Best Friend's Sister, Part Thirty-Eight
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    Best Friend's Sister, Part Thirty-Eight

    Best Friend's Sister, Part Thirty-Eight
    The stakes from the Hooter/Beta-O match. Thanks everyone for reading!


    Tiff teased me the whole way to the hotel, going deep into her bag of tricks to get me raring to go. Her left breast was out more often than not, and she gently bounced it, reminding me both visually and verbally how Tamera had nearly done her amazing tits in. "Imagine how soft they'd be now," Tiffany mused as we pulled into the hotel. Tiffany glanced at my crotch. "I'm wondering if I should give you a mercy blowjob now, just so you're not gawking at every young, big titted woman in the hotel." Tiffany grinned and leaned back, lifting up her shirt to show me her sore tit. I reached over and Tiffany grinned. I was amazed at how tender and beaten her tit felt.

    Tiffany read the question in my eyes. "Yeah, it's sore when you grope it, but it's also kinda nice to know that you think my battered chest is still worth groping," she teased. "I don't mind if you want to play with them," she promised. "But I guarantee you'll have bigger distractions than these beaten jugs," she promised. I cupped her tit and shook it. "I'm really starting to wonder about what kind of tits you like," Tiff whispered, her voice smoky. "Do you like my nice firm tits, baby? Or do you like these beaten, droopy tits?" I groaned and she smiled.

    "I may never know," she pouted. "Just for that, no blowjob in the car." She got her stuff and opened the door, letting her tits shake under her shirt. Tiffany pulled on a hoodie, pulling the zipper up to right between her tits. "Just for you," she teased as I got out of the car. We walked into the hotel arm in arm, right past the front desk and to the elevator. Tiff reached into her hoodie pocket for a key card, sliding it into the elevator and tapping a few numbers. "Penthouse," she explained. "The whole floor." She smiled wickedly as she leaned into me, lightly nipping my chin with her lips. "Of course, we're only going to need the one room."

    The elevator doors slid open smoothly and I was greeted by Hailey. She was wearing black high heels, shining in the warm light of the hotel hallway, tight fishnet stockings, and a black skirt with white lace — a sexy french maid outfit. Except for the top. There wasn't one. Hailey's ripe looking breasts shook as I watched her walking down the hallway, a bucket for ice at her waist. Her eyes went wide when she saw me, and I heard Loni laugh as she saw the elevator door open. I hadn't noticed her behind the topless maid, I realized. "Don't you dare hide those from him. C'mon in Jon!" Loni shouted. Hailey's arms froze and she stood, helpless to Loni's whim. "This is all you have to do," Loni reminded her. "Be a topless maid for one night. Let Jon get a good look at those loser tits, too." Hailey took a deep breath and did as she was asked, lowering her arms.

    Hailey's tits jiggled slightly as she moved, a testament to her softness. Tiffany walked right up to Hailey and smiled. "Jon likes your tits," Tiff said, and Loni laughed. Even Hailey sputtered and Tiffany winked at her. "Jon likes any tits!" Loni yelled suddenly, and I heard Hailey sputter again as she turned around and made her way to the room. I realized that the room directly to the right had an open door, and looked in to see Tanya standing against her bed. The blonde's huge breasts swung gently in front of her as Sydney leaned in, on her knees. The Hooter's girl's blonde hair was ina ponytail as she said, clearly enough for anyone to hear, "Your tits are better, mine are nothing compared to yours," before leaning in to suckle on Tanya's bigger, firmer jugs. I watched for a moment before Tiffany grabbed my arm.

    "I admit I'm a bit jealous of Tanya. Sydney is drop dead gorgeous," she sighed into my arm. We passed by Cassie's room, and I noticed a much different tone in the competitors. Cassie and Maria were simply on the bed, gently kissing. Both women were topless, and I felt my eyes widen as I watched them make out. Maria looked up and broke off the kiss, standing. Fearing I'd gotten caught, I started to move, but Maria smiled. Cassie stood up and came up behind her, smiling.

