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    Dezerai 5 Part 2

    Dezerai 5 Part 2
    Chapter Two
    The JAMAICA Tapes?

    “You know what, I told ya’ll you can’t trust em! We been looking for these damn CDs since Saturday morning and its now Sunday afternoon, and I’m tired, hungry and getting pissed off!” Tanya was railing as she, Tanisha, Kenny Jr. Akusua, Karmen and Shalitha ripped the grandmothers house apart from top to bottom and found nothing. They went through every secret door, trap door, safe, hidden wall, fake painting, false panel and secret passageway they could find and still no CDs.
    Finally, everyone was sitting in the wrecked dining room eating lasagna and drinking soro, realizing they’ve been duped by their two “sweet, innocent” acting grandmothers!
    “Well I guess it’s time we clean this place up. They called me and told me they’ll be home by 9 tonight” Tanisha sighed.
    “You know what ya’ll paying for this damn vacation and I refuse to service them! I grew up Mzzz Dezerai’s daughter so I’ve been getting conned my whole life!” Tanya was fussing and everybody started laughing.
    Tanisha looked at her and walked over to her and gave her a hug. The stressing Tanya looked at her and they both started laughing; they were use to the head games!
    Karmen walked over to her mother…
    “Look…. all of us agreed to this, so we’ll split the pay evenly…. won’t we Mom?”
    “Azz I say-ed…. all-a-ya’ll payin’ for this!” Tanya laughed, while rolling her head!


