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    Dezerai 5 Part 4

    Dezerai 5 Part 4
    Chapter four
    Hard Core Jamaica

    The family needed a break, they couldn’t believe their beloved, dignified, highly respected, sage-like, 52-year-old Matriarchs of the Davenport-Washington clan acted like a couple of wild 19-year-old trollops with no home training in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Tanya in particular looked at everybody with an ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ attitude.
    “See, ya’ll thought I was exaggerating when I said Momma Dees was out of their mind! So, I guess now ya’ll know…. but don’t worry…. the story’s about to get a whole lot freakier!”
    Both Delesha and Dezerai laughed, they knew their beloved Tanya and how she can go to left field in a quick worrisome minute. But regardless of Tanya’s bugging out temperament this time she was right; the story’s about to get a whole lot freakier.
    “She’s right everybody, it will get a lot freakier! If you think this might be too much to swallow you should leave” Dezerai warned them. “Believe me what’s about to happen next is not for the ears of children or the timid.”
    Karmen decided to go and make herself some fresh mint tea.
    “If Shalitha and Kenny Jr. wasn’t here, I’d get something a lot stronger than mint tea, more like cognac.” She shook her head. “I thought me and Shalitha was bad, but you two can never say anything bad about us again.”
    After everybody got refreshments Delesha told them to get ready for part two.
    “I don’t know if I’m ready for this” Tanya glanced at Tanisha.
    Tanisha took a deep breath…. “me either!”
    “Alright everybody time for part two…. make sure the camera is running. KJ you and Akusua ready?
    “We are ready and we’re rolling” Akusua called out.


    Delesha started…
    “That evening we came downstairs ready for action….”
    At 4pm Dezerai and Delesha had finished prepping for the first nights, activity and came down stairs together and had dinner. After dinner, they went to the front counter where a pretty Jamaican girl named Mila was now on duty. She looked to in her 30s and a little more experienced than Rita, so Dezerai and Delesha decided to keep their focus on the young Rita. “How may I help you today?”
    “Yes, what time does Rita get off?”
    “She will be getting off at 5, is there anything I can help you with?”
    “No…. just tell Rita to come here when she clocks out.”
    Mila excused herself and went to the back and a minute later came out.
    “Rita will be here in a few minutes.”
    “Thank you, Mila.”
    At 5:02 Rita came out, then seeing Dezerai and Delesha stopped nervously, not knowing what’s about to happen.
    “REEE-TA, it’s so good to see you, we need your help.”
    Dezerai and Delesha walked up to her smiling. They each took an arm of Rita and led her to the bar.
    “We need your help sweetie, it will only take a few minutes, then you can go home.” They sat down on the bar stools and pulled out a small hat. They placed two folded pieces of white paper in the hat, shook it around and ask Rita to choose one.
    “The name you pull will be the one who goes first in our little contest” Dezerai smiled at the uncomfortable woman.
    She then shook the hat rolling the two folded papers around.
    “Now my dear would you reach in and pull one of the papers sweetie?”
    Rita stared at them nervously, but nodded and reached in the small hat and pulled one.
    “Read it out loud my dear?” Delesha asked sweetly.
    “It say Delesha.”
    “Thank you, my dear Rita. Now my slutty wife Dezerai will sit down here with you for 10 minutes and then you can escort her to my room. Here’s another $20 dollars for your time, thank you Rita!” Delesha blew her a kiss and growled at Dezerai, then left.
    A grinning Dezerai looked at Rita. “Come sit right here sweetie?”
    Rita slid next to Dezerai, looking at her as if she were something to be avoided.
    “Now for the next five days we will depend on your help….so we can…. you know” Dezerai cleared her throat “keep our Rasslyn matches running smoothly!”
    “Ms. Washington, I no comfortable wit dis.”