    "Hey Jon," Cassie said, and my eyes were glued to the redhead's hands. They had snaked out and cupped Maria's cone shaped boobs from behind, gently stroking them. Cassie's lips sucked in Maria's left earlobe as she played with her opponent's softened boobs. Maria's hand languidly gripped the door, and slowly closed it. "With love from Tiff!" Cassie said, loudly enough to hear. I swear I almost groaned and looked at my lover, who was wearing an impish smile.

    "Oh come on," Tiff said. "That was funny." She saw my mock anger and sighed. "Fine," she said, keeping the grin on her face. "I owe you another blowjob." I chuckled, but I stopped when she leaned in. "I won't even hold it against you if you think about Maria's tits while I drain your balls," she murmured. "Hell, I'll think about them while I suck you." I groaned that time.

    We passed one closed door, the last on the right, and I heard only a few muffled groans as we passed by. "Sabrina's room." Tiff said quietly. Rolonda obviously was busy, as I heard no speaking. Only as we got to the final room, the largest, did I realize that Tiffany made no comment about Sabrina and Rolonda, nor did she offer any insight as to what was happening. Given the situation and the tone surrounding it, I declined to bring it up.

    "This is going to seem weird. Tamera agreed to everything, baby. We even wrote it up," she teased. "I'll let you read it after we're done with her." She emphasized the "we're," and I noticed. "I owe her a lot in terms of.. inspiration. To be fair, your involvement on her side of the stakes was pretty hot," she whispered. She opened the door.

    Whatever I was expecting, the sight that greeted me was not it. Tamera was laid out, spread eagle on the bed. I quickly closed the door behind me, and Tiffany locked it.

    "The girls take care of you, Tam?" Tamera looked up at her, a mix of shame and anger on her face. She nodded curtly, and Tiff smiled. "Glad to hear it," she said. Tamera looked at me, though, and I saw a flicker of fear cross her face before it went completely neutral. Tiffany noticed, too. "Oh relax," she chided the bound Hooter girl. "He's the least of your worries now." I let my eyes wander over the beaten black woman's body. She was completely nude, and I noticed that she was completely shaven. I did my best to keep my eyes up, but Tiffany saw me drinking in her conquest. "Look at her tits, too, baby," she urged. Tamera bit her lip, the humiliation brimming up quickly.

    I glanced to Tamera's torso and noticed that her tits had already begun bruising. Dark patches were showing up on her already dark skin, and I felt a pang of sympathy. "Notice how soft they are?" Tiff queried as she walked to Tamera's left. I shifted to the beaten Hooter girl's right side. I glanced at her to see her watching Tamera's beaten jugs. Tiffany reached down and carefully cupped the loser's beaten left tit, shaking it gently. Tamera grunted, and Tiffany set the beaten sack down.

    "All tied up, nice and tight," Tiffany whispered, and I couldn't tell if she was speaking to me, to Tamera, or to herself. She leaned over and dangled her left breast over Tamera's mouth. "Suck my victorious tit," she commanded her captive foe. Tamera let Tiffany's soft sack into her thick, glossy lips, gently kissing and licking it. Tiffany's hand slowly and gently caressed Tamera's toned abs. "You are so fucking gorgeous," Tiffany told her. Tamera's eyes flickered up to Tiff's face with some surprise, and Tiffany by way of message shoved her tit further into Tamera's face. Tamera opened her mouth, surprisingly willing to suckle more of my fiancée's heavy breast. "You're mine," Tiff reminded her. "And I like giving my prizes the once over," she explained. Tamera grunted as she felt Tiffany's fingers tracing her abs. "I bet all your boyfriends love this tight body," she told her. Tamera mumbled around Tiffany's tit, but my fiancée didn't let the damaged breast out of the bound woman's mouth.

