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    Question Story Search "Alias Smith and Jones"

    Story Search "Alias Smith and Jones"
    Hello once again fellow readers and admirers,

    The subject story was previously uploaded here on the forum but somehow I have been unable to find it.

    The story titled "Alias Smith and Jones" involved two families the Smiths and the Jones. The families had a falling due to which the mother and daughter of both the families end up catfighting in the nude with the losers having to satisfy the victors.

    If anyone has copy saved please share the same.

    Much obliged

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    Re: Story Search "Alias Smith and Jones"

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    Story Search "Alias Smith and Jones"
    Think this is what you're looking for?

    Alias Smith and Jones
    Written by Fanman Tuesday, 27 December 2005 21:27

    Names have been changed to protect the guilty… um I mean to protect the innocent… um I mean, oh hell who am I kidding, there are no innocents in this story and I’m changing the names to protect ME from a lawsuit.

    The homes were very expensive and very exclusive. They were “summer” homes, on the beach. Technically it was not the Atlantic Ocean, but it wouldn’t take much to get there. Also, it was technically in New England, but the people were New Yorkers. This is the tale of two families. The Smiths and the Jones.

    The Smiths consist of Diane and Mike Smith. She was thirty five, 5’6” 135 lbs, 38C-28-36. He was forty, 6’, 200lbs. Both played golf and tennis, and enjoyed swimming, beach volleyball, water skiing and sailing in the summer, and snow skiing and tropical climates in the winter. Son Tod was eighteen 5’10’’, 185 lbs, likes soccer and football. Daughter Jill eighteen, 5’6” 110 lbs, 34C-23-33, also likes soccer and is a cheerleader. Oh yea, everyone is blond, blue and beautiful.

    The Jones are Amy and Ed Jones. She is thirty six, 5’7” 138 lbs, 38C-27-37. He is thirty nine, 6’ 1”, 195lbs. Again, both played golf and tennis, swam, beach volleyball, water ski and sail in the summer and snow ski in the winter. Son Sean is eighteen 5’9’’, 165 lbs, liked soccer (forward to Tod’s fullback) and baseball. Daughter Buffy eighteen, 5’6” 100 lbs, 32B-22-32, also likes soccer and is a cheerleader. Again, all blond except Ed, whose hair is a kind of reddish blond and again all are beautiful.

    All eight were the type the locals loved to hate. They were arrogant, stuck-up, self-centered, and egotistical. They were very insulting to the locals without even realizing it, and won’t have cared if they did. The sons and daughters all hung around with the same group. They spent days on the beach, sunning themselves, playing volleyball, throwing a football or a Frisbee around, swimming, sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, etc. Nights were spent at beach parties, boat parties or clubbing. The parents days and nights were much the same, but in the company of their peers, and with some golf or tennis thrown in.

    The two sets of parents had been in some mate swapping groups together in their younger days, but had never swapped with each other. Now they faintly disliked each other, each thinking the other a pair of self-centered snobs. The daughters hated each other on sight. Both are busty blonds who are the center of the popular girl click back home. They immediately began competing for the head bitch position in their summer environment. The only ones who got along were the sons and that was only because neither of them gave the other a thought. All either one was interested in was getting drunk, getting wasted and getting laid. Oh, and sports on Saturday and Sunday.

    Oh course the inevitable happened, Sean dated Jill about the same time Tod dated Buffy. It only lasted a couple of weeks but both relationships ended badly. The boys got into a shouting match about their sister being dis’ed, and a fistfight one night at a beach party. It came out pretty even (everyone thought Sean did pretty well considering he was an inch shorter and twenty pounds lighter.) but the resentment lingered. The girls got into a slap fight at a beach party a week later, because the brothers had fought, but that was quickly broken up.

    However, during the slap fight Jill got scratched. Oh…my…god. You would think it was the end of the world. The Smiths acted like her arm had been broken. It wasn’t even much of a scratch, just a light mark on her neck. Never the less, Diane called Amy and demanded an apology from Buffy for starting the fight and scratching Jill. Amy told Diane that Jill was the one who started it and Buffy was just defending herself, and that Jill was the one who should apologize. After a lot of yelling back and forth they slammed the phones down. No one was satisfied. The resentment between the two families increased.

