Below is a story I wrote that includes catfight and hands on titfight elements. If you like my writing style and you want to commission a story, send me a message!

By Claire Bear (Freelancecharonbeatle

Kelly and Brenda were staring at each other from opposite sides of the basement. Kelly’s arms were crossed beneath her breasts, her thin hips cocked to one side. Her shoulder length brunette hair framed her lovely face. Brenda on the other hand was smiling with her hands on her hips. Her massive breasts stretched her red tank top so tight that it looked ready to snap. Her blond hair was in a tight ponytail. With her toothy grin, she looked almost childlike.
Tom was on the edge of a fantasy about to come to life.
He had managed to get these two in his basement, neither knowing the other was coming. When Kelly had come down the stairs and seen Brenda, there had been a vicious bout of shouting.
“What the fuck is she doing here?” Kelly barked.
“Whoah,” Brenda said, “Looks like Kelly still has a stick up her ass.”
Tom had stepped between them and put his offer forward.
The two women had both dated Tom in the last few months. Kelly had blamed Brenda for Tom not committing to a steady relationship and flat out stealing him from her. Brenda had, and she was proud of it. She thought that Kelly was a frigid bitch that looked like a teenage boy.
“So,” Tom said, “I thought the two of you needed some release. Maybe after the winner might want to come upstairs with me and--”
“I’ll wipe the floor with this, bitch.” Brenda said. She walked over to Tom and grabbed the bulge in his jeans. “You gonna put it between my tits again or--”
But Brenda was unable to finish her sentence because just then Kelly had rushed to her and grabbed her long pony tail and driven a hard punch to the face.
“Fucking thieving, bitch!” Kelly shouted. She cocked another fist back but Brenda turned to face her and grabbed at her brown hair. She began to jerk Kelly’s head down and the two began to dance a strange, violent dance leading the other by the hair through the center of the basement.
“He wanted a real woman, whore.” Brenda said. She still had that wicked little grin on her face as she grabbed jerked the brown hair. “A woman with tits and hips.”
“You fucking whore.” Kelly hissed back. “You fucking saggy tits are garbage.” Then she shoved her left hand down onto the bulge of Brenda’s right breast and began to squeeze.
“AAAGH!” Brenda screamed. “FUCK YOU!”
Tom pulled his folding chair over and sat down. He watched the two, remembering their bodies when he had fucked them and how he had pictured this moment for so long. He promised he would stop them if it got too vicious...eventually.
Brenda drove Kelly into one of the support posts, bringing a rain of dust down on them. She was mashing her chest into Kelly’s, trying to prevent the brunette's nails from doing maximum damage. She took her other arm and wrapped it around the post and her opponent, squeezing her against it.
“Let go of my tit, bitch.” Brenda said, pressing her tits against Kelly’s trapping the hand between them.
“Fuck you.” Kelly groaned. She could feel Brenda’s hard nipples pressing through the fabric of her tank top. Her own nipples poked through as well and she did her best to press them into the cunt’s supple tits. Her fingers were trapped between the massive juggs but she still managed to claw at the fabric of her top. Unable to break away, she lifted her foot and drove it down onto Brenda’s foot.
Brenda screamed, loosening her press on Kelly. And in a flash, Kelly slipped away from the post and back, tearing at Brenda’s tank top, ripping it down the middle. Suddenly, her firm, round cleavage released and her breasts fell to her chest and to the sides. Her tank top was now a useless vest but she didn’t remove it. She lunged at Kelly and tore at her top with one hand and her face with the other.
Kelly screamed and grabbed at the two massive tits, still impressive out of the top, but far more vulnerable. She threw a foot up into Brenda’s stomach and pushed her back as she pulled hard on Brenda’s tits, the nipples clasped between her talons.
“OOOOH FUCK!” Brenda screamed. “YOU CUNT!” She had managed to free Kelly’s on smaller yet firm tits from the tank top and was now pulling on the as well. Kelly wailed and dropped her foot, preventing the damage on her own tits the pushing had caused.
Now the two danced again but this time instead of grabbing their hair, they led each other by the nipples. Occasionally they would deliver a nasty slap to the other’s face as they tottered back and forth, trying to rip the nipples from the other’s chest.
“You fucking cow.” Kelly hissed.
“Flat chested bitch.” Brenda groaned.
Tom stroked the bulge in his jeans. He loved hearing them attack each other’s breasts verbally as well as physically. He had cum in his pants one night just listening to Kelly mock Brenda’s tits. It had been before she knew they were fucking, which made it even better. He knew her hatred for those large, juicy melons was all consuming and now it was coming out.
Brenda looked far less cocky than she had at the beginning of the fight. Her blonde hair had been ripped out of her ponytail and was now clinging to her face and back, damp with sweat. Her large breasts were beginning to show nasty welts and bruises from the
Kelly’s smaller tits had taken damage as well. They had been pulled out to the point where it looked as if she had been nursing. Her pink nipples were harder and thicker than he had ever seen them before. Tears and sweat streaked her face as well and Tom was sure that the fight was about to get even nastier.
As if he had willed it, Brenda released one of Kelly’s tits and drove a hard punch into Kelly’s crotch. Kelly’s knees buckled and she dragged Brenda to the ground with her by her tits.
“Punch me in the fucking cunt?” Kelly moaned. “Really, bitch?” She pulled a hand back and punched Brenda in the right tit, knocking her onto her back. Kelly jumped on top of her and the two began to roll around on the floor.
Tom realized his mouth was hanging open; the two were going at it like wildcats. Strands of blonde and brown hair flew through the air and floated back down like dust motes, pieces of tank top littered the floor, and the sound of flesh on flesh was crisp in the air. He leaned forward and watched them like a curious child watching two warring insects.
