Looking for an old titfight story
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    Looking for an old titfight story

    Looking for an old titfight story
    I am looking for and old titfight story that I can no longer access after something happened to the server. It's called: Bad Day At Rock Hill by Brent. It was posted sometime around August, 2002. I think it had around 10 parts. If anyone has the story or knows where I can find it, could someone help me? Thank you very much and Happy New Year!

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    Re: Looking for an old titfight story

    Bad Day at Rock Hill
    Written by Brent Monday, 09 January 2006 19:06

    Two women fight over a man.

    Susan Armitage, looking through the windshield of her BMW convertible, was half thinking about what a beautiful Saturday morning it was. It was early June, warm, sunny, all birds and flowers, and, well, Spring. Of course, EVERY day was beautiful when you were Susan Armitage. At 40, she was still stunning, with a face and body that still turned the heads of every man when she entered a room. And, oh, but she was lucky. Married to a wonderful man and wealthy beyond any dreams she'd ever had. Yes, Susan Armitage had a great life. A life a lot of other people had to envy. And, in fact, envy was the reason Susan was currently behind the wheel of her car on this beautiful morning.
    A lot of people had envied Susan over the years. She seemed to be blessed in just about every way. Not only was she beautiful, she was also very intelligent and extremely popular. In high school, she'd been head cheerleader and senior class president. She was the class Salutatorian. She graduated college Magna Cum Laude. She'd been homecoming queen both in high school and college. She'd then gone on to law school, passed the bar, and joined a large, successful firm. There she'd met her husband David, two years her junior and already moving up quickly in the firm. David came from old money and didn't really have to work, but he loved the law and had a big future in it. David was going to be a judge. The couple dated for several years and married when Susan was 30. There had been no children, due to the high-pressure careers, but, recently, talk had turned to making babies. Susan was still young enough and would be able to work part-time when they came. God knew, they didn't need the money. It was a great life, and anyone would agree Susan deserved it. Almost everyone who knew her would call Susan a wonderful person who was a joy to have around. Yes, she deserved her wonderfully happy life, but, still, there was envy.
    Envy was the reason Susan was, on this beautiful morning, driving south on the Interstate toward the small town of Rock Hill. Because, in Rock Hill was someone who didn't just ENVY Susan Armitage. In that small town, there was someone who HATED her. There was, in Rock Hill, a woman determined to bring Susan Armitage down. A woman determined to have Susan Armitage's life.
    That woman was Brianna McKie, who, with the exception of her beauty and intelligence, was Susan's polar opposite. Where Susan was hard working, Brianna was lazy, barely skating through high school and only making it to college because her father, a well-off plastic surgeon, paid to put her through. Where Susan was popular, Brianna was anything but. She had few friends and was seen by most who knew her as vain, self-centered and conniving. And she was all that and more.
    Brianna was a woman who was used to getting what she wanted, and she'd go to just about any lengths to do so. And, to Susan's sorrow, what Brianna wanted right now was David Armitage. The two had met at the firm, where David was a partner and the then 24-year-old Brianna a paralegal. Brianna had immediately been smitten with the handsome, well-mannered David.
    Of course, the brunette knew he was married, and that was an obstacle, but not one that could not be overcome. No, she could deal with that. It was just a matter of thinking things through and coming up with a plan of attack. Brianna knew immediately that David was attracted to her and that she could have him, and, of course, his money, for herself if only Susan were out of the way. From there, it had just been a matter of the "how" and the "when". Brianna had planned and schemed for two years. And this day was the culmination of that plan. The bitch Susan was on her way to Rock Hill, and Brianna was soon going to have David Armitage for her own.
    As Susan got closer to Rock Hill, the thoughts of the pretty day faded and she began thinking only of the little bitch she was going to meet. She remembered the first phone call, which had come three weeks ago to the day. It had been very vague. Susan had no idea who the caller was (Brianna had used a pay phone), but what she said had sent chills up Susan's spine. She knew something. Something about Susan. Something embarrassing. Something Susan would NOT want made public. Susan had sputtered a few questions, but the caller had already hung up. She'd racked her brains all night trying to figure out what the bitch might know, but she'd come up empty. There just weren't many real skeletons in Susan's closet.
    A few days later, the second call, also from a payphone, had come. Susan had asked if the caller wanted money, and Brianna had only laughed. "No, bitch," she'd said. "I want a lot more than that." Brianna had again said she had damaging information. She offered to show it to Susan, then hung up again.
    Brianna had then let Susan stew for over a week before calling exactly one week ago today. She'd told Susan to meet her at a local bar that night. Susan had arrived, and, as instructed gone to the back corner booth. Brianna had let her wait for nearly an hour before joining her. Susan had no idea who Brianna was, but the little bitch took great pleasure in explaining. And then the color drained from Susan's face as Brianna explained what she had. It was a videotape. It took a second, but Susan realized what MUST be on it. It was almost impossible, but it had to be true. There was simply nothing else. HOW had the bitch done it? How had she gotten it? But, that didn't matter now, because she HAD it. And she also had Susan.
    Susan had thought briefly of making a grab for the tape right there. If they had been in a private place, she almost certainly would have done so. But, there were dozens of people around, and Susan could not risk sullying her reputation and that of her husband by engaging in a bar fight with this little tramp. Instead, Susan sat steaming as Brianna told her what came next. Susan would meet Brianna a week from today at a house in Rock Hill. The home was owned by Brianna's father, who rarely used it. Susan was to be there by 11am and she was to come alone. If she refused any of these conditions, Brianna was prepared to make the tape public.
    Susan had begun to ask questions, but Brianna had silenced her immediately. The younger woman told Susan she'd learn the rest next Saturday. She then got up and walked out of the bar, leaving Susan smoldering in the booth. The auburn-haired beauty had sat there for nearly 30 minutes before, still shaking with rage, she got to her feet, walked outside, got in her car, and drove home.
    The week had passed in slow motion. Susan felt like she was under water most of the time, just going through the motions of living, passing the days until Saturday. But, now Saturday had come and Susan had entered Rock Hill. She glanced down at the directions Brianna had given her and began making the turns necessary to find the house where the bitch would be waiting.
    Susan soon found herself heading out of the town proper and into the countryside. She thought for just a moment that she'd made a wrong turn, and then, there it was. She was surprised by what she found. It wasn't some run-down shack, but a big, beautiful house high on a hill surrounded by acres of land.