    “We know sweetie, but you’re perfect, all we ask is you keep doing what you’re doing right now……in fact, here’s another $20 as added incentive. Think about it Rita, every time you help one of us you get $20. You could make an extra $100 dollars a day………. tax free!” Dezerai winked…. “now if you want to make even more all you have to do is tell me what that stuck-up bitch wifey of mine is up to for the next five days, I will make sure you get an extra $1-200 dollars a day.” Dezerai gave her a dazzling smile………. “whaddaya say……. DEAL?”
    Rita blinked, with her mouth hanging open, not sure what to do.
    “Good I know I can count on you my dear.” Dezerai patted her hand.
    After 10 minutes of completely uncomfortable conversation (for Rita that is, the manipulative Dezerai was totally relaxed), Rita finally and thankfully escorted Dezerai to Delesha’s room. Once there they saw a small package with a note attached.
    "It's for you" Dezerai looked at her.
    Rita opened it.....
    “Hi Rita………. Place this pillow case over Ms. Washington’s slutty head and tie a knot in the end and secure it with this zip tie so it can’t fall off. Then cuff her manipulative wrists from behind, and knock on my door 3 times, then leave. You’re a dear…hugs!”
    Rita’s eyes got big……
    “Oh my, are you sure dis is what you wan?”
    Dezerai had a combination smirk/frown/snarl on her face and answered Rita with a surly tone. “Yes!”
    With that Rita put the pillow case over Dezerai’s head and knotted it, then zip tied it securely; then she cuffed her from behind. She noticed the pillow case had holes in it, so Dezerai could breathe. She then knocked on the door 3 times, then left. Dezerai held her breath as she knew that bitch Delesha had some wild unseemly shit prepared for her. Slowly the door opened, ominously, damn near spookily, as Delesha let the door hinges groan loudly!
    “Hiiiiiii Deeeee…. come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly!”
    Dezerai shook as she knew her ass was in trouble! Everything was moving slowly until Delesha suddenly grabbed her by the collar and snatched her in, slamming the door and locking it! She then lifted Dezerai in the air and threw her over her shoulder!
    “This must be how cavemen felt back in prehistoric times, and considering it’s you…. I can get into this! Are you ready to be caveman raped bitch! She carried Dezerai to the bed and using her considerable strength lifted her in the air then straddled her legs on her shoulders.
    “Ready baby” she giggled, then gripped her hips and screamed.
    She then cocked and body slammed Dezerai to the bed. Dezerai slammed hard, bounced and landed on her back.
    “Ohhhhhhh! That was nice, but I think my technique is flawed. I think we need to try again OK baby?”
    With that she lifted Dezerai and body slammed her again.
    She lifted Dezerai and slammed her again! Dezerai was screaming in the bag and Delesha was laughing as she picked her up and power bombed her again and yet again. Finally, Delesha got a particularly vicious power bomb in and Dezerai bounced high off the bed and landed on the floor and Delesha laughed.
    She bent down and whispered sweetly in Dezerai’s bag covered ear.
    “We’re going to do this every day for the rest of your life!”
    She then stood up.
    “Now baby we need to work on the toss and spot game. I toss you and you land on just the right spot! Are you ready?”
    Delesha then picked Dezerai back up and lifted her over her head and tossed her high in the air towards the bed. Dezerai landed on her stomach in the middle of the bed and bounced. With her hands cuffed behind her and the bag on her head, Dezerai was in serious trouble.
    “Damn…. I missed the spot, I need to do it again.”
    “DEEEEE what are you….”
    Dezerai’s muffled voice tried to reason with her, but Delesha just laughed and snatched her back in the air, lifted and tossed again.
    “DAMN…. MISSED AGAIN!” Delesha laughed.
    She then lifted Dezerai and tossed her again. Dezerai’s muffled screams had Delesha laughing loudly. She then lifted her again and tossed her again.
    “DAMN…. I KEEP MISSING DEE…. oh well you know the old saying, if at first you don’t succeed!”
    Dezerai was screaming and squealing inside the bag and Delesha was roaring in laughter as she grabbed her and lifted her tossing her over and over and over again!