    "Jon's going to feel your abs now," Tiff told her. Tamera's eyes closed for a moment, and when they opened again, she slowly took a long suck on Tiff's breast. Tiff nodded, and I ran my hand over her taut stomach. Tiff gave me a wink, and I went slowly, letting my fingers barely touch her bared midriff. I was hoping that was what she wanted; I often gave her the same treatment, barely touching her skin with the hopes that the touch would get her going. She really liked it on her neck, I recalled fondly. I glanced at Tamera's face and saw her face slightly shifting; I was getting to her, I realized.

    "They're so tight and strong," I commented. Tamera bit her lip as she gently tried twisting away. Tiffany smiled. "Ooh. I love when Jon does that," Tiff whispered to her bound opponent. "Just that gentlest touch," Tamera groaned as Tiffany teased her, and my girlfriend laughed.

    "Oh Tam, if that's all it's going to take, you're in for a much longer night than I'd expected," Tiffany laughed. "Imagine when I get to that muscular thigh of yours," she said softly. Tamera's leg twitched and I held back a smile. Instead, I traced each line I could find of Tam's abs.

    "I know," Tiffany said suddenly, and when I looked I was surprised to see my fiancée's face close to Tamera's. "And now you're wondering if I meant my fingers or my tongue," she added. Tamera took a deep breath, and I felt her stomach tighten under my fingers as she sought to gain control. A single, deep breath later, and she looked Tiffany in the eye.

    "I'd be fighting in your place, too. You're a lot like your tits at the beginning of that fight. Proud, firm, resilient. And you'll be like them after the fight," Tiffany whispered. "Broken, soft, and malleable." With that, Tiffany gently cupped Tamera's right tit again and jiggled it, causing waves of flesh to roll over the crushed breast. Tamera groaned as she felt her sore boob abused, and I saw Tiff lean in and kiss Tamera gently. Tamera rolled her eyes and ignored Tiffany's violation, and Tiffany smiled.

    "I'm not going to drop any cliché lines about how you'll be begging for it at the end, tonight," Tiff tells her, this time reaching down for both tits. "Of course, it won't be tonight when we're finished. You'll probably get to see the sun come up." Tamera's angry stare flickered for a moment, and Tiffany smiled. "You're smart to be scared," Tiffany told her. She leaned in and traced Tamera's lip with her tongue. Tamera turned her head, and Tiffany kissed the Hooter girl's neck. Tamera stiffened as she felt Tiffany's mouth gently suck, and I watched Tamera's nipples harden. The Hooter girl pulled away after a moment, and Tiffany grinned.

    "You may actually enjoy this," she told her vanquished opponent. "But I think you think I'm going to hurt you," Tiffany said. Tiffany sat on the bed next to her. Her eyes fell to Tamera's softened tits. Tiffany slowly reached down and grabbed Tamera's right tit with her right hand, using her left to hold herself up. "I own you tonight," Tiffany said softly. Tiffany leaned over and sucked Tamera's beaten breast into her mouth. Tamera grunted, but did little else as Tiffany slurped on the loser's tit. Tamera's dark skin, gorgeous and smooth distorted slightly as Tiff leaned back, slowly letting the flesh drop from her mouth. "Did my girls treat you well?"

    "Oh, fuck this," Tamera. "Just do what you're going to do and get me out of your little control fantasy," Tamera spat. Tiffany smiled and languidly slipped over Tamera's torso. She gently began leaning over, and I was confused. Tamera's eyes widened a bit as Tiffany moved down, and I didn't figure out what my wife-to-be was doing until she slowly leaned over and pushed her breasts into Tamera's. The Hooter girls top fighter could only grunt in discomfort as Tiffany slowly and methodically pancaked Tamera's tits. Tamera's flesh slowly melted away from Tiffany's tits, though Tiffany's breasts still slid outward. Tamera groaned as Tiffany leaned in but then Tiff pulled away and remained atop Tamera.

