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Thread: Emish - in memoriam - Story Kara vs Aurora

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    Emish - in memoriam - Story Kara vs Aurora

    Emish - in memoriam - Story Kara vs Aurora
    I've just realised that appending a story to my memoriam thread, will just have the consequence that a lot never will notice it, so I create this thread for it.

    it's a sample from his "Space Amazons" series of stories, enjoy!

    This story was written by the late Emish, and has previously been published for free on his own website, which now has gone.

    Aurora checked her surroundings and decided that, upon further reflection, she did have the time and opportunity to indulge in a Sim-scene after all. She pulled out her remote screen and pulled up the proper menu options. Long familiarity with the program enabled her to complete her selections in less than five minutes.

    Eventually she sighed in satisfaction and set aside the miniature screen. She found a secluded spot and enabled her sensalarms, which would interrupt her session if danger was detected. Carefully she donned the helmet-like apparatus containing the various leads. She leaned back and carefully pressed the "BEGIN" button. She relaxed and closed her eyes.....

    ....and almost immediately snapped them back open. Her time on the ship had left her finely attuned to every nuance of ship life - every sound, every smell, every slight movement. The sound that had awakened her from her sleep was familiar, but unexpected. It was the soft hiss of the outer door to her private chamber. The hiss was followed by the sound of a soft footfall.

    Aurora rose smoothly from her couch and adjusted the fit of her leather uniform. She stood, outwardly relaxed, yet alert, watching the door that allowed access to this, her inner sanctum. No one but she had the means to open that inner door, yet she waited.

    The door slid smoothly open and a tall figure stepped into Aurora's sight. The room lights brightened as Aurora studied the intruder. It was a woman - tall, broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted, long-legged - who stared back at her. Her unfamiliar uniform fitted her like a sheath, dull red jacket and black leggings. She wore ankle-high boots. She was blonde, with her hair cut short, with just one long tendril hanging over one ear and brushing her shoulder. Her eyes were a brilliant blue, and she had a straight, narrow patrician nose over a wide, thin-lipped mouth that was now twisted into a slight grin.

    Slowly but assuredly the woman began walking around the borders of the room. Aurora moved as well, and the two women began circling each other, almost directly opposite. Aurora's eyes were locked on the woman's. Slowly Aurora began to unbutton her tunic. The intruder's hand went to her throat and she slowly released the front of her coat, opening it to expose a dark-blue blouse underneath. Almost contemptuously she slipped out of her jacket and tossed it to one side, even as Aurora shrugged out of her tunic and dropped it.

    They kept circling, staring at one another the while. The blonde paused and removed her boots. Aurora also slipped out of her shoes. Now barefoot, the women kept moving, circles growing smaller as they inched closer together.

    These were the strides and actions of predators stalking their prey. Both were obviously aggressive women, used to having their own way, and used to being fully in control. This was indeed a confrontation between equals.

    Aurora reached up and removed the clip holding her long black hair up. With a shake of her head, her hair cascaded down, touching her shoulders. The blonde smiled again. Still circling, the women unbuttoned their blouses. They stopped pacing and, in unison, stripped off their shirts and tossed them away. They stood proudly, now topless. Aurora finally broke the mute staredown as her eyes were drawn to the blonde's firm, upthrusting breasts; tits as amazing as Aurora's own. Her eyes went to the impossibly narrow waist, then up to the broad shoulders and over to the well- muscled arms.

    The blonde, her slight smile still present, was just as greedily taking in the sight of Aurora's magnificent body. As she gazed, she ran her tongue over her upper lip and her smile grew wider. In one deft motion she slipped out of her pants and stood before Aurora, naked except for a pair of brief panties.

    Aurora quickly and lithely stepped out of her pants and they began circling again, bodies now tense in anticipation of anything that may follow. They again stopped, now facing each other, only a few feet apart.

    The blonde put her hands on her hips. For a long minute the women stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

    "I am... Kara," the blonde said. "I am a huntress."

    Aurora was momentarily shaken by the blonde's voice, low as it was in both pitch and volume. She realized with a sense of wonder that this woman was also trained in the esoteric art of hypnorotica. This rare talent entailed the ability to bend another person's will by force of voice and gaze alone.

    Aurora called upon her own powers and responded in an equally low voice. "I am called Aurora. I, too, am a huntress."

    Kara's eyes flickered at the power in Aurora's voice, then steadied. Her smile turned colder. "You wish to be fucked." It was said as a statement, not as a question.