    She then tossed her higher and of course Dezerai felt herself bump the ceiling and fall to the bed. Her muffled screams had Delesha laughing none stop as she tossed her again and she bounced off the ceiling again and hit the bed. Dezerai had no idea how many times she was tossed, but it had to be at least 20! But after several power bombs and now this, it felt like a hundred! Finally, Dezerai stopped screaming and Delesha in an act of mercy stopped tossing her and looked down at the crumpled and devastated Dezerai. She bent down with her lips close to her bag encased ear.
    “You OK baby…. Mommy just wanted to soften you up for the real fun………are you ready to fight now?”
    The sweating Dezerai could only whimper inside the hot steamy bag, as breathing was damn near impossible. Delesha then turned Dezerai over on her back and lifted the bag off her face. Dezerai sucked air loudly in her deprived lungs and her face was drenched in sweat. She looked ragged as Delesha knew she would. She then climbed on top of her smiling.
    “Your so sexy when ravaged! Can I ravage you some more Dee? After all we have the rest of the night!”
    Dezerai was panting and coughing and Delesha was smiling on top of her.
    “Is that a yes?”
    Dezerai was trying to shake her head no, when Delesha grinned then clamped her mouth down on Dezerai’s cutting off her oxygen. Delesha made sure the kiss was deep, sweet and delicious, just the way Dezerai likes it! In spite of her ragged condition, Dezerai soon found herself responding. She was trying to turn her head to recover but Delesha laughed and grabbed her head, locking her in.
    “Mmmmmmmph…. Deeeee…. please stop…st…mmmmmmmph!”
    Delesha smiled at her protest and dove back in. Dezerai was struggling and whining in the kiss and the inspired Delesha dug in deeper. With Dezerai’s hands cuffed behind her she was helpless to prevent Delesha’s sexual assault.
    “Mmmmmmmph” Dezerai whined as Delesha dug in the kiss deliciously.
    Dezerai fought to turn her head, but Delesha’s advantage made her impossible to resist and she easily held her in place as she kissed her over and over again. For the next 30 minutes, she pinned her like this and kissed her. She was determined to make her cum from kissing, for Delesha knew that orgasm from kissing was particularly devastating to Dezerai. She continued digging in and kissing her deeper and deeper until Dezerai was whining uncontrollably and started feeling the familiar trembling. When Delesha felt it, she melted their mouths together and poured on the sweet deliciousness. It wasn’t long before Dezerai felt herself losing it and whined from the exhaustive kisses from her lover, mate and now tormentor.
    “MMMMMMM-Mmmmmmm….” Dezerai shook through orgasm and Delesha poured on more deep kisses and Dezerai exploded again, then again, then again…… Finally, Delesha eased up so Dezerai could catch her breath, then she smiled down her.
    “Now that foreplay is over, let’s get busy, shall we?”
    She then lifted Dezerai again, throwing her back over her shoulder and took her to the dining room for round two. There all the furniture was moved and there was padding on the floor. Dezerai wearily saw chains stretched across from one end of the pad to the other, and a sense of foreboding came over her. Delesha carried her easily until she got to one of the corners. She laid her down gently on her side and took the chain with a cuff on the end and secured one of her wrist, then removed the original cuff. Then she reached over and grabbed an ankle and chained one of her legs. The devastated Dezerai knew not to fight her back, because then it would get worse. Delesha slid her to the middle of the pad on her back and secured her other wrist. After having her firmly secured Delesha proceeded to tickle torture her similar to what she did in Dezerai 3 chapter 2. For another hour Delesha relentlessly tortured Dezerai leaving her a laughing, spasming, devastated wreck, eventually putting her out! Finally, Delesha unchained and lifted the unconscious Dezerai taking her back to the bed and smacked her awake. When Dezerai opened her eyes both she and Delesha were completely naked and Delesha smiled down at her……… sadistically!
    “Now bitch…. it’s time to bow beneath my power!”
    With that Delesha attacked and fucked Dezerai unmercifully for the rest of the night. By the next morning Dezerai was a devastated wreck and Delesha laid her now unconscious body outside her hotel room, covered with a sheet and called Rita at the front desk to come and place her back in her room. When she arrived, and saw the unconscious Dezerai on the floor, Rita was ready to call the police, but Delesha left her a note stating to wait until Dezerai awakened later and talk with her first…. then Delesha assured them by the next morning they will be coming to get her own unconscious body in front of her own hotel room. Rita shook her head in disbelief.