    She pulled the BMW up the mile-long driveway and stopped in front of a nice, two-car garage. As she got out, she realized that Brianna had picked the perfect spot for whatever she had in mind. This house was the only one for several miles. There was no one around. No one had seen her pull into the driveway. And Brianna was no doubt watching from somewhere to make sure she'd come alone. She had, but if she'd backed out on that part of the agreement, Brianna would have known. There was simply no way another person, much less another car, could get up here without being seen from the house. The little bitch was smart, Susan had to give her that.
    The older woman walked up a cobblestone path to the front door. She caught herself preparing to ring the bell, but, instead, tried the door. It was unlocked, which meant Brianna was somewhere inside. Susan entered into a large foyer facing a huge spiral staircase that led to the second floor. She immediately noticed that a note had been taped to the bannister. It read, "Up the stairs, second door on the right."
    Susan hesitated. The natural fears she'd had about this entire situation, fears she'd suppressed all morning, had finally come to the surface. She didn't like this at all. She was alone here. No one knew she was here, except this crazy bitch who might be planning anything. Maybe she should turn around right now and run back to the car. She thought about doing so for just a second, but of course, she dare not. The bitch had the tape. And Susan knew what was on it.
    Susan began climbing the spiral staircase, very slowly, looking around her carefully. She didn't see Brianna anywhere, but there were a thousand places the brunette could be hiding. When she made it to the top, she came into a long hall with three doors on each side. She walked carefully down the hallway, stopping at the second door on the right. She grabbed the knob and turned, shoving the door inward.
    As Susan opened the door, she saw a room almost completely empty, save for a television and video cassette recorder. Both were mounted on shelves on the wall, about halfway between the floor and the 10-foot ceiling. On the floor was a pretty white shag carpet. There was but one six-foot high window. Brianna was not here, but taped to one of the eggshell painted walls was another note. It contained two words. "Wait here."
    Susan sat down on the floor. She looked at her watch. 10:50. She waited. And, once again, Brianna MADE her wait. 11 am went by, as did 11:30. In fact, it was almost high noon exactly when Susan heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She stood immediately, back to the far wall, and watched the door open. Brianna stepped inside with a big smile on her face, holding a videotape in one hand.
    Wordlessly, Brianna ejected a tape from the recorder, replaced it with the one she carried, and pulled a remote control off the shelf. She turned on the television, then hit the play button. The images Susan knew she would see immediately appeared on the screen. "You BITCH!", Susan spat. "Where did you GET that?"
    Brianna smiled, "Oh, I have my sources, Susan. What I want to know is, what is the FINE, UPSTANDING, MORALLY SUPERIOR Susan Armitage doing on that tape?" And then the little bitch actually GIGGLED.
    Again, Susan came close to losing her temper and attacking Brianna. She managed, however, to control herself. "It's not really any of your business, you slut," Susan said. "But, unlike YOU, I didn't grow up with a rich daddy. I had to work my way through college. I had to make money."
    "And, you, the UPRIGHT Susan Armitage, decided to make money by starring in private WRESTLING tapes?"
    With that question, Susan looked back up at the screen. And, there she was, at 19 years old, her hair covered by a blonde wig, wearing a skimpy bikini, wrestling a taller, heavier black woman. The tape was fuzzy and grainy. Susan couldn't believe this bitch could actually have found a copy of this 21-year-old tape, or that she had found out that it was Susan who was, even now, being school-girl pinned in it.
    "You don't understand!" Susan screamed. "I worked two jobs all the way through college, but, sophomore year, I was living off-campus and my roommate dropped out. She left me with the rent. I needed a couple hundred dollars quickly and a friend said she knew a guy. I didn't want to ask my parents for the money. They were already scrimping enough just to pay as much of my tuition as they could. So I talked to the guy and he offered me 300 just for one session. I HAD to do it ."
    Susan stopped talking when she noticed Brianna was giggling again. "I don't have to justify myself to you, you little whore!" the auburn-haired beauty yelled, as, on the screen, her 19-year-old self was struggling to escape a body scissors.
    "No," Brianna said with a smile, "But you sure WANT to, don't you?"
    "Fuck you!" said the enraged Susan as she took a menacing step forward.
    "Now, now," Brianna said with a smile. "Let's not lose our temper and do something we'll regret."
    "What do you WANT, bitch!" Susan said through gritted teeth.
    Brianna took her time about answering. First, she hit the "stop" button on the remote control. She smiled at Susan as she walked over to eject the tape. "No need to see any more of THAT. We BOTH know how it ends, don't we?" Brianna had rehearsed that line. She wanted Susan to know that she'd watched the entire tape and seen Susan submit to the black girl's reverse bear hug. Of course Brianna knew the ending was scripted, but she wanted Susan to know she'd seen her defeated and humiliated, even if Susan had only been playacting. Brianna removed the tape from the player and replaced it with the tape that had been inside before she arrived. She placed Susan's tape on top of the recorder.
    "I'll ask again," Susan growled. "What do you WANT?"
    "Patience," Brianna said. "I'm coming to that. Let's talk first about what OTHER people want. David, for example, wants nothing more than to be a judge. And, there's little doubt he'll be elected next year. He's got all the most important people behind him. He's ALMOST a shoe-in. ALMOST. Now, if this TAPE, however, were to be passed around to some of those supporters, my guess is David's candidacy would be adversely affected ."
    "Why you little CUNT," Susan said moving toward Brianna again.
    "Stop right THERE, slut," Brianna said coldly. And Susan stopped. "Now, let me finish. David's candidacy would, no doubt, be adversely affected. In fact, it would be ruined. If this tape were passed around, David would be forced to end his plans to seek the office. He'd NEVER become a judge, and that would make David VERY unhappy."
    "Now," Brianna said smiling, "Let's talk about what YOU want. YOU want David, whom you love, to be happy. Therefore, you want him to become a judge. Therefore, you want this tape kept out of the public eye. Am I correct?"
    Susan said nothing. She just stared with hate-filled eyes at the brunette.
    "AM I correct?" Brianna asked again.
    "Fuck you!" was Susan's reply.
    Again, Brianna just laughed. "So," the brunette said, "We've determined that both you AND David would be happy if this tape never saw the light of day. And, I, of course, can make that happen. I could just give you the tape and preserve your little status quo," she said, voice rising. "Yes, I could just GIVE it to you and you could go back to your wonderful husband and your wonderful FUCKING LIFE," Brianna said, screaming now. "BUT, I am NOT going to do that, because that wouldn't make ME happy. "
    Brianna stopped and took a breath. Susan stared at her, wide-eyed, thinking Brianna might be going over the edge. But, before that glimmer of a thought had begun to sink in, Brianna resumed, once again speaking in a normal, calm voice.
    "So, Susan, it's now time to talk about what would make ME happy."
    "And," Susan asked, "What would that be?"
    "Well," Brianna said with a smile, "That would be DAVID."
    Susan immediately began to laugh. "You little bitch," she said. "You aren't woman enough to take my husband."
    Brianna's ice cold reply cut right through Susan. "Oh, but I AM, you cunt, and, before this day is over, I WILL prove it to you."

