The Perfect Ingredient Part 6
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    The Perfect Ingredient Part 6

    The Perfect Ingredient Part 6
    Part 6

    The girls breathed with a deep huff of anger and arousal. Their fingers were now coated with the sweetness of their enemy and they had to stop themselves from licking them instantly. The loud slam of the jug had stopped them but the room was again quiet besides the two oily warriors breathes.

    “What the fuck are you playing at?” Teagan said sitting up onto her knees a few feet away from Paige and staring at the manager’s body which was red in places they had attacked. Her own tanned body had small scratches and was slightly more fatigued after the last hour but she remained determined to finish Paige off in anyway.

    “The same game you started first you fucking dyke! You used your tongue first!” Paige said clearly refereeing to Teagan using her pink muscle to escape Paige’s hold a few minutes ago.

    “You used your bare disgusting pussy first you hypocrite!” She hissed. “I can feel how turned on you are!” She finished bringing her hands up in front. A clear sheen of something other than oil could be seen now dawned her finger.

    “You’re soaking wet too! Way more turned on than me!” Paige said bring her own hand up as well with the cum coating.

    They glared at each other having now acknowledged they had both used lesbian techniques during the fight.

    “No. You are way more turned on than me.” Teagan said deadpan even as her pussy leaked in her soaked thong.

    “Not even close.” Paige replied. “And if we get back at it I will prove it.” She laid out the unspoken challenge between them.

    The wrestling had proven they were a strong match in the physical aspect of their bodies. They now eyed each other in a more erotic light with it in the open and Teagan was willing to see where it would play out just as much as Paige.

    “How about we lose our little thongs and continue this…nude?” she motioned to the both of them using her still cum covered finger. The word nude hung in the air as Paige did not respond and Teagan did not continue. Their garments left little to the imagination and they had already broken that line but they still provided a final barrier to being fully exposed to each other. A last line between a wrestling match and something much dirtier. A few more seconds inched by as Paige ran a hand around her waist feeling the small string until she reached the triangle front while Teagan waited for confirmation.

    “Nude.” She finally said in a statement like fact as if it had already been decided long before Teagan had suggested. Her eyes went now down to Teagan’s thong and she gave a dark smile, “I think nude is how you and I need to settle this. It is the best way for me to humiliate you in the best way…but I’m not about to take my thong off for you.” She finished as she sat up again to her knees holding the loose strings on her hips. “Come take it off me if you think you’re strong enough and I will rip yours off your body.”

    Teagan gave her an evil grin and began to move forward toward Paige on her knees, “That was the plan. I’m going to tear it down your legs and then force you to take every drop of humiliation till you give up.” She finished as she came closer and closer to Paige.

    “Or maybe you will be the one humiliated under me…begging for mercy”. Paige said not moving forward but shaking her tits at Teagan slightly showing their firmness and size.

    The word humiliation was being thrown around back and forth between the women in place for the word of sex. The better woman would win by forcing the other to give up by ‘humiliation’. The better woman would be able to give and take more sexual arousal in the oil arena they found themselves in.

    Teagan leaped with a catty cry at Paige who stood to meet her. They slammed their tits together and they immediately melted into each other pushing with their glands. Their hands went for their opponent’s black strings on the hips again looking to bring the fight nude as they could quickly. The thongs had held on but now with their hands slapping nothing could hold them up. Both strings on each girl had already been stretched and easily slid down their bodies to their knees resting half on the ground and restricting their leg movements. The thongs could go no lower unless they forced each other down or into a different position as they pushed into each other. Their navels touched as their slightly toned stomachs met and Teagan prepared her ass muscles for another contest with Paige’s perfect glutes as their hips had aligned. This time however the pressure never came from Paige. Teagan had looked up just in time after feeling her tits pushed into harder. She didn’t even have time to gasp as Paige’s lips connected to hers in their first kiss. Teagan’s eyes shot open in shock as Paige’s tongue wasted no time splitting her lips and sliding wetly into her mouth looking for her rival pink muscle.

