Veronica began to sway her upper body back and forth.. her tremendous tits wobbling from side to side... “Only when I look in the mirror.”

    Michelle laughed … “You're kidding.. right? No way your flabby tits can compete with mine.”

    Veronica raised an eyebrow … “Seriously?”


    “Then why don't we just fucking find out!” Veronica hissed.

    “Soooooo,” Michelle's voice was arrogant .. “Do you want to titfight me?”

    Veronica took one step forward..”I was thinking more about tit-busting.”

    Michelle took one step forward … “You want to bust tits with me bitch?”

    There was a little anger in Veronica's voice as she answered .. “Oh yeah... I am going to bust your tits open.. you fucking bitch!”

    They were still standing about twenty feet apart as Michelle's voice also had a hint of anger .. “You're the fucking bitch!”

    Veronica raised her voice ..“Fuck you!”

    Michelle spoke louder as she also raised her voice .. “Fuck you!”

    Veronica glared at Michelle, kicking her heels off as she spoke with a defiant voice.. “We'll see who busts whose tits!.. you fucking worthless whore!”

    Michelle felt her big nipples begin to pulse as she removed her own heels and began walking toward Veronica as Veronica began walking toward Michelle..

    “Fuck you Cunt!”

    “Fuck you Bitch!”

    Their steps became quicker as they approached each other until they were almost running at each other. At the last moment, they literally leaped toward each other.. driving their huge over-sized tits together with a tremendous force... 'SMACK!'. .. knocking both hot bitches back from each other and knocking the breath out of each other. They glared at each other for a couple of seconds.. breathing deeply.

    “Fucking Cunt!” .. “Goddamn Whore!”

    Again the two big-titted bitches leaped forward..hurling their massive tits head on into each other …. 'SPLAT!' It was a colossal collision... their huge dense tits slammed into each other with the force of two battering rams... momentarily pushing into each other as much as was possible before they bounced off of each other and stumbled backward again. Their eyes were wide open as they gasped and glared at each other ... neither bitch had ever felt such deep compression before and it startled both of them. The deep impact had affected them... they felt something that neither of them rarely felt … aching .. discomfort.. and it was going to get worse. Michelle had assumed that her enormous big firm tits would easily pancake Ronnie's huge tits ..... and Veronica had assumed that her huge dense over-sized tits would effortlessly flatten Michelle's big rack. They assumed wrongly... and it quickly became evident to both big-titted bitches that this was going to be a nasty dirty hard fought tit war.

    As they stared at each others huge tits, ... they began to feel jealous... jealous of each others massive tits.... not that either of them felt like the other bitch had better tits than her own... they were jealous that they appeared to be equal. Michelle had to be better... Veronica had to be better. And it was pissing them off that they seemed to be so evenly matched.

    “You big-titted bitch!” Veronica hissed as she began stepping backward.

    “You big-titted whore!” Michelle was also hissing as she stepped backward.

    They stood facing each other... glaring... eyes squinting … about twenty feet apart. They were going to ram each other again... and this time they were both willing … and wanting … to slam together as hard as they could. Michelle and Veronica wanted to hurt each other. They wanted to make a statement. They needed to establish, right at the beginning.. who was the alpha-bitch. Taking several deep breaths .. filling their lungs with air... they nodded and began running toward each other. When they were about six feet apart, both big-titted bitches leaped toward each other.. their feet leaving the floor as their enormous heavy tits collided in mid-air with a thundering 'SPLAT!!!'

    “Unnnnnnnnnnnn!” …. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

    Their big tits met head on... nipple to nipple.. pushing deeply into each other... their solid tit-meat ballooning up and out between them... compressing together with incredible pressure... and it hurt. It only took a split second for their big dense tits to recoil .. rebounding from each other.. bouncing back... and knocking both hot bitches backward.. both of them losing their balance as their heels hit the floor... causing them to stumble and fall to the floor.

    “Awwww Shit!” Michelle gasped.

    “Unnnnn Fuck!” Veronica moaned.

    It took a couple of seconds for the two tit fighters to get back to their feet... both of them resisting the urge to cup and massage their hefty aching tits.

    Veronica hissed …. “You goddamn bitch!”

    “Fucking whore!” Michelle yelled at her.

    They glared at each other again... their eyes narrowed and focused. “First one to cum is the loser.” Veronica's voice was stern.

    “Awww, but it will be over so quickly... and I want to enjoy you.” Michelle responded.

    “What's the matter bitch? Afraid that you will cum first?” Veronica taunted her.

    “Oh no.... I am not concerned about that... I was just hoping for something more than a quickie.” Michelle knew that once the magic spell was unleashed in her body, that she would be able to fuck for hours without tiring.. without being exhausted.

    “I have to drive back to Houston tonight.” Veronica replied.

    “You can drive back tomorrow.”

    “I have an appointment with a client tomorrow morning.”

    “Sooo, change your plans.”

    There was frustration in Veronica's voice ...“Listen bitch.. I have to be in Houston tomorrow morning... otherwise I would fuck you all night.”

    “Ok … fine bitch.. first one to cum is the loser … and the loser has to eat the winner's pussy.”

    “Fine... whatever.”

    “And after you cum, I am going to face-sit you and make you lick my cunt.” Michelle added with a wicked smirk on her lips.

    “In your dreams bitch!” Veronica hissed.

    As they glared into each others eyes with angry scowls on their faces, they lunged forward at the same time.. closing the small distance between them.. “SMACK!!” Their big tits slammed together again with another hard solid impact..... literally bouncing them back from each other.. “Ohhhh” Veronica gasped as she thought to herself .. 'Her fucking tits feel solid.'

    “Ouuuu.” Michelle gasped with Veronica. 'Her fucking tits are incredibly dense.' she thought.

    Quickly stepping toward one another, they grabbed each others shoulders tightly... and lunged forward again... with the same result.. “SMACK!” .. it was a heavy smack as they were once again forced back from the impact. It stung..... they both knew this was going to be a challenge... this was going to be a tit war.

    Again they hurled their big tits together... meeting head on.. smacking loudly together.. mushrooming out to their sides then quickly regaining their shape as the force pushed them back from one another. Again it hurt. It felt like someone had thrown a bowling ball at their tits. They slammed together again … each woman grunting as their big tits slapped together... and again... and again... tiny drops of perspiration were beading up between their huge tits.. glistening in their deep cleavage.

    'Smack!' “Unnnnnnnn.” Michelle grunted.

    'Slap!' “Ohhhhhhh.” Veronica gasped.

    'Whack!' … “Unnnnnn.”

    'Slap!' … “Ohhhhhhhh.”

    'Clap!' …. “Ahhhhhh.:

    'Whop!' … “Ouuuuuu.”

    'Smack!' … Ummmm.”

    Both hot bitches were really into it.. with only one thing on their mind... destroy the other pair of tits with their own. The heavy slapping and smacking echoed throughout Michelle's home as they rammed their big tits together.. again and again.. slapping and smacking their huge treasures together. After only five minute their tits were aching from the powerful impacts and were turning a little bit red, yet they still continued to bang their pride and joy together in a violent slapping smacking war. Again and again they would hurl their huge tits together as they yanked each other toward them with their hands. The force of the loud impacts was unrelenting as again and again they slapped their big tits together head on. Each woman would grunt each time their tits plowed into each other... sometimes their nipples would meet head on and quickly spring apart.. other times their hard nipples would stab deeply into the others areolas. It was a vicious tit war.

    Fifteen minutes had elapsed. The constant tit slamming was making both women frustrated. Neither bitch could remember the last time their opponent had lasted this long under such a brutal attack. Michelle, her hands still on Veronica's shoulders, begin to twist her.. pushing with one hand and pulling with the other... Veronica caught on quickly and began to twist Michelle back and forth as their massive tits slapped together from side to side.. Slamming them fully into each other with each hard twist of their upper bodies.. Michelle's huge right tit would smack heavily into Veronica's dense left tit.. then Veronica's right tit would sway back and slam into Michelle's right tit. Slapping … smacking... popping together... the two tit gladiators stood toe to toe twisting back and forth against each other.. slapping and slamming their heavy tits against each other over and over. Michelle swinging her incredible dense F cup tits against Veronica's huge G cup tits... 'Smack!' .. 'Slap!' .. 'Slap!'.. 'Smack!' ....'Smack!' .. 'Slap!' .. 'Slap!'.. 'Smack!' … Again and again.. Michelle and Veronica grunting and gasping each time their heavy tits slammed together .. 'Smack!' .. 'Slap!' .. 'Slap!'.. 'Smack!' ....'Smack!' .. 'Slap!' .. 'Slap!'.. 'Smack!'

    “Fucking Bitch!” Veronica yelled.

    “Shitty Whore!” Michelle screamed.

    The hard slapping was causing their huge tits to ache... but neither alpha-bitch would dare say “owww.” … It would be a sign of weakness... so they grunted with each hard massive blow... their huge tits slapping and smacking together from side to side over and over and over. Twenty minutes quickly turned into thirty minutes as they once again resumed slamming their dense heavy tit-meat head on into each other... cursing and growling at each other with each deep hard thrust. Think about that …. think about how it must feel for a woman to slam her tits against another pair of tits.. over and over and over. Your skin begins to sting and turn red... and then the deep aching discomfort begins. Each time Michelle and Veronica slammed their big heavy tits together there was a loud smacking sound... very similar to the sound that would be made from slapping someone's buttocks.

    Now, if you will, imagine someone slapping and smacking your buttocks as hard as they could... again and again... for thirty minutes! You damn right it hurts.... but it is different when you smack your tits together. The pain and hurt is deeper. The pain comes from the inside... and radiates to the skin's surface. Tits compress.... tits deform. … It's kinda like a tennis ball that is struck hard by a tennis racket. The tennis ball deforms.. the hard impact causes the tennis ball to reshape for a moment … it becomes a little oval for a brief moment before regaining it's normal shape. As Michelle and Veronica banged their big tits together, their heavy tits would compress... flatten out a little bit against each other.. reshaping themselves .. molding their big round tits into a different shape. .. stretching their pectoral muscles.. forcing their big tits into an abnormal shape... stressing their breast tissue... briefly squishing the fatty tissue inside their big tits... forcing all those fatty cells to compress. It is a constant replay of squish and release … squish and release... and even if you are blessed with huge firm dense tits like Michelle and still begins to wear down your pectoral muscles... they begin to ache.. then you feel the burning sensations .. and then the aching turns into hurting... and, in time... the hurt becomes painful. Michelle and Veronica were entering the 'painful' stage of their tit war. … and neither one of the alpha-bitches was going to surrender... but they had to do something.

    Michelle and Veronica could not take much more of this... Veronica was not about to surrender by pushing Michelle away... so she decided to change the game ..she pushed Michelle back and before Michelle knew what was happening, Veronica slapped Michelle's huge left tit hard with the palm of her right hand... “SLAP!” “Fucking Cunt!”

    “You goddamn piece of shit!” Michelle screamed as she quickly slapped Veronica's big left tit with her right hand .. “SLAP!”

    “BITCH!” Veronica screamed as she slapped Michelle's huge left tit again.. “SMACK!”

    “FUCK YOU!” Michelle screamed as she drove her left fist deep into Veronica's right tit. .. knocking Veronica back a step.

    “FUCKING CUNT!” Veronica lunged forward and punched Michelle's big round right tit as hard as she could with her fist... and it hurt Michelle... which enraged her.

    Michelle stepped back for a moment.... she was mad... she was fighting mad... “I fucking hate you!”

    “I fucking hate you too, you goddamn shitty whore!”

    As they glared at one another with venomous hate filled eyes Michelle yelled at Veronica... “When I am through with you, I am going to sit on your face and make you suck my pussy!”

    Veronica mockingly laughed .. “I am the one who will be doing the face-sitting.”

    “You think so bitch?”

    “I know so, Cunt!”

    Their eyes were red with noxious anger... and they both swung at each other... slapping each others faces hard at the same time … “SLAP! SMACK!” … both of their lovely faces snapping to the side. Veronica had had it. She stepped forward and grabbed Michelle's long black hair and begin shaking her head from side to side.. violently tugging and pulling on Michelle's hair.

    “Ohhhhhh goddamn you!” Michelle screamed as she punched Veronica in the abs... which only caused Veronica to yank harder on her hair. “Owwwww... fucking bitch!” Then Michelle hit Veronica in the abs a second time.... momentarily knocking the air out of Veronica as she stumbled back.. Veronica's clenched fists taking a few strands of Michelle's hair with her.

