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I just looked it up, and now I have a movie to buy! Though, not quite sexual ruination.
While. yes 2ldk does feature two women locked in a fight that leads to mutual destruction, it just isn't sexual! Still looks like a very fun movie, and I appreciate the suggestion!
The thing is about sexual contests in Japanese live action (something also ckskevin can attest to) is that there's a difference between Cat III (the equivalent of NC-17) aka pinku movies and theatrical ones. Even not very violent fighting action more on the lesbian side features AV actresses, who're not lesbians, and it shows. I mean, I'm neither a woman, nor a lesbian, but I highly doubt matured women attracted to their own sex would kiss in a way that one catches the tongue of the other and sucks it in. Compared to those scenes, 2LDK does get very sexual at the end. On top of the high frequency physical conflict and material damage, excuse me the use of a term for lack of a better, by the end they fully intend to make the other her bitch. Their kiss looks more genuine than lesbian porn from a culture that officially barely tolerates it. It's also under-toned by the fact that one of them is from a big city with a bigger career, the other from a remote island aka a country bumpkin (though remote is debatable, a different Japanese drama is centered around an island 24 hours off to the south from Okinawa and high schoolers have to leave it to go to school and many don't return).

It's trivia but the movie was made on a bet and it's the counterpart of a different movie (neither requires watching the other) centered around the theme of duels to the death. The other one is about 2 samurais, if I recall in the Hokkaido snow, so not as interesting. Speaking of sexual ruination...has anybody ever thought just what exactly the 2 inmates did in Black Mama, White Mama, when they were locked in the hotbox? It still bugs me if it was necessity that forced them to work together or they tried to fight but realized it's too cramped. Also, I was thinking they reverse bear hugged each other to keep the other from falling toward the wall but that would mean neither of them slept.