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    Dezerai 5 Part 3

    Dezerai 5 Part 3
    Chapter Three
    Jamaica Gourmet

    “We will be starting out descent to Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay shortly. We ask all customers return to your seats at this time.”
    Dezerai and Delesha were looking at each other more and more competitively, the closer they got to Jamaica.
    “Are you sure you’re ready for this little girl, once we step off this plane, you will be entering Mistress Dezerai’s Twi-lite zone and there will be no turning back. We can change our flight back to LA for later tonight if you’re getting cold feet; you never could handle me in a sexy bitch vs. bitch chess match!” Dezerai was smirking at Delesha.
    Delesha looked at her with a growing sexy disdain, she suddenly grabbed Dezerai by the collar dragging her close until they were face-to-face!
    “Just stick to the plan bitch, it’s too late to weasel your shit talking little ass out of this one. Now that you said ‘I DO’ you belong to me………. are we clear?” Delesha was smirking back. “For the next five days, I’ll be dominating your cute, weak, little body and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop me!” Delesha growled pressing nose-to-nose with Dezerai!
    “Dominate, five days? Bitch please; this war has just begun……. I’ll be bitch fucking you and mind fucking you for the rest of your sexy life and there’s not a damn thing YOU can do to stop me!” Dezerai spit the words inside Delesha sexy mouth.
    The pilot’s voice came over the loudspeaker announcing their descent, but Dezerai and Delesha didn’t hear it as they continued whispering erotic threats inside each-others sexy mouths! Nose-to-nose, eyes blazing into eyes, they were getting wet as they thought about the elaborate sexy games they’ve been planning for months now. The next five days will be off the fucking hook!
    “Just stick to the plan bitch….and try and don’t change shit up as you’ve been known to do!” Delesha reiterated her point.
    “I’ll change up whatever the fuck I want, and I HOPE your Prissy little ass tries to stop me! You’re looking at your mistress bitch!”
    “You fucking Bitch!”
    Delesha growled competitively, her eyes blazing with fire as she viciously jerked Dezerai and roughly kissed her right on the fucking plane, not caring who saw it! They held the growling kiss until the plane landed, face pressed to face, eyes wide open and locked! Finally, the plane landed and only then did they pull apart, albeit reluctantly.
    “It’s on” Delesha threatened.
    “Damn right it’s on” Dezerai threatened back.


    Karmen looked at Shalitha and nodded.
    “I can’t wait to see the CDs now! And with this manuscript accompanying it, in their own words! I got a feeling this shit will be wild as hell! And if this five-day battle is anything like I think it is, this will easily be worth 2 months of putting up with them two.” Karmen sat back shaking her head.
    Shalitha looked back at Karmen grinning, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
    “Ideas!” Karmen looked at Shalitha and grinned back.
    “But we haven’t even told you what happened at the hotel yet!” Delesha looked at them a little surprised.
    “You don’t understand Auntie” Shalitha came in. “We’ve been investigating your honeymoon for several years now and the people at the Hilton-Rose in Montego Bay, still talk about the two gorgeous, muscular, wild, bald-headed women who stayed with them for a week and turned the place out. They say there are customers to this day who still ask if those two bald women are coming back. They leave cards wanting to be notified if you are in the neighborhood!!!
    Dezerai and Delesha were shocked.
    “Really?” I didn’t know we had that much effect Dee” Delesha was almost speechless.
    Dezerai giggled “I knew we lit a fire there, but even I’m a little surprised they still talk about it, after all these years!”
    Shalitha came in.
    “Do you remember the manager Mr. Charlton?”
    “Well, you got him fired after he was caught masturbating in some wet towels left in your room, when he should have been in an emergency meeting with the Board of Directors, concerning wild sexual behavior from hotel guest and a barrage of complaints about orgasmic screaming all fucking night long from rooms 304 and 305 for four straight days! One of the employees, Rita is her name, you both remember her, was sent upstairs to find him and caught him asleep in your bed Mama Dezerai before the room was cleaned and the sheets were changed. He was snoring with his hand on his jimmy and nuts, and cum all in the towel. Mr. Charlton was 47 years old and had been in the hotel business 28 years and he was slated to become General Manager for the entire region!”
    “See Dee, that was all your fault, I told you to leave that poor man alone!” Delesha looked at Dezerai.
