Best Friend's Sister, Part 37
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    Best Friend's Sister, Part 37

    Best Friend's Sister, Part 37
    Hello all.

    Here's part 37 of Best Friend's Sister. If you've seen the movie Clerks, there's a relatively inappropriate joke that fits right in. Some Thanks: To Goliadmike, for his inspired creation of the Hooter Girls and constant edits and suggestions (and rewritings, and sometimes writing) since I began. To Augur, who has taken countless moments to encourage and correct, and remember things. To Kay, for suggestions and ideas about developing characters and action. To Eryn, for ideas about developing the characters. To Ghostwriter, for help and development on all things. If I have forgotten someone, I apologize. My memory is not what it was.

    Regardless, the story is below. I hope you all enjoy the final part of the tournament.


    Best Friend's Sister, Chapter 37

    "Gotta say ladies, that was a great fight. And while I don't have to say it, I also think I'm not the only person in thinking it was sorta hot!" A few laughs rippled through the crowd as I watched Tiffany take the stage again. She waited for the crowd to quiet.

    "Only two more fights, and the next one is sure to get your attention. It'll definitely have mine! From the Beta Os! Sabrina!!!" Sabrina stood, and I watched Tiffany's closest sorority sister saunter onto stage as confident as I'd ever seen her. She, like her sisters, wore the sorority colors and letters, but she seemed to have chosen a size too small. Her thick, dense tits were pushed against the fabric; her nipples were points that I could clearly see even from the other side of the room. I recalled Sabrina's tips besting Tiff's on more than one occasion and wondered if the night would allow for a nipple fight.

    I glanced at Tiffany, who kept her eyes forward, watching Sabrina as the black-haired girl strutted across the stage, her dense boobs bouncing up and down as much as the fabric of her shirt would allow. The Beta O girls cheered as Sabrina grinned, even striking a few cheesy poses, flexing her muscles as her sisters threw laughs and supportive calls. "Take it off, Rin!" Cassie shouted, and Sabrina pulled at the hem of her shirt, exposing just a hint of her firm tit beneath the garment. She stopped there, and looked to the Hooter girls, who were rolling their eyes and flipping Sabrina off. Rolonda stood, her dense boobs quivering. I grunted a bit as I saw the interior flesh of Rolonda's firm jugs dance, and wondered how dense the black girl's tits were compared to my occasional lover.

    Sabrina watched Rolonda as the latter strode onto the stage. Rolonda flipped Tiffany off as she walked by, and said something. I saw Tiffany's face flash angrily, but then she let her prettiest smile wash over her. "It looks like these two can't wait to get this started, so I'll get out of their way."

    Rolonda rolled her eyes at my fiancée, tugging at the hem of her shirt. "Let's get this over with. I want to see what those sorority tits feel like under mine, and I've got some people to do tonight!" A raucous row of laughter came from the Hooter girls, and I glanced over at Maria, who had put on a tight t-shirt. Her delicious cones seemed softer now, pulverized by Cassie's firmer, stronger tits. I wished I'd been able to be closer; still unable to understand my fascination with Maria and her firm tits, but in my examination of her, I noticed her glancing at Cassie more and more as the night went on. I filed it away in my head to ask Tiff about later, though I had a sense that no matter how the fights went, my girl was going to be very busy.

    A flurry of motion drew my attention to the stage again, as I watched Rolonda slowly pull up her shirt for Tiff. "How about this, queen bee? I bet your tits would look great under mine. After I finish with your number two, Ro's gonna flatten number one! Tam, baby, you can sit this one out." Her eyes went wide with a faux shock as she revealed her thick, firm tits to the crowd and her opponent. "Damn, Tina!" Rolonda said, staring with the wide eyes at her jiggling boobs. I wondered who Tina was, then realized she was making fun of Sabrina. I rolled my eyes. "Why ain't you running? You see these?" They were full and round, and the shake that I did see indicated that her tits were firm, dense breasts. They hung perhaps a bit lower than I remember Sabrina's sitting, but they were imposing. The way she peeled her shirt off spoke volumes about her confidence in her tits. Her heavy globes shook as she showed them to Sabrina, from all appearances trying to intimidate the sorority girl. "Can't wait to feel those pale fuck sacks fold under mine," Rolonda said. "You gonna get 'em out, or are you gonna run?" Sabrina smiled demurely at Rolonda, something I hadn't considered her capable of.

    Sabrina slowly gripped the bottom of her shirt, slowly pulling up. The hem of the top grabbed her tits, and she bit her lip as though in discomfort. She slowly began dragging it over her tits, slowly exposing more and more of her firm, round breasts. I grunted as Sabrina's full breasts came into view. Sabrina's olive skin quivered over her big boobs, her dark nipples apparent even from the distance I sat. I remembered with another wave of uncomfortable lust how Sabrina's big, meaty breasts had done my fiancée's tits in the first time I met her. And how Tiff had gotten her revenge twice over. I wondered what the outcome of the next fight between them would be as Sabrina's heavy, firm jugs quivered on her chest. "Where your tits, bitch?" Rolonda's arms went wide, and she scanned the crowd as though searching for Rin's boobs. My eyes, were of course glued to Rolonda's which bounced and jiggled a bit more, and I wondered if she was as firm and dense as she claimed.

    When I could finally shift my eyes away from Sabrina's shifting breasts, I glanced at Rolonda, who was laughing at Sabrina, pointing at her chest and making a dramatic gesture. Sabrina rolled her eyes and went to the center of the stage, hands on her hips. "Are we going to do this?" Sabrina asked the Hooter girl? "Or are you going take forever to deliver like you do at work?" Rolonda's eyes flashed, and her lips tightened. Eventually, a smug grin crossed her face.

    "Ro's going to grind those pasty sacks to nothing faster than you can blink, sorority slut!" Rolonda flared. I saw the black girl's muscles tighten, skin rippling over the toned body beneath. I wondered if Sabrina was going to be able to outfight her, pausing on an image of Rolonda's strong arms wrapped around Rin's body as the latter's breasts were slowly ground to paste. In my mind's eye, Rolanda simply shook the last bit of resistance from Sabrina's firm rack in a hug, but on stage, Sabrina was giving no ground as Rolonda stepped forward, angling to push her tits into the sorority girl's. Sabrina sighed, rolled her eyes, and looked to Tiffany.

    "When you two are ready, start the fight!" Tiffany shouted, and Rolonda jumped before Tiffany finished. Rolonda leapt forward, thrusting her firm boobs out and landed a heavy, cannonball shot to Sabrina's rack. Sabrina yelped in both surprise in pain as her globes shifted, seismic ripples of flesh splashing outward from the point of impact just above the center of her tits. Rolonda pulled back immediately, and Sabrina's perky boobs sprang back into their full, round shape. Rolonda took advantage of her surprise move, thrusting forward again, this time nailing what seemed to be a sensitive spot in the underside of Sabrina's jugs. The sorority girl grunted as she took the heavy shot from her opponent. Sabrina's tits bounced, her flesh molding against the darker breasts of her opponent before Rolonda pulled back, letting Sabrina's tits slide back into place.

    "Damn, these are the best titty punching bags I've ever seen," Rolonda laughed as she readied herself for another strike. "Y'all don't worry. We'll be done with these things before Hooters is closed. After I flatten this bitch, I'm sure the manager can get some free shit on the table in celebration of my pounding this bitch's tits into paste." Rolonda flung herself forward, and like so many titfighters, hadn't counted on her arrogance being called out. Rin's first counter strike was a mirror of Rolonda's first blow, a thrust that pushed Rin's tits into Rolonda's at just above the Hooter girl's stiff nipples. Rolonda's tits seemed impacted by the blow as Sabrina's pushed them back with her tits, her own pair gently compressing as Rolonda's boobs wobbled with the force of impact.

    "Even when it does come fast, it comes sloppy," Sabrina quipped. "Just like those worn out tits. Damn. What do they do to you Hooter girls?" I was amazed at how even keeled Sabrina had been. Rolonda was less impressed, slamming back with a wild swing from the left, hoping to push her shaking left breast into Sabrina's firm left orb. Sabrina scooted back, resulting in a narrow miss for the wild swing, and Sabrina's riposte was a quick jab with her tits to the underside of Rolonda's still wobbling jugs. The straight tit-punch seemed to pin Rolonda's tits for just a moment, denting the firm orbs before Sabrina's compressed, flattening at their tips. Sabrina gave a quick grind, a shove in and up before pulling back.

    "I'm going to get you for that. You don't box in a titfight, bitch. You dominate. And my big black girls are going to pummel yours." Sabrina readied herself for another strike, but Rolonda didn't let her have the opportunity, slamming forward. Sabrina apparently attempted the same thing, and the early start Rolonda had gotten meant Sabrina took more of the blow with a huge smack. Sabrina grunted, and Rolonda left her tits on Sabrina's a second longer, trying to push Rin's firm tits up from below. "Can't wait to burrow a hole into your big, soggy tits, bitch." Rolonda said, letting her tits slide under Sabrina's firm jugs before pulling back, letting the sorority girl's pair drop back into their position with a rough bounce. Sabrina's tits quivered, her skin slightly wavering as she took a step back to get into better position. "That's right, you run," Rolonda called. Sabrina's eyes flickered up to Rolonda's face, and she smiled gently at the black girl.