    “Ohhhhhh.” Veronica gasped.

    “FUCKING CUNT!” Michelle screamed .. “You ripped out some of my hair... you BITCH!” Michelle then leaped at Veronica... grabbing her neck and choking her with her hands.

    “Ohhhhh.” Veronica gasped with her angry eyes wide open …. she quickly jerked her knee up.... kneeing Michelle in the crotch... it was a strong solid hit causing Michelle to let go of Veronica's throat as she dropped to her knees in front of Veronica.

    “Awwwww fuck!” Michelle whimpered as she punched upward with her right fist.. landing a direct blow to Veronica's cunt.

    “Ohhhhh... shit!” Veronica gasped as she dropped to her knees in front of Michelle. They were breathing deeply... their big tits rising and falling on their chest... this was not what either bitch had expected... but, as they say … 'it is what it is.'

    Michelle swung first... snapping Veronica's face to the side with a powerful loud 'SLAP!' A second later Michelle's face snapped to the side as Veronica landed a hard 'SMACK!' to Michelle's face. For a couple of minutes they remained on their knees ..slapping each other back and forth... 'Smack!' .. 'Slap!' .. 'Slap!'.. 'Smack!' ....'Smack!' .. 'Slap!' .. 'Slap!'.. 'Smack!'.. screaming at each other.

    “WHORE!” … 'Smack!'

    “CUNT!” ...'Slap!'

    “BITCH!” ….. 'Slap!'

    “SLUT!” …. 'Smack!'

    Their faces were red and stinging as they reached for each others hair and began jerking each others heads from side to side... until Veronica managed to jerk Michelle over on her side... she quickly fell on top of Michelle and they began to roll around on the floor cursing and spitting at each other... their legs were kicking.. their huge tits plastered together. For a couple of minutes they rolled around on the floor, yanking and tugging at each others hair... both bitches pulling a few strands of hair loose from each others heads until they finally kicked themselves apart and quickly got back on their knees facing each other.

    They quickly came together, again, each with two handfuls of hair and wrestled each other to the floor, again rolling over several times before Michelle managed to wind up on top. She scooted forward, quickly, trying to pin Veronica's arms with her legs in what is called a schoolgirl pin, but Veronica reached up and pulled Michelle's head down getting an arm over her neck in a front headlock. They grunted a few times, and then Veronica felt Michelle's hand reaching between her legs and grabbing at her pussy... but before she could get a good grip, Veronica released her headlock and pushed Michelle off of her. As they rolled away from each other they quickly scrambled to their knees... cursing and screaming at each other.

    “You little bitch!”

    “Fuck you!”

    They were facing each other on their knees, just out of reach... and then they felt it.. and it angered both bitches. Their pussys were wet... soaking wet... and it infuriated both of them. Their glaring eyes slowly drifted down to each others huge tits.. staring at each other in a jealous comparison. Staring at each others big hard nipples.. “Get a good look at them, you jealous bitch!" Veronica taunted Michelle. "See how big and firm they are?"

    “Your tits are nothing compared to mine!” Michelle hissed as she shook her huge F cup tits in a jealous outrage as she shook hers Veronica.

    Veronica began swaying her heavy G cup tits in return, as they closed the few feet between them, until their huge dense tits began to touch and smack gently against each other. Their big powerful nipples were hard and erect, and I both hot bitches was aware of the powerful erotic sensations that was flowing from their huge tits into their long hard lengthy nipples. As their lust for each other began to grow, they continued to gently slap their heavy breasts together in this fashion for several minutes their arms in a loose embrace... then their gentle embrace became tighter as they wrapped their arms around each other.. jamming their huge tits together and squeezing each other tight. It quickly became the bearhug of all bearhugs.

    They were literally trying to pancake their heavy dense tits... struggling and squeezing tightly together as more and more of their big round tits began to flatten against each other. But when you have tits like Michelle and Veronica... so firm and dense and hard... there is only a limited amount of compression that can occur.,.. and once they reached that point... they both knew that this was as close as they could be... and it increased their anger and hostility for each other. Michelle's thought that her huge dense F cup tits would flatten Veronica's big tits.... and Veronica believed that her massive G cup tits would dominate Michelle's big tits..... and … maybe they did... a little... but only because they were bigger... not because they were better. They gave each other one last hard squeeze before they pushed each other away... glaring into each others eyes.. knowing it was a stalemate.

    “Fuck you!”

    “Fuck you!”

    Michelle hissed ...“You probably think your big fat nipples are better than mine too, don't you bitch!”

    “You're kidding.... right?” Veronica wickedly teased her.

    “You stupid bitch! I'll show your sorry ass nipples what real nipples feel like!” Michelle said as she scooted forward on her knees and placed her hard rigid spikes next to Veronica's eternally erect nipples. They looked down.. their nipples were practically the same size... the length looked about the same.. and the diameter appeared to be about the same.... if one girl's nipples were bigger than the other girl's.. it was insignificant. Michelle swayed to her left.. letting her big nipples catch and flick past Veronica's big nipples.

    “Ohhhh.” They both gasped.

    Then Veronica flicked her long hard nipples past Michelle's long hard nipples... once again causing both hot bitches to gasp. They did it a third time... and both of their juicy pussys twitched. “I am going to make your nipples cum.” Veronica whispered.

    “I believe you will... right after your nipples are cumming first.” Michelle challenged her.

    Up until now it had been a test of strength and endurance... each hot bitch wanting to dominate the other physically... to prove who was the alpha-bitch....but now it had evolved into a sexual fight. Now they were going to see who could give the most pleasure to each other. For several minutes they swayed their over-sized tits back and forth with only their big heated nipples flicking back and forth across each other. None of their nipples were bending.. they remained as straight and rigid as a piece of iron.. bending only at the base of their nipples where they were attached to their areolas. Back and forth …. left and right …. meeting … catching … flicking …. left and right... flick … flick …. flick … flick … flick …. flick .. flick … flick …. flick .. their pussys were soaked with their sweet honey and their breathing was becoming more rapid and deeper as they crossed nipples minute after minute...

    “Have you ever had a woman push her nipple inside your tit, bitch?” Veronica gasped.

    “Never.” Michelle gasped in response.

    “Then get ready.... cause I am gonna fuck your tits with my nipples.”

    Michelle whispered back .. “You dirty whore!... It's gonna be my nipples that will be fucking your tits... just like a dick fucking in and out of a pussy.”

    “Fuck you.”

    “Fuck you.”

    They leaned their upper bodies back from each other, then slowly moved forward.. lining up their hard nipples... then at the same moment, they leaned forward.. the big fat wide tips of their huge nipples meeting milk hole to milk hole and squishing against each other. Michelle felt her cunt spasm .. “Ahhhhhhhh.”

    Veronica felt her clit throbbing … “Ohhhhh.”

    Their huge nipples slowly pushed against each other... more and more... and even though they retained their rigidity, they slowly were pushed back into their own tits.. a fraction of an inch at a time... until their hot sticky areolas met and their nipples disappeared from view.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Michelle moaned.

    “Mmmmmmmmmm.” Veronica moaned with her as both sexy bitches felt the entire length of their own rock hard nipples being forced back into their dense tit-meat. The pleasure was intense. Then the rocking began... pumping their tits together... just enough for their hot areolas to disappear from view.. then they would separate just enough so they could see the tips of their huge nipples sucked together.. then they would push together again.. hiding their long hard nipples and areolas.. before moving back.. only to push together again. .. and again... and again... the front surface of their huge tits would mushroom just a little bit... just enough to distribute the pressure.. before regaining their big round shape each time they eased back from each other.

    Minutes passed.... their powerful nipples sucked together... their sticky areolas kissing with each thrust.. then peeling apart... like two women kissing with lipstick... the lipstick is tacky enough to cause their lips to gently tug at each other and peel apart as they break their kiss. Pushing and thrusting their big tits into each other, a few more minutes clicked off the clock.. and they were getting very wet.. they were also getting frustrated. By now, both provocative bitches had expected their own hard nipples to be thrusting in and out of the others big tits. They had been accustomed to their nipples fucking in and out of other girls tits.... it was predictable … it was always anticipated … it was what was supposed to be happening... so they tried to get into each others minds.

    “Do you feel that?” Veronica flirtatiously whispered … “Do you feel my big strong nipples fucking your tit?”

    “Bullshit!.. that's my powerful nipples fucking your tits!” Michelle answered as she reached out with her right hand and slapped the side of Veronica's ass .. 'Slap!”

    “Ohhhhhhh … In your dreams bitch.” Veronica responded as she smacked the side of Michelle's buttocks … 'Slap!'

    “Oh yeah?” Michelle raised her voice as she jammed their big tits together hard .. “Do you feel it now?” 'Slap!'

    “Fuck you! That's my nipples drilling inside your tits!” Veronica snapped back. 'Smack!'

    Their tit pumping became more fervent as they purposefully pushed their big heavy tits harder and deeper into each other. .. pushing and shoving... slapping each others asses ... their nipples were on fire.. throbbing together tip to tip as they nipple fucked each other... each time they would pull themselves away from each other, they could see their big hard nipples... desperately sucked together... clinging to each other as if they had been soldered together. Sometimes they would pull apart enough that their long nipples would pull at their areolas.. sometimes even stretching out the front of their big tits... but they remained locked together.... stuck together.... welded together in what seemed to be an eternal deep suck. Their nipples were on fire... burning with a hot sizzling heat... their clits were throbbing... Michelle and Veronica were on the verge of having a nipple orgasm.. but who would be the first to cum?

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Veronica moaned as she felt the heat inside her tits getting hotter and hotter.. and her already huge nipples began to swell. She was about to cum as she slapped Michelle's ass hard .. 'SLAP!'

    “Unnnnnnnnnn.” Michelle gasped as her big nipples began to swell even bigger. She knew she was about to cum as she spanked Veronica's hard ass .. 'SMACK!'

    They pushed their huge tits together one last time as the fire inside their tits erupted and their big heavy tits began pumping cum through their huge extended swollen nipples.. scorching their big nipples from the inside out as they screamed together ..

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” …. “GAWD!.... FUCK!”

    Their nipples erupted at the same time... cumming together... spraying hot sticky nipple cum together.

    “Cummmmmmmmmming!” … “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

    Their hips were jerking wildly.... their pussys were gushing hot juicy girl-cum... big clits throbbing and twitching... “Cummmmmmmmming! … “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

    They reached down and grabbed each others buttocks.. squeezing each others hard tight ass cheeks as they forced their open hungry mouths together in a deep wet kiss... tongues violently pushing and shoving inside each others mouths as they licked wildly at each other... then another orgasm flooded through their bodies..their big round tits wobbling against each other.. nipples buried inside their mushroomed tits as their vaginas clenched and spewed more sweet pussy-cum.. splashing the front of each others thighs with sticky sweetness.

    Michelle was panting …. “Ohhhhhhhh fucking bitch! Cummmmmmmming!”

    Veronica moaned deeply .. “Ummmmmm you bitch! Cummmmming!”

    “Ohhhhhhhh God!” Michelle gasped as they broke their wet kiss... licking the saliva from each others lips.

    “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Veronica purred. “That was hot.... and you're pretty hot... for a bitch.”

    Michelle leaned back.. stretching their hard nipples between them until they 'popped' apart. The front of their tits was wet with their mixed nipple cum.. and nipple-cum was still leaking from their huge nipples. You could also see a few strands of the sticky cum stringing between their mammoth tits as they leaned back fro one another. Michelle rocked a little more backwards before getting to her feet.. stepping back from Veronica. The two hellcats stared at each others dripping cunts for a minute.. licking their lips.. feeling their big clits and huge nipples throbbing with lust....until Michelle spoke, “Now I am going to fuck you until you beg me to stop!”

    Veronica stood up, facing Michelle . “You are such a dirty liar! You will be the one begging me to stop!”

    Once again they glared at each other as Michelle spoke softly... “I don't think you understand what you have gotten yourself into.... I have magical powers.”

    Veronica laughed … “Yeah right …. sooo, what are you gonna do.. turn me into a fuzzy pink rabbit?”

    “Magical sexual powers you dumb bitch!”

    “Oh really?” Veronica was still laughing... “You gonna grow yourself a big cock?”