    Aurora's answering smile was amused and she shook her head. "I am not fucked. I fuck. Anyone who wishes her way with me receives my attentions because I give them. Anyone who would take my attentions must first earn the right."

    Kara's gaze grew even more intense. The tension in the room was almost palpable, an almost-living thing that existed between their locked eyes and their rigid bodies. Grey eyes met blue eyes, and sparks flew.

    Aurora moved one step closer. Kara did as well. Slowly they approached each other until their erect nipples barely brushed. Silently the women maintained contact.

    "We are of a kind, we two," Aurora said quietly, but with an absolute firmness. "Shall we test?"

    "It will be a test with three parts," Kara replied, her voice taking on a stilted, almost formal quality. "It will be physical, mental and..."

    "...sexual." Aurora finished. "Only one of us shall be the victor. It will test all our powers and prowess."

    All through this conversation the women were using the full force of their hypnorotic powers, trying to bend the other to their will, but each had been able to resist the other's efforts - thus far.

    Aurora pressed forward, her nipples pressing harder and harder against Kara's. Neither gave one iota. Breasts then pressed together. Aurora felt Kara's stomach and abs press against hers. Their knees touched, then their thighs.They were quite literally toe-to-toe.

    Aurora felt Kara's hands brush up her arms, then move to her back, and then clasp tightly, pulling them even closer together. Aurora gripped Kara's rock-hard glutes and thrust hard against her. She felt an answering thrust, then she felt Kara's right leg slip between hers, Kara's muscular thigh pressing firmly against Aurora's itching mound.

    Aurora forced her leg between Kara's and wrapped her arms strongly around her rival. Steel bands enveloped her as the two women locked into a crushing embrace. Kara's mouth opened and Aurora covered it with hers. Aurora's probing tongue met Kara's in a bruising kiss. Lips pressed back against teeth as their tongues dueled for supremacy.

    Only the straining, bulging muscles gave away the titanic struggle taking place. While certainly intensely physical, it was also a curiously languorous battle as they rubbed their thighs purposefully against the other's damp crotch. Less physically fit individuals would have been crushed in their grips, or been breathless from the incredibly deep kiss, or been brought to screaming orgasm from the relentless rubbing of thigh against pussy.

    These were no ordinary females, however, and their almost motionless struggle raged unabated for many minutes. Slowly's power. Aurora was finally forced to tear her mouth from Kara's, as the need for oxygen became paramount. Aurora gasped for air. Kara's eyes gleamed as she realized that, while Aurora had one part of the duel, she had won another, forcing Aurora to break the kiss. Though both women were weak in the knees, neither had as yet experienced orgasm.

    Muscles finally relaxed - momentarily - as the women broke apart. Panting, they faced each other again, and warily circled, arms raised. Their hands met and tangled, both pulling and pushing. They broke apart again, then reached forward again. Hands met again, and this time their fingers interlocked. Muscles began to ripple as they began applying their awesome power to force the other back. Aurora watched Kara's arms swell to an incredible size, knowing that her own now looked just as big. Time passed as they battled at total impasse, neither able to overcome the other. Aurora's hands and arms ached with the effort, but she refused to let any indication of her pain reach her impassive face.

    The test of strength continued. Each woman occasionally whispered phrases designed to break the other's concentration and determination. Kara's eyes searched Aurora's for any sign of weakness, and Aurora stared stonily at Kara, looking for a failing of will. Both were unrewarded. Finally, as if from mutual consent, they began easing the pressure, as if realizing that they were truly equally matched.

    Kara moved with incredible quickness, pulling her hands free and ducking under and behind Aurora. In a heartbeat Kara had her arms under Aurora's and reached to link her fingers together under Aurora’' breasts. Aurora realized in that instant that allowing Kara to complete her grasp would leave her in jeopardy, she moved with the speed of a striking cobra, grabbing Kara's wrists with her hands.

    Again they were practically motionless, locked in another test of strength and will. Kara's hands were only a few inches apart, but Aurora’s steely clasp on Kara's wrists kept them from joining. Aurora was aware of multiple simultaneous sensations. First was the feel of Kara’s groin rubbing against her ass. Kara's tits pressed into Aurora's broad back, and Aurora could feel the nipples, made slippery by the sweat now sheathing their bodies, slide against her skin. Their arms were pressed together as they strained, and Kara's wrists felt like steel cables under her grasp.

    Kara's hands moved closer together. Aurora forced them apart. They came closer. They moved apart. Closer. Apart. Neither was able to fully outmuscle the other. Aurora pressed her ass back against Kara, seeking leverage. Then, as Kara leaned forward against her pressure, Aurora released her grip and spun quickly, ducking under Kara’s arm. In a second she had reversed their positions and was behind Kara.