    "I'm not going anywhere," Sabrina told her, sliding to her left. Rolonda moved to her left, trying to avoid the strike she felt oncoming, and I was as amazed as anyone in the room when Sabrina pivoted on her foot and sprang with a slashing motion, slamming her tits into the side of Rolonda's. Her right tit careened into the outside edge of Rolonda's right globe, smashing it inward, while Sabrina's left breast slammed into the interior curve of Rolonda's left jug. Both of Rolonda's tits dented slightly from the contact as Sabrina shifted her feet to keep her balance. The exterior curve of Rolonda's right breast was most apparent, as the force shoved her thick tit towards the middle. Rolonda grunted as she stepped to the side, pulling away from Sabrina as the latter tried to reset. Rolonda's move caused Sabrina to shift, and the Hooter girl slammed sideways from the right, forcing her big right boob into Sabrina's flesh, causing Sabrina's tit to slope inward until she pulled it back.

    "Damn, Sabrina! Am I already breaking those poor titties down?" Rolonda asked as she dragged her breasts across her chest. I couldn't from my vantage point see either pair weakening, as Sabrina pressed her breasts against Rolonda's while the latter dragged her pair across. Both pairs of breasts shifted and jiggled. The only contact the women had initiated was between their tits, but neither retreated. Instead, their tits battled for the space between them, shifting roughly. Rolonda had a pair of firm tits, and they were about the same size as Sabrina's, but Rolonda's pair seemed just a hint looser than the sorority girl's rack. As I pondered the comparison, the two women seemed content to press their breasts together. "I can't wait to feel those big sacks melt under my perfect titties," Rolonda laughed. She actually thrust forward when their tits were together, and both boobs splayed out slightly, ballooning out with the pressure. "Yeah, Sabrina, just like that." Rolonda cooed. "Give up the fight and I'll let your sorry tits off the hook. You're still gonna get a mouthful of my big tit though. From what I've heard you like it. That right Tiff? Does this little bitch like your big tits?"

    There was a gasp from the Beta O side, but it was Loni who made the insight vocal. "That was some grade A stupid right there!" Loni yelled. I smiled, but no one on the Beta O side had. The Hooter girls were laughing, except Maria, who had been studying Cassie. She tapped Hailey and whispered something, and Hailey's smile faded. Rolonda looked back to Sabrina, and the look on the Hooter girl's face changed instantly.

    "I only like the best," Sabrina said, her voice and face cold. Rolonda pulled back, and angry snarl on her face, and launched herself forward. Sabrina stood her ground, shifting to the left and pivoting on her left foot away from the attack. Sabrina's tits jumped, jiggling on her chest as she moved, and Rolonda stumbled, the momentum causing her to stagger. Her tits hung beneath her as she leaned over for just a moment to catch her balance. As she stood, her tits rested at their usual place. Which, I realized a bit later, is where Sabrina had been aiming. Rolonda barely had time to gasp when Sabrina's attack came. The black haired sorority girl launched forward, her tits like missiles, and her aim accurate. Rolonda's tits compressed more than they had the entire fight, as did Sabrina, but Rolonda groaned loudly as she felt Sabrina's thick tits slap into her own. Both pair of breasts shook, the flesh jiggling around the other pair of breasts as each sought the space between them. Rolonda's darker flesh seemed to yield just a bit more space, but the size differential may have accounted for it.

    Rolonda's arms moved too slowly as Sabrina reached up to grab the Hooter girl's shoulders. "I don't think you should have let these useless jugs out of that tank top. They've practically melted already. I'll just clean them up." Rolonda groaned as Sabrina shoved her right breast into Rolonda's left boob, forcing the Hooter girl's tit back before it seemed to regain its shape and volume. As soon as it had, Sabrina flung her left shoulder, forcing the left tit into Rolonda's right. Rolonda winced as the same thing happened to her firm flesh, and I watched in awe as Sabrina was able to force her round boob to flatten briefly, taking the blow nearly halfway to Rolonda's ribs. Sabrina repeated the strategy, alternating each blow, and using her strength to hold Rolonda in place. Each time, Rolonda's tit took the brunt of the damage, shoved inward by Sabrina's firm set. I stifled a groan as I watched Rolonda's tits getting pummeled. Rolonda's arms slipped inside Sabrina's, hoping to slow the assault, but Sabrina got three or four more blows in before the Hooter girl could push back. Sabrina stepped back, not losing her balance, but unable to keep her grip against Rolonda's obvious strength.

    "You're going to pay for that, you slut!" Rolonda said, nodding as she bounced her boobs slightly. Sabrina smiled, put up one hand, and used a "bring it" gesture, pulling her fingers toward her. Rolonda did just that, launching herself at Sabrina and landing a surprisingly strong blow. The smack in the room was almost tangible, and more than one of the audience members went "ooh." I was transfixed as I watched Rolonda sink her tits into Sabrina's, almost willing Sabrina's tits to part. Rolonda seemed eager to keep pressing, but as I watched, Sabrina's tits slowly regained the ground they had lost, pushing Rolonda's back to a stalemate. "Your fucking tits are like rocks! Can't wait to grind them down." Sabrina said nothing, looking between them and pushing against Rolonda's constant pressure. Both tits now were shifting slightly, pressure pushing back and forth as each breast shook and quivered. The insistent contact prevented me from seeing their nipples, but I imagined them bending and shifting just like the two women's breasts sought a dominant place.

    Rolonda was the first to shift from a gentle pushing to dragging her tits over Sabrina's dipping her tits below the sorority girl's mammaries and pushing up. Sabrina groaned as she felt Rolonda's hard tits burrow into the underside of her jugs, then slowly glide across. Sabrina's tits pushed up toward her face as she watched Rolonda's move pay off, the tips of their breasts mashed together as Sabrina's seemed to slide by. The move ended with Rolonda's dense jugs laying atop Sabrina's tits, the latter's breasts flattening gently at the top to hold up Rolonda's pair. "I like this," Rolonda said, the look on her face smug. "My big black boobs on those pale udders of yours. That's what a sorority is good for! Holding up our tits!" Sabrina's face didn't change, and I almost didn't see her tense, but her back tightened for less than a second before she bent her knees and almost jumped. Rolonda's eyes went wide and a groan turned into a gurgle as Sabrina's tits rocked the black girl's rack. Rolanda's breasts shot up, and I saw them flatten at the point of contact, their shape morphing as Sabrina's blow pushed the Hooter girl's hooters toward her face. Rather than let her big orbs pull over Rolonda's teats, Sabrina let her tits stay there, and I saw her hands rest on Rolonda's waist.

    "You're right. Just holding them up," Sabrina said. "I'm just good enough for holding these big, bad, black titties up, aren't I Ro?" Sabrina started shifting her hips and rolling them, gently shoving the tops of her meaty breasts into the bottoms of Rolonda's suddenly trapped tits. Rolonda shook, trying to escape, but each vibration sent a roll of fresh discomfort through her body. "Yeah, just let them rest, Rolonda. Let your big, soft tits rest on my firm pair. I'm going to grind you out, Hooter girl. And you'll get a mouthful of the best tits in here." Her tits bounced off Sabrina's firm globes as Sabrina continued to grind her from below. As I watched, I swore I could see Rolonda's flesh get looser, slightly folding around Sabrina's tits as the sorority girl tried to put the Hooter girl away. Rolonda finally wormed her arms between Sabrina and herself, and with a strong effort managed to push the raven-haired sorority girl.

    "Get off my tits!" Rolonda shouted as she finally pushed her opponent away.

    "But you were on mine," Sabrina pointed out, hefting her thick boobs and dropping them on her chest. They jiggled, their flesh reddening, but still sat high and firm on her chest. I marveled, as I always did, how similar they were to my fiancée's perfect tits. Sabrina licked her lips as she eyed Rolonda, while the waitress rubbed her tits.

    "I'm going to flatten you, sorority whore," Rolonda growled, and she circled Sabrina. Sabrina kept her feet under her, and as Rolonda made a move forward, Sabrina moved to meet her. Rolonda slapped her arms around Sabrina's back, and Sabrina groaned as she felt Rolonda's big tits slam into her own. Sabrina's arms were trapped as she felt Rolonda's vice like limbs begin squeezing, pushing their breasts further and further together. Smashed together as they were, it was difficult to tell who was winning at that moment. Sabrina struggled, shifting her shoulders left and right, trying to break the hug, which seemed to do no good in terms of her escape. As far as the battle between the two women, their big breasts shifted, shook, and rippled throughout, sliding around and into each other. The first contact was straight on, forcing both women's tits to spread at the point of contact, which I imagined from the position to be almost if not directly at their nipples.