    - - - Updated - - -

    Susan didn't react for a second, but then she began to move toward the door. "Brianna, you are nuts and I've had enough of this. I'm going straight to a phone to call the authorities. This is blackmail and it's illegal."
    Brianna said nothing until Susan put her hand on the doorknob. "You aren't going anywhere, Susan, not without hearing what I have to say and we both know it."
    Susan stopped and turned back to face her rival. "Out with it, bitch," Susan said.
    "OK," Brianna said. "You've just gotten to the root of our little problem. Right now, we are in a situation that used to be known as €˜Mutually Assured Destruction' in the old Cold War days. If you go to the authorities or tell David about what's been going on between us, I will pass around the tape and David's dream of being a judge will be crushed. On the other hand, if I do anything with the tape, you can go to the authorities, causing me some legal problems, and tell David what's been going on, ending any chance I have with him "
    "You have NO chance with David," Susan said, matter-of-factly.
    "Not true," Brianna said, shaking her head. "I DO have a chance with David, and a good one once YOU are out of the picture."
    "But," Susan said, with steel in her voice, "I'm not going to BE out of the picture, EVER. I love David and he loves me, and, unless you plan to KILL me, you'll NEVER have him."
    "Wrong again," Brianna said. "I said before that we had a problem, €˜Mutually Assured Destruction'. I have a solution. ONE of us has to step aside and clear the playing field for the other. If I step aside and give you the tape, you go back to your life. If YOU step aside, it clears the way for me to romance David. That way, ONE of us wins. Otherwise, we BOTH lose. So, one of us stepping aside is the only sensible solution, wouldn't you agree?"
    Susan just glared, saying nothing.
    "Now the problem," said Brianna, "Is determining which one of us steps aside. But, I've got a solution. I say we determine who the better woman is, right now, today. And, whichever of us loses steps aside."
    "Your NUTS!" Susan said. "I am NOT giving up my husband."
    "Fine," Brianna said. "I'll just make a few copies of this tape and pass them around. And David won't resent you TOO much for ruining his dream "
    "You little " said Susan. And she could find no more words.
    "Now, are you ready to listen to what I have to say?" Brianna asked. She didn't wait for a response. "Here is what we are going to do. We're going to have a little contest, you and I, and the winner of the contest wins DAVID. If I lose, I will give you this tape and disappear from your life forever. If you lose, you will leave David. You will go home, pack your clothes, get on a plane, and leave the country. You will not return for six months. You will NEVER contact David again "
    "YOU," Susan said, "Are completely INSANE."
    "No," Brianna replied, "I am not. I've thought this out carefully. You can write your friends and parents from overseas, letting them know you are all right. You'll have plenty of money. You can go anywhere. After six months, do whatever you like. It won't matter by then. David will be mine."
    "Insane," Susan stammered. "This whole thing is insane!"
    "Call it what you like, Susan. What's your answer?"
    "Answer to WHAT?" Susan said. "What are you proposing we DO? How are we going to determine who the better woman is?"
    "Oh, that's simple," Brianna replied. "What's your best feature, Susan? You and I both know what it is. On that tape, the cameraman couldn't keep the lens away from them. It's those perfect breasts of yours. Everyone who knows you knows how proud you are of them. And we both know David is proud of them as well. Well, I'm proud of MY breasts, Susan. And I think mine are better than yours "
    Susan laughed. "You have a pretty high opinion of yourself, bitch," she said, unconsciously sticking out her chest.
    "Oh, indeed I DO," said Brianna. "In fact, I have SUCH a high opinion of myself that I am sure my breasts are better than yours. Mine will defeat yours in every way possible. I will defeat YOU. And then you will disappear " And Brianna's voice trailed off at the thought of what came after that.
    Susan sat silently for a moment considering her options and finding them to be damn few. She could walk out of here right now and hope the bitch was bluffing, but she knew well that Brianna was not. She could forcibly TAKE the tape, but the cunt might have copies. And, if she did disaster for David. Or, she could agree to take part in whatever Brianna planned. But, first, one question
    "All right, you little whore," Susan said. "If I agree to do this and beat you, how can I be sure that is the only copy of the tape? And, if you have others, how can I be sure you won't spread them around anyway?" "I wouldn't worry about that, Susan, because you won't win. In fact, you CAN'T win. If you WERE capable of beating me, you COULDN'T be completely sure, but remember, €˜Mutually Assured Destruction'. If I were to do anything with the tape, you could go to the authorities. Of course, it would just be your word against mine, but the word of Susan Armitage carries a lot more weight than the word of a lowly paralegal. And, I'd have little to gain by showing the tape around, because I'd have no chance to get David "
    "You have no chance to get him NOW, slut. So, tell me, HOW are we going to compare breasts? HOW are your boobs going to beat mine? How are we going to judge?"
    "Well," Brianna said, "You can start by taking off that blouse. I assume you have a bra underneath?"
    "Of course I do, you bitch," said Susan. And, for the first time, the older woman started playing some psychological games. She took her time about unbuttoning the dark blue blouse. She slowly stripped it off revealing a light blue bra, size 36-C. And the cups were completely full of Susan's beautiful breasts.
    "Impressive," said Brianna. "I can see why you are so proud of those."
    "WELL?" Susan said. "Aren't you going to take YOUR shirt off?"
    "Sure," Brianna shrugged. She quickly pulled the black oversized t-shirt over her head. And Susan was barely able to stop herself from gasping. For Brianna was wearing a black bra, size 36-DD. And her breasts were straining the fabric of the garment.
    Susan couldn't help but stare as she remembered that Brianna had also worn an oversize t-shirt the night they had met at the bar. She'd been purposely hiding the size of her breasts.
    "What's the matter, Susan," Brianna said. "Cat got your tits?"
    Susan responded as if in a daze. "You little bitch," she said.
    "LITTLE?" Brianna giggled. "I don't THINK so, Susan. If anyone looks LITTLE around here right now, it would be YOU. What are those, 34-Cs?"
    "36," Susan said, still sounding dazed.
    "36-C? Not bad at all. Bigger than most women. But, of course, NOTHING compared to THESE," said Brianna, holding up her breasts with her hands. "How big would you say they are, Susan?"
    Susan said nothing, so Brianna answered her own question. "They are 36-DD. That makes them two whole cup sizes larger than yours. If you want to admit I'm better right now, we can stop, before things get WORSE for you."
    "Fuck you, little girl," Susan said. "That doesn't prove anything. You can't really tell breast size inside a bra "
    "Good," Brianna said. "Then you won't mind taking off your bra."
    "You first, this time," Susan said. "Let's see if you've REALLY got what you SAY you've got."
    Brianna didn't hesitate for a moment. She immediately undid the bra and dropped it to the floor. If Susan were hoping that Brianna wasn't really as big as she looked, she was most definitely disappointed. Her breasts were most certainly DDs and they were a sight to behold. They were firm and high and beautifully tanned. It was clear Brianna sunned herself topless. Brianna's breasts also had large areola, nearly two inches across.
    "Well?" Brianna said. "Let's see what YOU'VE got, Susan."
    Susan hesitated for a moment. She clearly HAD hoped Brianna wasn't as big as she looked inside her bra. Then, slowly, she began to unfasten her brassiere. She held it in place for a second before letting it drop to the floor. Her breasts WERE just about perfect. Even at age 40, they were firm and high, milky white with pink areola just a bit smaller than a quarter. Perfect, but not nearly as big as the pair she was looking at.
    Brianna giggled again as she looked at Susan's chest. "My, they ARE pretty, aren't they? And, they're firm, too, no doubt about that. I'd say we're just about even as far as visible firmness. Both pairs are high on the chest with no sag. BUT, I think we know who's a LOT bigger, don't we?"
    "Bigger doesn't mean better, bitch. Now let's stop playing around and get ON with it!"
    "Again, patience, Susan," Brianna said, as she began playing with her nipples. "It's pretty warm in here. Why don't we see what kind of nipples are on the ˜perfect' breasts of Susan Armitage?"