    “What have I gotten myself into?

    Thus, endeth day one!


    Sure, enough by 1pm the next day Dezerai marched down to the front desk looking fit, fiery and ferocious and looked Rita straight in the eye. “Delesha will be coming down at 5:00, so get ready Rita……here’s $40 dollars, I have special things planned for that sadistic bitch later today, she will try and get information out of you, so make sure she pays you first and get her to tell you everything in exchange for information about me! Of course, it won’t matter what she has planned for later; today her ass is grass!” Dezerai scowled aggressively then turned to leave, but stopped and looked back….
    “Oh, and tell the fellas, we’ll need them starting tomorrow!”
    With that Dezerai smiled evilly, winked, turned and marched out with fire and aggression! Rita could only stare! At 5:00 o-clock Rita glanced out from the back and saw Delesha come out of the elevator and head for the bar, Rita looked at her co-worker Ronnie and shook her head.
    “Dem two ladies are scary; but, dey are intriguing.”
    “So, what do dey wan wit us tomorrow?”
    “I don know, but knowing dem two, it will be wild!” She then sighed…
    “Here I go.”
    Delesha waited for her at the same spot Dezerai sat yesterday. Rita approached and Delesha looked at her and smiled, but there was apprehension in her smile. She invited Rita to sit down and slid her $20 dollars.
    “Soooo Rita, did my slutty wife Dezerai tell you what she had in mind?”
    “Nooo ma-am, she just say, to get you to tell me your plans, but she no tell me her plans!”
    “That’s just like that bitch, to hide stuff until the last minute.”
    Delesha slid her another $20….
    “From now on if you hear anything call my room immediately…. I need to know that bitch’s schemes.”
    Delesha then looked at her watch.
    “We have ten minutes before the big explosion.” Delesha then smiled… “Sooo, tell me about yourself Rita?”
    Once again Rita was totally uncomfortable with the conversation, but Delesha listened patiently. Finally, after 10 minutes it was time.
    “Well, it’s time to go” Delesha took a swig of her drink for courage, then smiled at Rita…. “it’s gonna get rough!”
    Rita had to laugh…
    “I never seen people like you two!”
    “And you never will honey!” Delesha smiled at her “but trust me, we have this kind of fun all the time….and there is nobody on earth I love more than her….and in spite of the games, I trust her completely, she is actually a good woman and she is good to me and loves me!”
    Rita could only shake her head. Delesha looked at her and smiled, took another swig of liquid courage and stood up.
    “You ready?”
    Rita stood up with her.
    “Pray for me honey, after what I did to her yesterday, I’m gonna need it!” Delesha grinned apprehensively.
    Soon they were in front of Dezerai’s room and like yesterday there was a package with a note.
    “Hi Rita…. Cuff her ankles with the larger pair and cuff her wrist behind her back with the smaller pair, then gag her shit talking mouth with the handkerchief and knock on the door 3 times. Thank you, Rita, here’s another $20…. you’re a dear!”
    Delesha eyes got big…. double cuffs, a gag!
    “Oh shit………pray for me!”
    Rita shook her head.
    “Are you sure you wan me to do dis?”
    Delesha shook her head yes, but her eyes had fear. Rita looked at her one more time.
    “Are you sure?”
    Delesha breathed deep……. “Yes!”
    With that Rita cuffed her wrist, then her ankles and gagged her mouth. Rita then knocked on the door 3 times and left. When she got to the elevator she turned and looked and saw Dezerai standing next to Delesha rubbing her bald head and smiling. Dezerai turned to the elevator and saw Rita standing there gawking and Dezerai grinned evilly and waved at Rita blowing her a kiss. Rita shook her head and dashed in the elevator! Dezerai turned to Delesha and grinned. “Welcome to hell baby!”