    Sabrina and Rolonda both wore looks of intense discomfort. Their breasts slid up and around, Sabrina's tits seemingly bending less, though I noticed they were yielding far more of her own flesh than they had. But if Sabrina managed to tense just right and shove back, Rolonda's big jugs flattened more, making room for Sabrina's larger bust. The contest continued, for several minutes, grunts and groans punctuating moments where one pair seemed eager to start overwhelming the other. In Rolonda's case, it meant that her tits were burrowing, either straight into, or denting the sides of Sabrina's bigger jugs. When it looked like Sabrina's tits were winning, Rolonda's tits flattened visibly, while the sorority girl's tits threatened to simply take them over, pushing them out of the way and claiming the space between them.

    I was stunned as Sabrina continued fighting. I had thought the hug would be the end of it. After some shifting and pushing, Rolonda pushed her tits on top of Sabrina's again, this time confident in her victory. "Got 'em on top again. That's where my tits belong!" The Hooter girls cheered, and Sabrina groaned as she felt her glands being slowly crushed. "Got you now, Beta bitch. Soon those gorgeous tits are going to be nothing but pillows for my bigger, stronger boobs. Watch your girl go down!" She shouted at the Beta Os. Rolonda bounced, letting her tits slap and squash into Sabrina's titflesh. I watched, surprisingly upset as Sabrina's tits got tenderized. A grin crossed her face, as did a moment of realization. Apparently the opportunity was too much to pass up. "Where's Tiff's guy? You like seeing these tits getting crushed? You like seeing her go down in a big titfight? You like it as much when she goes down on you?" The room went silent, and I saw Cassie's face go white. I looked to the Hooter girls, and I noticed Hailey and Maria's eyes go wide. They leaned in and whispered to each other while I trained my eyes on the stage.

    I saw Sabrina's back tense as she curled her arms up, grabbing Rolonda by the elbows, curling her thumb over the interior of each joint. Rolonda's eyes suddenly went wide, and a loud groan punctuated the sudden change. I couldn't tell for a few moments what had happened, but then my eyes went between them. I noticed that while Rolonda's tits were still on top, the nature of their rest had changed. When Sabrina had been still, or at least shifting from side to side Rolonda's orbs had looked pretty full and round, and while they had flattened slightly at the bottom, gravity had allowed Sabrina to take the bulk of the exchange, as Sabrina's boobs had dented considerably with Rolonda's resting atop them. That changed. Sabrina's tits were still slightly dented, but Rolonda's boobs had flattened even more at the bottom, with Sabrina's tits pushing the Hooter girl's jugs up and back while Rolonda's nipples pointed slightly up. I realized that Sabrina was pulling Rolanda down with her arms, and my eyes widened. The two women shifted, and I was able to catch Sabrina's face.

    The gorgeous black-haired girl wore no real expression, save a tight-lipped, determined stare at Rolonda. The black girl gritted her teeth and finally broke the hug, but struggled to escape as Sabrina kept her hands glued to the Hooter girl's elbows. All the while, Sabrina kept her grip on Rolonda's arms and kept rolling her hips and lower back, a serpentine movement that I'd seen both she and Tiffany use before. Each roll shoved Sabrina's thick flesh into Rolonda's punished breasts. The Hooter girl's breasts pushed up and down rhythmically until Rolonda was finally able to push Sabrina away.

    As soon as the contact was broken, Sabrina let a smile cross her face. It was neither demure nor pleasant. It was predatory, and I recognized it from previous titfights I'd seen her in. Rolonda snarled and threw herself at Sabrina again. Sabrina set her feet and welcomed the blow, a rocking smack that forced both tits into a quivering mass of flesh distinguishable largely by the hue of their skin. Both sets of breasts had lost some of their integrity I realized. Sabrina's orbs had taken quite the beating from Rolonda's firm jugs, and now Sabrina's boobs bent and folded from the impact of Rolonda's blow. Rolonda's big boobs flattened upon impact, springing back into shape as Sabrina's tits absorbed some of the attack. Rolonda moved to pull back, and again was surprised by the fighter in front of her.

    I hadn't seen how it happened, focused as I was on the quivering mass of titflesh between the two women, but Sabrina's arms had trapped Rolonda's in a reversal of the hug Rolonda had applied earlier. Sabrina's arms wrapped around Rolonda's upper arms, her hands connecting just below the Hooter girl's shoulder blades, and Rin was obviously pulling Rolonda to her. Both meaty chests mashed together in a jiggling mass of flesh, each pair seeking some sort of advantage. Sabrina repeated that serpentine move, a move Rolonda tried to match. With her arms trapped, it seemed as though the Hooter girl couldn't keep pace. If Rolonda began to match, sending a shot into Sabrina's breasts, Sabrina shifted her own shoulders right, dragging her breasts across Rolonda's chest. As I watched, I noticed Rolonda's big breasts sliding more easily than they had, pushing with less and less resistance as Sabrina kept her grinding attack up. Sabrina noticed, too.

    "Oh, I can feel them now," Sabrina said lazily. "I know you can, too." Sabrina looked down between them to watch Rolonda's softening breasts move more fluidly. As Sabrina thrust, her breasts displaced more of Rolonda's, pushing the similarly-sized boobs back. Her own orbs remained more and more full as the fight progressed, still bending, and moving considerably more than they had at the beginning of the fight. They shook and jiggled loosely while they slid across Rolonda's chest, even as they seemed to be pushing the Hooter girl's thick boobs around. I groaned as I felt the fight moving to an end, trying to hide the grin as it looked as though Sabrina was headed for a slow, grinding victory. Rolonda's breasts slid under Rin's at one point, and Rolonda groaned as Sabrina stopped, leaving her heavy breasts to rest upon Rolonda's. "Just where my tits belong. That's what a Hooter girl's tits are good for. Holding our tits up," Sabrina said coldly.

    Rolonda yelled, and I could hear the frustration. Her arms tightened, and I saw her straining against Sabrina's arms. "Fuck!" she started, and I saw Sabrina's face clench as she struggled to hold the hug. "You!" Rolonda yelled. With a huge effort, the Hooter girl broke the hug, and Sabrina staggered back, her eyes a mask of frustration and surprise. "I am going to finish those tits off once and for all. You're going to watch my big boobs grind those udders away for good!" And Rolonda rushed in. I recalled Sabrina's fight with Loni going a similar direction, and while Sabrina won, there had been some doubt. Rolonda's attack met Sabrina full on, and both women's breasts met with a crack. The force of the impact sent both pairs of tits shimmying over and around the other, and my eyes widened as I saw Sabrina's arms slap around Rolonda's again.

    Rolonda groaned as she felt Sabrina's tits smash into hers again, and Sabrina looked down at her opponent coolly, taking breaths to recover from the last attack. Even in those breaths, Sabrina was mashing Rolonda's tits, her serpentine back turning into a straightforward press that she repeated with minimal effort. Each push, though, sent her tits into Rolonda's big jugs, pushing the darker boobs out further and further. "The definition of insanity," Sabrina said as she regained her breaths. "Is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Your weak tits couldn't handle mine in the last hug. You felt mine burrowing in, my tits displacing your weak udders. So you ran. There's nothing wrong with that," she added. Rolonda opened her mouth, but Sabrina shook her head. "Hush," she said. "The real woman is talking." Rolonda's eyes narrowed, and Sabrina slammed forward, wrapping her left hand around her right wrist. Sabrina's squeeze was tighter and firmer, and Rolonda's tits easily mushroomed out under Sabrina's. Rolonda's groan cut off whatever reply she had. "But to run at me again? To put yourself in the same position, where my superior tits will just end yours? That's crazy in the not good way." Sabrina shoved forward again, pressing her tits into Rolonda's weakened sacks.

    Rolonda's flesh yielded, parting as if to welcome Sabrina's invading jugs. Her tits melted away as Sabrina slowly pushed her boobs into the Hooter girl's sloppy tits. A sudden smirk came over Sabrina's face and she dipped her tits under the black girl's big boobs. Rolonda's tits spread out slightly on top of Sabrina's, and Rolonda let out a grunt as she felt Sabrina pushing her thick jugs up again. "Look at those things spread out," Sabrina said, reading my mind. "They feel so much softer now," the sorority girl added. They looked softer as Sabrina pushed them up. Rolonda's breasts kept some of their shape, but not much. "That last hit seemed to take a lot out of them," Sabrina noted as her boobs tried to steamroll Rolonda's teats. Rolonda's struggles had grown weaker as Sabrina pushed her tits further and further up and into her beaten breasts.