    - - - Updated - - -

    Susan immediately complied, because her nipples were the literal cherry on top of her breasts. They were 1/2 an inch long when aroused and a quarter inch thick. She quickly excited them and dropped her hands to her sides to allow Brianna to see them at their full size. The brunette, whose fingers were hiding hers, continued to tease them for a few more seconds before doing likewise.
    This time, Susan couldn't suppress the gasp. Brianna's nipples were fantastic. They were over ? of an inch long and even thicker than Susan's. The brunette giggled again, that maddening giggle that never failed to anger Susan. Only, this time, Susan barely noticed it. She was concentrating on pushing away the thought that kept shoving itself to the surface of her mind. The thought that Brianna's tits might well be superior to her own.
    Brianna, knew what Susan was thinking, what she HAD to be thinking, and quickly articulated it. "There's no comparison, is there, bitch?" Brianna said, displaying her breasts proudly and jiggling them just a bit. "There's no comparison at ALL and no doubt who the better woman is."
    That last comment brought Susan back to life. "Listen, you little whore. You do NOT have BETTER tits than me. Like I said before, you may be bigger, but that DOESN'T mean better. My tits are better than yours and I know it. Now, you've been talking and talking about how superior yours are, but you haven't told me how you are going to prove it. This little €˜tit size contest' doesn't prove anything."
    "Ahh, Susan, but you forget. I told you that my breasts would defeat yours in every way possible, and, as you can see, that's exactly what's happening. Out of four comparisons we've made so far, you've done no better than one draw. As I said, there's no difference in visible firmness. There we appear equal. In breast size, however, you are overmatched by two cup sizes. My areola are clearly superior as they are MUCH larger than yours. And, your nipples don't even compare to mine, which are much longer and thicker. Now, you have two choices. You can admit right now that my breasts are superior, or you can stay here and be dominated further."
    "Dominated?" Susan screamed in reply. "You aren't DOMINATING anything! As I said, you MAY be bigger, but you are NOT better. Nothing we have done so far has PROVEN you are better. In fact, nothing we've done so far even serves as EVIDENCE that you MIGHT be better. So you have bigger tits than me. A lot of women have bigger tits than me. But, you want to know something, bitch? I've never yet met anyone who had BETTER tits than me. Not once in all these years. Don't look so surprised. You don't think I've compared myself with other women? You don't think my husband, and, before that, my boyfriends did the same thing? And, never once in all those times have I found a woman with better tits. Not once. And I HAVEN'T found a better pair today. Now, let's get on with whatever contest you have in mind so I can beat you and go back to my husband!"
    "You don't disappoint me, Susan," Brianna said with a smile. "I was afraid you might, but you have not. I'd thought about all this in advance, of course. How you'd react, what you might do. But, you've rewarded my faith in you at every turn. You came here today, alone, as I requested. When I showed you the tape, you agreed to my little contest. And, now, with the evidence of my superiority staring you, literally, in the face, you are still willing to fight a hopeless battle for your man. And, I'm glad of that, Susan. I DO want David, but I want to win him MY way. I mean, if you turned and ran right now, I'd take him, but that's not what I want. What I want is to take him by destroying you, and I'm so pleased you are agreeable to that."
    Susan was a bit taken aback by the knowledge she'd just come by. Of course, she'd known Brianna had planned this out carefully, but the extent of her planning was now becoming clear. She'd honed her scheme carefully, right down to the smallest detail. And, so far, everything was going exactly as she planned. Well, that was fine, Susan thought, but things were soon going to begin going wrong for the little bitch. VERY wrong. "Brianna," Susan replied with a smirk, "Are we going to spend all afternoon talking about your supposedly superior breasts or are you, eventually, going to get around to allowing me to puncture both that balloon and THOSE balloons?"
    "Anxious, are we Susan? If I were in your position, I wouldn't be in a hurry to get to what's coming next. You aren't going to like it. But, it's all the same to me. It's time for me to prove what I know and you already suspect that my boobs are better than yours and that I am the better woman. So, Susan, how does a tit-fight sound to you? Are you ready to put those scrawny little breasts of yours against these beauties, or ARE you going to disappoint me and run?"
    "I'm not running anywhere you little cunt," Susan said, "Let's go."
    Brianna stepped forward slowly, closing the small gap between them and was a bit surprised as Susan did likewise. The women were soon chest-to-chest, but, as if by some mutual agreement, they'd stopped a fraction of an inch short of allowing their beautiful breasts to touch.
    They stood like that for a few seconds, then Brianna locked her hands behind her back, stepped forward and rammed her breasts into Susan's. The auburn-haired beauty gasped in surprise as she was knocked back a step. Before Susan could react, Brianna breast-butted her a second, and then a third time, with Susan being driven backwards each time.
    The older woman finally reacted after the third butt, responding in kind, locking her own hands behind her and slamming her lovely 36-Cs into Brianna's DDs. But, the brunette took not a step back. For the next minute, the pattern continued. Brianna butted Susan and the red-head was driven back. Susan butted Brianna and the brunette held her ground.
    Slowly, Susan began to see what was happening, but she was powerless to prevent it. She was being driven toward the far wall, and, despite her attempts to slam her breasts harder and quicker into Brianna's, the younger woman kept gaining ground.
    Just two minutes into the battle, Susan's back was, literally, against the wall. And this was when Brianna began pouring on the effort. The brunette slammed her jugs rapidly into Susan's smaller pair as the older woman grunted with both pain and her continuing failing efforts to force the brunette backward.
    When it became obvious to Brianna that Susan was trapped, she said, still ramming, "Ready to give up, Susan?"
    "Fuck you, bitch!" Susan replied, continuing her efforts to force Brianna backward. "This wasn't fair."
    "Oh, really?" Brianna replied. "All right, then, let's start again."
    Brianna then shocked Susan by backing up into the center of the room. Susan responded by slowly walking toward her opponent, chest held high, ready for any kind of trick. But there was to be no trick. Brianna simply stayed where she was and waited for Susan to approach.
    When the women were chest-to-chest again, Brianna said, "OK, Susan, YOU go first this time."
    And Susan complied, ramming her chest into Brianna's immediately. And the fight was on again. This time, it took longer, as Susan had not been surprised by Brianna like she'd been the first time and because Susan knew what Brianna was trying to do right from the start.
    It took longer, but the result was the same. Slowly, Brianna drove Susan backward. No matter how hard the auburn-haired beauty tried, she could not stem the younger woman's advance. Brianna just kept driving those big DDs into her and Susan kept losing ground.
    Soon, the older woman was up against the wall again, with Brianna once again slamming her breasts hard and fast into Susan's smaller pair.
    "I've beaten you again, Susan," Brianna said, as she stopped ramming. "And, even YOU have to admit that it was fair THIS time. That makes four ways that my breasts have bested yours. Are you ready to give up?"
    "You haven't BEATEN me, because I haven't given up. " Susan replied. "Besides, this doesn't prove anything. Just because you can knock me backward doesn't mean you have better tits. And it isn't a fair test of our breasts to fight with me up against the wall."
    "You know," Brianna said, "You might just be right. It ISN'T really fair, IS it, with me having all the leverage and everything."
    Again, Brianna backed off into the center of the room and waited. Susan followed, slowly, carefully, until they once again stood breast to breast. Both pair showed the results of what had happened in the last few minutes. Both sets were red, though Susan's lighter colored mounds showed the damage more than Brianna's tanned orbs did. Of course, what DIDN'T show was that both pair hurt quite a bit. And both would hurt even more before the day's festivities were over.
    "Well, what's next, bitch?" Susan asked.
    "Apparently," said Brianna with a smile, "We can't fight on our feet, because we've seen what will happen. So, why don't we fight from our knees?"
    "Fine with me," Susan replied. "You first."