    “Fuck you!”

    “Can I have a big cock too?... then we could fuck each others cunts with our big fucking cocks!”

    “Fuck you!” Michelle was getting more and more frustrated.

    Veronica continued tormenting Michelle ...“Oh! .. I get it … you want a big dick so you can fuck your mom!.. I guess that would make you a mother fucker!... you crazy bitch!”

    “You think I'm crazy?... I'll show you crazy!!” Michelle was mad as hell as she screamed and leaped at Veronica... grabbing her around the waist and wrestling her to the floor.

    “Fucking bitch!” Veronica yelled as they rolled over on the floor a couple of times, struggling with their powerful legs... fighting for the top position. Veronica finally managed to force her legs between Michelle's as she ended up in the top position.. laying on top of Michelle. As she kept Michelle's thighs pried open with her own athletic thighs, she immediately pushed her dripping pussy down.. squishing it hard against Michelle's sloppy cunt.. and began rotating her powerful hips.... fucking Michelle.

    “Nasty Whore!” Michelle yelled as she spit on Veronica's face... some of the spit drooling back down on her own face.

    “Show me what you got Bitch!... fuck me!”

    “I'll fuck your fucking brains out you nasty whore!” Michelle yelled.

    Their big tits were squished together as Michelle wrapped her legs around Veronica.. opening up her wet cunt to Veronica's cunt... their pussy lips squishing and spreading out against each other. They were two sex-crazed bitches in heat... overwhelmed with hate and lust for each other as they began grinding their sloppy wet cunts together.... squishing … thrusting … pumping their hips... their hands were in each others hair, tugging and pulling …. nipples burning as they dueled inside their huge mushroomed tits. ….. pushing their cunts together.... rotating their big clits around each other... flicking them against each other …. rocking .. fucking …. humping … fucking … tummys squishing together in their mixed sweat.

    “Ohhhhh fuck... my pussy is so hot!” Veronica moaned .. “Is my pussy burning yours?”

    “It's my pussy heat that you are feeling bitch!”

    “Ohhhhhhhhh.” Veronica moaned again as they dragged their big throbbing clits up and down against each other.

    “Ummmmmm fuck!” Michelle moaned as she felt their mixed sticky fuck juices running down the crack of her ass.

    Their cunts were practically pouring with fuck juices... they were soaking wet as they slid their wet open cunts up and down against each other... minute after minute... their pussys sucking and slurping together as they slowly moved them up and down against each other. As the minutes went by, Michelle began to wonder.... 'Where is the magic? … why aren't my tits getting bigger?'

    As Michelle questioned herself about the magic, she quickly realized that she was truly in a competitive sexfight. She had assumed that the magic spell would activate and she would overwhelm Veronica. … but now she was going to have to use all of her skill and experience to beat this bitch. As they continued to grind their wet cunts together, Michelle let go of Veronica's hair, moving her hands to Veronica's naked ass. She began squeezing and kneading Veronica's hard tight buttocks as they fucked their wet hungry cunts together... sliding their pussys up and down against each other... their big clits continued to rub together as they began to pant with pleasure.... their big tits were sliding up and down against each other.. their big round nipples flicking up and down each other each time Veronica slid her body upward.. and then those torrid nipples would flick again as Veronica slid her body downward... smearing their wet pussy lips against each other.... their juices flowing … rocking … humping … fucking … sliding up and down.... clits rubbing together hard.

    “Oh! you fucking cunt!” Veronica panted

    “Ahhhhhh you nasty Bitch!” Michelle was gasping... her magical strength and endurance, for some reason, was not activated. Again she slapped Veronica's buttocks hard.. with both hands … 'Smack!' She then grabbed Veronica's ass hard and bucked up her hips... rolling them over.. so that now Michelle was on top. She leaned her face forward toward Veronica and extended her long wet tongue... licking across Veronica's luscious lips.

    Veronica parted her lips as Michelle pushed her tongue deep into Veronica's waiting mouth. The two big-titted alpha bitches moaned as they twirled their tongues together.. licking and stroking the inside of each others mouths as they fucked their hot juicy cunts together. They fought with their tongues... each nasty bitch trying to force her tongue all the way inside the other bitches mouth. Their tongues pushed and shoved at each other... occasionally, Veronica's long tongue would slip Michelle's wet tongue and plunge deep into Michelle's mouth... but Michelle would find a way to push Veronica's tongue back out of her mouth. And Michelle also got a few deep tongue jabs of her own... her long tongue almost reaching to the back of Veronica's throat. After about five minutes they ceased their tongue fight so they could concentrate more on their fucking. Minute after minute slipped by and they were still kissing and licking each others mouths.. sucking on each others lips and tongues.. their wet cunts sliding up and down and back and forth against each other as they fucked. Their clits meeting each time they slid up and down... rubbing and mashing together as they passed each other .. causing little moans and gasps to escape their lips.

    As they twisted their long tongues together... licking wildly at each others lips and tongue, Veronica finally pulled her mouth away from Michelle … gasping and moaning as she whispered ....“Ouuuuu you nasty fucking whore.” Veronica gasped

    “Mmmmmm I am a fucking whore... just like you..... a fucking whore.” Michelle panted.

    “Ohhhhhh you bitch.. you fucking bitch... fuck me like a bitch!” Veronica moaned.

    Michelle moaned ..“Unnnnnn... two bitches.... fucking like bitches.”

    “Ohhhhhhh fuck.... whoring bitches.”

    “Mmmmmmmmm God... whoring bitches that love to fuck.” Veronica was gasping... “We're fucking bitch whores... who love to fuck.”

    “Fuck me bitch!”

    “Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck me whore!”

    Both mean dirty bitches were in lust with each other.. and in lust with their fucking.. and wanted it to go on and on... but they also needed to make the other woman cum first... so their fucking became more urgent.. with more attention directed to their big throbbing grinding clits... their wet pussy lips sticking and tugging and peeling apart from each other as they rubbed their clits together.. up and down.. rubbing their hard swollen clits length to length... pausing occasionally to move their hips from side to side, flicking their swollen clits back and forth before resuming the up and down rubbing. Veronica was squeezing Michelle's ass hard as they fucked... and Michelle had slipped her hands underneath Veronica's buttocks and was squeezing just as hard.. pulling their hungry cunts together as tight as they could... the two bitch-whores were working their cunts together hard... sliding .. rocking … fucking … rubbing their clits together.. gasping and moaning and panting as they fucked. .. and it was a hot fuck... a burning hot fuck. Pussy juice was smeared over their inner thighs as their cunts squished together.. grinding and rubbing …. tribbing and fucking.

    Veronica thought she was losing control.. so she tried to buck Michelle off of her so she could regain the top position. But she could not roll Michelle over. Michelle was perfectly balanced on top of Veronica as she kept up the torrid pace of their clit rubbing. They continued to fuck and fuck and fuck.. grinding and rubbing... and fucking ..sliding up and down.. sliding left and right.. and fucking ... their huge tits quivering together as they fucked. Veronica began to moan louder and louder each time their lengthy clits would flick across each other. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,”

    Michelle knew Veronica was getting close to an orgasm... and Michelle wanted to win... Michelle had to win. She had to put this bitch in her place and it was going to be easier because she had an advantage... she was on top. Being on top was almost always an advantage... but as they kept fucking.. and kept grinding their wet cunts together, Veronica moved her hands to the side of Michelle's pumping hip.. and used all the strength she had as she bucked her hips up and jerked Michelle's hips to the side,, rolling them over.

    “Now I'm the top bitch!” Veronica whispered as she began to grind down against Michelle.. fucking Michelle's pussy with her own wet cunt... sliding the length of her wet pussy up and down the length of Michelle's wet cunt... grinding and pushing... her thighs straining... her glutes flexing.. as she forced her open cunt down against Michelle's open cunt.

    “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!” Michelle moaned as they ground their soaked cunts together.. rubbing and grinding.. squishing and thrusting into each other... Veronica shifted her hips just enough to get their clits heads together.. “Ohhhh shit! Yess.. yes.. just like that you fucking slut!” They fucked for a few more minutes until Michelle managed to roll their fucking bodies over again.... “I'm the top bitch!” Michelle hissed as she drove her hungry wet cunt hard into Veronica's pussy.

    “Ouuuuuuuu.” Veronica moaned as their big throbbing clits were now rubbing together almost constantly.. “Ohhhhhhh yes.” She was fucking Michelle clit to clit.. grinding and rubbing... their hands clutching each others hard ass cheeks. The two hot big-titted whore-sluts fucked each other with all the skill and experience they had mastered over the years. .. using their vast sexfighting knowledge to grind and slide their hard sensitive clits against each other. The lust inside them was boiling over.. bathing them in hot lustful heat. Veronica began jerking her hips faster and faster.. rubbing their hard throbbing love buds against each other again and again and again.

    “Ohhhhhhh fuck me hard!!!” Michelle gasped as she rocked her hips.. pushing her clit hard against Veronica's. They were working their cunts against each other as only two nasty sluts can do... they were squishing their wet soaked pussys together as only two fuck-whores can do.... twisting their clits together.. rubbing and grinding... sliding and flicking... over and over and over.. fucking as only two alpha-bitches can do. The pleasure was intense.. and they felt the enormous pressure building up deep inside their bodies. Michelle knew she was getting close.. Veronica knew that her orgasm was near.

    As Veronica continued to grind against her, Michelle began sliding her body up.. a little at a time... so Veronica would not notice. When she finally got into position.. when she finally felt Veronica's inch long clit sliding between her pussy lips ... Michelle flexed her powerful pussy lips.. her powerful labia squeezing tightly around Veronica's big throbbing clit.

    “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!” Veronica moaned as Michelle flexed her strong kegel muscles and squeeeezed her pussy lips around Veronica's clit. Michelle was squeezing hard with her amazing pussy lips... capturing Veronica's big clit perfectly... and then her talented angry pussy began sucking.... sucking on Veronica's clit like a mouth would suck... sucking... pulling and tugging on Veronica's vibrating clit..... and Veronica began to squirm... the pleasure from Michelle's sucking pussy was intense. Veronica cried out as her whole body began to spasm.... her big thick inch long nipples were twitching against Michelle's huge inch long nipples... her huge G cup tits were burning ...and then there was a hard spasm... deep inside her vagina... and her clit twitched hard... as her vagina began to contract against Michelle's sucking cunt.

    “Cum for me you nasty bitch!” Michelle gasped as she squeezed her pussy lips hard around Veronica's clit. “Cum for me now!”

    “You cum for me now... fucking bitch!” Veronica moaned loudly.. as she jerked her hips upward.. her throbbing clit squishing out from between Michelle's sucking cunt. .. and once again their clits were meeting head on and grinding hard against each other... every little sensitive nerve ending in Veronica's big clit was rubbing against every little sensitive nerve ending in Michelle's big clit as they forced their pulsing clits together as hard as they could.... mashing them against each other... length to length. Veronica was thrusting up against Michelle as hard as she could.. her hard tight buttocks straining to push her clit as hard as she could against Michelle's... and Michelle was grinding her big throbbing clit down against Veronica's big pulsing clit ..... using her powerful hips to push her big clit hard against Veronica's big clit. The two hateful bitches were trying to force each others clit back inside each others bodies.... and the pleasure sensations were staggering. … they were so very close to cumming.

    “Unnnnnnnn!” Michelle was gasping for air.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Veronica was breathing deeply with each hurried breath.

    They were panting... moaning … gasping .. grinding their big clits together as hard as they could... harder than either could ever remember … and they were going to cum... the two devil warriors were going to cum … the two bitches from hell were going to cum. Michelle gave one final hard downward thrust of her hips .. trying to force Veronica's clit back inside her body... the pleasure was intense.. and the moment was near.

    Veronica's eyes rolled back in her head.. as her cunt began to convulse.. contracting hard.. and then her pussy had another hard deep contraction.. her clit was going to explode! .. “Fuckkkk !!!!” Veronica panted as she gasped for air.

    “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssss!” Michelle moaned deeply as her own pussy began to have powerful contractions ….. jerking hard against the strong powerful contractions from Veronica's amazing pussy. They felt their clits spasm together... then they felt the deep strong intake of air from each others vaginas.... sucking their nasty fuck-holes tightly together.. Their cunts were going to squirt!

    “Cum you fucking bitch!” Veronica wailed.