    "Stop fighting," Sabrina told her. "You're just getting tired, and you won't have the energy to give up in time. Plus, look at your tits," she said. Sabrina's move had forced Rolonda's nipples to point almost straight up. Rolonda looked down and groaned, the visual evidence starting to sink in. Her eyes remained glued to the carnage Sabrina's tits had created between them, and Sabrina pushed up again. This time Rolonda's tits fell, gliding down her chest until Sabrina pushed in slightly, forcing Rolonda's tits to flatten further with almost no effort. Rolonda's tits splashed outward this time, retaining the barest resilience to Sabrina's superior rack. The Hooter girl's flesh jiggled even while trapped under Sabrina's pair. "Do you give?" Sabrina asked loudly and clearly. Rolonda looked up at her, and Sabrina waited. Rolonda shook her head, either unable, or unwilling to form words. Sabrina rolled her eyes. "Fuck it," she said, and pulled Rolonda into her body. The first thing I noticed was that Rolonda's tits flattened, nearly completely against the Hooter girl's ribcage. Sabrina wasn't done, though, and she pushed even further. This time, Sabrina's tits started pushing in, but also out, and soon, her tits had spread around Rolonda's, hiding the Hooter girl's beaten tits.

    "I give!" Rolonda cried, and Sabrina released the grip on the Hooter girl slowly, letting more and more of her tits regain their shape as she pulled away. When Sabrina was finished, the crowd murmured and someone gave a low whistle. Whispers ran through the crowd, and Sabrina grinned as she looked down at her handiwork. Rolonda's boobs hung much lower on her chest, thoroughly loosened by Sabrina's assault and destruction. Sabrina kept her distance and gave Rolonda a smile before stalking off the stage. Her own loosened tits shook visibly, but still sat high on her chest, and they looked softer, not lower. I marveled at the destruction Sabrina had wrought, and watched my girl rise to meet her. Rolonda was just moving off the stage. Sabrina nodded at Tiffany curtly and sat down, taking a blanket that Tanya offered. Tiffany sat down and wrapped an arm around Sabrina, who lay her head on my fiancée's shoulder. I glanced around to see Mike making his way back to the stage.

    "Well, we're going to take about ten minutes so we can get ready for the last fight of the night. I'd like to thank a huge sponsor of the charity donation we'll be doling out this evening, as I just received word that Beta Omega Omega Beta and the local Hooters franchise have received a private donation from a corporation that has a vested interest in a few of the women here. The Augur-K.O. Corporation has donated another $75,000 to the charity. That is a hefty sum, and if their representatives are present, we should say thank you. So, thanks." A healthy and polite round of applause went up from all over the room. "Enjoy the respite. The final contest will be in ten minutes!"

    I scanned the room to find Tiffany and Sabrina talking. I noticed Sabrina take two or three glances at me, but couldn't read her face. Rather than seem as though I was staring, I glanced to Tamera. The Hooter girls' leader was talking to Rolonda, with Kara and Darla looking on. Kara had her hand on Rolonda's shoulder while Darla applied some ice she'd gotten from somewhere to the beaten Hooter girl's breasts. I let my eyes wander to the victor.

    Tiffany still had her arm around Sabrina, though the latter seemed to have regained quite a bit of her composure. She was sitting up straight and talking, looking down more than up. I wondered how she reacted to the news that Rolonda knew about the stakes Tiffany and I had put her through. I took a deep breath. I glanced at the other girls. I noticed Cassie and Tanya had scooted closer and closer to start talking to Sabrina as Tiffany stood. I noticed Michelle suddenly appear by Tiffany's side, and to my shock, Michelle wrapped a friendly arm around Tiff and they seemed to chat, nodding. My fiancée watched as Michelle took her seat next to her mother, then shook her head and looked at the stage. Not sure what to do, I simply texted "Love you" to Tiffany.

    I watched her check her phone and saw her smile. She looked at me before glancing at her phone and typed a quick message. "Cool." When I looked up at her, she was grinning from ear to ear. She typed another message, then turned around to talk to Loni for a moment. In a second, my phone buzzed with a new message. "Also, you are going to love what's waiting for us at the apartment after I win." I glanced up at Tiffany, but she was obviously getting ready for the fight. I decided to mess around on my phone for a while when I suddenly heard a voice that hadn't been on the microphone.

    "Good evening everyone." Michelle's voice was quiet, but the mic carried it clearly to the back of the room. "As president of Beta Omega Omega Beta, it's my honor to introduce the final two contestants. The first is Tamera, the top titfighter at Hooters!" A round of applause went up as Tamera stood and walked toward the stage. Even under the Hooter's tank top, Tamera's firm tits were apparent. They pushed the edge of the fabric, her thick, prominent nipples pressing almost through the material. She drew the eyes of everyone in the room as she marched to the stage. She was a striking woman, and she obviously knew it as she turned to face the crowd, her eyes focused on Tiffany.

    "And her opponent, from the Beta Omegas..." Michelle paused as Tiffany stood. "One of our top girls — Tiffany!" Tiffany nodded politely to Michelle, then made her way to the stage. Like Sabrina, Tiffany's sorority shirt seemed a size too small, and without a bra, her nipples pushing through the fabric of the shirt. I loved the light lavender of the shirts, rather than the dark purple, as it let me see the girls' pokies the whole night. The only one who hadn't dressed was Cassie; she remained topless and distracting. My eyes followed my fiancée as she moved toward Tamera, stopping with about two feet in front of them. The comparison was striking. They were almost the same height, which worked out for a titfight, because both women's braless tits, even if they were slightly supported by the fabric of their tops, rested at the same position and the same height. As I saw them from basically a profile view I noticed Tamera's rounder, fuller ass, but her tits were definitely on par with Tiff's boobs in terms of a visual clothed comparison. Otherwise, even build-wise, they were nearly a match. I groaned as I felt the tension in the room suddenly spread.

    "Your girls put up a hell of a fight," Tamera said respectfully, though she was keeping a laser focus on Tiffany.

    "So did yours," Tiffany replied. "I think we learned we match up pretty well," my girl said diplomatically.

    "Except me and you," Tamera replied, and I noticed her grin get wide. "I'm going to own those cute little tits of yours. And then I'll own you." Tiffany smiled back at her.

    "Unless I flatten you first," Tiffany offered. "Let's see what you've got."

    "You first," Tamera said. "I like the losers to get at least one advantage."

    "Then which one do you want?" Tiffany said, though her hands were already at the bottom of her shirt. Tamera, too, had reached for her tank. On some unspoken count, both women took their tops off, almost at the same time. Tamera finished first, her dark, firm breasts bouncing just slightly as the hem passed over them, quivering ever so slightly as they settled into their regal position atop her chest. A split second later, Tiffany's firm jugs fell into my view, a familiar sight, but a welcome one. As Tiff's tits dropped out of her sorority shirt, I instantly compared them to Tamera's firm orbs.

    They were the same size; at least visually, I couldn't tell a difference, even as they stood closer to each other than other women had at the start of their fights. Nor did their firmness seem anything but equal. I worried for a moment about Tiffany. I could tell that a lot of her very essence had gone into the preparation for the event, even the extra training with Cassie. For her to lose could spell the end of a lot, I realized, and while I'd thought about it for some time, seeing someone so equal to Tiffany was a bit stressful for me. I found myself in awe again of her ability to manage it all.

    My thoughts were drawn back as each woman took a half step forward. They looked each other in the eye as they drew closer, and I saw Tamera smile. "I'm going to make you regret agreeing to this," the Hooter girl said. Tiffany smiled back.

    "I somehow really doubt that. Look on the bright side. Your face is going to be plastered on websites and fliers about Hooters' big philanthropical push. And I have no doubt you'll get work as a model. You are drop dead gorgeous. Photoshop can take care of your tits when I'm through with them." Tamera nodded, still smiling.

    "My favorite part of this is that I get to wipe that smirk off your face when I wipe your tits off your chest. You don't own this town, Tiffany," Tamera spat. She looked her opponent up and down.

    "I don't need to own the town, Tamera. I just need to own you. Specifically, those soon to be empty sacks on your chest," Tiffany noted, glancing down at Tamera's firm jugs. Tamera shook them for my girl and Tiffany grinned.

    "You?" Tamera asked. "Damn, you must be as delusional as Samantha!" Tiffany shrugged.

    "That might explain why she and the rest of your crew aren't fighting?" Tiffany asked. "Oh yeah, you guys aren't the only ones with 'inside information.' And I may just have to punish you a bit more for Ro's little trick." Tamera's smile flickered, but didn't fade.

    "We'll see who's punished after the fight. You ready to get this on, little tramp?"

    Tiffany grinned. "Hopefully your tits are better than your trash talk," Tiffany said, and a few chuckles came from the Beta O side.

    Tamera shrugged and moved forward. Tiffany's pose immediately tightened, and Tamera responded in kind. Both women seemed completely focused, and the shift in their body language was striking for its swiftness. Tamera's legs bent slightly, pushing her full, round ass against the orange Hooter shorts she'd put on. Her tits bounced just slightly, the barest hint of sag mirroring Tiffany's in terms of the evidence for their natural make up. I grunted as I saw another two pair of perfect breasts ready to go at it. I glanced over at the Beta O side, and each girl was leaning forward, watching the fight with interest. The same was happening on the Hooter girls' side, with Rolonda, Maria, Sydney and Hailey all leaning in to see their captain put her superior breasts against those of the Beta O's queen bee. I saw Sabrina between Cassie and Tanya, each of them with a hand on her shoulder.