    - - - Updated - - -

    Brianna slowly got down on her knees and locked her hands behind her. Susan immediately did likewise and the pair were breast to breast again. Brianna made no move to begin the battle, so Susan, once again, started it, ramming her breasts into Brianna's bigger pair. The younger woman responded in kind, and, once again, the battle had been joined.
    From their current positions on their knees, neither woman could be driven backwards toward the wall, but the rams still had their effect. Each time Susan shoved forward, Brianna's upper body was knocked back. And, when the brunette rammed the red-head, the opposite was true.
    It didn't take Susan long to realize she was holding her own much better from this position. HER rams were knocking Brianna back every bit as much as Brianna's were affecting her. Susan's confidence began to build and she got even more aggressive in her attacks. Brianna responded in kind, and, soon, both women were ramming very hard and very quickly.
    For over three minutes, the women kept ramming, with neither appearing to gain an upper hand. But, something had to give, and, eventually, it did. With a mighty ram, Brianna knocked Susan backward with such force that the red-head's legs went out from under her and she landed flat on her back with a groan. The surprised Susan stayed down for a second while Brianna, smiling again, loomed above her. "Come on, Susan," the brunette said. "Get back up, I'm just getting started."
    Susan's eyes flashed angrily as she got back to her knees. "I'm just getting started, too, you little slut. Now let's go." Susan then rammed Brianna again and the younger woman responded in kind. Once again, the action was fast and furious, with both women giving all they had to punish the other. After less than 90 seconds, however, Susan found herself on her back again.
    "Dammit!" Susan yelled, as she struggled back to her knees. Brianna said nothing this time. She just made that giggling sound that Susan hated with a passion. The brunette remained still until Susan once again started the ramming. The battle lasted just a few seconds before, for the third time, Brianna knocked Susan to her back. This time, the red-head didn't immediately rise, instead remaining on her back, her belly pumping hard as Brianna's did the same.
    "Well, that's five times my breasts have bested yours, Susan. Ready to give up yet?" Brianna asked.
    "Fuck you, slut. I'm not giving in to you. My tits are better than yours and you'll be the one who admits it. This doesn't prove a thing except that you can knock me backward. That doesn't make your tits better than mine."
    Susan got slowly to her feet and Brianna did likewise. The red-head was frustrated. This little bitch had first driven her across the room and up against the wall twice, then knocked her on her back THREE times. On top of that, her tits hurt like hell. On the bright side, she knew Brianna's were hurting as well. She could see it on the little slut's face, despite the younger woman's efforts to hide her pain. Susan realized that her opponent wanted VERY much to appear in control and for the result of their battle to appear to be a foregone conclusion. But Susan knew the result was anything BUT determined. While she certainly hadn't won, she wasn't close to beaten. Brianna could have all her little so-called "victories". None of them meant a damn thing.
    Brianna, meanwhile, was absolutely GIDDY. Everything was going EXACTLY as she had planned. Susan was reacting as she'd expected. She was accepting every challenge Brianna laid before her. And, Brianna was dominating her. The bitch had guts. She had to admit that. But that made this all the better. Susan would be here, struggling, until the bitter end. And the end WOULD be bitter for the red-head. She was going down. She was going to admit Brianna's superiority. And she was going to lose everything. It wouldn't be long now. The beginning of the end was coming.
    "I'm not sure WHAT to do next, Susan," Brianna said with a smile. "I mean, I keep beating you, but you still won't admit defeat "
    "Listen, you bitch," Susan fairly spat, "All of these little €˜contests' of yours are ridiculous. If you want to PROVE your tits are better than mine, then lets do it the simple way, breast to breast."
    Brianna could barely contain herself. This is where she'd been going all along, and her opponent was now following the plan exactly.
    "Well, seeing as my nipples are CLEARLY better, I guess we can skip straight to the breasts," Brianna said.
    Susan laughed in response. "Look, cunt, you aren't going to BAIT me with a cheap trick like that. It doesn't matter to me WHAT we do first. If you want to test your nipples against mine and watch mine beat them, that's fine. If not, we'll go right to the main event and I'll beat those tits of yours."
    "Well, Susan, as you don't seem to be in any HURRY to be done with our little contest, and, by the way, if I were in YOUR shoes, I wouldn't be in hurry either, let's start with the nipples. After I finish with them, I'll deal with the rest of your breasts."
    "You won't deal with ANYTHING, bitch," Susan said, with iron in her voice, "except defeat. And THAT, little girl, I'll have a lot of fun watching you experience."
    "Oh, I don't think so, Susan, however, you can make your gallant but doomed attempt to overcome my superior mammaries," Brianna said, her hands putting her DDs on display once again. "But, all this kicking of your ass is making me warm, and I'm going to take off these pants."
    Brianna then proceeded to pull off her tennis shoes and socks, then the tight blue jeans she'd been wearing. She was now wearing only a pair of powder blue panties through which her dark mound was clearly visible. Her bare legs were just as beautiful as her breasts, long, tanned, and well shaped. Her now bare toes were painted, like her fingers, a dark blue.
    "Ready, Susan?" Brianna asked. And then, for the first time, the older woman surprised her.
    "Not yet," Susan replied. She removed her own sneakers and tennis socks, then stripped off her jeans. Her panties were yellow and the bulge of her own auburn bush was evident. Like her breasts, Susan's legs were creamy white. They were, like her opponent's, long and lovely. In fact, they were even longer than Brianna's, as Susan stood about an inch taller. Her toes were painted a light pink, matching exactly the color of her fingernails.
    "Now we're BOTH more comfortable," Susan said, teasing her nipples to hardness. Brianna did the same and the women both stepped forward, once again breast to breast.
    "OK," Brianna said, smiling slightly, "Let's line up our nipples and "
    And, for the second time, the red-head surprised her opponent. Susan stepped back and shook her head. "THAT'S not how we'll determine whose nipples are better, Brianna.."
    The brunette's smile disappeared, replaced by a quizzical look. She hadn't counted on this, and, for a moment, she said nothing before she began stammering, "What I Uh "
    Now it was Susan's turn to smile. "Oh, come ON, little girl. How stupid do you think I am?"
    Brianna, still taken aback, didn't respond.