    Aurora's hands went under Kara's arms and shot upward to immobilize Kara in a full nelson. Aurora's hands had just reached the back of Kara’s neck when Kara quickly countered. She forced her arms forward and against Aurora's, keeping her from linking fingers. Again they locked into a tableau, Aurora straining upward and Kara straining forward and down, their bulging biceps now in full contact.

    Aurora was almost distracted by the erotic feel of Kara's rippling muscles rubbing against hers, and she could tell that Kara was affected as well. Aurora pressed her tits even more firmly against Kara's back, rubbing against her. At the same time she whispered in Kara's ear, using all her hypnorotic powers to compel her to cease resistance.

    "Give in, Kara... You know I'm stronger than you. You haven't a chance. Let me take you here on the floor and fuck you until you scream for mercy. Wouldn't it be a relief to be able to come? Give in, Kara..."

    Kara resisted, of course, with all the physical and mental force she could summon. A minute passed, then two. Kara, held as she was in Aurora's grip, took a calculated risk. She pushed back against Aurora, then lifted both her feet off the floor and kicked the backs of Aurora's knees. Knocked off balanced, and with her supports kicked out from under her, Aurora fell backwards, losing her grip as she fell.

    With pantherlike speed Kara twisted and rammed into Aurora, forcing her off her knees and onto her back. Arms wrapped around each other's sweat-slicked bodies, the women rolled across the floor, struggling to gain control. Eventually Aurora was on her back, her wrists pinned to the floor in Kara's strong hands. Kara lay supine on her, pressing Aurora down body-to-body. Sweaty chests, stomachs and thighs were molded together.

    Kara grinned down at the helpless Aurora. Aurora tossed and twisted, trying in vain to dislodge her opponent. Finally, chests heaving as they gasped for air, they lay almost relaxed. Kara languidly slid her breasts across Aurora's and pressed her groin against her victim's. Kara's voice whispered insistently that she concede.

    "No!" Aurora shouted, and she bridged up and jerked her body up against Kara's. Again and again their groins collided. In a paroxysm of passion their mouths met. If possible, this kiss was even deeper and rougher than their first.

    Aurora tore one hand loose from Kara's momentarily weakened grip and reached between their bodies. She reached under Kara's soaking panties and found her slit. As Aurora's long, strong finger entered her, Kara gasped against Aurora's mouth.

    Aurora began pumping her finger in and out of Kara's pussy. Frantic, Kara groped for Aurora and soon had her finger deep into Aurora as well. The women lay side-by-side, mouths locked on each other's, strong hands expertly finger-fucking each other with such force that their bodies jerked and twitched from the pressure.

    "Cum, god-damn you!" Aurora grunted, with desperation sounding in her voice.

    "You... go... first..." Kara panted back. "You want to... You have to..."

    "You are going over the edge... You can't wait..."

    "Fucking cum!"

    "Give in! You can't resist..."

    A howl of combined ecstasy, frustration, passion and anger echoed through the room as one of the woman bucked and thrashed as a powerful orgasm swept through her body. Blue eyes gazed unseeing into the distance as Kara succumbed to the ageless forces that overtook her.

    Aurora stared into Kara's eyes, waiting that extra few seconds to ensure her victory, then came herself, and the room was filled with the moans and groans of satisfied and satiated womanhood.

    Minutes later, they lay in relaxed stupor, held close in each other's strong arms. Kara looked up at Aurora, a strange expression of triumph in her eyes. "You were the better this time, by just a little bit. We will meet again."

    Aurora smiled down at the blonde. "Yes," she murmured. "We will." She wriggled closer to Kara and closed her eyes...

    ...and almost immediately snapped them back open. Feeling utterly refreshed - indeed, almost transformed - she regretfully removed the helmet and leads, and carefully - almost reverently - stowed it away. She glanced at her screen, where "Sim-Scene Exercise Routine #1FA9B Completed!" still displayed. With a satisfied sigh and a thankful smile, she closed the cover.

    "Hmm... I must remember that one..."


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    Emish - in memoriam - Story Kara vs Aurora

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    Re: Emish - in memoriam - Story Kara vs Aurora

    Gosh, thanks for posting this wonderful story by Emish in memoriam. Its a real showcase of what a gifted and talented writer he was.

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    Re: Emish - in memoriam - Story Kara vs Aurora

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    Emish - in memoriam - Story Kara vs Aurora
    Yes a great story please post other stories if you have them.

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