    When I looked back to the fight, Tiffany and Tamera had brought their breasts almost to touching. Their size, their firmness, even their shape was difficult to separate them from each other in terms of a comparably superior pair of breasts. Very little space separated the two, and finally they gently pushed their breasts together. Tamera laughed. "This is going to be a cake walk," she said as both pairs of breasts rubbed together for the first time. I felt my stiff cock twitch as the two women pushed their tits in. Both pair retained their shape, the gentle pressure not enough to force either firm pair to bend or dent. Instead, the two women seemed to be testing the other's firmness, and the other's limits. It was a slow, almost sensual grind, and both women watched their chests dance together. Tiffany's firm boobs gave no ground; neither did Tamera's dense set. Instead, both women continued to push and prod, and after a few moments, both pushed harder.

    This time their tits did compress at what seemed to be identical points. They flattened together at the point of contact, each slowly yielding until the other women couldn't (or didn't) push further, feeling out the resistance on the other pair of dense breasts. Tiffany's tits would bend, then Tamera's, each yielding the same amount of space as they began with a slow, pulsing grind to begin the contest. Tiffany's round breasts were still firm as they were in contact with Tamera's, with little shaking in the dense flesh at the center of her thick boob. Tamera's tits fared much the same, pushing in slightly against Tiff's firm breasts, but not far at all.

    "Nice rack," Tiffany commented. Tamera nodded.

    "It is going to look so good on top of yours," Tamera replied. Tamera shifted her tits up, sliding them over and on top of Tiffany's bust. My fiancée grunted as Tamera shoved her big boobs on top of Tiff's thick rack, both their breasts bending, though I knew from what Tiffany had told me that holding up boobs as dense as Tamera's looked was pretty uncomfortable. "Oh yeah, I'll just wipe those titties out. I wonder how much sag there'll be after I'm finished emptying these sacks." She didn't let any discomfort show on her face, instead shifting her own chest beneath Tamera's. The underside of Tamera's boobs bent and shifted while pushing Tiffany's down on her chest. The shifting however, seemed to make it less tenable for Tamera, and she slowly drug her tits across Tiffany's boobs before they slid down, remaining in contact at the front.

    Tiffany began gently twisting her torso, sending her right breast into Tamera's left, pushing the Hooter girl's thick boob back before pulling back. Tamera grunted as she felt the first sort of push from Tiff into her tits. Tamera's breasts wobbled gently, as did Tiffany's while the two women pushed them toward each other. The slow pace seemed to be a longer version of the bare touching they were doing, gentle probing of the other women's density. Tamera met some of her opponent's thrusts, and Tiffany's breasts shoved back slightly. Tiffany sighed as she felt both of her breasts pressed from a sudden push forward from Tamera. Her breasts shook, the core of her tits wobbling slightly, and sending barely noticeable waves from the point of contact outward. As Tiffany's breasts regained their fullness, she made a push back, sending Tamera's firm breasts backwards. Tamera's face twitched with discomfort as Tiff's orbs tried to make headway into the Hooter girl's dense rack. Tiffany pushed up, forcing her boobs over Tamera's, where they lay atop them.

    A low grunt announced Tiff's full weight burrowing into the top of Tamera's breasts. Tiffany looked down to watch her heavy boobs start trying to push Tam's thick jugs down her chest. "Oooh, I'd love to grind those down from the top," Tiffany noted. Tamera grunted and thrust up, pushing Tiff's boobs gently towards her face before both women's breasts slid down across each other to reach another stalemate between them. "Could you feel those perky tits bending under mine already?" Tiff asked. "I could just grind those down," she said. Tamera grunted, thrusting forward again. Both of Tiffany's breasts pushed back again, and Tiffany shifted back, moving her feet to prepare for a strike.

    She never got a chance to launch it, as Tamera swung her thick left tit into Tiffany's right, twisting her hips as she lunged forward. Tiff's firm breast at the point of impact, pushed back by Tamera's force of impact, and as Tamera's tit met Tiff's frim flesh, her own breast compacted, the flesh behind both dense orbs quivering and shaking as they fought for purchase between the two young women. Tiff grunted as she felt Tamera pressing her attack, and she shoved her own meaty boob further into Tamera's, trying to counter the momentum. I watched as both boobs shook and quivered, then settled as they reached a stalemate. Neither woman seemed eager to break the contact, pushing and shoving, more roughly than they had before. Now each shove sent ripples of flesh across the respective breast.

    "You've got some tough tits, bitch," Tamera commented. "That's good. I'd rather pound a good set flat than the pair of saggers you're gonna have," she hissed. Tiffany's hands suddenly found Tamera's shoulders. Tamera struggled, shaking her shoulders to try and free herself of the grip, but even as she did so, her hands found Tiffany's shoulders. Tamera continued shoving her breasts, alternating left and right, and Tiffany began meeting the blows with her own shoves and twists. At times, their tits never left contact, instead pushing and forcing the other woman's flesh out dragging the opposing breast with it across their chest. Both Tiffany's and Tamera's breasts shifted and shook as the two women kept the contact between them, ripples of flesh accompanying their tits mashing together at the front.

    The crowd was quiet, and the battle before them seemed more intense to everyone in the room. The only sounds in the large space were the grunts and gentle slap of the two women's breasts as they sought dominance. Cassie and Tanya were still sandwiching Sabrina, but all three women were watching their leader with the same focus. The Hooter girls were doing the same. Rolonda and Hailey were actually holding hands, watching the fight intensify

    Occasionally their tits separated and the constant swivel of their hips and shoulders shoved the two firm racks together, their tits molding around each other. The center of both pairs of tits bent as they were forced together, each breast shifting as if to lock with the other breast. Tiff and Tamera both seemed to come to an understanding, pushing away from each other and taking a deep breath. Tamera cupped her big breasts, letting them drop. I was amazed to see that I didn't notice a significant change in her breasts' density. Tiffany did the same thing, massaging her breasts, and her own tits still sat high on her chest. Both were sweaty, though and Tiffany's were visibly reddened from the constant contact. Tamera laughed as she glanced down at my fiancée's boobs.

    "Your tits are all red, Tiff. You mind if I call you Red?" Tiffany rolled her eyes.

    "Sure. I'll call you loser if we're just being descriptive." Tiffany quipped, staring at her opponent with a raised eyebrow. Tamera's eyes narrowed, but she stepped forward carefully. I wondered if watching Rolonda get crushed by Sabrina had any effect on her. The two women circled one another, and I was surprised when Tiffany made the first move.

    No matter how many times I saw her fight, I always forgot how fast she was. She took a single step forward, twisting her torso, and Tiff's body became a blur. I saw Tamera's left breast swing toward the center of her chest, the exterior edge of her boob distorting as Tiffany's careened into it with a well-aimed blow. Tamera groaned as she felt her breast pushed inward, though her firm orb sprang back into shape as soon as Tiffany reared back. The force of Tiffany's blow had pulled her tits to the other side of Tamera's body, and she spun back, torquing her waist and slamming back. This time her right tit pushed Tamera's right breast inward, and Tamera let back another groan as she felt her other tit pummeled. "Enough of that shit," Tamera grunted, and slammed forward, faster than I'd seen her move. Tamera's blow hit Tiff dead on, and my fiancée let out a terrific moan as she felt her big breasts pushed back into her body a bit.

    "Oh yeah. Felt them bend on that one," Tamera said, a smug smile flickering across her face. "Let's see if I can really dent those." A solid blow pushed Tiffany back, and I watched Tamera's stiff boobs slap into Tiff's meaty breasts. Both pairs of tits displaced some of their precious breast flesh, but Tiff's seemed to fall back further, no doubt because of the impact. Her boobs sprang back, reforming as Tamera pulled away, but Tamera seemed to take offense at their resilience and slammed forward again. Tiff's tits splashed out again, spreading from the point of contact and rippling outward, and she swore as she felt her breasts compressed again, pushed inward from both the force and density of Tamera's thick boobs. "I really can't wait to see you walking around with your tits bouncing," Tamera said. "I bet you won't even come into Hooters when this is through," she laughed. Tamera slammed her tits forward again, and Tiffany groaned.

    "After I'm done," Tiffany said through gritted teeth. "You probably won't either!" A few chuckles went up through the Beta O side, but the Hooter girl looked at Tiffany and shook her head.

    "You don't know when to quit," Tamera sighed. She leaned forward for another strike, and Tiffany dipped down. I don't know if Tamera even saw the move coming, but Tiffany's boobs slammed up into Tamera's tits with a dull thud that could be heard through the large space. Tamera's tits distorted, molding briefly around the invading pair of firm breasts. Tamera's orbs seemed to bend as Tiffany worked to fold them up her chest, shoving hard from beneath before releasing the Hooter girl's tits. Tamera's tits slid back into shape, regaining their shape and position, seemingly none the worse for wear. Tiff's tits looked angry red, but I was surprised, too that her tits still remained high on her chest after the beating Tamera had doled out. It seemed for a moment as if both pairs of tits were ready for the stakes.