    “Cum you filthy whore!” Michelle screamed.

    Veronica felt her big clit jerk against Michelle's big clit... but she also felt Michelle's throbbing clit jerk against her throbbing clit. Then her pussy gushed... and at the same instant.. she felt the scolding hot gush from Michelle's pussy. They were cumming together at the same time.

    Veronica's vagina gushed into Michelle's hot cunt as she tensed and spasmed... “ Oh FUCK! .. Cummmmmmmmming!!!”

    Michelle's vagina gushed into Veronica's hot cunt at the same time .. “Cummmmmming!!!”

    The two fuck whores kept rocking and thrusting as they was cumming.. since they had cum together... now it became a contest to see who could force the most orgasms from each other... Michelle screamed, her cunt twitching hard against Veronica's... “Cummmmmmming!”

    Veronica's cunt twitched and spasmed... jerked and quivered.. her big tits shook violently against Michelle's as she bucked underneath her.. “Cumming!! .. Cummmming!” She was screaming again as she felt the hot gush of pussy cum from Michelle's twitching cunt.. “Cummmmmmmmming!... oh fuck yessssss Cumming!”

    “Cummmmmmmming with you Bitch!” Michelle moaned as their cunts spasmed together.. their clits throbbing and jerking together. Their initial orgasm lasting more than a minute as they moaned and gasped..and kept grinding their wildly jerking bodies together. Veronica was consumed with lust as she reached up and cupped Michelle's face with her hands .. pulling her mouth toward her own and kissing her wildly.. their tongues slashing and twisting together as they moaned into each others mouths. Then a second wave flooded their pussys... gushing more hot sweet girl-cum between their sucking cunts.

    “Uhhhhh.. fucking whore! … Cummmmmming!”

    “Cummmmmmming you dirty slut!”

    And they both wanted more …. it was if they were sex-starved bitches who had not had an orgasm in months... they wanted more... and more....... and more. “Unnnnnnnnn” Michelle moaned as she began to move her hips faster.. stroking their big throbbing clits together more urgently. Up and down... quickly sliding up and down... up and down... their hips were trembling.... their big tits were shaking against each other. “Ohhhhh FUCK!”

    Aftershocks of pleasure sparked through their bodies as they kept fucking... they were so on fire that it was not going to take long before they were cumming again. They had tied... both of them cumming together at the same time... now it was like a second chance drawing... again they were going to try to force their hated rival into an orgasm.

    “Unnnnnnnnnn FUCK!” Michelle was gasping for air.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you fucking dirty bitch!” Veronica moaned.

    “Cum for me Whore!” Michelle hissed.

    “You cum for me Bitch!”

    The electric sexual current ignited their clits... once again at the same time... as they cursed each other as they were cumming.

    “Bitch!” “Whore!” “Fuck you!” “Fuck you!”

    Michelle and Veronica screamed together … “Cummmmmmmmmming!” … “Cummmmmmmmming! … “Cummmmmmmming!” … “Cummmmmming!”

    It was so fucking hot for both bitches.... they laid there, hips undulating... gasping for air... sharing several hot aftershocks of pleasure... their bodies overwhelmed with lust and passion for each other … several minutes went by before the rolled apart.. panting and gasping... resting for a moment … catching their breath.... they had been fucking for a long time.. and their sexfight kept ending in ties... so there was not a clear winner …. at least not yet. Veronica was the first to get up.. crawling on her hands and knees until she turned around facing Michelle who was still laying on her back. Veronica laid down and rolled over so that she was now laying on her back as well.. She lifted up her head just enough to stare down between her spread legs at Michelle... and then she challenged the black-haired bitch … “Cunt to cunt whore.”

    “Pussy to pussy.” Michelle whispered as she spread her legs and begin advancing toward Veronica … “And this time... you are fucking gonna cum before I do.”

    “Fuck you bitch! ” Veronica hissed as she scooted her ass on the floor toward Michelle.

    The two bitchy hellcats extended their arms out to their sides.. hands on the floor .. bracing their upper bodies as they slowly advanced their hungry angry cunts toward each other... scooting toward each other on the floor... inch by inch ... until their pussys were almost touching. Michelle and Veronica looked down at each others cunts.. both of them jealous of what they saw... wet delicious pussy. As they stared at each others cunts, Veronica squeezed her pussy... her pussy lips opening and closing as she showed off her hot pussy to Michelle. “Like what you see bitch?”

    “All I see is a filthy nasty dirty cunt.”

    “Awwww, you don't like my pussy?” Veronica smirked.

    Michelle responded with her own evil smirk ..“I wasn't talking about your pussy. I was referring to you... you filthy nasty dirty cunt!”

    “Fuck you!” Veronica hissed.

    Michelle humped her pussy a few times at Veronica... “See how big my clit is bitch?”

    Veronica mocked her ...“Ha! My clit is bigger than your scrawny little clit.”

    “You need to get your eyes checked.”

    Veronica taunted her ...“And you need to get your pussy checked... there might be some nasty filthy disease down there.”

    “Fuck you whore.... let me show you what a real pussy is ...” Michelle said as she squeezed her pussy lips together.. then she opened her labia back up as clenched her vagina a few times.. her fuck-hole opening and closing a few times .. “That is what a real pussy looks like bitch.”

    “Fuck you.” Veronica gasped with hatred as she clenched her own hot pussy a few times ..opening and closing her powerful vagina several times.

    “I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you bitch.” Michelle whispered as she inched her way closer to Michelle.

    “I'm gonna fuck you sooooo fucking hard... you worthless cunt!”

    They both inched forward the last couple of inches until their wet sticky pussy lips touched... sending flames of passion and lust through their bodies as their pussy lips melted and spread out evenly against each other. The two sultry vixens wiggled their hips until their vaginas were lined up perfectly.. and then they lifted their hips and pushed into each other... their labia squeezing out between them as their clits met.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhh you fucking whore!” Michelle gasped.

    “Fucking slut!” Veronica moaned as they shared each others heat.

    They braced their upper bodies with one arm extended to the floor as they reached out with their other arm ... grabbing each others thighs and pulling their wet cunts even tighter together ... squishing their pussy lips out against each other as far as they would go. They held their breath for a brief moment... feeling each other... their cunts drinking in each others passionate heat...... feeling their pussy lips melting together … and feeling each pulsing throb of each others big clits. As they took another deep breath, Veronica began to slide her pussy back and forth against Michelle's... their sensitive clits flicking past each other as the hot heat flowed from their clits into their vaginas. As they worked their open cunts together, their huge tits began to slightly wobble on their chest .. their glutes tightening...their breathing quickening as they snarled at each other with lust and hate.

    Veronica began twisting her hips.. rotating her pussy around in a small tight circle against Michelle's pussy as Michelle began rotating her pussy in the opposite direction against Veronica's cunt... then they clenched their hungry vaginas... feeling them sucking at each other.... powerful sucking... quickly creating a sealed vacuum between them... The fuck fight was on. Michelle was rotating her cunt against Veronica's.. their clits flicking each time they would slide together.. their pussy lips clinging, stretching.. sliding... it was hot... and the pleasure was fueling their incredible shared lust for each other. Michelle began pushing harder against Veronica..and Veronica pushed back... they were grinding their cunts together with tremendous pressure. Each time their clits would slide together, they would gasp as they slipped over each other. And the tribbing went on and on …. and on …. minute after hate filled minute.... minute after lustful minute... cursing each other.... grinding … pushing .. thrusting into each other with their powerful hips … fucking … sliding their clits together again and again... vaginas furiously sucking together … grinding .. humping … gasping … fucking …

    Michelle hissed as she let go of Veronica's thigh and raised her upper body into an upright position, still supporting her upper body with one hand behind her on the floor. She quickly raised her free hand and slapped the outside of Veronica's thigh... “Bitch!”

    “Ohhhhh, you fucking whore!” Veronica gasped as she quickly let go of Michelle's thigh and lifted her upper body so that she was now also in an upright position. With her upper body braced by one hand on the floor, she quickly returned the hateful slap with one of her own... slapping Michelle's thigh.

    As they continued to fuck their cunts together, Michelle reached out with her right hand and grabbed the nipple on Veronica's huge left tit... and twisted it... twisted it hard. “Take that you stinking bitch!” Seconds later, both angry bitch-whores grabbed each other... pulling their bodies into a sitting position facing each other as they both grabbed each others big nipples... pinching and twisting.. pulling and tugging.

    “Owww! Fucking cunt!” Veronica hissed as she began twisting the shit out of Michelle's big left nipple.. causing Michelle to gasp. You could see the anguish in their eyes as they began digging their sharp nails into each others big hard nipples. It quickly became a war of attrition. With each passing moment, their sharp nails dug deeper and deeper into their thick nipples... and it was painful. But there was no way in hell that Michelle was going to let go first … and there was no fucking way that Veronica was going to let go first. If something did not happen soon, both hot blooded evil bitches were going to draw blood... and that could escalate into something that could be very dangerous.

    Their eyes began to water... the pain was excruciating. Suddenly, Veronica had an idea. It was going to hurt.. but it might end the stalemate. With her sharp nails almost penetrating the skin covering Michelle's big nipples., she jerked both of her hands to her left... jerking Michelle's huge tits on her chest.

    Michelle's eyes revealed the incredible pain as she cried out .. “Owww! You goddamn fucking bitch!” ... but she was a bitch that could play this game too. She quickly jerked Veronica's massive tits to the side.. forcing a painful scream from Veronica's lips.

    For the next few moments, they were jerking each others big tits back and forth with their sharp claws.... screaming in agony... cursing like drunken sailors, until the sheer weight of their heavy tits swinging back and forth caused both dirty bitches to lose their grip on each others nipples.

    “God! I fucking hate you!” Veronica screamed.

    “I have never hated anyone as much as I fucking hate you!” Michelle yelled as loud as she could.

    Veronica was also yelling as loud as she could ...“You fucking cow-bitch! I am gonna make you cum so fucking hard!”

    “You're gonna cum first... you worthless piece of whore trash!”

    They began grinding their angry cunts together harder and harder.. fucking each other with a vengeance. Their hips were working hard.. thrusting their wet cunts and burning clits together.. grinding incredibly hard into each other... then suddenly, without warning, Michelle slapped Veronica's face.. 'Slap! .. jerking her head to the side.. “Fuck you!”

    Veronica immediately slapped Michelle back... 'Slap!” .. “Fucking bitch!”

    They slapped each others faces several times as they fucked.... their hate for one another was intense.... and their lust for each other was burning out of control.

    'Slap!' “Bitch!”

    'Slap!' “Cunt!”

    'Slap!' “Whore!”

    'Slap!' “Fuck you!”

    'Slap!' “Fuck you!”

    'Slap!' “Slut!”

    Their angry cunts were squishing together... their sucking vaginas making slurping sucking sounds as they fucked each other... grinding... cursing … slapping each others tits.... twisting each others nipples... the mixture of pain and pleasure was overwhelming hot and intense for both alpha-bitches.

    'Smack!' Michelle landed a hard blow on the side of Veronica's huge left tit.. “I hate your goddamn tits!”

    'Clap!' “I fucking hate YOU... you fucking whore!” Veronica screamed as she slapped Michelle's big left tit.

    “Owwwwwww!” Michelle yelled as she reached out and grabbed Veronica's hair with her fists and began yanking her head from side to side.. “Fucking bitch!”

    A second later Veronica had wrapped her fingers around Michelle's hair and was jerking her head back and forth as she spit on Michelle's face.. a big glob of spittle landing on Michelle's lips. “Bitch!”

    Their huge tits were wobbling on their chest as Michelle spit back.... her spit splattering on Veronica's right cheek.. “Whore!”

    Their big clits were on fire... blazing with lust... burning with desire... as they continued to spit at each other.. jerking each others heads back and forth .. grinding their cunts together.... they wanted to sexually destroy each other.

    Then Veronica, her fingers still wrapped tightly in Michelle's hair, jerked Michelle's face toward her and extended her long tongue and licked at the drooling spit on Michelle's face. Their heavy tits smacked together as Michelle began licking Veronica's face.. and it did not take very long for their two lengthy tongues to begin grinding together.. pushing hard against each other.... they were grinding their cunts together … and they were grinding their tongues together… and their huge tits were grinding together ... as they moaned and panted with every deep breath.