    “My fault! You had just as much to do with blowing his mind as me. I may have flirted, but you played all dominatrix on him. Did you see him sweating and how flushed he got after you yelled in his face?” Dezerai grinned conspiratorially…. “poor man couldn’t handle it.”
    “Yeah, but you’re the one that had that man ready to leave his wife for you.”
    “Maybe, but he was scared of you and you know how men like that shit!”
    “Yeah, but you flirted with him and massaged his ego from day one.”
    “I needed to make sure he would do as we wanted, you saw how mean he was acting that first day!”
    The family sat in the living room, staring at this crazy debate. After the events of last week, when they lost the bet, everybody, including Tanya pitched in and paid for a round-trip ticket to the Bahamas; but after hearing this they wondered whether they made a mistake letting these two crazies loose in the Bahamas. But the grandmothers true to their word promised to turn over the Jamaica CD once the transcripts were finished. It was Kenny Jr. who suggested this after seeing the CDs. He wasn’t satisfied with just the video, he felt a written play-by-play from the grandmothers, would tie it all together. So, the next Saturday everyone agreed to have dinner together and hear the story of the honeymoon from Momma Dees themselves. Not surprisingly later that week, word got out about the Jamaica CDs, and Mama Dees would narrate the events, more family showed up. Ilyssa, Soonji, Ziyal, Hakeem and Sharif invited themselves. All the youngsters wanted to come, but the grown folks said no. When everybody was gathered a disgruntled Tanya made it clear, WHEN the story got too sick and raunchy, she was leaving!
    So Delesha and Dezerai found themselves almost 30 years later, finally telling the story of their honeymoon, in Montego Bay, Jamaica to a room full of nosy, greedy eared family members!


    Dezerai and Delesha sauntered boldly up to the front desk at the Hilton-Rose Hotel in Montego Bay, dressed to create heart conditions and high-blood pressure; in skin-tight, booty hugging black pants, black 4-inch high heels and low-cut titty hugging and booby showing matching black and red tie-dye Jamaican style shirts, knotted in the front to accentuate their six-pact abs, and of course their signature black large hoop earrings and shiny bald heads atop flawless make-up. Delesha smiled at the girl at the front desk and asked for the manager. Mr. Thomas L Carlton came out from his office behind the main counter, a 47-year-old Anglo-Saxon male, about 5’8” with blonde, extremely thinning hair, particularly on the top where only a few pitiful strings remained. He was overweight and completely out of shape, had a bulging gut and studious glasses that sat atop his large roman nose.
    “Hello my name is Thomas Charlton, I’m the Manager here, may I help you.”
    “Hello Mr. Charlton, my name is Mzzz Delesha Davenport-Washington and this is my wife Mzzz Dezerai Washington-Davenport.”
    He stood blandly and unimpressed.
    “We just got married yesterday and we are having our honeymoon here for the next 5 days. We have a number of nice but naughty” Delesha cleared her throat and smiled, “not so innocent surprises for each other….so we would like to know if it is all right with you if we could ah……………. have the cooperation of you and your staff?”
    “Naughty, not-so-innocent…really? Ms. Davenport-Washington, naughty and not-so-innocent usually means trouble and if you plan on starting trouble here, ma-am don’t! There are rules that limit certain types of unruly behavior”
    Mr. Charlton was looking at Delesha with a disapproving frown. Seeing this Dezerai realized she was better suited to handle a man like Mr. Charlton than Delesha, so she walked up to him smiling and touching his arm and batting her lovely eyes at him.
    “Naughty’s not so bad, if it stays nice.”
    He stared back at her unimpressed.
    “We would be glad to help you ladies, but just understand, this is a respectable hotel and we will assist in any ‘respectable and decent’ surprises you may have for each other; but the ‘naughty and not-so-innocent’ as you say…. I’m sorry we will probably not be able to accommodate that.”
    Dezerai smiled at the fat little man and moved closer slipping her arm, through his spongy arm and spoke sweetly.
    “You a married man Mr. Charlton?”
    “Yes, but I don’t see how that effects anything that’s going on here….”
    “It effects everything my dear Mr. Charlton. I’m sure Mrs. Charlton is a very happy woman to have such a powerful, authoritative man as yourself coming home to her every night. I can just imagine the thrills you give that very” Dezerai breathed sexily…. “LUCKY WOMAN!” She then continued, “I mean if, we were not already married, I would be flirting with you myself.”
    “Ms. Washington, I…”
    Dezerai leaned in, her face close to his!