    "So, not showing up to work tomorrow?" Tiffany asked, a wicked smile on her face. Before Tamera could respond, Tiffany slammed forward, sending her tits with a vicious smack into the Hooter girl's firm orbs. Like Tiff's had, Tamera's ballooned outward, their flesh displaced by the blow Tiffany had delivered. Tiffany let her tits burrow for just a moment before she pulled back, causing Tamera's tits to spring back into their place, quivering slightly. They hadn't stopped shivering when Tiffany's next blow hit, a strike from straight ahead. Tiff had adjusted though so the tips of her round breasts struck just above Tamera's, pushing the tops of Tamera's breasts down. It worked, as Tamera's flesh spilled downward, slightly flattening at the top, where Tiffany left her breasts. She began grinding slowly, and Tamera grunted as she felt the new tactic. "If you're lucky, I won't leave you with completely flattened titties," Tiffany said. "Remember, you can end this just by saying 'I give.'" Tamera groaned as she felt Tiff's big tits burrowing into the top of her own, pushing as much of her firm rack down as they could.

    Tamera shifted, trying a similar tactic to Tiffany's, but Tiffany did her best to mirror the movements, keeping her breasts in line completely with Tamera's dense pair. I groaned as I watched my girl try to grind out the Hooter girl's impressive set, but even as Tiff's tits were pushing down, Tamera's were not giving up as much ground as I would have expected. Still, Tiffany kept her tits there, reaching for Tamera's arms to hold her in place. Tamera, for all her grunting with discomfort, was waiting for a move like that, and grabbed Tiffany's wrists. Immediately, she snapped my girl's hands to her thighs, and Tamera pulled away. Her tits popped up, springing back, and while I wasn't sure, they didn't seem as springy as they had been. I didn't get a lot of time to evaluate their density, as Tamera slammed forward into my girl's big boobs. Tiffany groaned as she felt her tits bashed again, her flesh wobbling on her chest from the force of the blow. Tamera landed another shot, almost immediately, forcing Tiffany's firm tits to shake and part slightly, yielding ground before springing back as Tamera readied for another blow. Tiffany turned to avoid the bulk of the attack, but still let a glancing blow hit her left tit, wincing as she felt Tamera's stiff left breast slap against her meaty boob. Her tits were shaking, and another shot from Tamera landed directly, pushing both of Tiffany's tits back into her chest. Tamera held them in place, pushing in and using Tiffany's wrists to prevent my girl from escaping.

    "There we go. A Beta O tit punching bag!" Tamera said, sending her left breast into Tiffany's right with a wicked twist of her shoulders. She repeated the motion with her right tit, similar to Tiff's earlier move, but with a lot more force behind it. Each of Tiff's firm boobs was compacted by Tamera's hard orbs alternately, and as much as Tiffany tried to turn and escape, Tamera adjusted, and whatever blow came next became a direct hit. Tamera stopped, apparently to admire her handiwork, and glanced down at Tiff's tits. "Damn, those are going to be ugly tomorrow. Well, uglier," Tamera said. Tiff's tits were red, and I could definitely tell they would bruise.

    "They'll be in good company then," Tiff said sweetly, and twisted from her side to slam Tamera's right tit with her own. Tamera's breast compacted from the side, a weird flatness happening directly to the side of her firm tit as the force of Tiffany's blow forced her breast inward. Still trapped, Tiffany slung her tits forward, and Tamera grunted, half surprised, half stunned from the force of Tiff's attack. I was surprised that my girl was able to make the move. Her tits slammed into Tamera's smashing them back into the Hooter girl's chest. Tamera's tits ballooned out, and both pairs of breasts seemed to be giving as much as they got. Tiffany, feeling Tamera's distraction pulled her right arm up, bending the elbow, and I saw Tamera's arms flex as she tried to keep Tiffany from moving. Tiffany was able to push her arm toward Tamera, reaching for the Hooter girl's upper arm. After a brief struggle, in which both women's breasts quivered and wobbled on their chest, Tiffany grunted in victory. Her hand grasped Tamera's arm just below the shoulder.

    I wondered why Tiff had made such an effort until she launched a very targeted blow, using her extended arm to pull Tamera in with a quick tug. Tiffany's right breast slammed into Tamera's left. Tamera's thick tit buckled and bent slightly, before Tamera's shove back equaled the melding titflesh again. The breasts shifted and quivered around each other as both women looked down to watch their tits battle. I wondered for a moment if the look was one of lust, then glanced at Tiffany's face. My fiancée's face was clenched as she tried to force Tamera's big tit back into her chest. Tamera grunted as she felt the pressure, and her own teeth were bared as she tried to fight off Tiff's attack. Tiffany slid her other arm up, and with a twist, her left wrist popped free of Tamera's grasp. Tamera tried to re-establish her grip, lunging, but Tiffany took the opportunity to rotate her torso and meet Tamera's lunge with a shot from her left breast into Tamera's thick tit. Tamera groaned, distracted by the surprise shot, and Tiffany immediately gripped her wrist. Tamera swore as she felt Tiffany pin her wrist to the side of the Hooter girl's upper thigh and Tiffany grinned.

    "Good idea," Tiffany said, and Tamera grunted as Tiffany shifted her feet, pulling back slightly to line up their breasts. Tamera tried twisting her waist, but Tiff waited, and struck as she tried to time the blow. It worked, as her nipples met Tamera's in a wicked slap, leaving both women groaning as their breasts closed together, sliding around the other pair as their sweat mingled to create a slippery wall of breast flesh. I grunted as I watched Tiffany on the offensive, her breasts pushing against Tamera's boobs. Tamera winced, and when they pulled apart, I realized both breasts were now slightly looser looking. Each step or move sent waves across the surface of their breasts, and while they still looked proud, I knew the punishment was taking its toll on both women.

    "I can feel you breaking your white tits on mine," Tamera said. I couldn't see evidence of it, but Tamera shoved forward, meeting Tiffany in a much milder blow than had been delivered in a while. "Look at those empty sacks. They're just melting around my big black boobs. Why on earth do those rich, spoiled bitches follow you?" Tamera asked, laughing. Tamera lunged again, this time a big hit that drove Tiff's tits back. Their tits both jiggled and shook enticingly, and I watched their flesh mold lightly around the other pair of boobs. Tiff groaned this time from the impact, and I hoped that Tamera wasn't right about the fight's outcome.

    "They don't follow me," Tiff grunted, her tits shoved down as Tamera slid her big boobs on top of my fiancée's firm jugs. I watched Tiff's rack fall slightly to make room for Tamera's heavy set, the Hooter girl's boobs pushing my girl's boobs down. I grunted as I wondered what Tiffany's plan was, the idea of her losing always in the back of my head. Seeing her tits being pushed around slightly made me pause. I focused back on the fight, visibly shaking my head to clear it.

    "Bullshit," Tamera said. "These girls are lining up to watch you fall off a cliff. I'm just wondering how you've made sure none of them have pushed you off. The only reason Connie's a Hooter girl is because you put the idea in that empty blonde head of hers. You've been quiet tonight, girl!" Tamera laughed. Connie flushed, I noticed, and Amanda wrapped an arm around her in support. A few of the girls gasped, and I leaned back, wondering how this was going to go. The video was still fresh in my mind. Connie's thick jugs melting around the black girl's more powerful set was an image I wasn't likely to forget.

    "Glad you brought her up," Tiff snarled, and Tiff pulled back to slam her chest against Tamera's. The Hooter girl's eyes went wide with shock, and she let out a slight gasp as she felt Tiff's tits burrow into her own from the force of the blow. Tiff's back muscles tightened, and suddenly the work with Cassie seemed to have paid off. Tiff's arms snapped away from Tamera's and she took a step back, freeing herself, but also releasing Tamera. Tamera took the opportunity to recover, rubbing her sore breasts. I watched with some distraction as she pushed her boobs around on her chest slightly, jostling them and forcing them to wobble over her hands.

    Tamera watched Tiff warily, and as my girl stepped around the stage, her tits bounced and shook as well. Both women were looking looser than when the fight started, the punishment their tits had taken registering as they both separated. Tiff's eyes remained focused on Tamera. "I don't understand how you think you can lead the Hooter girls," Tiff said, keeping an eye on Tamera. I saw her eyes move from Tamera's head to her feet, waiting for an attack. "Especially after what you did to Connie."

    "I didn't do a thing to.." Tamera started. Tiffany laughed.

    "The fuck you didn't!" Tiffany said, a dangerous smile on her face. She kept her distance for a bit. "I don't give two fucks about the fight," Tiffany said. "You beat her, fair and square. But using Kara and Darla to send the message? You're going down for that." Tamera's eyes flared up.