    Michelle finally pulled her wet drooling tongue away from Veronica and yelled at her... spit flying from her mouth. “Bitch!”

    “Slut!” Veronica yelled back... spit flying from her tongue and lips as she yelled.



    The combination of hatred and lust... pain and pleasure.. was driving both angry alpha-bitches toward an incredible orgasm. The pain was only adding to their sexual stimulation... creating an urgency in their pussys... a compelling need to cum... a demanding immediate need for sexual release.

    Their huge swollen tits were pushing and jiggling against each other... their glues were tight and tense... they were fucking each other as hard as they could.. grinding.. pushing... shoving... their hot thirsty vaginas sucking at each other... sucking their fuck juices back and forth between their clenching vaginas... It was an incredible hot deep fuck fight. A fuck fight to see who was the alpha-bitch. Veronica leaned back.. once again placing both of her hands on the floor behind her.. so she would have more leverage when she pushed her wet cunt into Michelle's juicy cunt. A moment later, Michelle had placed both of her hands on the floor as she begin to grind her hungry twat hard against Veronica's dripping cunt. They were grinding and pushing into each other with all the strength they had... forcing their open cunts together as hard as they could.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhh God!” Michelle gasped. She was almost there.. and Veronica knew it as she pushed a little more with her hips.. more pressure... deeper grinding... and when their clits met together again, Veronica stopped moving and just pushed with her powerful hips... pushing her clit head on against Michelle's clit... each of them could feel the throbbing... could feel the vibrations... could feel every twitch and every spasm. Michelle was going to cum.... she gasped and moaned.. her clit began to jerk against Veronica's... her body spasmed... her tits quivered... she tossed her head back... closing her eyes... and groaned. She could feel the river of pleasure flowing through her body and her pussy clenched. She pushed her wide open vagina hard against Veronica's wide open vagina …. pushing and grinding hard .... and as she begin to feel that she could no longer hold back her impending orgasm, she heard Veronica scream.

    “Ohhhhhhh SHIT!” Veronica felt her orgasm beginning... and knew there was no way to stop it.... she began sliding her big clit up and down as fast as she could against Michelle's big clit... hoping to quickly force an orgasm from Michelle.

    “Unnnnnnnnnn!” Michelle squealed... her clit was about to explode.... and then she felt her orgasm begin... flowing through her body... and just as she was soooo fucking close to cummming... she felt Veronica's pussy gushing against her cunt.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhh ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmmming!” Veronica screamed as her pussy gushed into Michelle's open cunt... flooding their pussys with hot sticky girl cum.

    Michelle knew she had won... she had forced Veronica to cum first. She held on for a several more seconds.. and then her hot cunt erupted in a fountain of pussy-cum... squirting her sweet honey into Veronica's pussy... “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

    Veronica was bucking her hips wildly.... her fingers clutched tightly in Michelle's black hair … “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!”

    “Yes you bitch! Cum for me!” Michelle screamed as her pussy gushed a second time... flooding their cunts and thighs. “Cummmmmmming you fucking whore!”

    A second later, Veronica's amazing pussy was gushing again.... spraying her hot sweetness between their fucking cunts.. “Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss Cummmmmming you nasty slut!”

    They laid there for a couple of minutes..before easing themselves down.. so they were laying on their backs.. their wet thighs still scissored together .. panting and gasping... as several after shocks flowed through their sexy sweaty bodies... moaning and gasping …. their heavy tits quivering … their buttocks flexing ….. then another orgasm flowed through their bodies... their pressing hot cunts gushing into each other again... their mixed pussy-cum squirting a foot up into the air from their joined pussys.. splashing on their thighs and tummys.

    “Unnnnnnnnnnn Fuck!” Michelle moaned .. “Cummmmmming!”

    “Cummmmmmmming!” Veronica was gasping for air as their clits throbbed together... their huge over-sized tits shaking on their chests as they laid on their backs.. their hips jerking against the floor. Once again, they shared several more tremors of pleasure as their orgasms slowly faded. Within several minutes, their breathing slowly returned to a normal pace, Michelle slid back on her ass, got to her knees and stood up, her heavy tits wobbling as she looked down at Veronica. “It's over. You came first. I won.. now get your stinky cunt out of here!”

    “What?” Veronica asked as she got to her knees and stood up facing Michelle.

    “I just beat your sorry ass... now get the fuck out of here!”

    “Ohhhhhhhhh no... we're not finished.”

    Michelle raised her voice.... sweat running down between her big tits as they rose and fell on her chest from her labored breathing ... “I said it's over bitch!”

    Sweat was also running down Veronica's abs as her huge tits wobbled on her chest. “Fuck you! We agreed we would fuck until one of us surrenders!” She yelled at Michelle. …..Yes, Veronica had revealed herself for who she was … she was a lying cheating fucking bitch!. …. just like Michelle.

    Michelle's voice was vile and hateful … “You fucking liar! You said you had to drive back to Houston tonight … so we agreed that the first one to cum is the loser.”

    “You fucking lying bitch!” Veronica screamed.

    “God Dammit!... we tied twice... so that did not count.. but you came first the last time! I won!... Now get the fuck out of here!”

    “You fucking lying whore! This is not over until I say it's over!”

    Michelle stepped toward Veronica... raised her right hand and slapped Veronica across the face hard... jerking Veronica's face to the side.. spit flying from her mouth. “I said it's fucking over.. you pathetic little bitch!”

    Veronica stepped toward Michelle and quickly slapped her face hard.. 'SLAP!”.. “It's not over until I say it's fucking over... you got that bitch?”

    “You piece of shit!” Michelle screamed as she slapped Veronica back .. 'SMACK!'

    “You goddamn fucking whore!” Veronica screamed as she stepped into Michelle and pushed her back hard... causing Michelle to wobble on her legs before falling backward on her ass. “I said it's not fucking over!” Veronica quickly stepped toward Michelle and kicked her hard ... right into her thigh.

    “Owwww!” Michelle cried out as she grabbed her thigh... Again Veronica kicked at her.. but Michelle grabbed her foot and twisted it... causing Veronica to lose her balance and stumble down to the floor... they rolled toward each other with their hands out... swiping their long sharp nails at each other.. “I'm gonna teach you a lesson bitch!”

    Veronica managed to rake her nails down Michelle's forearm.. leaving a red mark on her arm. Veronica was yelling with hate in her voice as she rolled away and hurriedly scrambled to her feet. “You mess with me bitch and I'll fuck you up!”

    By now Michelle was also on her feet.. her thigh and arm hurting . .and she was furious! .. “I am going to kick your ass you fucking cunt!” she screamed as she lunged forward with her claws out. Again the two fiery hellcats swiped their claws at each other... Michelle's finger fangs ripping across Veronica's shoulder, tearing the skin.

    “Owwwwww!” Veronica screamed as a drop of blood appeared on her shoulder. She stepped back.. quickly leaped and spun around and delivered a hard karate kick into Michelle's abs with her heel … causing Michelle to double over in pain. Veronica immediately reached down and grabbed Michelle's hair... jerking her head down as she lifted her right knee... kneeing Michelle in the forehead.

    “Unnnnnnnnnn” Michelle moaned as the pain ripped through her head... her eyes lost focus.. and she slumped to the floor as Veronica released her hair. Michelle mumbled a few words as she lay there on her back.

    “You're gonna teach me a lesson, bitch?... well Fuck You!” Veronica hissed as she knelt down and straddled the weakened Michelle... slowly lowering her wet dripping cunt down toward Michelle's face. She reached forward and grabbed Michelle's wrists, pinning her arms to the floor as she dropped her wet cunt down on Michelle's face … and began rocking... sliding her wet pussy up and down … grinding on Michelle's mouth. “Lick me bitch!” Veronica commanded.

    Michelle mumbled again as Veronica kept grinding... sliding .. dragging her big clit up and down Michelle's face. Veronica then reached behind her and slapped the side of Michelle's buttocks... 'Smack!' “I said lick me!” A second later she felt Michelle's tongue licking at her sensitive clit.

    Veronica was face fucking the bitch.... sliding …. rocking …. fucking …. grinding .. minute after minute as Michelle laid there... helpless. Soon, Veronica was approaching her orgasm. There was something special about dominating another alpha-bitch. It added fuel to the fire... it made her clit throb harder... it made her pussy wetter... as as she began to cum, there was a sweetness of victory that flowed through her body .. adding to the incredible physical pleasure. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Yesssssss!” Veronica moaned as her pussy gushed... spraying Michelle's face with pussy-cum .. “Cummmmmming!” Veronica gasped and moaned as she came.. the hot gush of girl-cum squirting from her wet pussy... running down the sides of Michelle's cheeks. She continued rocking for a few more minutes... to rub it in... so to speak.

    Veronica then lifted her wet dripping pussy off of Michelle's face and turned around... sitting back down on Michelle's mouth and rubbing her hot cunt against Michelle's face again... then she leaned forward.... Veronica wanted to taste this bitches pussy. Michelle was still woozy as Veronica lowered her mouth to Michelle's cunt, extended her long tongue.. and licked from Michelle's big clit all the way down her wet slit with one long slow stroke.... then she licked all the way back up... dragging her tongue ever so slowly up Michelle's wet pussy. As Veronica's tongue begins it's journey back down Michelle's wet slit, she feels Michelle's tongue again... licking at her own pussy causing Veronica to moan with pleasure. 'Mmmmmmmm.”

    They slowly lick each other.. sliding their wet tongues up and down inside each others pussy lips... licking … tasting …. lapping …. drinking sweet pussy juice from each others wet pussys.... licking … stroking each others cunts with their tongues. Then Veronica felt Michelle's lips on her clit.. sucking... “Ohhhhhhh fuck!” She quickly placed her own lips around Michelle's big clit and sucked it deep into her mouth.... sucking... sucking hard as she felt Michelle faintly moan against her pussy.

    For the next fifteen minutes they teased each other with their lips and tongues... with the occasional 'bitch!' and 'whore!' thrown in for good measure. As they neared their orgasm both dirty bitches began sucking harder …. licking deeper …. sliding their fingers in and out of each others wet vaginas.... sucking … fucking … licking … fingers pumping in and out of tight wet vaginas … lapping … gasping … sucking … moaning … fucking … cursing ….. until Veronica could no longer contain her urge to cum... and Michelle was only a couple of seconds behind her as their bodies tensed... their heavy tits pushing hard into each others tummys... buttocks flexing.... thighs trembling.... and then the onslaught of pleasure rushed through their big vibrating clits.....

    “Unnnnnnnnnnnn FUCK!” Veronica moaned as she began cumming... gushing against Michelle's lips and tongue ... “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

    “Fucking lying bitch!” Michelle gasped as her pussy gushed into Veronica's sucking mouth.. “Cummmmmmming!”

    “Cummmmmming! ….. Cummmmmming!”

    Their hands moved to each others asses... clutching each others hard tight jerking buttocks with their hands as they rode out a series of multiple orgasms together... their bodies trembling... their heavy tits plastered tightly to each others bodies... “Cummmmmmming! …. Cummmmmmming!”

    “Ohhhhhhh you nasty fucking whore!” Veronica moaned as she squeezed Michelle's buttocks hard.. digging her sharp nails into Michelle's hard ass cheeks.

    “Unnnnnnnnnnn shit! Fucking liar!” Michelle gasped as she squeezed Veronica's ass hard.... their nails threatening to break the tight skin that covered each others powerful jerking glutes.

    For several more minutes they held each other tight.... their hearts and minds filled with hate and contempt and disgust for each other... as their bodies overflowed with lust for each other. They were exhausted... Michelle once again became aware of the pain in her head. She was on the verge of passing out from the intense pleasure coupled with the pain flowing through her body. Veronica rolled off of Michelle, laying on her back and catching her breath for a minute as Michelle gasped and moaned. As Veronica got to her feet she looked down at Michelle … “Get up bitch!”

    Michelle laid there... obviously hurting as she slowly raised her right hand and flipped Veronica off.

    Veronica laughed at her... “Is that all you got left?... giving me the finger?”

    Michelle's eyes closed and her arms slumped to the floor... she was done... she was finished... she was drifting in and out of unconsciousness.

    Veronica stepped toward the passed out Michelle and placed her foot in the center of Michelle's chest... right into her deep cleavage as she raised both hands over her head in the victory pose. As she looked down at Michelle she spoke to her … “I said that it's not over 'til I say it's fucking over ….... …... …... It's fucking over! .... BITCH!” Michelle looked up at Veronica for a moment.. her eyes were glassy... she tried to say something... but then her eyes closed ... and she passed out. It was deja vu for Michelle.