The two had their arms wrapped around each other now, their tits mashed together. Their legs were locked together. It appeared they were at a stand still, lying on their sides, pressing against each other, glistening with sweat and covered in dust.
“Are you fucking done, bitch?” Brenda gasped, tightening her hold around Kelly.
“Not a chance, cunt.” Kelly groaned. Her smaller breasts were pushed up to her throat. Brenda’s were nearly up to her chin. “I’m not done with you, you saggy titted cow.” Kelly thrust her chest upward, digging her nipples into the bottom of Brenda’s melons. Brenda growled and thrust her head forward and began to bite Kelly’s bottom lip.
“GAAAGH!” Kelly screamed. She released Brenda and began to claw at her face again, freeing her her lip--a little worse for wear now-- and pulling a horrible cry from Brenda. Brenda threw a punch into Kelly’s side and Kelly rolled away, clutching at her kidney.
Brenda grabbed Kelly by the hair and drove another punch into her stomach. Kelly doubled over in pain.
“Fucking give, you cock sucker.” Brenda hissed. She reached down and grabbed Kelly’s white panties that were poking out of the back of her jeans.She jerked them high drawing a screech from Kelly’s lips.
“FUCK YOU!” Kelly screamed. She threw her head back and cracked Brenda in the face. Brenda released everything and fell over on her back, clutching her nose. Kelly crawled away, her panties hanging out of her jeans like a tail.
Brenda stamped her feet as she clutched her nose, trying to channel the pain somewhere else. Tom thought he saw some blood dripping from her nose. If Kelly hadn’t broken it, she had at least jacked it up.
“You goddamn bitch,” Brenda hissed.
“It’s an improvement, you ugly slut.” Kelly spat. It was clear the two were near exhaustion, but neither seemed to be satiated. Kelly unzipped her tight jeans and pulled them down.
Tom licked his lips at the sight of her juicy pussy lips parted by the thin white cotton
Brenda had wedged in there. She readjusted them and kicked her jeans off. She looked over at Tom and gave him a knowing wink. “Better get ready for me,” She said. “This won’t be long.” She got to her feet and walked over to Brenda. She grabbed her long blonde hair and jerked her head up off the floor. “Give bitch, or i’ll punch your fuckng nose in.”
But Brenda was ready for her. She dropped her hands from her face, revealing her swollen bloody nose and grabbed Kelly by the crotch with both hands. Her fingers burrowed both above and beneath the cotton panties and Kelly began to scream. She threw the punch, but Brenda ducked her head, taking the blow on the top of her skull instead of her face.
Kelly’s eyes were wide and agonized. She began to jerk Brenda’s head back and forth so hard Tom was sure Brenda would get whiplash. But Brenda’s hands worked hard, mauling Kelly’s pussy, tearing her panties, ripping her pubes from her mound.
“YOU NASTY CUNT!” Brenda screamed.
Kelly slammed her crotch into Brenda’s face and took her down onto the ground, slamming down on her with all her weight. Brenda’s hands prevented Kelly’s bare cunt from mashing into her face. She jerked her pussy lips and gouged at her clit. Kelly screamed like a wild thing and pulled away from Brenda’s attack. When she did, Brenda threw herself at Kelly and pinned her to the ground. She shoved her massive tits into Kelly’s face and pressed down, smothering her.
“GIVE, CUNT!” Brenda shouted, holding Kelly’s hands down.
Kelly thrashed beneath the busty blonde, kicking her legs uselessly. Brenda began to laugh as she pressed her massive tits down on Kelly’s face. “LIKE THAT, YOU BITCH? THAT’S WHAT REAL TITS FEEL LIKE!”
Then Brenda screamed in agony. She released Kelly’s wrists and pushed herself up. Kelly was biting into Brenda’s right breast, her nipple completely inside the wicked mouth. Kelly reached around with one hand and dug into Brenda’s jeans. She jerked a thin blue g-string up, paying the bitch back for wedgie given earlier. Her other hand balled into a fist and began punching Brenda in the stomach.
Brenda wailed on her in turn, screaming as her cunt was split in half by her g-string and her tit blazed. She rained blows own on Kelly’s head, but each blow only sank the teeth deeper into her breast.
Kelly dove forward and landed on top of Brenda, her mouth releasing the large tit. There was a nasty looking mark where she had gnawed on the nipple. She released the g-string and drove a fist into Brenda’s large right tit, mashing it against the floor.
Brenda cried out and latched on to Kelly’s tits and began to tear at them. But Kelly seemed to be powered by her hatred. Tom was sure being smothered by Brenda’s massive juggs had humiliated her to the point where she didn’t care if she put the bitch in the hospital. Brenda’s large swollen breast looked ready to burst. Soon, her hands went from Kelly’s chest to the attacking hand, trying to pull it off of her tit. But Kelly continued to pound it, tenderizing it like a piece of meat.
“GOD DAMN IT, STOP!” Brenda screamed. Tears poured from her eyes.
“You give, bitch?” Kelly said with an alien calmness. Tom remembered how she had taken that tone when he broke up with her. She was controlling her anger, channeling it down into the ruined breast.
“JESUS! YES!” Brenda screamed.
Kelly pulled her fist back and punched Brenda in the face. The pain must have been unbearable in her nose for she went limp. She fainted from the pain. Kelly looked down at the bitch and spat on her.
Tom smiled and nodded.
“Nicely done,” he said.
Kelly nodded and slid her body up Brenda’s and dragged her bare pussy across her face before standing up. She walked over to Tom and grabbed his bulge.
“Take me upstairs and fuck me.” She hissed in his ear.
He took one last look at the knocked out blonde on the floor then obeyed.