Sexy new Catball catfight, almost a Sexfight
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Thread: Sexy new Catball catfight, almost a Sexfight

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    Cool Sexy new Catball catfight, almost a Sexfight

    Sexy new Catball catfight, almost a Sexfight
    I seldom post here, but I know I have sent lots of hits here.
    To my fav long time
    forum for sexy girl girl combat.Leg Locked

    So this is not spam, but a great catball catfight panty grinder, I just need to share
    with you guys, as I hope to do many more like this.

    Anyhow please support Cali and her sexy well done GG combat customs ...
    She is really good at this, and many turn into real feline vs feline contests.

    This has beaucoup wet panty on panty grinding.
    Starts off as a great catfight with a great build up,
    with some WAM sexy wet down going on during the ultra catty but silent build up.
    Very sexy silent and REAL stuff.
    Sassy Sample video is also available at

    This is a real tight wet Panty Locked grinding rolling catball
    Just seems to get impossibly tighter and tighter as these two
    flexi Centerfolds roll in their crotch locked catball, lots of biting
    and scratching as well as superb and very real angry hair pulling.
    think you will like it

    actually I know you will like it

    I really believe this is the first true Catball ever made since I heard [or actually read
    while chatting with Frank in the late 90's] Frank coined the term around 98-99.
    during a discussion we had about how women lock up and roll during a fight.
    Later in Frank's story area, I believe Brenda one of his models did a cute little
    Dear Anne Landers kinda story about it. which has moved around the net and changed
    over the years.

    wet entwined black and ginger tinted hair was all over the floor after this one
    ouch ouch ouch

    I think they got tighter than they wanted as both hate to be the receivers of a face sitting.
    By locking up like this so tight, I mean they even use their bare feet and curl/claw in their toes
    for a solid rolling grip. Not face sitting as was planned, but it ended when one girl could no longer catch her breath.
    very vigorous exciting and sincere combative catball rolling...
    at the end of this fight, they were both totally exhausted, but one did give up...
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    CatBall Catfights the HOTTEST Catfights:cool:[/URL][SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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