    Veronica walked away from the passed-out Michelle... walking down the hallway until she found the bathroom.. and found some hydrogen peroxide, cleaned off the small abrasion on her shoulder and placed a band-aid over it. She then picked up a tube of lipstick before walking back into the living area. ….... For some reason, alpha-bitches have this thing for lipstick... ….. and writing. Before Veronica left, she wrote 'B I T C H' across Michelle's big tits. She then dressed, gathered up her things... and walked out the door. As she stepped into her car, she checked her cell phone for messages... her Sunday morning appointment had canceled. “Well. It looks like I am going to be spending the night in Dallas after all.” she whispered to herself as she backed out of Michelle's driveway... “Now I can attend the titfights at Girlfriends tomorrow!” She turned her radio on .. found a jazz station ..and began listening to music as she drove away.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    A few miles from Michelle's home, the old voodoo woman had closed her shop for the day and was about to walk up the stairs to her apartment that was on the second floor above the magic shop. Suddenly she heard the sound that she was so familiar with. It was a steady purring sound.... no, not like a cat … it was much higher pitched... more like a sustained note from a synthesizer. She knew it was her queen calling for her. She turned around and walked toward the glowing crystal ball... sitting down in her chair and placing her hands on the crystal ball. “Yes my Queen?”

    As the image in the crystal ball became more clear, the voodoo queen heard the voice of her Mistress. “The one named Michelle has broken her promise.”

    “Oh!.. What did she do?”

    “She was told to never tell anyone about the magic.”

    “And she told someone?”


    “Oh, that's a shame... I had such high hopes for that one.”

    “As did I.”

    “What shall we do my Queen?”

    “When you open the store tomorrow, Michelle will be your first customer. She will want to know why the magic has not been activated. You will tell her why.”

    “Yes Ma'am... of course.”

    “She will then ask how the magic can be reinstated.” The old voodoo woman nodded as her Queen continued .. “You will tell her that the magic is gone until she does a favor for me.”

    “Yes, of course my Queen.... May I ask what the favor is?”

    “I will personally speak to her tomorrow... through the crystal ball.”

    “Yes Ma'am,” the old woman whispered as the stunningly beautiful image faded from view.

    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye
    Chapter 65
    Second Saturday

    Amber and Jennifer

    Amber Amber - Angeldawn30's
    Jennifer S5 - Angeldawn30's

    Amber's doorbell rang... it had to be Jennifer. She walked to the door in her white blouse, red skirt and a pair of flip-flops.... unlocking and opening it … “Hi Sweetheart.”

    “Hi Mom,” Jennifer answered as she slipped past Amber and waited for her mom to turn around. . Jennifer looked sexy as hell in her cut-off jeans and a pair of hot pink athletic shoes that matched her hot pink t-shirt.

    Amber closed the door, turned around and approached her daughter. Before Amber could speak, Jennifer stepped into her and wrapped her arms around Amber, pushing their big tits together. Amber instinctively returned the hug as their heavy tits mushroomed against each other through their clothes... then Amber felt something... she felt Jennifer's hard nipples twitch against hers... and a second later Amber felt her own long thick hard nipples twitch against Jennifer's. It was a very awkward moment for Amber, but Jennifer seemed to think nothing of it. As they looked at each other, Amber spoke. “You said you wanted to talk about something .. what's up?”

    Jennifer released their hug and stepped back ...“I am meeting this girl... and... we... well... ah... well... it's like …..”

    “Just tell me Honey.”

    “We are going to sexfight.”

    Amber's eyes opened wide.. “You are going to do what?”

    “Oh come on Mom.... you know what I am talking about.”

    “I... well … I...”

    “Don't ask me how I know... but I know that you have had sexfights and titfights.”

    “Jennifer ….”

    “Just listen... I am going to have a sexfight with this bitch... and I want you teach me how to sexfight.”


    “Don't bullshit me Mom.” Jennifer said as she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her hot pink t-shirt and tugged it up over her head.. shaking her hair out as her big naked bra-less tits wobbled on her chest.... “ I have had a few sexfights.. but I really need to win this one... this is very important to me... and I need you to teach me.”

    Amber was staring at her daughters huge tits... “Teach you..... exactly what do you want me to teach you?”

    “I want to fuck you... I want you to show me exactly how to move.. how to wiggle.. how to drive her out of her fucking mind!”

    “Ohhh Honey... I don't think I ….” Amber's sentence was interrupted as Jennifer stepped back toward her, once again ballooning their huge tits together.

    “I am going to be meeting this bitch in two hours... and I know that you are a skilled sexfighter. I want you to teach me how to fuck with my pussy.”

    Amber's big nipples were throbbing against Jennifer's.. separated only by Amber's thin blouse.. and it was turning Amber on.... but it was not right... not with her daughter.. “Jennifer... we can't do this!” Amber gasped.

    Jennifer's voice became very sexy as she stepped back just a little from Amber.. “Of course we can... Would you rather I go see Ashley?”

    “You wouldn't!”

    Jennifer smiled as she began unbuttoning her mom's white blouse. “Oh yes I would.”

    “Jennifer! You are my daughter!”

    Jennifer moved her face toward Amber's face as she whispered.. “We are going to kiss... and then we are going to fuck.”

    As their lips met, Amber quietly moaned as her clit twitched. As Jennifer's wet tongue licked across Amber's lips, Amber pulled away... “Jennifer … I can't!” Jennifer grinned as she reached out and grabbed her mom's wrists, pulling Amber's hands to her big naked tits … “I should not be doing this.” Amber whispered as her hands made contact with Jennifer's large bare tits. She quickly tried to pull her hands away, but Jennifer slid her hands over the top of Amber's hands and brought Amber's hands back to her full round tits... squeezing the back of her mom's hands as she forced Amber's hands to squeeze her big tits.

    “Ummm, doesn't that feel good?” Jennifer purred as she moved Amber's hands around on the front of her abundant tits

    Amber's clit twitched again as she questioned herself... 'Why is my clit twitching? This is wrong!' “Jenniver, we shouldn't be ….”

    Jennifer interrupted... “Of course we should... Don't you love my big sexy tits?”

    “Oh God!” Amber gasped as she squeezed her daughters huge tits.. they were so fucking firm... so fucking dense... and so fucking big. Amber was having a difficult time resisting her eighteen year old daughter... but she managed to push herself away again.

    Jennifer stepped forward and placed her hands on the front of Amber's blouse.. she was determined... and it was now obvious to her that she was going to have to take charge. With her fingers firmly grasping the front of her mom's blouse, she yanked hard.. ripping the buttons off and opening Amber's blouse, revealing Amber's huge full firm F cup tits. Before Amber could speak, Jennifer stepped forward, pushing her hard throbbing nipples into her mom's hard ridged spikes as she exclaimed … “Wow!”

    “Ohhhhhhhh.” Amber moaned... her resistance was become futile as Jennifer placed her hands on Amber's shoulders and pulled their big heavy naked tits together.. forcing their long hard throbbing nipples from view as their over-sized tits mushroomed together. Amber relented as she placed her hands on her daughter's shoulders and began to push into Jennifer. Although it only lasted about a minute, it seemed like eternity... the two big-titted women pushing their massive tits together.

    “Mmmmmm” Jennifer sighed as she removed her hands from Amber's shoulders and stepped back.. breathing hard.... her nipples were swollen … her tits rising and falling on her chest from her deep heavy breathing... Amber was turned on as she moved her hands from Jennifer's shoulders and stepped toward Jennifer again.. their tits meeting head on again as Amber wrapped her arms around Jennifer's waist.. pulling her close. Jennifer had also moved her hands around Amber's waist and moved closer to Amber.. their big tits mushrooming together. They slowly began to turn around slowly.. moving their feet just a few inches at a time.. as if they were doing a slow dance... the two tit warriors made several complete circles as they held each other gently … keeping their big tits pressed together... Amber finally stepped in the opposite direction and dragged her tremendous tits across Jennifer's..

    “Ohhhh.” Jennifer moaned as they began a slow rocking motion together.. Jennifer moving right and Amber moving left.. their big tits would mushroom.. then Jennifer's left tit would slide between Amber's big tits.. then slide out.. as her right tit slid between Amber's tits ..only to slide back... again sliding between Amber's tits, then past Amber's right tit. Back and forth their tits dragged across each other.. sometimes their heated nipples would get caught against each other before springing apart. It was slow and erotic... and both women were getting turned on..... their pussys were wet... they were breathing deeply... and they wanted more.

    Amber stepped back … her nipples as big and swollen as she could ever remember … She looked down at their tits heaving … their arms were still around each other as Amber carefully moved closer to Jennifer.. She was going to line up their nipples.. and Jennifer was ready... After a little adjusting, they were ready to press them together tip to tip. “Ummmmmm.” Amber moaned as the tips of their nipples met.... Jennifer gasped with her as they watched their nipples slowly disappear beneath their mushrooming tits.. Amber tightened her hold around Jennifer's waist and pushed forward.. Amber's big tits pushing into Jennifer's massive rack.. Jennifer got a better hold around Amber's waist and pulled herself closer.. Their tits were as close as they were going to get.. mushroomed out at the top and sides... Then the pumping began... moving their upper bodies they pushed and released.. pushed and released.. Jennifer's huge E cup tits pushing into Amber's big F cup tits ….their tits were in constant contact as they pumped them together.. their arms at their sides were squeezing their huge tits together as they jerked their upper bodies together... compressing their big tits then releasing.. then pushing them tightly together then releasing .. mushrooming them together, then releasing.

    “Mmmmm do you know about nipple orgasms?” Jennifer asked seductively.

    “Un huh.” Amber moaned as she removed her hands from Jennifer's shoulders and stepped back.. Amber was beyond caring that it was her daughter standing in front of her.... her mind was over-taken with the need to cum. She lined up their big extended nipples tip to tip... and then pushed into Jennifer. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” Jennifer squealed as they began nipple fucking... pushing their thick nipples together... again and again... pressing .. pushing …. fucking... thrusting … sweat was running down into their deep cleavage... they were delirious with pleasure... it was so deliciously dirty... so fucking nasty.... so fucking obscene … mother and daughter nipple fucking. Minutes went by... neither hot bitch was able to penetrate the others big firm tits with their hard nipples... but that had no effect on the immense amount of pleasure that was flowing from the tips of their nipples... flowing through their enormous tits.... flowing all the way to their big pulsing clits... clits that were screaming for release.... pushing .. thrusting... the front of their big tits sometimes gently slapping together as they tit-fucked each other with their big hard nipples.... on and on... minute after minute.. their hands were on each others buttocks... squeezing... kneading each others firm ass cheeks... Jennifer's fingers were digging into her mom's red skirt and Amber's hands were running up and down the back of Jennifer's cut-off jeans. “Mmmmmm yes,” Amber whispered between deep breaths.

    “I want you to cum with me.” Jennifer panted as she began grinding her huge tits harder against Amber's big round globes.

    “Oh God!” Amber panted as she felt the rush of heat flowing through her body.

    “Yesssssssssssss fucking yes!” Jennifer groaned as her own orgasm was about to shower her body with wet pleasure.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Amber gasped.

    “Fuck yes!” Jennifer gasped with her as she began to cum... her sweet tight pussy gushing... squirting.... quickly soaking her already wet panties. “Ohhhhh I am Cummmmmmming!.... fucking Wow! God!”

    “Cummmmmmming with you!” Amber cried out as her pussy clenched and jerked and spewed her hot girl-cum into her own wet panties.

    Their big tits were cumming... sweet tacky nipple-cum spraying from the tips of their huge nipples... nipples that were buried beneath their big tits that were jammed together so tightly.... and they felt it... they felt the hot heat from each others nipple-cum as their big tits pumped against each other.

    “Ohhhhhhh SHIT! Cummmmmmmming!” Jennifer was bucking her hips wildly as her pussy gushed a second time... her fuck-cum leaking from her panties and wetting her cut-off jeans.

    “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm” …. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

    They held each other for another minute... squeezing each others buttocks... trembling together..nipple-cum oozing from between their huge mushroomed tits .... undulating their hips.... Amber and Jennifer were on fire.... burning with their taboo need for each other.