    It came to a head at a mid-summer beach barbeque that everyone who was anyone attended. The Smiths’ spread rumors about the Jones’ and the Jones’ spread gossip about the Smiths’. Let’s see if I can remember how it went. By the time the night was over, Diane was said to be having a lesbian affair with her tennis coach; Amy supposedly had been pregnant twice by Ed’s business partner and had abortions both times; Ed was fleecing the business in retaliation for his partner screwing around with Amy; and Mike was just plain crooked. Buffy had made it with the basketball team back home, the whole team in one night, and Jill was going through the football team alphabetically. Even the boys were involved. Something about Sean getting some white trash tramp pregnant and having to get married before the summer was over because her father was a councilman or something, and Tod, oh Tod’s was the best. Depending on who you talked to he was screwing with either, let’s see, Mrs. Throckmorton, 65 years old, looks 75 and acts 85, her 13 year old great-grand daughter, or her 12 year old great-grand son. Plus there was something about him being impotent. Oh, the rumors flew hot and heavy that night.

    Well as you might imagine, before the night was over, the two families had confronted each other. Well I shouldn’t say the families. The daughters glared at each other and the wives had a short but very sharp exchange. On the other hand the husbands were totally oblivious to the whole thing and the sons were either wasted, drunk or both.

    The wives arraigned for the two families to meet after the party at the Jones’ compound (it was closer.) They would settle their differences family to family at that time. Ed and Mike had been drinking pretty heavily all night and now Amy and Diane joined them. As mentioned Tod and Sean were both already gone, but now their sisters joined them. By the time they all meet up, the adults were blasted and the kids were wasted. The difference was, the women were all mad drunks and the men were mellowed out. The guys didn’t want to fight or argue or do anything requiring exertion, except maybe screw. The women didn’t want to hear that shit, they just wanted to get their hands on that lying slut from the other family. So the families divided. As the men walked into the fenced area, they sat down to watch and cheer. The women walked in and began yelling at each other.

    It didn’t talk long for the yelling to degenerate to insults and for the insults to degenerate to cursing and name calling. I think Amy actually threw the first slap, putting Diane on the ground. Diane bounced right back up and lunged at Amy. Jill went for Buffy and the area became a bedlam of women and girls, pulling and tugging on each others hair. The two pairs actually bounced off each other a couple of times, as well as bouncing off tree and fences. Heads were snapping back and forth from slaps, scalps were being savaged, hair was actually being ripped out and clothes were torn and shredded.

    Finally all four hit the ground and rolled across the yard pulling and tearing at scalps, hair and clothes. After ten minutes of fighting all four were wrecks as well as nude.

    Finally Diane pulled Amy to the side and squirmed her way onto Amy’s back. They continued rolling with Diane pulling back on Amy’s hair from behind. As Diane rolled onto her back, she opened her legs and pulled Amy into their grasp. Diane closed her legs and locked her ankles with Amy’s back on her belly. Amy wailed as Diane squeezed Amy’s midsection with her thighs, pulled on her hair and shook her head from side to side. Amy was in trouble.

    In the mean time Jill and Buffy were also struggling across the lawn. They had managed to apply mutual headlocks and were pulling on each others neck. They stumbled around the yard on their knees, pulling and tugging, each trying to send the other to the ground. Finally, Buffy’s pulling proved stronger and Jill flipped onto her back. Buffy came down with her and landed with her side across Jill’s chest and her arm still wrapped around Jill’s neck. Jill put both hands under Buffy’s chin and pushed up. They stayed that way for twenty or thirty seconds, till Buffy’s arm couldn’t hold any more and she slipped, releasing her grip and flying off Jill to land on her back. Jill kicked at Buffy, rolled the other way and the two got up.

    Diane still had Amy in her scissors. In addition, Diane was rocking back and forth, pounding Amy into the ground on either side as she rocked. Amy’s body was flopping back and forth, and her head was bouncing off the ground pretty solidly each time Diane slammed her over. Amy was crying and sobbing, wailing each time she connected with the ground or Diane gave her an extra hard hair pull.