    “We just have a few boxes Mr. Charlton, all we need are a few of your young strong Jamaican men to help us carry them upstairs. We won’t cause any trouble; would you help us…. pleeeezzz???”
    Dezerai batted her long lashes at Mr. Charlton who felt himself getting unnerved by the audacious Dezerai. Delesha was amused by the manipulative web Dezerai was weaving, while itching to shove her foot right up her fat manipulative ass!
    “Y-yes ma-am we will help……just make sure you keep your…. ‘surprises’ decent.”
    “Of course, we will…thank you Mr. Charlton.”
    With that Dezerai kissed him on the side of his cheek and watched him blush beet red and walk away on shaky legs. She looked over and winked at Delesha, who shook her head and spoke to the lady behind the counter.
    “She can be such a slut sometimes!” she shook her head. “We have reservations for two rooms…….304 and 305 Davenport and Washington for the next four nights.”
    A cute, young, slightly overweight, dark skinned Jamaican woman with beautiful skin name Rita served Delesha at the counter. She was short, about 5’2” and seemed like a nice, but reserved young woman. Dezerai figured her to be about 21 years old and nave to the ways of the world, which made her perfect for their schemes over the next five days.
    “Yes ma-am, here are de reservations. But I hear your wife say, you are newlyweds, why de two rooms?”
    “Because we have” Delesha cleared her voice……. “surprises planned for each other and we need two rooms to carry them out. You see she will stay in 305 and I will stay in 304 and we need the privacy in order to prepare our surprises for each other. It’s nothing but fun and games you understand, nothing really wild or….” Delesha giggled slightly…… raunchy! Well maybe a little raunchy!”
    Rita looked at her suspiciously, then Mr. Charlton walked up to her and told her to call in Raydee, Rawley and Ronnie to help Ms. Washington and Ms. Davenport carry their boxes in.
    “Yes Mr. Charlton.”
    “Raydee, Rawley and Ronnie?!?! Delesha chuckled, then looked at Dezerai…
    “The 3Rs” she chuckled some more…. “this should be fun!”
    “Ma-am dey are very busy, all of us are!”
    “Of, course you are, Rita………. can I call you Rita? Will you be here for the next 5 days?”
    “Yes Ma-am.”
    “Good, cuz we will need your help as well.”
    “What do you mean…. help?”
    “Oh, didn’t we tell you…. we can be so forgetful at times. You see along with all of our surprises, we like to ah…how can I put this delicately………. RASSLE!!!!”
    “Did you say wrestle?”
    “UH-HUH!” Delesha’s eyes were shining.
    Dezerai who was watching the whole thing decided to slip in next to Delesha and hip bump her out of the way.
    “We do like to Rassle, but she’s not as strong as me……SEE!”
    With that Dezerai flexed a powerful muscle in front of Rita.
    Delesha slid back in and hip bumped Dezerai out of the way.
    “Ha! you call that a muscle?” Delesha posed her own arm.
    “Now Rita...THIS” she flexed and her muscle bulged……. “is a real MUSCLE!”
    Dezerai slid back in, but Delesha was ready and they hip bumped each other and had a stalemate. They held side-by-side, then smiled and both women flexed their muscles, which was also side-by-side and compared them.
    “Tell the truth Rita, mine’s bigger, isn’t it?” Dezerai looked at her smirking.
    “She just delusional Rita, you can tell the truth, mine’s bigger, isn’t it?” Delesha came back.
    Rita gawked as both powerful arms were now side-by-side directly in front of her.
    Mr. Charlton came out the back at that moment with files in his hand and saw the two-powerful arms side-by-side, and his mouth opened and he also gawked! Dezerai and Delesha noticed it and smiled at him!
    “Mr. Charlton! I’m so glad you’re here, tell us, whose muscle’s bigger?” Dezerai winked at him.
    Mr. Charlton closed his mouth and shook his head to snap out of it!
    “Look closer Mr. Charlton, you can even touch em if you like!” Dezerai was pouring it on.
    Mr. Charlton had to force his re-opening mouth closed again! He forced his eyes away and looked at Rita.
    “Uhhh, here are the files to fax to the regional office.”
    He glanced one last time at the two-powerful arms side-by-side and both Dezerai and Delesha winked at him. He forced his eyes away again, turned and bolted to the back office. Dezerai and Delesha knew right then, they had him.
    Finally, they relaxed their arms and Delesha looked at Dezerai.