    - - - Updated - - -

    "Oh, I guess this didn't wasn't in your little €˜plan', was it?" Susan said. "You figured you'd keep leading me around by the nose all afternoon, didn't you? Keep everything going exactly the way you wanted? Leading me like a lamb to the slaughter? Well, I'm no lamb, bitch and I'm not going to let you keep setting up these €˜contests' that don't prove anything and don't get us anywhere. Did you think I'd quit just because you have bigger tits? Or longer nipples? Did you think I'd give up because you're a bit shorter and heavier and could get underneath me to drive me back against the wall or knock me over from our knees? And, do you think that, if we line up our nipples and you bend mine, I'm going to give up my husband? Would you quit if I bent yours? "
    "You CAN'T bend mine," Brianna replied softly.
    "But does it matter? This isn't what we're here for, is it? This isn't some kind of €˜best breast' contest with judges and points. It's a tit-FIGHT between you and I. And, the only way we're going to get a winner is for one of us to punish the other's breasts to the point that she can't take the pain anymore. And that's not going to happen by lining up our nipples."
    "All right then," Brianna said, her confidence returning, "What do YOU suggest, Susan?"
    "If you want to nipple FIGHT, let's nipple FIGHT," she said, stepping forward while once again teasing her nipples to full hardness. Brianna stepped up as well and the two women were, once again, breast to breast. And, like Brianna had done earlier, Susan started with no warning, clasping her hands behind her back and driving her nipples into Brianna's. Susan's shafts hit Brianna's from the side then drove into the brunette's areola. The younger woman let out a little moan, then locked her own hands behind her and responded.
    The two women were soon going full out, both driving their spikes forward as hard and fast as they could. The nipples rarely met straight on, and, when they did, they simply bounced off of one another, neither pair bending the other back and establishing any superiority.
    It was obvious that this battle was hurting both women as much or more as the previous fights. Both emitted little moans and groans as their stiff nipples drove into one another or into their softer areola. Soon, both pairs of breasts were once again covered with a sheen of sweat and both sets of nipples began to redden. Both women's nipples ached now and were becoming raw from all the contact. The moans and groans became deeper, but neither woman stopped or even slowed her efforts. In fact, the drives actually increased in tempo as both beauties poured on the effort to try to bring the other enough pain to prevent her from continuing. But, neither was managing to do that, and so, the battle raged on.
    As the nipple fight continued, the women began to tire, and the pace of the drives began to slow. Pain was etched on the faces of both of the beauties as they continued trying to use their own shafts to inflict enough agony on their opponent's pair to force their owner to submit. But neither woman was willing to give, and it looked like fatigue might end the battle before a winner could be determined.
    Then, Susan gasped and closed her eyes in pain. Both women immediately realized what had happened. During Brianna's last push, her nipples had lined up with Susan's. This had happened several times before, but, this time, the result was different. Instead of the spikes simply bouncing off one another as they had in those previous instances, Brianna's had bent Susan's.
    The red-head stopped shoving and actually looked down at her breasts, as if needing visual evidence to believe what had just happened. The evidence was there, her own nipples bent upward by Brianna's still straight pair. Susan just stood there for a few seconds, staring, unbelieving, until Brianna said, "How does it feel to have the second-best nipples, bitch?"
    "Fuck you," Susan spat. "This isn't over, you cunt. I'm not giving up." With that, the red-head jerked her nipples free and began shoving again. Brianna answered in kind, and the battle resumed. It didn't take long for Susan to groan, "Ahhh!" as Brianna bent her again. This time, the red-head didn't stop or bother to look, she simply pulled her aching shafts free and resumed the battle.
    It was clear that what Brianna was doing to Susan was having more of a mental than physical effect. It certainly hurt the older woman when her nipples were shoved upward, but not much more so than the continued punishment she'd been receiving since the nipple fight began.
    Psychologically, however, the effects were devastating to Susan. Despite what she'd said before this phase of the fight started, Susan knew that Brianna's nipples HAD proven superior to her own. There was no question about it. They'd met hers and bested them, twice. And, just as Susan was proud of her breasts, she'd always been proud of her nipples. It hurt that Brianna's were beating them. And, while she had no intention of giving up, she now knew her nipples WERE beaten.
    You could see which pair was winning in the demeanor of the two women. Brianna seemed reinvigorated, her drives coming faster and with renewed purpose, her shoulders held high, a look of determination on her face. Susan seemed at the edge of total exhaustion, and each shove looked like a huge effort. Her shoulders slumped and her face showed the concern and doubt that were creeping into her mind.
    Still, Susan struggled on. But things only got worse. In the next minute, Brianna bent her thrice more, each time bringing a moan of pain from the beautiful red-head. And, then, the final humiliation. Susan had known it was coming, but hoped against hope it would not. But, she knew it had to. The bitch's nipples were just too much for hers.
    And, so, when the shafts met straight on the next time, Susan's nipples didn't bend, they broke. Brianna's didn't shove them upward or to the side. They shoved them IN, crushing them flat against Susan's breasts. Susan screamed "Ooooh!" and stared in disbelief at her once-proud, now beaten spikes. This time, she didn't pull her shafts free. She just stood, head down, unmoving, until Brianna stepped away. Susan's beaten nipples popped up again, but their owner did not move forward to resume the fight. The red-head knew it was pointless.
    "Ready to give in now, Susan?" the brunette said.
    Susan didn't answer right away. She was still shaken by what had just happened. But, then, Brianna began to GIGGLE again, and that hated sound put the steel back in Susan.
    "Listen, you little whore," the red-head said, "I TOLD you that I wouldn't quit just because you bent my nipples "
    "Oh, I didn't just BEND them, Susan," Brianna said with a grin. "I smashed them, totally FINISHED them, just like I said I would. Had you attempted to continue our little nipple fight, I'd have smashed them again and again, until you decided you'd had enough. And you KNEW it. That's why you stopped. You KNEW you were beaten and wanted to spare yourself any further humiliation. Well, there's more humiliation coming, Susan, unless you're willing to give up now."
    "Fuck you cunt," Susan spat back.
    Brianna smiled and replied, "I'll say it again, Susan, you don't disappoint me. I expected all along that you'd fight to the bitter end, and you've chosen to do so."
    "The end will be bitter, bitch," the red-head said, through clenched teeth, "But it won't be bitter for ME."
    "Your false bravado amuses me. Surely, by now, you've come to the realization that you are doomed. My breasts are better, and I've proven it time and again "
    "You've proven nothing, you stupid little slut."
    "Oh, but I have, Susan. My breasts have now bested yours SIX times, while your outgunned pair has yet to claim a single victory. Can you really believe, as we approach the ultimate contest, that you can win? Can you really hope to somehow prevail? How, Susan? How can your outgunned Cs possibly defeat my superior DDs?"
    "Brianna, I am going to take GREAT pleasure in defeating you," Susan replied. "In fact, I can't wait to see all your little plans come crashing down around you. How will it feel, you fucking little husband stealing harlot, when I beat you and crush your dreams."
    "No, Susan," Brianna said, shaking her head. "How will YOU feel? How will you feel when I visit the ULTIMATE humiliation upon you? How will YOU feel when I crush those breasts you're so proud of flat? How will YOU feel when I make you give up and give up everything? How will THAT feel, Susan? Think about it, because it's about to happen."
    "You rotten cunt," Susan said. "I'll crush those tits to powder, you whore!"
    "Then let's get started," Brianna said with a smile. She stepped forward and raised her hands above her head. "Since I'm the €˜host' of this little contest, I'll show my €˜guest' the courtesy of going first."
    Susan quickly stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Brianna in a bear hug, squeezing tightly and eliciting a groan from the younger woman as Susan's lovely orbs smashed into Brianna's bigger pair. Immediately, the brunette responded in kind, and Susan moaned as well, as Brianna's jugs rammed into her own.
    It soon became evident to both of the fighters that there would be no quick victory. Neither pair of breasts made any headway despite the squeezing and driving. Both lovely sets of orbs held firm as their straining owners fought mightily to overcome the resistance of the opposing pair.
    Soon, each woman was breathing heavily and groaning with each squeeze from her opponent. Not just breasts, but also backs, arms, and legs were beginning to hurt. And, with breathing made somewhat more difficult by the bear hugs, the women had to fight for air and were soon covered with sweat. Still, neither pair could penetrate the other, so the only options were fighting on or something too awful to contemplate.
    After several minutes of battle, both pairs of breasts were so sweat-slick, that, despite the pressure of the twin bear hugs, they moved a bit against one another, slipping and sliding as their owners squeezed and shoved them forward. But, the side to side motion was all either woman could manage. Neither was able to push forward into the breasts of her opponent, and both women were tiring.
    "Give it up, Susan," Brianna said, between rapid breaths. "You can't beat me and you know it. It's only a matter of time before your little boobs fail and mine smash them flat. Save yourself the pain and humiliation and quit now."
    "Screw you, you little slut," Susan responded through gritted teeth. "You're the one who's going down. I'm going to beat those boobs of yours once and for all."
    "Only in your dreams, OLD WOMAN," Brianna replied, "Only in your dreams."
    "Fuck you," was Susan's only response.