    Amy finally managed to get herself turned around and went for Diane’s face with her nails. Diane opened her legs and rolling to the side, put Amy on her belly. Diane came down atop the other woman pounding her into the ground, going butt to butt and bouncing up and down. Diane sat for a moment catching her breath. She wrapped Amy’s hair in her hands and pulled back like a rider trying to stop a runaway horse. She shook Amy’s head back and forth as she pulled. She let Amy drop and sat on her ass breathing heavily. Diane looked over at the girls. They had locked up again, pulling hair and slapping faces. Diane watched them fight for several minutes, rooting for Jill and yelling advice.

    Amy started to stir and Diane slapped her head from her position on Amy’s back. Amy twisted around, reached back and grabbed for Diane’s hair. Diane slapped her arm away, and battered at Amy’s head and shoulders with her fists. Amy slumped down and covered up till Diane stopped. Again Amy twisted around and reached back. This time she knew she couldn’t reach Diane’s hair, so she went for what she could reach. Amy latched on to Diane’s big left breast, squeezed and pulled. Diane shrieked and literally dove to the side, following Amy’s pull. Amy was in good enough condition and had recovered enough that she immediately crawled onto Diane and began pummeling and tormenting Diane’s boobs. Diane wailed and cried as Amy went to town on her tits. Amy ripped at Diane’s nipples, pulling and twisting. Amy twisted Diane’s nipples like she was tuning an old fashioned radio. She squeezed the nipples so hard her hands shook with the effort. She pulled Diane’s breasts up by the nipples and shook them from side to side violently. She pulled the tits as far as she could, then let them snap back to Diane’s chest. Diane was screaming and pounding on the ground.

    Amy pounded her little fists into Diane’s tits. She hit one, then the other, then brought both fists together on either side of a tit. That was a favorite of Amy’s. Another favorite of Amy’s was to pull a tit as far from Diane’s chest by the nipple as she could, then pound her fist into the inside of the extended milk jug. Diane screamed and cried at the abuse her big boobs were taking.

    Winded, Amy stopped to watch the girls in their struggle. Instead of head locks, this time each had one hand in the others hair and was slapping with the other one. They swirled across the lawn, pulling hair, slapping faces and punching into each others belly and chest. Just as Amy looked up, Jill caught Buffy low in the belly with a particularly good punch. Buffy stepped back and began to double over, but Jill pulled her up by the hair and hit her again. Buffy dropped to her knees, coughing and gagging, so Jill threw her face first to the ground. Jill dropped both knees into the small of Buffy’s back, then straddled the other girls back and pounded on her shoulders and head. Buffy covered up and tried to ride out the assault. Jill wasn’t done though. She had seen what Amy was doing to her mother, so she snaked her hands under Buffy and crushed her breasts into her chest. Buffy screamed and came up off the ground, bucking and swaying, trying to throw Jill off. Jill tightened her grip on Buffy’s soft sweater meat and wrapped her legs around Buffy’s belly. Squeezing both hands and legs, Jill brought another scream out the the trapped Buffy, then twisted to the side, dumping them both to the ground, Jill still riding Buffy’s back. Buffy yelled and cried, sobbing as Jill squeezed and twisted her big cones. To add insult to injury, Jill pounded her heels into Buffy’s crotch. Jill’s thighs still squeezed Buffy’s mid-section, but she used her lower legs to pound on Buffy’s lower belly and crotch.

    Buffy bucked and thrashed on the ground, Jill still on her back. Buffy rolled over with Jill below her and pounded her ass into Jill’s crotch and lower belly. Buffy’s arms were over her head, gripping Jill’s hair and trying to rip it out of Jill’s scalp. Finally Jill’s grip loosened enough for Buffy to roll off and the two separated. Amy cheered at Buffy’s escape and yelled advice to her daughter.

    Jill and Buffy made it to their knees then came back together. They wrapped arms around each other and each tried to throw the other to the ground. They were tit to tit and the grip they had caused their boobs to flatten against each other. At first it was merely uncomfortable, but as the two struggled their tits pushed into each other, rubbing and grinding, and their nipples scraped across each other’s boobs. It became painful.

