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    First attempt at writing a sexfight

    First attempt at writing a sexfight

    I am writing a story on a couples sexfight. This involves MvM and FvF. As this is my first attempt please ignore grammatical mistakes. This is first draft and wanted to get members review over this so feedback are appreciated.

    Chapter 1: Old Rivals cockfight mid air

    Rahul was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai. He was a typical guy in his 30s, a bit healthy with around 120kgs but a muscular build at 6’1. He was married to sexy voluptuous woman named Preeti. He was drinking his coffee when he saw an old enemy Prem. Prem being of same age as Rahul was also travelling on the same fight. Prem was a mirror image of Rahul. Instantly their eyes met and they looked at each other with hatred. As a common signal both stood up from their seats, which were like 200m away from each other and started moving towards each other. They both came and stood on either side of the boarding gate, they were appox 20m away from each other. They both looked at each other, both were dressed in formal shirt and tight pants. From the last time they met, they was developed big man boobs and a round belly with heavy muscular thighs and shoulders. They couldn’t control theirs emotions and clearly could see a bulging tent in each other’s pants. Rahul and Prem use to bitter rivals in college days and their rivalry started when they fucked each other’s girlfriends. They both were determined to tear each other’s clothes and fuck each other anal. But before they could do so the boarding crew interrupted them, as the flight was about to fly. Both entered the flight after lots of staring and pushing thought the passage. Since both were travelling on company business both were seated in a business class along side each other. Rahul and Prem sat in silence through the flight security instructions. As soon as flight started to fly they both turned their face to each other and uttered “maderchod” (motherfucker). Rahul grabbed Prem’s dick with his right hand tightly but didn’t realise in the exact same time Prem grabbed Rahul’s dick with his left hand tightly. They both started jerking each other roughly under each others tight pants while the flight took off.

    It was the excitement of the seeing each other after 8 years that both were rock hard that they shooted a huge load of white cum simultaneously when the flight got stable in mid air. They both finally talked to each other.

    Prem: “Hi, Man Whore ”
    Rahul:”Hey you, Man Whore”
    Prem: “Glad to see you remember your father”
    Rahul: “Same here, MotherFucker”
    Prem: “You got a little fat”
    Rahul: “look who is taking fat loser”
    Prem: “Still jealous that I stole your girlfriend, Huge ass pimp of your girlfriend”
    Rahul: ”Fuck off, she was a slut and a horny bitch, and a two piece whore of a customer like you that’s why I didn’t care about Sneha, how about you pimp, I stole your whore, and you cried like a little bitch”
    Prem: “asshole talk respectfully, Sneha is my wife now”
    Rahul: “asshole same to you Preeti is my wife now”

    Both Rahul and Prem looked at each other in shock and anger as they both married each other’s ex-girlfriend

    Rahul: “I now you had a hard on for Preeti all the time”
    Prem: “Yes, because she was my gf, you had a hard on for Sneha”
    Rahul; “yes, she was my girlfriend, I fucked her for 4 years in college. You could still taste my dick inside her pussy”
    Prem: “You bet I do, like you taste my dick inside Preeti, as I fucked her for 4 years”
    Rahul: “I do, and I remember you and your fucking small dick when I fuck her everyday. ”
    Prem: “So do I bitch, why don’t you follow me to the bathroom, and let’s decide who has a smaller dick”
    Rahul: ”After you asshole”

    They both entered the small cubical toilet of the flight. Since both were huge and 6’1 they tightly fit the toilet. Rahul and Prem both undressed each other. First they removed each other pants to see each other in a tiny man thongs of black colors. Both Preeti and Sneha were fashion queens and loved a tight small cloth over a man’s dick. Then they both removed their tshirt to reveal their heavy pounding man boobs with hairy chest.

    Prem: “Your right tit is leaking with milk fat man whore”
    Rahul: “Like your left tit you mean asshole?”

    Both angry men tightly grabbed each others tits. They both couldn’t stand this more and tore their thongs as both stood completely naked in front of each other. Prem and Rahul both were men with smaller penises. Which made their fight even more intense with an identically small penis but huge nuts and sex drive. Both Sneha and Preeti were into fucking their men anal with strap-on and use to put butt-plug in their husband’s ass when they went for work. Both Rahul and Prem went to finger fuck each other’s asshole when they found the butt-plug and pulled them out in front of each other.