    "Dumb blonde signed up for it. I just took it a step further. That's why I'm going to win, you two-faced bitch!" Tamera slammed forward, and Tiffany met the strike. Both women's tits met between them, each breast splashing outward at the point of impact, their boobs in contact as they tried to regain their shape. The force of the blow sent a load "THWACK!" of wet titflesh throughout the room, a sound that bounced off the walls for a moment. Both women grabbed each others forearms as the fight continued, each woman rolling her back to push her tits into the other pair. With each wave, Tiff and Tamera's breasts met, the woman pushing taking over the space between them. Watching them was like watching the ocean battle itself — each pair seemed an unstoppable force crashing into another one.

    Tamera seemed to score a vicious hit, pulling away from the wave to slap at Tiffany's left tit with her right. My girl's breast slammed inward, and Tiffany moaned as she felt Tamera's firm jug careen into hers. She nearly released Tamera's arms, and the Hooter girl noticed. She began swinging her tits side to side, slapping Tiff's tits from left to right. Tiff's tits shook visibly, as did Tamera's, but there was no doubt Tamera was inflicting the most damage. Tiff groaned as her tits were boxed, and my mind wandered back to the video where Tamera indicated through Darla and Kara what was going to happen. I thought of Tiff servicing Tamera in every way possible before the dominant woman threw Tiff to the wolves. I shook my head and raised it.

    "You lose just like Connie. You lose like a bitch." Tiffany groaned as Tamera dragged her tits across Tiff's chest. Tiff's breasts sprang back into shape, but I wondered how much more was left in my girl's prized pair. "And just like Connie... well, let's just say your tits are going to look a lot like hers."

    "You mean like this?" Tiffany said, her teeth clenched. I was surprised, but not as surprised as Tamera was when Tiffany slung her tits up and then slammed them down atop Tamera's boobs. The Hooter girl's tits flattened from the top and Tiffany decided to vary Tamera's strategy, dragging her heavy breasts down over Tamera's. Tiff's hands reattached themselves to Tamera's strong arms, but the shock of the attack kept Tamera from fighting back, and Tiff's breasts slid over Tamera's until both women's breasts were nipple to nipple. Tiffany kept an intense stare at Tamera as she drug her tits down even further, until her tits were under Tamera's. Tamera's tits appeared almost with a pop as Tiffany's forcefulness became apparent. They sprang into view before spreading slightly over Tiff's boobs. "I'm holding these worthless things up," Tiffany growled. "But you're a talented girl. You should aim higher."

    With that, Tiff shoved her tits up and into the bottom of Tamera's jugs. Tiff's tits flattened at the top, but also shoved Tamera's tits up, her nipples still visible as Tiff's breasts shoved them upward. It was hard to compare their relative firmness, but Tamera's nipples pointed up. "They look better this way," Tiffany spat. She pulled her tits back down, pulling back to watch Tamera's tits drop down. As Tamera's orbs hit her chest, they bounced and wobbled, and the Hooter girl groaned as Tiffany readied for another strike. She never got the chance, as Tamera slammed forward, sending her chest into Tiffany's with another smack. Both women groaned, their breasts crushed together again. Tamera's boobs briefly pushed into Tiff's boobs, but again, the opposing pair regained its lost space between them, forcing the other pair back as well. Each push and pass of the women's breasts forced masses of flesh to wobble and shake. I watched both women tighten, the muscles on their backs clenching, and as they fought for the space between their chests, my eyes went wide.

    Tamera's legs started to buckle, and she groaned as she felt Tiffany putting on the pressure in response, sending her tits back into the Hooter girl's loosening chest. Tamera's legs suddenly tightened, and I saw her arms tighten as well. With a strained grunt, Tamera pushed back, her entire body seeming to push into Tiffany's. Their legs met, with Tamera's right leg between Tiffany's, and Tiffany's right leg between Tamera's. I saw Tiff's legs begin to wobble as they continued their test, and then both women began to sink to their knees.

    I hadn't looked at the crowd, but a few whispered curses hit my ears as both Tamera and Tiffany sank to their knees on the stage. Their breasts remained plastered together, and Tiffany, who had taken control of Tamera's arms, now slid her arms around the upper arms of her rival. Her fingers locked and she squeezed, shifting her torso to the left and right. Tamera mirrored the move, wrapping her arms around Tiff's waist and pulling her closer.

    Both women had definitely lost a great deal of their firmness. Each breast smashed and folded, flopping over the other set as the women continued to press their breasts together. "Give it up, you sorority slut," Tamera grunted as she shoved her tits on top of Tiffany's. Tiff's pair shifted, her tits moving out of the way to let Tamera's rest, but when Tiffany pushed up, Tamera's parted. They separated again before pushing their breasts together, tit to tit. "I'm going to grind you flat," Tamera said, putting a tired grin on her face. Both pairs of breasts seemed to be giving as much as they were getting, and I noticed Tiffany never responded. Instead she focused on the fight between them, and both women did the same after a moment.

    Their breasts slipped and slid over each other, each seeking purchase. I couldn't tell a winner, and was amazed again at how even the contest had been. The thought of a draw and repercussions there slowly took over my thought process as I watched the two women duel. Pass after pass had sweaty orbs slapping and folding over their opposition, the lines between them varied and dark. It was easy to keep track of whose tits were whose because of the difference in tone, but without that, Im sure I'd have been more confused.

    Tamera pressed forward, and I saw Tiffany's legs slip. She began tumbling backward, her legs sliding out from under her. She managed to stop herself with her hands but in releasing the hug, Tamera stumbled back slightly. Seeing Tiffany on the ground, Tamera pounced, and I swore under my breath as the athletic Hooter girl managed to straddle my fiancée, sliding her legs around Tiff's thighs. She quickly leaned forward and trapped Tiff's wrists, taking advantage of the fallen sorority captain and landing an immediate boob bomb. Tiff groaned loudly, and some of the girls winced as they saw Tamera's big boobs meet Tiff's pair. Partially because she was lying down and partially because of the fight wearing on, Tiff's big breasts seemed flatter, and Tamera's pair highlighted the change in perception. They dangled, but retained their roundness, and as she dropped her big firm breasts into Tiff's again, Tamera laughed. "That all you got, Beta bitch. Come to think of it, after this, you'll be my Beta. This is working out great. You ready to give?" Tiff grunted, but twisted, and Tamera laughed. "I hope your friends still like you after I've demolished these," she added. I saw her pause, and then she grinned even wider. "Bombs away!" Another strike from above dented and seemed to flatten my girl's jugs, but I was amazed as Tamera pulled away that they slowly filled back. Tamera's grin faded, and she dropped another bomb, a direct hit. Both women's breasts compressed, and Tamera ground in for a few seconds before pulling out.

    "Do you give?" Tamera asked again. Tiffany started to sit up, and Tamera laughed. "You are one feisty little whore! No wonder Connie looks up to you so much. She's as dumb as she is easy!" I heard a low snarl.

    "No one. Does that. To our pledges!" With each phrase, Tiff sat up further, the muscles in her stomach tightening, as were the muscles in her arms. Tamera smiled at first, but the smile faded quickly as she realized that her own arms were shaking. And that Tiffany was actually sitting up. My fiancée's training with Cassie, evidence that I had seen in her physical tone, were paying off in a big way. Tamera finally released Tiff's wrists, her balance off. Tiff got to her knees again, and I realized she was unsure if her legs would support her. Instead she pushed forward, and Tamera swore. She scooted away from Tiffany and as soon as she saw her chance, wrapped Tiff in another hug. This time, Tamera's arms went around Tiff's, and Tiffany immediately grabbed the Hooter girl's waist. Their breasts smashed together again, and both Tiffany and Tamera moaned. "Gotcha this time!" Tamera shouted. Tiffany grunted, but then pulled Tamera in with her hands. Holding her as still as possible, Tiffany launched her next attack.

    Tamera grunted as Tiffany twisted her back, and muscles I'd never seen Tiffany work appeared as she slid her torso over Tamera's meaty rack. Both pairs of breasts gave plenty of real estate up, but both women grunted and ground through the pain, their tits slapping and flopping together as they worked themselves into another hug. The two opponents began slinging their chests back and forth, each thrust sending another wave of loose flesh over the other pair. Tiffany's jugs shifted and shimmied under Tamera's, while Tamera's jiggled under my fiancée's tits, each pair looser and more pliant than they had been before. The hug continued as each woman sought the advantage, and I wondered how long they could continue going back and forth. Each pass of their breasts seemed to cause no end of discomfort to the other woman, and I could tell that both women's bodies were betraying them. Both Tamera's arms and Tiffany's arms shook as they tried to hold the other, and their thrusts were growing weak enough that the thought of the draw entered my mind once more. Until I saw the shift in the fight.