    Amy was so intent on watching the girls, that the first hint of Diane’s return to the fight was Diane’s hands closing on Amy’s boobs, crushing them, and pulling Amy to the side. With a scream Amy was launched off of Diane to slam into the lawn. Diane was on her in a flash, ripping and tearing at Amy’s tits. Diane returned the nipple twisting Amy had given her earlier, with interest, and added some nail jabs in the processes. Diane dug her nails in like hooks and pulled on Amy’s tit meat. Diane pulled the tits as far as she could and actually lifted Amy off the lawn by her tits.

    When Amy’s screams reached a crescendo, Diane let them snap back to Amy’s chest. Diane gave her a second to feel the pain, then reset her nails, a little closer to the nipples this time, and pulled again. This time Amy’s screams were punctuated by plea’s for mercy, Amy begging Diane not to hurt her any more and to not destroy her breasts.

    Diane pinned Amy to the ground by one tit and began digging into the aureola of the other with her nails. Amy began screaming that she gave up and begging Diane to stop. After Diane had thoroughly ripped up Amy’s nipple and blood was oozing down the tit, Diane stopped. She leaned back, breathing hard and looking down at her handiwork. She grabbed the wounded nipple between her thumb and fore finger, squeezed and pulled, bringing another scream from Amy. Diane told her that if Amy ever gave her any more trouble, Diane would rip her nipples off.

    Diane left the defeated Amy moaning and crying, rolling from side to side holding her breasts. Diane rose and breathing hard looked around for the girls. The two were face to face on their knees, exchanging slaps to the face and punches to the breasts and belly. As Diane came forward Jill slammed a punch into Buffy’s belly, winding the other teen, then another lower down, bending Buffy over gagging and retching. Jill pulled her up by the hair and plowed her little fist between Buffy’s legs directly into the girls pussy. Buffy came up as high as she could on her knees with a shriek, then collapsed bonelessly onto the ground. Hands between her legs, Buffy cried and moaned, rolling from side to side on the ground.

    Jill stood up and walked around, loosening up. She came back over, grabbed Buffy’s ankles and hoisted them into the again. Buffy screamed as Jill pounded her heel down into Buffy’s exposed cunt. Twice, three times Jill stomped on Buffy. Jill dropped Buffy’s legs, kicked her over onto her belly and kicked her in the ass several times. Sobbing, crying and moaning, Buffy made to crawl away, but ended up just laying on the ground with her hands between her legs. Jill asked her if she gave up. When Buffy didn’t answer right away, Jill kicked her ass again. After two kicks in the ass and a toes first kick in the pussy, Buffy was screaming her surrender.

    Diane and Jill high fived each other to the applause of the males. Forgetting that they were both nude, they crushed each other in a fierce hug. Electricity ran up and down their spines as their breasts came together and their nipples made contact. Diane looked into her daughters eyes and saw the same lust and want that Diane herself felt.

    Diane told Ed and Sean to go into the house. Amy and Buffy belonged to the Smith family for the night and the Jones men wouldn’t want to watch what was going to happen to them. The two went into the house but Diane was sure she saw Sean peaking from a window. She was pretty sure she saw Ed peaking too.

    Diane called her son over and asked if he had ever fucked an older woman. When he said no, she told him that this was his lucky day. Diane forced Amy onto her knees and told her son to fuck the other woman’s mouth first. Diane put her thumbnail against the defeated woman’s eye and told her to be sure not to use her teeth. With one hand on her face and the other in her hair Diane held Amy while Tod rammed his seven inches of meat into her mouth over and over, forcing the older woman to deep throat him. When he felt himself cuming, he pushed his cock deep into her mouth and kept it there. He spewed his cum down her throat, forcing her to eat every drop.

    It might have been his imagination, but it sure felt to Tod like Amy was sucking every last drop of cum out of his cock. And as he pulled out, she seemed to be trying to suck him back in, licking and sucking at his dick for all she was worth.

    Diane put Amy on her back, and immediately straddled the other woman’s face. With out being told, Amy jammed her mouth to Diane’s pussy and began to lick and suck. Tod positioned himself between Amy’s legs and sank his prick deep into Amy’s pussy. He even managed to work her tits as he fucked her, leaning his head against his mothers back, kissing and licking up and down his mothers spine. In less than five minutes, all three had cum, Diane cumming twice due to the dexterity of Amy’s mouth.