    They didn’t get finished cleaning up until 8:30pm, and when they finished everyone decided to wait for the Grandmothers to return because they were determined to find out where those damn tapes were. Everyone except Tanya of course, who went home while accusing all of them of being as nasty and disgusting as Momma Dees.
    At 9:10 Momma Dees drove up in the driveway and everybody sat in the dining room ready for war.
    “If we have to, let’s beat it out of em!” Karmen and Shalitha proclaimed.
    They said it of course with a smile on their face, but other than physical violence, all was fair in love and war with the Washington/Davenport clans!
    Dezerai and Delesha saw the cars parked and smiled knowing the Jamaica CDs would never be found, because it was not at the house! Years ago, after suffering repeated ransacking of their home, they decided to keep it off site at an undisclosed and very secure location, along with a few other “secret” items. So yes it was true, they never removed the CDs because they were not there in the first place.
    “So, where do you wanna go on our vacation” Delesha asked Dezerai?
    “The Bahamas!” Dezerai smiled, “we’ll make it like Jamaica, remember how much fun we had?”
    “A-lot of fun!” Delesha grinned…… “especially the way I had you begging for mercy.”
    “You are mistaken deary….it was you who was begging for mercy!”
    They got out the car and walked up to each other face-to-face, hands on hips.
    “You want a rematch little girl?” Delesha challenged her.
    “Oh, I guess you forgot what happened last time you challenged me!” Dezerai got swaggy.
    “That would have been this morning….and if I recall correctly…. YOU LOST!”
    “I guess you forgot to take your memory pills again! That’s alright Mama got something for that!” Dezerai laughed.
    “Talk is cheap little girl……just do it!” Delesha pressed her face into Dezerai’s.
    “First let’s get these greedy free-loaders out of our house, then I’ll feed you your medicine…. FORCEFULLY!”
    They smiled together nose-to-nose.
    “So how long you think this fight’s gonna last this time?” Dezerai asked her.
    “Five, ten minutes maybe…. before our arthritis kicks in” Delesha cracked.
    They both laughed kissed and walked in the house hand-in-hand.
    “CHILDREN! They both smiled real big and innocent……all of you are here!”
    “Cut the crap old ladies…. you knew we would never find those CDs…. that’s why you made this unlawful bet!” Karmen stood up scowling.
    “We decided to go to the Bahamas” Dezerai chimed in smiling broadly at her granddaughter.
    “A month from now to celebrate our birthdays, since they’re only a week apart” Delesha added.
    “We’ll expect the tickets to be emailed to us in a couple of days” Dezerai also added.
    “AS WE AGREED!!!” Delesha scowled back at the now pissed off children.
    “You know…. you two are evil…. Ms. Tanya was right…. we can’t trust you…. all these years I respected you…. admired you…… and now you do this!” Shalitha was pouring the bullshit on thick.
    Delesha and Dezerai started laughing.
    “Dee did she just disrespect us?” Dezerai asked mockingly.
    “Never” Dezerai added. “Bu-ut if they feel like this, I guess they won’t want this!”
    Dezerai pulled out two CDs and waved it at them.
    Everybody froze in shock…then exploded!
    Shalitha and Karmen damn near rushed the Grandmothers…
    “GIVE ME THOSE DAMN CDs………. ALL THESE YEARS!!! YOU OLD LADIES MADE US WAIT DAMN NEAR 30 YEARS! Shalitha was yelling! “You knew we wouldn’t find it because you had them on you the whole time. And you said you wouldn’t take them out of the house and LIED! It’s was not a fair bet, you cheated.” Shalitha was now fuming.
    Karmen looked at Shalitha….
    “I got a better idea…. I’ll tackle them, you get the CDs!”
    She then turned to Tanisha, “you hold their legs….no wait, I know better than to ask you for help” she then looked at Kenny Jr. “KJ, you and Akusua help me restrain em……. they may be old, but they’re still strong……………. are you ready?”
    “Dee are they about to attack their poor old grandmothers…. after all we’ve done for them?” Dezerai began twisting up her face as if she were crying. “We have arthritis, poor vision, bad backs, senility setting in, we’re even starting to show signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.” Dezerai was in full helpless old lady bullshit drama mode and Delesha played right along with her crying, coughing and wheezing and making her voice old lady tremble!
    “I don’t understand it Dee, I thought they loved us!”
    Karmen and Shalitha glared at them.
    “Really....... Dementia...... REALLY???” Shalitha was now scowling! “More like Demented!”
    Akusua and Tanisha were giggling non-stop, while Karmen stood with her hands on her hips!
    “WOW…. you two are good!”
    She then looked at everybody…. “this bet was not fair and they know it!”
    Tanisha was laughing, while the giggling Akusua had her cell phone camera on recording all of this, and a quiet Kenny Jr. sat back taking mental notes.
    Tanisha finally decided to speak up….
    “All of you are wasting your time, I bet those CDs were never here in the first place. Mom and Ms. Dezerai are in charge of this chess match, we never had a chance!”
    Tanisha looked at her mother…….
    “OK Mom you and Mama Dezerai win, what do you want so we can get the CDs?”
    “BEG!” Both Delesha and Dezerai yelled out loud.
    “And make it goooood” Dezerai dug the knife of humiliation in deep. “I want crawling, bowing, scraping, feet kissing and absolute worship!”
    “And service!” Delesha cut in. “You will serve us for the next 2 months….is that clear children…. you will do exactly as we say……or else…………NO CDs……. EVER!”
    Tanisha fell out laughing, while Kenny Jr. jaw dropped! Akusua kept right on filming, but Shalitha and Karmen found nothing funny at all!
    “Evil…. they evil K……I’ll never trust em again! Karmen and Shalitha got up to leave.
    Karmen glared at her Grandmother Dezerai….
    “Are you the mastermind of this fiendish plot? Mom always said you were evil, sneaky and devious!” Karmen’s cold eyes glared at her grandmother Dezerai. “You conned free Bahama tickets out of us and slavery for two months…. you may be my grandmother, but I will never trust you again!” She then looked at Delesha… “Nor you Mother Delesha!”
    They walked to the door and put their hand on the knob….
    “We’re leaving now and you’ll never see us again!” Shalitha blurted out!
    Delesha and Dezerai smiled and waved goodbye.
    Karmen and Shalitha opened the door, but did not leave, instead they turned and glared.
    “You’re gonna just let us walk right out, aren’t you?”
    Delesha and Dezerai continued grinning and waving goodbye.
    Karmen and Shalitha scowled at them, then looked at each other.
    “You know what, I’m starting to hate them!” the glaring Karmen sighed angrily.
    “You both are going to hell…you know that!” Shalitha closed the door angrily still scowling.
    They walked slowly back in the room glaring angrily at the smiling grandmothers.
    Dezerai decided to dig the humiliation knife in further.
    “Ohhhh Lady-K…. would you give your Grandmother a pedicure……………RIGHT NOW!”
    Karmen’s mouth dropped open….and even Shalitha had to laugh.
    Then suddenly she saw Delesha taking off her shoes and wiggling her bare toes straight at her….
    “Don’t forget me Shali!”
    Both Shalitha and Karmen stood rooted to the spot, speechless!
    Tanisha was on the floor! Akusua was giggling non-stop and Kenny Jr. was shaking his head.
    “That’s the price children…….2 months complete service with an ‘I luv u grandmother smile, plus Bahama tickets within the next 2 days or no deal” Delesha threw down the gauntlet.
    “B-But at first you said 1-month complete service” Kenny Jr. was stammering.
    “TWO MONTHS!” Delesha and Dezerai barked!
    “You know what Mom was right…. this shit’s not worth it…. I’m out!” Karmen had enough, got up and headed for the door.
    “Oh Karmen” Dezerai called her.
    Karmen turned around.
    Dezerai waved the CDs at her.
    Karmen blinked, scowled and walked back in, then angrily sat on the couch.
    “Evil…you two are just evil!”
    “With a big I love you grandmother smile and 2 roundtrip Bahama tickets……within the next two days!” Dezerai picked up and re-threw the gauntlet!
    All the children were silent, except the giggling Tanisha.
    “Next time, you’ll listen to me and Tanya. With them two you cannot win!”
    “WELL” Dezerai and Delesha interrupted while glaring at them waiting for an answer!
    Karmen, Shalitha, Akusua and Kenny Jr. looked at each other pissed and defeated!
    “OK!” Karmen shouted angrily.
    Delesha and Dezerai rubbed their greedy hands together smiling.
    Delesha then stood up and offered Dezerai her hand. After standing up they looked at their children and their outraged faces.
    “Are you ready children?” Delesha asked arrogantly.
    Then Dezerai spoke up……
    “Now this is when the fun begins!”

    To be continued
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