    “Deeeee…. guess what…… Rita’s agreed to help us the next five days…. along with Raydee, Rawley and Ronnie…. isn’t that delightful…. Everybody’s name starts with an R.”
    “Rrrrrrreally……. Rrrrrrrr you serious Dee……all these beautiful Jamaican people whose names begin with Rrrrrrrr.” Dezerai looked at Rita as she stretched out the Rs.”
    Rita looked at both of them thoroughly annoyed, but remained professional.
    “I see you’re booked in 304 and 305 but for only four days, but you pay for five days.” Rita looked at the computer.
    “Ohhhh, I’m sorry that was so forgetful of me” Delesha blushed. “I forgot to tell you, on the fifth day, we will need a different room” she cleared her voice again…. “so, we can share the last one together…….in case of a tie!”
    “A tie?” Rita was confused.
    “Let me explain Dee” Dezerai chimed in.
    “You see, we really do love to RASSLE…a lot…. and for the next four days, it’s her against me…. nothing big mind you……. just a few innocent battles” she chuckled innocently…. “but I have to admit our Rasslyn matches can get a little ah……. SEXUAL! Well actually they get very sexual…. Well if I’m to be completely honest, they’re ALWAYS SEXUAL…. if you know what I mean Rita!” Dezerai looked at her and winked.
    Rita was speechless. But Delesha intervened.
    “Of course, she knows what you mean Dee…just look at her. Rita may be young, but she’s a beautiful woman and I’m sure she has her own very hot stories to tell, haven’t you Rita?” Delesha grinned.”
    “Uh-noooo, I haven’t got any uh….”
    “You can tell us later Rita!” Dezerai interrupted while touching her arm, then continued.
    “Now if we are tied two apiece we will need to break the tie……. therefore, we will need a new room!”
    “But why get a new room?”
    “Rita, Rita, Rita………my dear sweet Rita……. you see there will be sexy little booby traps and land mines strategically placed in each of our rooms. There is no way anyone of us can win if we go to each other’s pre-prepared room. So, to keep things fair Rita…. we have to get an unprepared room so we can fight sexually on even turns………. now doesn’t that make better sense Rita?”
    She stood with her mouth open.
    “You’re a doll Rita” Delesha and Dezerai blew her a kiss and saw three young, Jamaican men ready to assist them. One was tall extremely thin, with bad acne covering his skin and poorly kept Dred-locks (what we call here in the states as ‘Dooky locks’ cuz they look like dooky, which means they looked like shit!) the second one was short, fat and ugly, and the third was even uglier, in fact he had moved beyond ugly, gone to fuggly! He was 30ish about medium height with very bad rotting teeth.
    “THE 3Rrrrrs!!!!” Delesha exclaimed, while Dezerai smiled.
    “You young handsome studs must be Raydee, Rawley and Ronnie.”
    I’m Raydee (Mr. Dooky locks himself), I’m Rawley (the short fat one) and Ronnie was the teeth that time forgot (as well as a toothbrush)!
    The ladies walked up to them and placed their hands on their arms and shoulders.
    “Strong…. mmmm…. just like we like em huh Dee” Delesha purred.
    Dezerai was feeling them up and purring.
    They grinned thinking they got lucky, but still trying to stay professional.
    “We just have a few things for you to pick up for us outside the lobby” Delesha chuckled, “just a few boxes and luggage.”
    They led them outside to the rental van (that’s right I said van) and opened the side door. The men stopped and stared, there must have been twenty large boxes in the van as well as several large pieces of luggage.
    “Thank you, fellas, you are a godsend” Dezerai batted her lashes smiling. “Here’s $20 dollars apiece for your help. Aren’t these Jamaican men wonderful Dee?”
    “Yes, they are” Delesha grinned.


    One hour later they finally got all the boxes in their rooms, with 10 going to Delesha in room 304 and 10 going to Dezerai in 305. The boxes were large bulky and heavy and the luggage just as bad. After the weary 3Rs left, Delesha and Dezerai stood outside their rooms with hands on hips, standing face-to-face smiling evilly in each other’s eyes!
    “Are you ready bitch?” Delesha growled evilly.
    “Hmmph....Are you ready…………. BITCH!”
    They stood there for several seconds staring each other down…. then spoke at the same time.
    With that they kissed, then turned and walked to their respective rooms and slammed the doors shut and…. began to prepare……………

    To be continued
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