    Deciding that Amy was enjoying this too much, Diane called her husband over. He and Jill had been working on Buffy, forcing her to suck his cock. Because of it’s size, Buffy couldn’t really get much of it into her mouth, but Jill was banging Buffy’s head down fairly hard. Buffy was managing to take six or seven inches of it in. Also, Jill had gotten a hair brush from her bag. She jammed the handle into Buffy’s pussy and was raping her with it. Whenever Jill thought Buffy liked it too much, she would pull the brush handle out of her pussy and scrape the bristles over Buffy’s cunt lips.

    Mike came over at Diane’s call and she had him lay on the ground. Then she put Amy on top and pushed her violently down onto Mike’s cock. Amy screamed and tried to hold herself up off the monster between Mike’s legs, begging Diane not to force it into her pussy. Diane taunted Amy, telling her that Diane was a real woman and took that cock almost nightly. Diane got behind Amy, grabbed Amy’s tit and pulled down. Amy screamed some more and finally took all fourteen inches of solid meat inside her. Amy withered as Diane scratched her tits and nipples. Finally getting the defeated woman fully onto her husbands cock, Diane pushed her down till she was resting on Mike’s chest. Then she had Tod position himself behind her and shoved his cock up her ass. Moaning and sobbing, Amy was sandwiched between the two men as they began fucking her. As the final piece, Diane had Jill come over. Jill grabbed Amy’s hair and forced her face into Jill crotch, to lick and suck another pussy. Diane sat back against the pile and forced Buffy’s face to her own pussy.

    Mike came first, blasting his cum deep into Amy’s abused pussy. Tod had already cum twice, so he just got off. If he had another one in him, he wanted to save it for Buffy’s mouth. Diane was tempted to have Mike fuck Buffy but decided against it. Instead he gave Buffy to Tod and Jill.

    Tod had always liked Jill’s tits, so he sat Jill on Buffy’s face, knelt between Buffy’s legs and plunged his cock into her. Buffy ate Jill while Tod sucked her nipples.

    Diane sat back on a lounger and pulled Amy’s face into her crotch. Amy’s mouth and tongue again went to work on Diane’s pussy and quickly put her in bliss. Mike came up behind Amy and jammed his cock into her cunt. She lifted her head and squealed at the unexpected penetration of Mike’s huge prick. She begged him to take it out till Diane got her hands into Amy’s hair and yanked her head back down to her crotch. Forcing Amy’s mouth back onto her pussy, Diane told her to eat her, NOW. Moaning and sobbing Amy went back to work on Diane’s pussy.

    When Tod was ready to cum, he told Jill to get off Buffy. He dismounted her pussy, moved up to her head and plunged his cock into her mouth. He pumped his seven incher into Buffy’s mouth two or three times then held her tightly against his crotch by her hair, dumping this third load down Buffy’s throat. While Tod was raping her mouth, Jill had jammed a finger into Buffy’s pussy. She pumped the finger in and out several times then added a second finger, a third then a fourth. Finally, when Jill had Buffy lossened enough she put her thumb in and forced her whole hand into Buffy’s love tunnel. Buffy screamed and howled around Tod’s cock and Jill’s hand disappeared into her cunt. Jill jammed her hand in and twisted, pulled out and jammed it in again. Buffy was being pumped on both ends and as Tod came down her throat, her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out.

    Seeing what Tod and Jill did to Buffy, Diane had Mike pull out before he could cum again. She made Amy stay on hands and knees, and had Mike enter her anus. Amy screamed as Mike slowly pressed his cock into her asshole, twisting and pushing to get it in. Diane had moved to Amy’s side and began working her hand into Amy’s pussy. She didn’t do it gently, one finger at a time like Jill did, she made a cone with her fingers and pushed the whole hand in, twisting and screwing it in. Amy cried, sobbed, moaned and screamed as the two violated her from top and bottom. As Mike got himself fully into the ravished woman and began to pump, Diane got her hand fully in and began her pumping. As the final humiliation, Diane used her free hand on Amy’s tits, gouging and ripping at the nipples with her nails. Amy’s blood dripped from her cut and gouged nipples, as with a final lunge Mike came in her asshole. Mike withdrew with a popping sound and Amy fainted.

    The Smiths left Buffy and Amy tied face to pussy.
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