    Both women then lapsed back into silence, preserving their remaining energies for the raging breast battle. They locked gazes and neither would look away, each searching the other's eyes for any sign of weakness, and neither finding any. Despite the exhaustion and pain, each remained dedicated to the destruction of her opponent.
    And, that was what it had come to. Both women now longed not just for victory, but for the total obliteration and humiliation of the other. In fact, that was the only way that victory could now be achieved. Each competitor now knew that the other would never give in unless she was not just beaten but broken. And each woman was determined not to be the one to break first, not to be the one to give in to her hated rival.
    But, be that as it may, as Brianna had said, it was only a matter of time. One pair of breasts WOULD eventually prevail. The only question was WHICH one would do so, and which one would fail. And less than three minutes after the women locked eyes, one magnificent pair of jugs began failing.
    The woman whose rack began to give didn't immediately realize what was happening. She felt an increase in the pain in her breasts, but they were aching so badly now it wasn't all that noticeable. It wasn't until she read the expression in her opponent's face that she understood.
    The other woman knew right away. She'd actually felt the bitch's rack give way slightly and realized immediately that her own breasts had proved their superiority. Then she saw the realization dawn on her opponent, and Brianna GIGGLED.
    Susan looked down at her breasts in disbelief, but the proof of what she did not want to believe was right in front of her. Brianna's breasts had clearly pushed INTO her own, flattening them at their points. Susan shook her head and whispered, "No " And when she looked back up at Brianna, there were tears in her eyes.
    "It's over, bitch," Brianna spat.
    "Fuck you ," screamed Susan, who then gasped as Brianna's breasts dug deeper into her own.
    "It's not me who's FUCKED, Susan," Brianna said, driving forward again. This time Susan moaned and her head dropped to Brianna's left shoulder. "And, in case you're counting, bitch, that's now SEVEN victories for my breasts. In fact, it's actually EIGHT, since the one draw you managed was visible firmness and we now know who is firmer, don't we."
    "Fuck you," Susan said through her tears. But, despite the defiance of Susan's words, the younger woman could FEEL the fight draining out of the red head. She could also feel the tears of pain and humiliation trickling onto her shoulder. And, she could feel those beautiful C-cup orbs giving more and more as her own pair smashed them against Susan's ribcage.
    Susan, meanwhile, didn't know how much longer she could go on fighting. The pain was becoming unbearable as her breasts continued to flatten. Her entire body was exhausted and aching. But she fought on because she could think of nothing else to do nothing else but submitting, and that was the UNthinkable.
    Two minutes after her breasts had begun to fail, Susan's hands fell to her sides. Her arms no longer had the strength to maintain the bear hug on Brianna. She was now just hanging in the younger woman's arms, her legs quivering with fatigue, her breasts nearly flat, crying quietly.
    "It's almost over, bitch," Brianna said. "Look at those €˜great' tits of yours now, Susan."
    And, almost involuntarily, Susan picked up her head and looked down. Her breasts were nearly flat against her ribcage, Brianna's enveloping and crushing them. "You bitch, you bitch, you bitch " Susan said through her tears.
    "Keep watching, slut," said Brianna.
    And, for some reason, Susan did. She screamed in pain as Brianna squeezed and drove her breasts forward again. And she watched her breasts disappear beneath the younger woman's, now crushed totally flat by Brianna's larger pair.
    "Whose tits are better, cunt?" Brianna yelled.
    "Fuck you," Susan gasped. Then, with a sigh of pain, despair, and exhaustion, she dropped her head back to Brianna's shoulder.
    "Give up, bitch!" Brianna screamed. Susan had only enough energy to slowly shake her head. Brianna squeezed again and Susan's body actually spasmed, the pain beginning to overwhelm her nervous system. She knew she couldn't take much more, yet there was no help for it. Then, to Susan's surprise, the younger woman released her. Her legs, though, were like jelly, and, without Brianna's arms to hold her up, Susan crumpled to the floor.
    Her hands immediately went to her beaten breasts. She couldn't believe what she felt. They were completely soft, nearly flaccid. She realized that the bitch had done exactly what she said she was going to do. She'd finished Susan's tits, defeated them totally. Susan began to weep.
    Brianna, meanwhile, just stood back and watched. She was enjoying this, the culmination of her plan. The bitch was finished, her tits crushed flat, totally beaten. But she still had not submitted. Apparently, Brianna had not hurt or humiliated the red head enough to break her. But that would soon change.
    After a few minutes of crying, Susan managed to get to a seated position. Brianna looked down at her beaten opponent and said, "Are you ready to admit defeat now, Susan? Now that I've proven that I have the better tits?"
    "Fuck you, bitch," the red head replied. "I'll never give in to you. And I'll never admit yours are better."
    Brianna laughed, then, coldly, said, "Oh but you WILL, Susan. Sooner or later, you will. But, if you still aren't convinced, then, perhaps we need to ask a third party for an opinion." And Brianna started walking toward the door.
    To Susan's surprise, however, Brianna was NOT leaving the room. Instead, the stunning brunette lifted the remote control off the shelf and hit the play button.
    It took Susan's fatigue and pain addled mind a few seconds to realize what she was seeing. She'd forgotten that the bitch had removed the tape of her wrestling €˜gig' and replaced it with the one that was already in the player. So, instead of seeing the images of herself and the black girl wrestling on the mat in the dank room, what she saw was a long distance shot of a bunch of people having a party around a swimming pool.
    The person running the camera then turned it to face herself. It was Brianna, looking stunning in a barely-there bikini. She said that she was going outside to talk to some of the more "interesting" people at the party. The camera bounced around for a few seconds, and then there was another shot of the pool. Susan immediately recognized the setting. This was Barney Bruce's house. Barney was a senior partner in the law firm.
    Then, Susan noticed the date at the bottom of the screen. The digital readout was "8/20/01" last August. Ten months ago. Susan immediately realized what party this had been. It had been for Barney's wife's birthday. Susan had been out of town on firm business, and David had attended the party alone.
    Brianna began approaching various party guests and talking to them, asking questions about the party, the food, the drinks, and the other guests. Susan recognized many of the people being "interviewed", and could tell that the party had been going on for at least a few hours at the time the tape was made, as most of the guest were somewhat "lubricated," so to speak.
    The bitch finally approached Barney, who was sitting on a chair at a table next to Ingrid. The 45-year-old blonde looked stunning as usual and clearly still had the body for the two piece swimsuit she was wearing. On the other side of the table sat David. After some talk about the party, Brianna, with a laugh, said, "Hey, Barney, who do you think is the hottest woman here?"
    There was laughter all around as Barney smiled and said, "My dear, it is clearly my lovely wife, the birthday girl, Ingrid, and you will NEVER record me on tape saying anything else!" There was more laughter, and Brianna turned the camera to David.
    "Well, David, what do YOU think?" the girl said.
    David immediately replied, "Well, I would have to agree with Barney. It is, no doubt, the fair birthday girl, Ingrid."
    Then, Brianna spoke again. "OK, David, one more question. Who has the best chest here?"
    There was some more laughter, and David said, "Well, in that category, even the stunning Ingrid can't compete with you, Brianna. You've got the best chest at the party, and the best chest in the firm." And the bitch giggled in stereo, on the tape and live, in the room.
    Then, the Brianna on the tape said, "Best in the FIRM, David? Even better than Susan's?"
    The table once again erupted with laughs, and David then replied, "As lovely as my incredible wife is, Brianna, even HER chest can not hold a candle to yours. There's no question your chest is the best in the firm."
    Brianna did her stereo giggle again, then hit the stop button and the television screen went blank. She turned to Susan, who had, by then, struggled to a standing position, and said, "There it is, Susan. A third party, your own husband, has judged our breasts and found yours wanting. Now admit mine are better, bitch!"
    Then, for the third time on this day, Susan surprised Brianna. The red-head screamed, "Fuck you, you fucking WHORE!" and charged at the brunette. The shocked Brianna didn't immediately react, and Susan grabbed her by the hair. Brianna responded in kind and the two were soon staggering around the room, each trying to maintain her balance as the other pulled at her tresses.
    Both women were moaning and both had tears in their eyes as they continued the hair pulling. Both were cruelly twisting the other woman's head and neck with the iron-hard grips they had and neither seemed willing to give up those grips.
    Finally, the two women slammed into the far wall, Susan with her left side, Brianna with her right.
    It was then that the enraged Susan brought up a knee and drove it into Brianna's belly. Brianna screamed, "Oooool" and doubled over. Susan then pulled Brianna to her knees by the hair and slammed her knee into the side of Brianna's face.
    The brunette gasped, and, as Susan released her hair, fell to the floor on her left side. The younger woman rolled to her back, her eyes glazed, as Susan pounced on her, grabbing her boobs, one in each hand and squeezing. Brianna wailed in pain and bucked hard, and Susan lost her balance, falling to her left side. Brianna rolled on top of the red-head and Susan grabbed her hair. Again, Brianna responded in kind and the two beautiful women began rolling across the carpet.
    Susan ended up on top, but not for long. Brianna released her right hand's grip on the red tresses and nailed Susan with a punch just below her left eye. Susan squealed, instinctively released Brianna's hair and grabbed her own eye with both hands. When the older woman did so, Brianna grabbed her hair again with the right hand and pulled Susan off her perch. The red-head kicked out her right foot and caught Brianna in her beautiful belly once again. The younger woman groaned and released Susan's hair, rolling away from the red-head's still flailing feet.