    One of the fighters suddenly pulled her head up, a smug smirk crossing her face. She'd won. She knew it, and she wanted everyone in the room to know it. She tossed her head to clear the sweat from her eyes, seemingly to get a clear look at her opponent. The other woman groaned and looked down at their chests. She was horror-stricken, her mouth open as she saw her tits fail her. At first, all four breasts had been loosely slapping and grinding together, but now one pair was leading the other pair in the dance between their chests. One pair of tits had been wrecked. The losing pair of tits slowly mushroomed out from the point of contact, the edges of her breasts becoming flat, and this time they did not spring back. Their resistance had been ground out in the final portion of the fight, and now they simply welcomed the dominant pair of breasts into them. While the winning pair still bent, the loser's had broken, and everyone watching knew it.

    Tamera's gurgling groan was the first verbal indication of her tits' failure. She watched her destruction with disbelief and discomfort as Tiffany's firm, strong breasts, even in their beaten condition, began burrowing into and displacing the flesh of Tamera's now easily identifiable losing tits. The Hooter girl's dark flesh spread out, folding around Tiff's tits, and while Tiff's flattened slightly, they held firm to the core. They were softer, definitely, but still round, and as Tiffany ground her victory in, shifting Tamera's defeated breasts up, pointing her nipples to her face, and then letting them drop before slapping her tits atop them.

    "I've ground them out, Tamera. Your perfect, unbeaten tits. They are almost gone now. They can't even hold mine up." Tamera groaned as Tiffany pressed down, flattening Tamera's breasts from the top and sending quaking titflesh down her torso. "And Tam, if you think this feels bad, me liquefying your tits, I can't wait to show you what's going to happen at the hotel." I thought for a moment. I almost said "What hotel?" out loud, but realized I was likely the least important person in the room.

    "But first," Tiff continued. "I'm going to end any discussion about the better tits now." Tiffany kept the hug, then lined up their breasts nipple to nipple. "Wow. It's so much harder to find them now," Tiff taunted. Tamera's tits dangled slightly, noticeably lower on her chest, and while I doubted that the statement was true, it was certainly humiliating. Thought not as humiliating as Tiff's next move. With no discussion or fanfare, she thrust her tits forward, into Tamera's formerly perfect breasts, ending them. The Hooter girl's breasts melted away, spilling around and out from Tiffany's invading pair as the Beta O team clinched its decisive win. "That should just about do it," Tiffany said, but there was no gloating in her voice. She looked at Tamera with determination streaking her face, sweat pouring down her nose and cheeks. Tamera looked at Tiff's face, then down at the carnage between them. Tiff shifted her tits while she and Tamera both watched her destroyed sacks mold around Tiff's flesh before she groaned her surrender.

    "I give," Tamera croaked, and a moan of despair crept through the room before it was replaced with a huge cheer. Everyone on the Beta O side, including Tiff's mom and Michelle, stood up to cheer, and because of that, I didn't hear what Tiff said to Tamera, though she may have whispered it. My girl stood, helping Tamera up as Rolonda and Hailey made their way to the stage. Cassie helped Tiff from the stage, and when it was cleared, Mike took the stage.

    "Well, congratulations to Beta Omega Omega Beta. You have won the first titfight invitational! And more importantly you did raise a lot of money for charity. A good cause benefits from a great show! I believe the gathered ladies here know what is happening next. I can imagine if you don't, it's because they don't want you to. Thanks to all who gathered here, and made this event a success. Never speak of it to anyone! Good night!"

    As the crowd dispersed, I noticed the Beta O girls giving each other high fives, clapping and hugging (though gently, I noticed with a hidden grin). Connie was excitedly talking to Tiff and shaking her hands as she leaned in for a kiss on Tiff's cheek. I noticed that Connie never looked over to the Hooter girls' side, instead hugging Amanda and Sabrina before turning to a larger group of the Beta Omegas.

    Not all the Beta Omegas were high-fiving them. The first I noticed who seemed distracted by the other side was Loni. She walked over to the Hooter girls and began a talk with Hailey. For the first time since I'd known her, I couldn't hear her voice in over the din of the room. Their conversation was brief, but neither woman seemed as upset or elated as I would have expected. As Hailey turned, though, Loni smacked her ass, laughing loudly enough that I could hear it over the noise in the room. Hailey blushed and went immediately to Alexis, and Teresa sauntered over to join them. Teresa seemed more interested in talking to Alexis, and Alexis nodded over and over as Teresa spoke.

    Tanya and Sydney were talking, and I felt my erection lurch as I watched the two blondes' meaty tits jiggle as they shifted, hands gesticulating wildly. Sydney nodded repeatedly, and Tanya touched her shoulder at least twice. I was curious as to what Tanya was saying to have such rapt attention of her opponent, but rather than try to read lips over the crowded room, I decided to put it behind me. I was still in a fog from watching the fights, and I knew that I needed to be ready to help Tiffany.

    When I sought out Cassie, I was surprised. She and Maria wee closer to me than they were either the Hooter girls or the Beta O girls, sitting in a table by themselves. Maria was nodding her head, obviously listening, then smiling. Cassie nodded back, smiling as well. Both women didn't even notice my staring, and I turned to look around the room.

    Michelle and Tiffany's mom were talking to all of the girls. Connie and Amanda nodded politely, as did Sabrina. The latter was by herself, pulling her things together. Tiffany moved to her and Sabrina stood, nodding. They shared a soft hug, and Tiffany held her hand. Sabrina nodded and Tiffany turned. I could see her face, and realized the discussion, short though it was, was not what she was looking for. Finally, Tiffany turned toward me. She pulled out her phone and texted. "Meet me in the car?"

    I waved that I'd gotten her text.

    I had seen Bianca and her sister leaving, and I followed them out, hoping to get to the car before the flood of people. I gave them an awkward wave, which they returned as we walked in different directions. I made my way to the car and got in. I turned it on so I could charge my phone and warm it up for Tiffany. No new texts came through, so I read a bit on my phone. I looked up, catching Nikki and Sophie leaving with Chrissy. Neither noticed me, but after they came out, the flood began. While there weren't that many guests, they were in a rather rambunctious mood. Still Tiffany hadn't come out, and I was about to text when I saw her with a familiar face.

    Tiffany came out with Michelle, and the two had a quick exchange that ended with Michelle lightly groping my girlfriend's breasts. Michelle glanced at me and waved with one hand while the other was gently squeezing Tiff's left breast. Michelle leaned in to Tiffany, and whispered something. Tiffany took a deep breath, her shoulders rising, but nodded, and Michelle ducked her hand under the hem of Tiff's shirt, and groped Tiff's breast beneath her clothing. I felt my anger rise, and after a second or two of the grope, Michelle let Tiff go. Tiffany stalked to my car and got in.

    "Hi," I said. She looked at me and smiled.

    "You want to know what just happened with Michelle?" She didn't give me time to respond. "She just gave me a quick grope as a reminder. It wasn't going to be more than that. Then she asked if she thought you'd like a better show of her grabbing my winning tit."

    "That's when you nodded." I said.

    "Did you like it?" she asked, grinning still. I nodded sheepishly.

    "Good. Don't worry about me, Jon. Everything went exactly as I planned it. Even the part where you get to come to the hotel to help me out with Tamera." My eyes widened. Tiffany smiled, and she caressed the curve of her right breast.

    "I'll explain on the way. And there's a bit of a bonus for you tomorrow night. I hope you don't have plans." She leaned back, and her tits fell slightly further than I was used to. She saw me looking and smiled. "I can't tell whether you like the way my tits look after they get thrashed or the reason they look that way," she said. "Can you imagine what kind of crazy sex we'd have if I had lost? Especially after Tamera went to town on me?" I groaned and her mouth opened. "You love the idea of that big titted Hooter girl riding your fiancée, Jon?" I grunted. She leaned in to whisper something and I was ever so thankful I had not put the car in gear. "She would have made my tits bounce, too," she finished, leaning back gently and adjusting the seat belt to rest between her sore tits. With shaking hands I put the car in gear, Tiffany humming a happy tune.

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    Re: Best Friend's Sister, Part 37

    Tiff vs Tamera was fantastic. I loved it.

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    Re: Best Friend's Sister, Part 37

    Phenomenal! After all the buildup it's finally here, and it does. not. disappoint! The fact that you do these long-form ongoing stories gives them a huge step up in emotional investment and dramatic tension, and it pays off magnificently here. Thanks for all your hard work!

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    Re: Best Friend's Sister, Part 37

    love the shutout of the terrible hooters girls, hope that story is over
    get tiff back into the wild with more titfights against real women not the boring sorority girls
    even if you don't, your writing is so good of course everyone will read and enjoy

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    Re: Best Friend's Sister, Part 37

    I'm glad and relieved Tiff won finally.
    Totally worth waiting for this in such a long time. Thank you for your excellent work, really!

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    Re: Best Friend's Sister, Part 37

    Outstanding work, as always!

    Despite some stiff resistance (especially by Tam and Maria), poor Hooter girls were ultimately completely crushed by the Beta O's superior racks. 5-0, a total and utter rout!

    I can only imagine how juicy the stakes are going to be...

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    Re: Best Friend's Sister, Part 37

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    Best Friend's Sister, Part 37
    OMG this was the best part of BFS. Poor Hooters girls. Great job

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