    She then roughly grabbed Delesha in a headlock and drug her in the room, since Delesha’s ankles were cuffed she couldn’t walk and Dezerai grinned at the thought. Once inside, Dezerai stood her up and began staring at her lovely prey and grinned.
    “This is going to be so much fun……I have so much to pay you back for!”
    Delesha’s eyes were wide with fear as she recognized that look on Dezerai’s face.
    “Now where shall Mistress Dezerai begin?” she mused, “Oh yes a test of strength.”
    With that Dezerai lifted Delesha in the air straight over her head and held her high, but unlike Delesha yesterday, she was not standing next to the bed, but a good five feet away.
    “What do you think Dee, am I strong enough to throw you from here and you reach the bed or will you crash to the floor?”
    Delesha squealed in the gag and Dezerai laughed.
    “Is that a yes……wow Dee you have so much faith in my strength…. I must say I’m touched… of course you know if I miss you will be hurt bad if you land on this hard floor while having your hands and feet cuffed…. but what the hell, we all have to take a little risk eh?”
    Dezerai bent her knees slightly.
    Delesha squealed crazily and Dezerai laughed and launched her in the air and Delesha screamed her eyes wide as saucers as she flew to the bed and landed on top.
    Delesha squealed insanely, but Dezerai lifted her and threw her over her shoulder and walked back to where she threw her, except a foot further away. Delesha was squealing and wiggling trying to get free.
    “Ya know Dee if you fight me, when I throw you, I might miss, so I suggest you chill out……OWWHH-KAAAAYYYYY!”
    Delesha knew she was right and relaxed her body, but her mind was panicking!
    “Good girl……now get ready my sweet little torpedo dumpling” with that Dezerai lifted her again and grinned.
    “This is sooooo much fun Dee…are you having as much fun as me?”
    Delesha squealed and braced herself.
    “I’ll take that as a yes!”
    Dezerai then laughed and again launched her in the air and the terrified Delesha flew to the bed and landed on top, but this time barely. Dezerai was giggling and walked back up to her.
    Delesha went berserk and squealed and wiggled to get away and Dezerai laughed and lifted and threw her back over her shoulder and headed back to the spot she threw her, this time a foot further away. Delesha was squealing insanely and Dezerai just laughed and laughed. She lifted her over her head and prepared to launch. But this time Dezerai was breathing hard.
    “Whew, Dee, I’m tired, you may not make it this time! But what the hell, never let a little tiredness get in the way of accomplishing your goal…. which in this case is to watch to fly!”
    Dezerai laughed evilly……
    Delesha squealed in terror as she knew this time she was going to hit the floor…. HARD! But Dezerai faked her out and instead of throwing her to the bed, tossed her straight up and caught her as she came down. Delesha was panicking and when Dezerai caught her and looked in her wide panicky eyes, she laughed at Delesha’s freaked out state.
    “Oh my god, Dee, you should see yourself right now, if you had hair it would be standing straight up on end! Oh, wait you can see yourself!”
    With that Dezerai threw her back over her shoulder and walked her to the bathroom and stood her up so she could see herself in the mirror. Delesha saw her frightened state and immediately became furious!
    Delesha’s gagged voice was snarling, her eyes going from frightened to furious! Dezerai laughed!
    “What’s a ohh hucking hish Dee? You’ve called me many names before, but never an ooh hucking hish!” Then Dezerai looked at her grinning. “Oh, I know what you’re trying to say, you wanna call me a ‘fucking bitch!” Dezerai looked at her nodding her head smiling…. “is that it? Is that the riddle to the puzzle Dee? Is the gag making pronunciation difficult? Am I a fucking bitch?”
    The gagged Delesha screamed violently with that!
    “There she is, that’s the Crazy Priss from the Bitch Lagoon, I’ve been waiting for. We’re almost ready to fight.”
    With that Dezerai yanked her in a head lock again and drug her back to the bed. Delesha struggled helplessly spewing muffled curse words at Dezerai who laughed and laughed and laughed. When Dezerai got to the bed, she grabbed Delesha by the throat, lifted her up and body slammed her to the bed WWE Style! Delesha bounced and landed in the middle.