    Both women got up cautiously, each keeping an eye on the other. Brianna had her back to the door, Susan to the far wall. The ante in their little battle had just been raised again, and, despite the fact that both of them were hurting and nearing exhaustion, neither was ready to fold her hand.
    "Listen you little slut," Susan panted. "This has gone on long enough. I'm not giving up my husband and you aren't taking him. I'm going to walk over to that VCR and take those tapes. I'm going to burn them and YOU are never going to come near David or I again, do you understand?"
    "Screw you, you saggy-titted old BAG," Brianna spat. "The only way to that tape is through ME, and we BOTH know I'm too much woman for you."
    "Fuck YOU!" Susan screamed, and charged the younger woman again. This time, Brianna was ready, catching Susan around the waist as the older woman grabbed her hair. But Susan's forward momentum proved decisive. She knocked Brianna over and the brunette's grip around the waist served only to pull the red-head over on top of her, driving the air out of her beautiful body.
    Susan locked on to Brianna's hair immediately and the younger woman tried to pull the red-head's hands away. Susan, however, had a good hold and plenty of leverage. She twisted Brianna's head cruelly from side to side several times then began pounding the younger woman's head off the floor. "I will kill you you fucking whore!" Susan screamed, the words coming one each time Susan banged Brianna's lovely head into the unforgiving wood below the carpet.
    Brianna's eyes glazed over again, and her hands fell to her sides, but Susan kept banging. Five more times she slammed the brunette's head, a growl of rage building in the older woman's throat. Finally, nearly exhausted, Susan released Brianna's hair. The younger beauty's head lolled dreamily, her eyes unfocused, nearly out of it.
    Susan remained on her knees for a few seconds, still straddling her enemy, as she caught her breath. The spent red-head then forced herself to her feet and began walking toward the VCR. Then she felt Brianna's right hand close around her right ankle. Instinctively, Susan tried to pull the leg free, but Brianna held tight and grabbed on with her left hand as well.
    "Let me GO!" Susan yelled, kicking out with her left foot at the brunette, who remained on the floor. Then Brianna pulled back hard and Susan lost her balance, falling face-first and managing to catch herself with her hands.
    Brianna released Susan's ankle and the red-head scrambled back to her feet while the brunette did the same. With a scream of rage, Susan charged, swinging wildly at the shorter woman. Brianna, however, avoided the blows and drove her right fist deep into Susan's belly. The red-head moaned and doubled over, and the brunette smashed her left forearm into Susan's nose and right eye.
    The red-head screamed "Ooooh!" and fell to her knees as both hands came to her face. Brianna then slammed her right foot into Susan's exposed belly. The red-head groaned, "Aggghh" and dropped to the floor, curled into the fetal position.
    Brianna straddled Susan, forcing her to her back. She grabbed the older woman's hair with her left hand and her throat with the other. Susan gagged as Brianna began choking her while speaking to her through gritted teeth in an icy whisper. "It is OVER, Susan. Do you understand? OVER! I've beaten you. You've lost. You are FUCKING FINISHED!"
    Susan, gasping for air and pulling at the hand around her throat, managed to get out the words "Fuck you!" before bringing her knee up and driving it into Brianna's crotch. The brunette screamed "Ohh-Hohh!" and crumpled to her side. Now it was she who was in the fetal position, both hands covering her aching pussy.
    Susan lay on the floor, staring up at the ceiling, swallowing over and over again, massaging her throat and gasping for air. Every part of her hurt, both eyes were swelling, and she was as tired as she'd ever been in her life. But, she could hear Brianna, that fucking little bitch, and she wasn't giggling now. No, she was moaning and groaning as she tried, unsuccessfully, to rub the pain out of her pussy. And that made Susan's own pain and fatigue worthwhile. It was time to finish it.
    She didn't waste the energy needed to get to her feet. Instead, she struggled to her knees and crawled over to where Brianna lay. There were tears of pain in the brunette's eyes, and her teeth were tightly clenched as the agony coursed through her. Susan knelt over the brunette and grabbed her hair with both hands, turning Brianna's head so that the younger woman was looking straight up, at Susan's face, even as her body remained on its side. "Now, YOU listen to me, slut," Susan growled. "I'm taking those tapes and walking out of here, and, I swear, if you give me any more trouble, today or ever, I WILL fucking kill you."
    Susan released Brianna's head and prepared for the effort to get to her feet. Then, her eyes went wide and a little gasp escaped her throat. She'd taken her eyes off the bitch for just a second, but that was all the time the younger woman needed. Brianna had reached up sunk her claws deep into Susan's aching breasts. The red-head's first reaction was an instinctive one. She grabbed Brianna's wrists and tried to pull her hands away. The brunette, however, held tight and got to her knees, facing Susan. The agony was almost unbearable, but, somehow, Susan did the only thing she could, she dug her own fingers into Brianna's jugs.
    Just seconds after grabbing on to Brianna's breasts, Susan realized that her situation was hopeless. Brianna's still-firm knobs were resisting her efforts to crush and pull them, but her own beaten mammaries were putty in the younger woman's hands. Brianna was kneading them cruelly, digging through the abundant flesh and squeezing the soft, tender glands within. Susan had no doubt Brianna could endure the squeezing much longer than she could. It took only seconds for Susan to come to this understanding and decide to change tactics. But it took too long.
    Before Susan could do anything, Brianna shoved forward, driving the red-head over backward. As Susan lost her grip on the younger woman's breasts, Brianna brought her weight forward until she was straddling her opponent while still squeezing her tits. Susan, meanwhile, had her back on the carpet and her legs, still bent at the knees, trapped beneath her.
    Susan knew she had to dislodge the bitch, and quickly, as Brianna was using her increased leverage to punish her aching breasts even more severely. And she couldn't punch or slap her effectively, because the brunette was crouched over her, her head just a few inches above Susan's chest. So, she grabbed Brianna's hair and began to pull, first this way and then that. It was obvious by the grimace Brianna wore that the hair pulls were hurting, but equally clear that Susan didn't have the leverage or the strength to pull Brianna off her perch in this manner. So, after a few tugs, she gave up and started trying to bridge herself free. But, those efforts were even less successful. Finally, realizing she was trapped, Susan released Brianna's hair and reapplied her grip to the younger woman's breasts.
    In less than a minute, tears were streaming down the red-head's face. Despite Susan's best efforts to damage her opponent, Brianna was hurting her much more than she was able to hurt Brianna. Almost instinctively, the red-head began bridging again, but, soon, she hadn't the strength to continue to do so.
    Eventually, the red-head's moans turned to sobs, and Brianna spoke to her in that icy tone once again. "You're finished, bitch! Give up before I rip these droopy bags off of your chest."
    Through her tears, Susan said, "God, I hate you, you bitch! Go fuck yourself!"
    "No, you slut. I'm not going to fuck MYSELF. I'm going to fuck your HUSBAND. Now, I'm giving you one more chance to submit. And, if you don't, I'm going to hurt you permanently. Do you understand?"
    "You fucking WHORE!" Susan sobbed. But she did not release her grip, nor did she submit. She did, however, notice the evil smile on the younger woman's face, and a chill went down her spine. Then her breasts exploded with pain. It felt like a knife had been driven into the base of each of her nipples. But those weren't knives. They were Brianna's thumb nails and they'd already begun drawing blood.
    Susan screamed and her body shuddered with the pain. Brianna kept digging the nails in, gouging the red-head's lovely headlights. Then, the pain lessened, and Brianna spoke again. "Give up, Susan, or I'll scratch them off. And you fucking know I will."
    "Oh, fuck you!" Susan moaned. Then screamed again as Brianna rammed her thumbnails home for a second time. The blood was now running down both of Susan's breasts as the nails cut into the nipples. Finally, the red-head could take no more.
    "Oh, God Please stop!" she screamed.
    But Brianna kept digging. "Who has the better tits, slut?"
    "Oh FUCK you do stop, please!"
    But Brianna didn't stop. "And who's leaving here with those tapes?"
    "Oh, PLEASE! You can have them! Please, stop!"
    "And who gets DAVID, you slut?"
    "Oh you fucking slut " And Susan shreiked as Brianna dug in deeper.
    "Who, Susan? Who gets David? Who's the better woman?"
    "Ahhhh! Fuck! .You do! You are! Stop, PLEASE!" Susan begged.
    And Brianna released her opponent's breasts. As the brunette rose and walked to the VCR to take the tapes, Susan rolled to her side, gripping her bleeding breasts, sobbing uncontrollably. The younger woman took her time putting her clothes back on, and the red-head never moved from the fetal position.
    When Brianna was ready to leave, she walked to the door. With her hand on the knob, she turned back to her broken opponent. "I'm leaving now, Susan. You can stay as long as you like, but, when you leave, make sure you're on the next plane out of the country."
    "Ohh, you fucking cunt..." Susan sobbed.
    And, on the way out the door, Brianna giggled.
    "I reject your reality and subsitute my own" --Mythbusters

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    Re: Looking for an old titfight story

    Thank you so very much!

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    Re: Looking for an old titfight story

    Thanks for Sharing

    Thanks again

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    Re: Looking for an old titfight story

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    Looking for an old titfight story
    Awesome story. I really like his work. Does anyone have copies of the tf queen series, and the Carla with a c story?

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