    Paige felt Teagan go tense as she was orally assaulted. She lost focus as she tried to kiss back allowing herself to get pushed back by the tits. The thong on her knees didn’t help her balance and she had to way to stop Paige’s frontal assault who awkwardly pushed them back bending Teagan down.

    Teagan fell onto her back into the oil with their thongs still at their knees and their lips still moving against each other. Their lower lips avoided each other with their legs unable to open. Paige ensured that their large mummeries stayed touching as she used them like weights pushing hard but her focus had to shift back to their faces as her tongue had found its counterpart and spitty contest had started between them there. Teagan was now aggressively kissing back and their tongues found themselves in a pushing contest much like the oily boobs a few inches away. Spit dripped out from their enclosed mouths more in attempt to overflow each other.

    Meanwhile their legs thrashed as best they could still restrained by the clothes as they made out on the floor. Both were trying to keep their own thong on but get the others off making the other nude first. They slipped down inch by inch from their toned calves until they came to each girl’s feet.

    Their tongues were in near full contact as they rolled them around each other over and over. The first thong finally came off after Teagan hooked Paige’s with her toes and she kicked it off. Teagan had no time to celebrate as Paige’s now free legs easily hooked the other thong and slipped it right off the other pair of feet. The two discarded small pieces of cloth lay at their side as the now completely nude woman continued swapping spit on the oily floor but now they could spread their legs opening their pussies for attack. Paige still on top brought one left hand to Teagan’s tits while the other went to the smooth slit of Teagan. The cook had other plans though. She slapped Paige’s ass like jello and rolled their bodies to put Paige on bottom.

    She then slipped away from Paige who raised an eyebrow at her thinking maybe she was giving up. Instead Teagan went to her ass and spread her legs showing off her now smooth perfect pussy. She didn’t say a word but simply did an air hump at Paige who got the message.

    Paige matched the pose rubbing her legs drawing attention to the rose tattoo on her thigh. Their soaked oily pussies eyed each other a few feet away until they moved their legs across and without a word between them touched their nether regions.

    The trib began in earnest and they scowled at each other as their folds meshed with wet sound of labia melded. Their asses fuelled the meshed as they bounced along with the huge girls on their chests.

    “OH GOD!” Teagan moaned as they fully fucked each other in the garage in attempt to force each other off
    “SHIT” Paige yelled equally in passion as they moved up and down in a sync of beauty and grace. The oil already made it easy to rub on each other but the cum that had started to leak out gave a sticker feel when mixed in the oil. Their chests moved like sand bags up and down taunting the other pair. 3 minutes passed with the sounds of grunts and wet pussy slaps

    Teagan clit was the most sensitive part on her body and it had appeared from the hood standing out and looking for contact. She groaned louder when it would be pushed into the warmth of the layers of Paige. Every few thrusts she swore she felt her clit flick Paige’s own sexhorn sending deep shock waves up her loins. She was sure Paige felt it too as the brunette body would have a deeper shake at the same time as her.

    “Touch your clit to mine if you are brave enough!” Paige hissed confirming Teagan’s thoughts as they flicked again. “Fine! Clit to clit!” Teagan yelled back. They began to focus on their two nerve endings and touching them over and over in a delicate sword fight. This lasted about 30 seconds until Teagan’s knew she had to change position. She pushed her loins forward so their clits were now in full direct contact squishing tightly head to head.

    “SLUT!” Paige cried as her pussy joined with Teagan’s. She held on as tightly as she could ensure the oil wouldn’t let them slip away and their pulling into each other only increased the intensity of the duel. Their clits finally slipped past each other giving a small movement of relief even as they rubbed as deep as they could.