    “Now you know I have to pay you back for the slam fest you put on me yesterday…don’t you agree baby?”
    With that Dezerai lifted Delesha and power bombed to the bed, exactly the way Delesha power bombed her yesterday. Delesha bounced in the middle and Dezerai giggled. She then proceeded to power bomb Delesha at least 10 more times before she decided to go to the next torture. Dezerai immediately snatched her to the end of the bed and yanked her legs to one corner. The wrecked Delesha still struggled to get away, growling, salivating and muffled cursing the whole time. Dezerai walked to the other side of the room and brought a rack back with a chain and ankle cuffs connected to it. The rack had another chain connected to the dresser securing it firmly, so as not to be moved. Delesha by now had squirmed to the other side with murder in her eyes. Dezerai looked at her.
    “God you’re so sexy when your mad” Dezerai gazed lustfully. She sauntered over to Delesha gazing in her furious eyes the whole time.
    “God Dee, your eyes are so hot when your hot!” She suddenly broke out laughing….
    Dezerai began singing….
    “You’re so hot, when your hot babee mmm-hmmm………. you’re so hot, when your hot babee mmm-hmmm……you’re so hot, when your hot babee mmm-hmmm…….”
    She began to Salsa as she sexily shook her massive ass singing over and over again, popping her fingers and spinning, looking at the furious Delesha delightfully! She danced over to Delesha who tried squirming away again and Dezerai giggled as she grabbed her bound ankles and drug her back to the corner of the bed. She then unhooked one cuff on her ankles and Delesha began thrashing her legs wildly. Dezerai snatched her cuffed leg and linked it to the cuff on the rack. Delesha’s leg was lifted up in the air at a 45-degree angle and Dezerai stopped to survey her work.
    “Almost there Dee!”
    She then lifted the struggling Delesha until she was sitting up, uncuffed her wrist and snatched her arm to the bed post and cuffed it back. All the while Delesha struggled violently. Delesha then fell back and lay there glaring angrily at Dezerai. Dezerai gazed back at her smiling. Dezerai then went to her free leg and yanked it to the other rack and cuffed it. She did the same to her free arm and cuffed it the post.
    “Now that your legs are spread let’s have a look at the fat clit of yours.”
    Dezerai began spreading her pussy lips revealing her clit. Then she pulled the lips back and began stroking her clit, until it began to grow.
    “Hi clitty…. I think I’ll name it Dee Clitty! You ready for Me Dee Clitty?” Dezerai looked up at Delesha and whispered. “She said yes.”
    With that Dezerai bent down and ate her pussy, particularly sucking hard on Delesha’s clit, getting her nice and hard and fat. She forced several orgasms from her before she finished. Afterward she walked over to the dresser, picked up a hand mirror and walked back to Delesha.
    “Now baby, I’ma fuck your fat clit for the next hour and you’re gonna look at yourself in this mirror when you come…. understand?”
    “FUUUUFFF-UUUU-EEEEE!!!!” Delesha’s muffled screams had Dezerai laughing again.
    “Do you mean “fuck you Dee?” Dezerai giggled.
    “EEE-NUN-SEE-A-SHUN Dee, you must enunciate better or I can’t understand you.”
    Dezerai giggled some more.
    “Then again, once I get started on your clit, you’ll be enunciating all kinds of crazy shit!”
    With that Dezerai placed her palm on Delesha’s clit and watched her reaction. Delesha shuddered and Dezerai grinned.
    “Good girl…. are you ready?”
    Delesha was panting now and Dezerai smiled. She then forced her palm roughly on Delesha’s clit and watched her moan. Since this is Delesha favorite masturbation game, Dezerai dug in deep working her clit with her palm. Two minutes later Delesha began shaking in orgasm and Dezerai lifted the mirror and placed it right in her face.
    “Look at yourself bitch…. watch yourself cum and see what I see?”