    Rahul: “So Sneha is fucking you anal like she use to fuck me in college, this is her favorite butt plug”
    Prem: “And that is Preeti’s fav butt plug in your ass. But my wife butt plug is bigger than yours”
    Rahul: “Mine is bigger, why don’t we try fucking each other with our butt plugs”

    Rahul and Prem took each other’s butt plug and shoved in each other’s ass. Due to tight Asses and high pressure they couldn’t insert it.

    Due to aggression they both stood tits to tits, belly to belly and cocks to cocks. Why don’t we settle like men? They ended up rubbing their cocks together for next two hours but winner was not decided and they end up fucking each other anal in toilet before they came out.

    After reaching to Bangalore they both shared a hotel room informed their wives about the encounter. Their wives decided to take the next flight to Bangalore and settle this old rivalry.

    Chapter 2: Bitches secret sexfight to fuel rivalry.

    Preeti and Sneha were both heavy chubby women with small breast but huge asses with meaty thighs and right curves. They both promised Rahul and Prem that they won’t fight during their flight journey together, no sexfight without the men rule. Preeti reached airport in a tight one piece black tube dress which ended just above her thighs, she was tall with beautiful black hair and fair complexion. Sneha reached airport too in tight one-piece white tube dress. She too was tall with much fairer skin tone than Preeti. They both entered the airport from opposite entry gate and were shocked to see each other walking towards each other. Preeti felt wet seeing wide-hipped Sneha’s meaty thighs rubbed while she walked wiggling per bubble butt left right. Sneha herself was wet by the sight of curvy Preeti in front of her. Preeti and Sneha both shared a set of 32B tits which looked smaller due to their wide hips. They both met at the ticket counter.

    Preeti: “Hey, my husband’s used whore”
    Sneha: “Hello, my husband’s cocksucking slut”
    Preeti: “It’s good to see you, we left some unfinished business when we last time met”
    Sneha: “Yes, I was about to prove you that I am your fucking mommy”
    Preeti: “Ohh, please you know I am your mommy, since we promised our husbands that we will fight in fornt of them hence get your fucking fat butt out of my way”
    Sneha: “Or what? you will start leaking your filthy pussy juices”
    Preeti: “Like you leaking now, you know what lets see who makes whom pussy cum without physically touching our pussies together”
    Sneha; “you are on slut”

    They moved to two side by side ticket counters and started the boarding process. Both knew that they were bisexual women and started seducing each other with their sexy asses and deep cleavages. By the time they ended up sitting together in the flight they were already damn hot and horny with pure lust to fuck each other.

    Preeti: “you are fucking wet, I can smell you”
    Sneha: “I can smell you too whore, why don’t you smell this” and sneha farted a silent smelly fart while sitting on their seat. Followed by a smelly fart from Preeti. Their smells were so arousing that they couldn’t control and kissed each other passionately.

    Preeti made the next move and dropped her tiny string thongs on the floor. Sneha understood and dropped her tiny string thongs too. They both shifted the thong sideways to each other using their legs. Both the horny wives pulled up their rivals thongs deeply into their pussies and ass crack to realize that thongs were completely wet. They both cum a second later together trembling with an orgasm. But they were not done. They again excahnged the thongs and again and again. They repeated the process till some one refused to do the exchange but even after 5 orgasms both women were going strong. Both women took out a remote from their purse and realized they were wearing each other’s vibrating thongs. They both looked in horror and dared other to switch the trigger on. But they didn’t and slept though the rest of the 20 mins journey. They both shared a cab to the hotel of their husbands and hoped no one pulled the trigger.

    Preeti: “you know what, I still remember and miss fucking Prem. I bet he missed my pussy”
    Sneha: “So true, I also sometimes imagine that Rahul is fucking me when I am fucking Prem.”

    Jealousy was getting better of them as they secretly slipped their hands on the remotes in their purses

    Preeti: “I want both Rahul’s and Prem’s cock in my pussy together”
    Sneha: “Those cocks belong inside my pussy and they fuck and cum inside my pussy”

    They had enough and turned on the remote and slowly increased the vibration to punish each other for laying eye on their man’s junk.

    To be continued....

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    Re: First attempt at writing a sexfight

    Such a nice Story thanks for sharing

    Waiting for next part. Pls post soon


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    Re: First attempt at writing a sexfight

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    First attempt at writing a sexfight
    Very good start. Good job with your first attempt. Lovely plot created. Awaiting more.😜😜😜

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