Idea: submissive cuckquean sexfight
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Thread: Idea: submissive cuckquean sexfight

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    Idea: submissive cuckquean sexfight

    Idea: submissive cuckquean sexfight
    So since becoming part of my local BDSM community I've learned all sorts of fun new things.

    Most recently I came across the idea of cuckqueans. Basically just the female version of a cuckold. They "enjoy" the idea of having their man sleep with other women.

    The reason I put enjoy in quotes is that there are lots of different emotions that people have regarding this. For some they just think it's sexy to see their guy with another woman. They want to watch or be told about it afterwards. Some want to be dominated by the cuckcake (term for the other woman) while others want to dominate them.

    But some, and i find this way more interesting, dont think it's sexy they think it's humiliating and jealousy inducing. They want to experience these feelings and emotions though. Some even prefer it if the other woman is someone they really hate and actually want to have a rival for their man's attention.

    So I love the idea of combining this dynamic with dominant/submissive one. There subs do whatever their dom says. So a dominant that has two cuckqueans and constantly plays them off each other. Every time one is getting fucked they send pictures or videos of it to the other and stuff like that. Then after awhile of having the animosity between them built up the dominant puts them in a room together and tells them to have sex so they do. This is more fun if they're both straight women and are only really doing it to please their dom.

    Now there is a sexfight, but it's a more covert one than we usually see. There is no "whoever cums first loses" or anything like that. It's more subtle. With nothing spoken out loud a lot of it is in the mind.
    It's more about fucking someone and trying to make it appear that you're the better lover to the person watching. And maybe also some about trying to dominate the other.

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    Idea: submissive cuckquean sexfight

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    Re: Idea: submissive cuckquean sexfight

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    Idea: submissive cuckquean sexfight

    Love, love, love your cuckquean / cuckcake post.
    Two have both women straight makes for a hot story buildup.
    Had to look up what these cuckquean, cuckold, and cuckcake was.
    And - WOW.
    Sounds perfect for a couple vs couple sex fight story.
    Maybe, the cuckquean and cuckcake could switch places - mid story.
    Great for a younger vs older tit/sex fight.
    That is, if I understand all of this cuck stuff. lol.
    Something to think about - - - - - - - you writers.

    Thanks deadjerusalem

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