    “FUCK YOU!” Teagan cried pushing up from the trib and tackling Paige directly chest to chest working to mount the other women.
    “BITCH!” Paige growled caught off guard at the new position but adapted quickly. They slapped their big tits into each other sending their nipples digging into the meaty flesh. Paige spread her legs allowing Teagan access to her cunt with her own ensuring the war there would not stop. Teagan’s body was shaking in pre-orgasmic bliss but she kept humping the girl underneath in a missionary trib positon to finish her cunt to cunt. Their faces dripped oil and sweat as they sexually battled face to face looking at each other with deadly stares. Teagan used her ass to pound Paige down but the brunette met every thrust with her own flicking their clits again. They continued this for only a few seconds when the pleasure built too high for Paige.

    “NOOO!” Paige cried to the feeling of Teagan’s tits and pussy gravity empowered thrusts over and over hitting hers began to break her wall. After a month of thinking about Teagan; Paige was now getting forced off by her nightmare fuck girl. Her cunt and clit began to twitch and her pussy felt like a dam that held to much water.
    Sensing Paige’s orgasm Teagan tried to pull back and separate their duelling cunts and relieve the pressure on her sex organs. She wanted to force Paige off her high horse by making her cum against her will without cumming herself; the ultimate form of humiliation they had promised.

    Paige knew her orgasm was inevitable but still had the sense to feel Teagan was just as close as she had been in this fuck war. The Hawaiian was attempting to slip away leaving her to cum alone on the dirty floor alone. ``She he had to stop the escape and keep them touching in every way possible. Her arms that had been held into Teagan’s hair released quickly as she teetered on the verge of cumming.

    Her fingers slid down the smooth back and quickly gripped Teagan’s oily powerful ass clawing it and forcing back down with all the power she could. Their cunts hit again wetly and she didn’t let go pulling Teagan’s pussy harder down into her cunt putting them in as much contact as she could. Teagan breathed in sharply at the feeling and her body couldn’t’ move back with the claws in her flesh. The feeling of Paige’s cunt and clit twitching on hers was the breaking point Teagan did not want. She was going over the edge with Paige in a dirty mutual orgasm and they both knew it.

    She moved forward instead of trying to escape and sloppily kissed Paige as the first small wave hit them as their toes began to curl. They continued to kiss for only a second until the second larger wave started causing their muscles to spasm and they needed to breath and moan. Their spit covered tongues forced to separate but they continued lick each other’s faces as they came moaning into each other’s open mouths.

    They whined in high pitch unison as they came together and releasing the pleasure that had been building the entire fight. Paige could feel every nerve mesh with Teagan’s as they sexual finished each other. Their bodies shook and small bits of cum dripped down their wet slits onto each other’s causing even more stickiness. Neither girl dared separate them for the pleasure was too great as they rode each other down. Even in the middle of their orgasm, the will to fight in them continued to drive the interaction to see who could cum more. Their hands had gone right to their tits feeling them up. Each trying to draw out and make her opponents orgasm to last longer than her own by playing and rubbing the big blossoms. They desperately were trying tire each other out as they pulled an extra 5 seconds of pure pleasure from the mummeries that had sent longer shocks down to.

    As the final wave slowly died out neither moved for a few seconds taking in how powerful and intense the pain and pleasure they had shared. Teagan’s black hair had flown forward covering their faces now making them seem to be in their own personal arena seeing only each other. Paige looked at Teagan angrily and suddenly spit onto the Asian women’s face. Teagan made no other move except to spit back landing near Paige’s nose and dripping down to her mouth. They had not finished as they glared at the spit on the gorgeous face of her opponent but didn’t start fighting. They need a minute to recover. They held this pose for another couple second still feeling the wetness in-between their legs drip like the spit on their faces.

    --------------To be continued.

    Will try to post to both this and google for now as the change occurs or what gets the most attention going forward. Sorry this part is short and il make the next one more. My comp explored....literally but the action is fun to write and will be continued. Hope you enjoy and thanks again for the comments and likes.
    The next story I write I want to finsh before posting but we will see. Thanks again all.

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    Re: The Perfect Ingredient Part 6

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    The Perfect Ingredient Part 6
    Fantastic! I've been waiting for this with bated breath! Looking forward to reading this and finding out what happens!


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