    Jennifer pushed her mom away... nipple-cum sticking and stringing between their huge tits for a brief moment until the gooey strings snapped apart. “Hurry!” she gasped as she turned and began quickly walking to her mom's bedroom... “Hurry!”

    Amber hesitated for a moment as her brain flashed the warning message .. 'This is your daughter!' ….. then she began unzipping her red skirt … “Fuck it!” she whispered to herself as she shimmed out of her skirt and quickly slipped her panties off. By the time she walked into her bedroom, Jennifer was already naked, laying on the bed with her legs stretched out in front of her.... “Teach me mom.... show me how to pussy fuck.”

    Amber loved to fuck women.... and this hot eighteen year old was fuckable... she looked hot... beautiful long light brown hair... a small tight waist.. luscious hips... and tits to die for.. big.. round .. full globes gently wobbling on her chest.. but still sticking almost straight up into the air..... capped with those big treacherous nipples... nipples that were still oozing nipple-cum. Yes, Jennifer was most definitely fuckable.

    Amber slid onto the bed..sliding forward on her hard round ass as she spread her legs. … unveiling her hot juicy pussy in all luscious glory. Amber had a delicious pussy.. juicy and wet... with full moist pussy lips.... pussy lips that protruded almost an inch in front of hot naked fuck-hole... pussy lips that were glimmering with light-catching droplets of her sweet pussy syrup. Jennifer could see her mom's big clit... pushed out between the wet sticky folds of her amazing pussy.... jutting …. throbbing... bobbing up and down. As Jennifer watched in awe, Amber quickly opened her labia .. revealing the sweet pink inner private parts of her wet pussy.

    “Wow” Jennifer moaned.. ..Then it was Jennifer's turn... her pussy lips were not as extended as her mom's.. but they were glistening with moisture... and Jennifer used her kegel muscles to open her sexy cunt lips.. spreading them apart... and giving her mom a good view of the sweet insides of her hot pussy.

    “Ohhhh God!” Amber moaned as she advanced toward her daughter... scissoring their legs together... smooth firm thighs sliding against each other as they brought their open cunts closer and closer together... Amber looked down... Jennifer's big clit was every bit as big as her own.. and it was sticking out... throbbing … bouncing up and down at the top of Jennifer's wet slit. Amber adjusted her hips.. rolling slightly to her left.. lining up their big jerking clits... then she pushed forward...

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Jennifer moaned as their wet sticky pussy lips touched... burning together with their raging taboo heat.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Amber moaned as she pushed a little more... their pussy lips spreading out together... the tender sexy pink flesh of their inner lips kissing as they pushed into each other a little more.... it was so fucking hot! It felt like they were burning each others tender skin... scorching heat flowed through every nerve in their wet cunts. Then their big sensitive bouncing clits touched.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Jennifer gasped.

    “Unnnnnnn un unnnnnnnnn FUCK!” Amber moaned as their big throbbing clits pushed together..... it was too much.... their sexual senses were already stretched to the limit... and just touching their huge pulsing sensitive clits together was enough.. it was more than enough.... they were going to cum together.

    “Ahhhhhh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhh YES! Cummmmmmmming!” Jennifer screamed.

    “Ohhhh FUCK!” Amber was screaming with her daughter.. “Cummmmmmmming!”

    They jammed their squirting fuck-holes together... their wet cunts emptying their hot girl-cum into each other... gushing … squirting... their hot cum splashing several feet up into the air between their grinding cunts... spraying their thighs and tummys... even splashing on their big shaking tits..... and as soon as it stopped.. it began again.. another powerful flood of pussy-cum squirting from their cunts.. pumping straight into each others vaginas... shooting straight up into the air once again... spraying and splashing all over their bodies...

    They screamed together ...“Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming!”

    It was, by far, the quickest orgasm that either had ever experienced.... their juicy pussys were touching for no more than fifteen seconds before the flood gates opened and their pent up pussy-cum squirted freely from their gushing cunts.

    They screamed together again … “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” Gushing and squirting together again... the bed was soaked with their fiery juices. They were gasping and moaning.. thrashing on the bed.. shaking their heads from side to side... the intensity was insane. … their hot cunts were boiling over.... gushing and squirting as their orgasms continued.. one after the other... screaming and cumming... gasping and cumming..... gushing and cumming.. .. panting and cumming. Several torrid minutes seemed much longer to the two hot women... almost constant orgasms... leaving them almost breathless and gasping for air.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Jennifer!” Amber panted.

    “Mmmmmmmmmm.” Jennifer purred.
    They laid there on their backs for several more minutes... their wet cunts dripping into each other... their throbbing nipples leaking sweet drops of gooey nipple-cum.... until Amber finally spoke.... “I don't think you need a lesson is sexfighting.”

    Jennifer giggled,, and Amber laughed with her.... then Jennifer whispered to her mom.. “Show me how to squeeze with my pussy... y'know what I mean?”

    “You want to learn how to suck with your pussy?”

    “I can already do that a little... but Yessssssssssssssssss show me... oh please... please teach me how.”

    Amber smiled... “Ok …. watch and learn.” She scooted back on her ass a few inches.. gooey pussy-cum stringing between their wet cunts.... “You know about your kegel muscles?”

    “Un huh.. yes.” Jennifer answered.

    “Ok.. good... it's just a matter of flexing... like this.” Amber flexed her powerful pussy... you could hear the air being sucked inside..

    “Wow!” Jennifer squeaked.

    “You have to practice squeezing your pussy... for years... to develop a strong sucking cunt.”

    “I don't have years.. I have to match pussys with her tonight.”

    “Don't worry.. she wont be able to suck this much with her pussy either... like I said. It takes many hours of practice” Jennifer nodded as her mom continued.. “So let me show you some things that you can do... to make her cum like a fountain.”

    “Mmmmmmmmm” Jennifer smiled.

    Amber pushed her cunt against Jennifer's again.. “It's in your hips.. you have to roll your hips... I'll show you.” Amber began twisting her hips in a fluid rolling motion.. dragging her clit back and forth across Jennifer's.. “Feel that? Feel my clit flicking yours?”

    “Wow... God yes!”

    “You can control how hard you want to press.. or how fast you want to flick your clits together.”

    “Ok... I see that.. let me try.” Jennifer began to rotate her hips.. flicking her big hard clit back and forth across her mom's equally big hard clit. “How's that?”

    “Ummmmmmmmmm it feels wonderful! But be careful.... remember, you are also stimulating your own clit at the same time.”

    “Gotcha” Jennifer nodded.

    For the next thirty minutes, Amber showed her daughter how to move her hips.. how to get her pussy lips over the other girls clit... and squeeze it... how to rub their clits up and down against each other... how to grind without losing control. She also taught Jennifer how to prolong her orgasm.... how to move in such a way as to stimulate the other girl's clit more than her own..... and Jennifer was a quick learner... showing and repeating everything that Amber had taught her... now it was time to put her new sexual knowledge to use.

    “I think you are ready.”

    “Really?” Jennifer smiled.

    “Let's find out.... first one to cum loses.”

    “Ok!” Jennifer replied..

    Once again they pushed their wet pussys together.... it was incredible. “Ohhhhhhhhh!” … “Ahhhhhhhhhhh”

    They slithered on the bed.. pushing and jamming their hot cunts together.. grinding and thrusting their hips... Jennifer wiggling her hips just as her mom had taught her.. dragging their big throbbing clits across each other again and again... sucking at each others pussy lips with their hungry cunts... squeezing their pussy lips together... pussy juice flowing down the cracks of their asses as they pumped their open cunts together with their strong glutes... their heavy tits bouncing on their chests... long hard nipples pointing to the ceiling.... gasping and moaning... grinding.... Jennifer would clamp her pussy lips around Amber's big clit and suck... yes, the suction was not like Amber's powerfully developed pussy.. but it was more than enough for Amber to feel the pulling and tugging on her sensitive clit. Then Jennifer would jerk her hips up and down... rubbing and stroking their pulsing clits together.... She had learned a lot... and was putting her new found knowledge to use. They fucked for almost thirty minutes.. stopping and resting when one or the other was about to cum. They wanted this to last a long time.

    Panting and gasping they kept fucking for another thirty minutes... pausing each time one of them would gasp 'stop!”.... they would wait for a moment.. until they were back in control.. and then resume their fucking... an hour had passed... they had starved off several orgasms... but as they continued to fuck... they knew that could not contain the pent-up rush of their hot juicy cum much longer.... they had to cum... and they wanted to cum together.... they were so overwhelmed with their shared pleasure, that they had long forgotten about 'first one to cum is the loser'. This was all about pleasing each other.. pleasuring each other... and pleasuring themselves.

    They moaned together as they fucked. … rocking and grinding … sliding and pushing … flicking their clits back and forth as they fucked each other.. it was intense fucking.. hard fucking .. trying to grind their own cunt inside of the others cunt... Minute after minute they pushed and shoved with their powerful glutes.. using their athletic legs to push against each other as hard as they could.. mashing their cunts together as they fucked. Another ten minutes of constant deep grinding elapsed and they were still pressing and straining together.. rubbing their open cunts together as they gasped and moaned with pleasure.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhh Jennifer!”


    They continued to grind into each other for a few more minutes until both hot women reached out, grabbing the others thigh... clutching it for leverage as they pushed their open cunts very hard against each other ….their huge tits wobbling as they jerked their asses.. applying as much pressure on their cunts as they could …

    Jennifer twisted her hips slightly and then pushed hard against Amber.. their heated pussy lips completely flattening out against each other.. she wiggled her hips just a little more until she was sure that her cunt was locked tightly to Amber's cunt, then Jennifer flexed her pussy.... squeezing and sucking at Amber's pussy... “Uhhhhhhhh.” Amber moaned as she felt the suction on her pussy. Jennifer had learned quickly as she flexed her pussy again causing her mom to gasp .. “Ouuuuu.”

    “How did that feel?” Jennifer asked.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Amber gasped.

    “That good?”

    “Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssss!” Amber moaned as Jennifer squeezed her cunt... It did feel good... it felt very good. Amber's clit began to tremble with pleasure and her entire body began to spasm.... 'Ahhh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... FUCK!” Amber moaned as her clit vibrated against Jennifer's... and her vagina clenched hard.. then opened up and squirted all over Jennifer's cunt … “Cummmmmmmmmming! … Ohhhhh Jennifer... I'm Cummmmmmming!!” Her hips were bucking and her buttocks jerking as her pussy gushed it's sweetness all over Jennifer's cunt.

    Jennifer was pleased... she had passed the test.... she had made her mom cum!!

    “Ahhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmming!” Amber's body was burning with lust as her pussy gushed again against her daughters cunt. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She gasped as she slowly raised herself up on her elbows, grinding her wet soaking cunt against Jennifer's heated cunt .. “Unnnnnnn you are sooooooooooo good.”

    Jennifer raised herself up on her elbows as they made eye contact.. “Mmmmm.” Their eyes stared at each others big tits jiggling on their chests as they kept pushing and grinding their cunts together, then, with their eyes locked together, Jennifer felt suction on her pussy.... Amber was sucking her pussy with her own pussy.... sucking deeply... pulling and tugging at Jennifer's cunt.. “Oh my God!” Jennifer squealed. With her pussy mashed tightly to Jennifer's …. vagina to vagina .. Amber flexed her talented mature pussy again as Jennifer's eyes opened wide with amazement. She gasped deeply.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” as Amber continued flexing her cunt. Jennifer could hear the rush of air being sucked up inside Amber's cunt as her pussy lips were being pulled and tugged up inside Amber's amazing pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssss!!!”

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD! Cummmmmmmmmming!” Jennifer was panting.. her hips bucking wildly as her pussy gushed into Amber's sucking cunt. “Ohhhhhhhh... Cummmmmmmmmming!”

    As Jennifer bucked her hips wildly against Amber, she managed to move her gushing vagina up over Amber's hard throbbing clit, catching Amber's big clit between her pussy lips.... and flexed … sucking Amber's big clit between her pussy lips as she squeezed Within seconds, Amber was cumming again.. screaming with deep pleasure.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!!!” Her hot cunt spraying hot juices on their mashed cunts as she ground her cunt hard against Jennifer's. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Shit!!!”

    The feel of Amber's cunt contracting against hers was enough to to send Jennifer over the edge again as she began to cum …. “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... yessssssss!”