    Delesha closed her eyes as Dezerai predicted she would. She then stepped up the masturbation and brought her to another orgasm, again putting the mirror in her face. Again, Delesha closed her eyes, as Dezerai predicted. So, she continued, with the same result over and over again. But by the time they got to the seventh, eighth orgasm Delesha was thrashing wildly and with gagged voice begging for Dezerai to stop.
    “Now we talking Dee……I’ll stop when you watch yourself cum.”
    Dezerai again worked her clit, bringing her to another orgasm and put that mirror right in front of Delesha. Once again, she closed her eyes rebelliously, but Dezerai persisted. After the eleventh and twelfth orgasm, Delesha was whimpering for her to stop and Dezerai grinned.
    “You know the price bitch………. LOOK AT YOURSELF CUM!”
    Once again Dezerai brought Delesha to orgasm and this time she tried to cooperate and look at herself, but it was hard and she found herself blinking.
    “NOT GOOD ENOUGH BITCH……. AGAIN!” Dezerai did it again and once again a disheveled Delesha fought to look at herself.
    “AGAIN BITCH!!!!”
    Dezerai did it again, then again, then yet again, and poor Delesha was drained by the time this was finished. Satisfied Dezerai then unhooked her left wrist and left leg. And Delesha angrily, but wearily tried fighting back.
    “I know you’re wondering why I left your left hand and left leg free Dee? Well let me answer that, my furiously sexy slave!” Dezerai giggled. “We are about to scissor baby for the rest of the night, that’s why the right leg is raised a little higher. And the reason one arm and one leg is free is so you can fight back……… and I know you will, my gorgeous, prissy little feisty bitch! So, I expect you to kick, scratch, swing and grab, like a good disgruntled slave” she sighed contentedly…. “which will make our all-night scissor battle oh so much sweeter!” She gazed down at the weary Delesha sweetly, which only made Delesha madder. Dezerai then did a striptease in front of her shaking her butt and tits, flirting and teasing, making kissing sounds at her. Finally, when she finished Dezerai walked around to her bound side, she knew if she got in bed on the side Delesha’s hands and feet were free, it would be much more difficult.
    “Are you ready Boo?” Dezerai smiled seductively.
    Then without warning Dezerai leaped on top of Delesha and grabbed her free violently swinging arm and pinned it to the bed. She wrapped her legs around Delesha’s one thrashing leg and also pinned it. Now stretching her body out on top of Delesha’s, Dezerai looked in her angry eyes.
    “I know your mad baby, but you also know this is gonna be sooooo fucking good. We going pussy to pussy, clit to clit for the rest of the night honey!”
    She watched for Delesha’s reaction and got just what she wanted. Delesha fought to maintain her anger, but her eyes betrayed her, since clit to clit is her favorite. Her breathing increased as Dezerai smiled and reached down touching the gag. She then removed it from her mouth and Delesha though weary lit into her.
    “YOU FUCKING BITCH, I’MA KICK YOU’RE ASS, YOU HEAR ME, I’MA FUCK YO….” That’s as far as she got as Dezerai locked her mouth onto Delesha’s and their kiss betrayed Delesha’s anger. They kissed the shit out of each other and after two intense minutes of mouth to mouth love making they locked eyes and knew….it was on!!! Dezerai bent down lovingly and kissed her softly, then sat up and positioned herself between Delesha’s wide open legs and scissor them together, cunt to cunt and clit to clit. Dezerai reached out with her hand and held it for Delesha and waited. Delesha reached up with her free hand and took Dezerai’s and laced their fingers together. Then both of them looked at each other and waited. Then surprisingly Delesha snarled called her a bitch and lit into her first; even though she was bound she didn’t care, she just lit right into Dezerai. Dezerai was delightfully surprised and looked at her with fiery eyes, growled and lit back into Delesha and within seconds took full control of the cunt battle and fucked the shit out of Delesha for the rest of the night, leaving her a drained, devastated, yet happy wreck! Finally carrying her unconscious body out in the hallway in front of her room with a sheet covering her, she called Rita at the front desk to come get her!

    Thus, endeth day two.

    To be continued
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