    Jennifer was cumming hard... her body shaking.. her clit felt like it was going to explode with pleasure ... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

    “Cummmmmmmmmming!” Amber screamed as her vagina squirted again on Jennifer's pussy …. splashing cum all over their cunts and thighs.

    Jennifer was cumming again.... her cunt exploding as she felt Amber's hot cum spraying their grinding cunts .. “Cummmmming soooooo hard!!!”

    They laid there for a few minutes .... bodies writhing. ….gasping and moaning with their cunts mashed together.. their lower abs and thighs wet and sticky with all of their pussy cum … “Mmmmmmmm that was so wonderful.” Amber moaned.

    “Mmmmmmmm it was... it was.... like …. like Wow!” Jennifer gasped as she inched back from her mom.. rolled over to her tummy and crawled toward Amber... laying next to her as they kissed for a few minutes... Mother and daughter tongue kissing.

    Minutes later Jennifer had put her clothes back on and was about to leave .. “Thanks Mom... for everything.”

    Amber smiled at her daughter.. “I'm going to hop into the shower... just close the front door behind you.”

    “Ok.” Jennifer answered as she walked out of her mom's bedroom... down the hall and to the front door. As she opened the door, Ashley was getting out of her car. “Hi Aunt Ashley!” Jennifer waved as she walked toward her.

    “Jennifer!” Ashley smiled as she stepped toward her niece with her arms open. Jennifer opened her arms as they met and hugged... and both of them were immediately
    aware of their big tits pressing and pushing together.

    Jennifer held the hug a little longer than was necessary before finally stepping back. “What are you doing here?”

    “I just came by to visit with my sister. How is my favorite niece?”

    “Well... you know... busy busy busy!”

    Ashley laughed... “Good.. it will keep you out of trouble!”

    Jennifer smiled with a wicked grin ... “Mom is in the shower... you should join her.”

    “What?” Ashley had that surprised look on her face.

    Jennifer leaned a little closer and spoke softly .. “She was teaching me a few things about sexfighting.”

    Ashley's eyes were wide open … “What???”

    Jennifer grinned again as she continued talking … “Oh don't kid me... you know what I am talking about.... she is hot and ready for you.... go get her!”


    Jennifer smiled as she turned and walked away toward her car.. “Y'all have fun.”

    Ashley was speechless as she watched Jennifer get into her car and drive away. What was going on? She walked inside Amber's home and closed the door behind her... walking through the house looking for her sister... as she approached Amber's bedroom she heard the shower running. She quickly undressed and stepped into the bathroom, opening the shower door..


    “Want some company?”

    “Mmmmmmmmm.” Amber purred.

    to be continued ….....

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    And now... a brief preview of Chapter 66 …...

    Angel watched Wendy and Jane kiss for several minutes until it was time. With her sweet hot girl-cum dripping from her wet pussy and running down the inside of her thighs, Angel slowly stood up and knocked on the door, attracting Wendy and Jane's attention. As both hot cum drenched girls looked toward the door, they quickly scooted away from each other on their knees... strands of glistening nipple-cum stretching and looping between their big tits and nipples. Angel pushed the door open and stepped inside.

    “Angel!” Jane exclaimed with her panting voice.

    “Angel!” Wendy gasped.... “How long have you been here?”

    “Long enough.” Angel answered with her sexy voice as she scooped up a dangling glob of nipple-cum from her cheek and placed her finger into her mouth. Angel then moved her hands to the front of her stretchy top and ripped it open.. the buttons flying through the air as she began removing her top.. exposing her enormously big tits.. She tossed her top on the floor and began sauntering toward the bed... her massive tits gently jiggling...wearing nothing but her thigh high hose and her heels.

    She stopped a few feet from the bed the night stand.... and lifted her right leg .. placing her four inch heel on the table. Wendy and Jane silently watched as Angel unstrapped her heel.... removed it from her foot, and laid it on the table. As Wendy and Jane moved their eyes up and down Angel's flawlessly perfect body, Angel placed her bare foot back on the floor and lifted her left leg.. placing her heel on the night stand and unstrapping her left heel... removing it from her foot and placing it on the table next to her right heel. She then stepped back and stared at Wendy and Jane with 'the look.'

    Angel sometimes had this aura about her... a certain 'presence' …. an unmistakable authority. … this was one of those moments … and Wendy and Jane were quickly aware of her powerful authoritative persona as she spoke … “So what the fuck is going on?”

    Wendy and Jane were still on their knees, facing each other ..nipple-cum mixed with sweat was splattered on their bodies with a few shimmering strings still looping between their big tits. Wendy and Jane's faces were turned toward Angel... staring at her... not knowing what to say.


    Jane spoke first .. “She is a lying bitch!”

    “She's the one who is lying!” Wendy quickly responded.

    “Stop!” Angel commanded … “I asked what is going on.”

    “Well...” Jane spoke softly... “Ah.. well..”

    Angel moved her piercing eyes toward Wendy .. “Well?”

    “It's all her fault Angel!” Wendy muttered.

    Angel's voice was stern and to the point. “Dammit! I asked you what the fuck you were doing!”

    Again they looked at her.... remaining silent.

    “You were fighting over me. ...weren't you?” ….. Well?”

    “Yes.” Jane replied.... “But only because she called me a liar!”

    Wendy raised her voice as she spoke to Jane ...“You are the fucking liar!”

    “No! you're the fucking liar!” Jane raised her voice as she shouted back at Wendy.

    “That's enough!” Angel yelled at them.

    “But Angel ….” Wendy began to speak.

    “I said that's enough!” …... You could have heard a pin drop to the floor. It was dead silence. …. “You were fighting over me …. to determine which one of you would be with me... right?”

    Jane and Wendy nodded as Angel directed her eyes toward Jane .. “Sooo... you are fighting Wendy... and if you win.. then you and I are going to be a 'couple'? Is that what you think?” Angel quickly moved her eyes toward Wendy... “And you think that if you win, that you and I are going to be together?.... Did it ever occur to either of you what I might want?... Did it ever enter your mind what I care about?.. or are the two of you just selfish bitches concerned with only what you want?”

    Again, there was silence... and then Angel continued. “If the two of you are going to decide what I want.. then go ahead.... go ahead... fight each other!” She was pissed off... and Wendy and Jane knew she was pissed off.

    Wendy quietly whispered … “Angel ….”

    “I said you are going to fight each other …. Go ahead! Fuck each others brains out... fuck each other 'til one of you quits... 'til one of you surrenders... if it takes all night!”

    “But Angel ...” Jane spoke softly....

    Angel quickly interrupted Jane .. almost shouting as she spoke … “The two of you... purposely... intentionally … have agreed to fuck each other for the right to be with me... and that is exactly what you are going to do!.....You are going to fight over me! ... And ...” Angel paused for a few seconds before continuing …. “And …. ... The two of you are going to fight with weapons.”

    to be continued …......

    "The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye" © AngelDawn ..... ..... Digital art © AngelDawn © darkhound1
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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 64-65

    VERY HOT ! As your previous chapters were ! As your next chapters will be !!
    Kinky and nasty also !! Acts between two consent adults who break some taboos and crossing some limits for their own pleasure.
    Lez inc is the ONLY incestuous act that I like to read about in fictional lez stories. But ONLY IF the two women are consent adults and they BOTH go willingly for it.
    As in the case of Amber and Jennifer and some other (two adult sisters) you wrote sometimes before.

    Go on Queen of the board !! We can hardly wait for the rest chapters !!
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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 64-65

    Mother-daughter sexfight..those are so rare and yours was tremendous. Michelle with the "facepalm" moment of the story...what will she have to do now?

    What are the weapons that Wendy and Jane will have to use?

    Argh, the cliffhangers!
    If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, everyday would be like christmas.

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    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye  Chapters 64-65

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 64-65

    Great story !
    Thank you !

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 64-65

    As I told you in mail, Hostboard rejected my post about your previous two chapters... I was entranced with them...
    And now, you still produce another fantastic piece of erotism, including a hot incestuous sexfight...
    I am always learning from you...

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 64-65

    Giannis .... as always, thank you very much for your kind words. I am not sure if I am worthy of the honor of being "Queen." There are at least two other very wonderful women authors here.. Toni and Maurita (Who just posted the third part of her amazing story)... Perhaps we can all be a Princess. (Smile) You are a wonderful friend Giannis. Thank you. (Hug)

    christen ... I always love reading your comments... you usually find a way to make me smile... (Michelle's facepalm). I believe if you will think about it... you may figure out the weapons that Jane and Wendy are going to fight with. Thank you christen. (Big Hug)

    Freeman21 ... Great comment! Thank you! (Hug)

    Maurita.... my friend .... You are always so sweet and kind. I appreciate you and your kind comments. (A really tight Hug) Thank you.

    I want input from all of you... As you know, the titfight championship at Girlfriends club will take place on Sunday (The final day of the story), and as you already know, the championship match will be between Ashley and Joy. (Not that they are necessarily the best titfighters, but because these two women competed in the titfight tournaments throughout the year). I plan on having three other titfights before the main event. Obviously, I cannot create a poll... (Too many characters and way too many possible match-ups)...

    In the story, I plan on all of the characters to write their names on a piece of paper, and the judges will draw names for the three preliminary matches... so, I am asking you... which girls would you like to see match up against each other in the three fights? For example .. Jane vs Sara... or perhaps Tina vs Abby.... you can choose. You can post here or you can send me a PM. I think it will be fun for you to decide the match-ups. I have four more chapters to write before the titfight matches... so you will have a few weeks to cast your vote. Thank you!

    You can read descriptions and see digital images of all the characters here ... at the very beginning of chapter one ...The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapter 1-4
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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 64-65

    An epic story, as always, excellent!!!I look forward to Jennifer VS Emily, hope is a very equal game!And I love twins sexfight,I hope later chapters can such a plot again!Again, thank you for your [email protected]@


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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 64-65

    Quote Originally Posted by AngelDawn30 View Post

    christen ... I always love reading your comments... you usually find a way to make me smile... (Michelle's facepalm). I believe if you will think about it... you may figure out the weapons that Jane and Wendy are going to fight with. Thank you christen. (Big Hug)

    Ha, it was a total facepalm moment. Everyone reading that was recorded on this gif.
    If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, everyday would be like christmas.

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 64-65

    Quote Originally Posted by AngelDawn30 View Post
    Giannis .... as always, thank you very much for your kind words. I am not sure if I am worthy of the honor of being "Queen." There are at least two other very wonderful women authors here.. Toni and Maurita (Who just posted the third part of her amazing story)... Perhaps we can all be a Princess. (Smile) You are a wonderful friend Giannis. Thank you. (Hug)

    christen ... I always love reading your comments... you usually find a way to make me smile... (Michelle's facepalm). I believe if you will think about it... you may figure out the weapons that Jane and Wendy are going to fight with. Thank you christen. (Big Hug)

    Freeman21 ... Great comment! Thank you! (Hug)

    Maurita.... my friend .... You are always so sweet and kind. I appreciate you and your kind comments. (A really tight Hug) Thank you.

    I want input from all of you... As you know, the titfight championship at Girlfriends club will take place on Sunday (The final day of the story), and as you already know, the championship match will be between Ashley and Joy. (Not that they are necessarily the best titfighters, but because these two women competed in the titfight tournaments throughout the year). I plan on having three other titfights before the main event. Obviously, I cannot create a poll... (Too many characters and way too many possible match-ups)...

    In the story, I plan on all of the characters to write their names on a piece of paper, and the judges will draw names for the three preliminary matches... so, I am asking you... which girls would you like to see match up against each other in the three fights? For example .. Jane vs Sara... or perhaps Tina vs Abby.... you can choose. You can post here or you can send me a PM. I think it will be fun for you to decide the match-ups. I have four more chapters to write before the titfight matches... so you will have a few weeks to cast your vote. Thank you!

    You can read descriptions and see digital images of all the characters here ... at the very beginning of chapter one ...The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapter 1-4

    Jane - Sara !! By far !! Titfight is not my best piece of cake (i prefer to read/watch it only as a prologue/foreplay for a fuckfight to follow) but i like these two hotties !!

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 64-65

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    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye  Chapters 64-65
    Quote Originally Posted by christien View Post

    Ha, it was a total facepalm moment. Everyone reading that was recorded on this gif.
    LOL Thanks! How funny.

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