    "One thing you'll know before the night is out," Tiff said softly, grinning, "is that my control is not a fantasy," she whispered. Tamera sneered up at her before her eyes widened. Tiffany's left hand was gently sloshing Tamera's right breast around. Her right hand, however, had shifted behind her. Tamera's mouth opened as I heard Tiffany gently slide a finger into Tamera's pussy. Tamera groaned as she felt the invasion, and Tiff's face slid into a peaceable grin. Tamera tried to fight the sensation, but even I could tell it was doing her no good. Her nipples hardened as Tiffany fingered her and she kept her eyes closed. "Oh my girls made sure you were ready. You are so wet." Tamera tried to snarl, but Tiffany did something. I was half tempted to watch Tiff's fingers, but seeing my girl atop the Hooter Queen was far too much of a turn-on to turn away.

    Tamera's head began rolling back and forth and Tiffany smiled as she saw Tamera's pussy slowly ground to a quivering mess. "You are soaking my fingers, Tam. I can't wait for the main event. But I need you focused, so why don't you..." Tamera's body suddenly stiffened and I saw the Hooter queen cum, moaning as her body rocked. Tiffany kept her pinned, looking down at her smugly while Tamera's defeated jugs shook and quivered on her chest, loosely rolling until Tiff's conquest settled, panting as she looked up at Tiffany's face balefully.

    "Oh, that was just the first step. I'm going to give you a way out of this now," she said. Tamera rolled her eyes. The door opened, and I looked to see Connie come in. Connie's blonde hair was tied in a ponytail, and she was wearing a tank top and some shorts with "Beta-Os" scripted across the right thigh. I tried to tamp my rising lust as I watched Connie's tits sway under the tank top, realizing that her gorgeous rack was not being held in by a bra. She carried a box with her, and she set it behind Tiffany, and pulled out a long, thin object with a bulbous head and a cord that was about ten feet long. Connie leaned over as she pulled the machine from the box, letting me take in her swaying, full tits. I felt my cock lurch as I watched her work and when she stood up, she smiled. She turned and walked the cord over to the outlet, bending over and pushing her round firm ass against her shorts.

    When she stood up this time, her nipples were like daggers and my eyes widened. Connie gently cupped her left breast and bounced it, a show just for me, it seemed. Then she went back to Tiffany.

    Tamera was staring daggers at Tiffany, but I could see a bit of concern as Connie appeared over my girl's shoulder. "Hey Tam!" Connie said in a far bouncier voice than I remembered. She reminded me of Shelby for just a moment. "I get to watch this one! Apparently Tiffany didn't like you approving that video of Kara and Darla did with me. And so I get to not only watch, I get to help!"

    Tiffany couldn't keep the shit-eating grin off her face. "You fucked with our pledges, Tamera. Specifically my brother's girlfriend. Then okayed a recording of two people I really can't approve of playing with him. So now I get to fuck with you. Plus I flattened those wrecking balls on your chest. Which by the way, is something you're going to admit tonight. Without me even asking. We'll start with my new purchase here. These things are not cheap, so I'd appreciate you not talking about how it doesn't work." Tiffany glanced at me.

    "Jon gets to watch because I think it's hot when he sees me completely dismantle a tough bitch. Feel free to cum whenever you want," she said Tamera. At the word "cum" a loud buzzing filled the air. Tamera's reaction was instant.

    "Oh fuck!" Tamera shouted. Connie grinned as she appeared next to Tiffany.

    "Thanks, Tiff," Connie said as she watched Tamera's face. "It's called a wand," the blonde offered, glancing down at what obviously was a vibrating massager that Tiff was holding against Tamera's already sensitive pussy. "And if you can keep from having three orgasms in fifteen minutes, I'll let you go. Now, I'm not stopping this for fifteen minutes unless you give up. If you say 'I'm cummed out,' before then, I'll stop. If not, we go the full way, no matter how many times I watch your perfect body twitching. Do you understand? And if you lose, the original stakes stand up. I own your ass, and I can do whatever I want." Tamera groaned. She nodded, but Tiffany shook her head. "I need to hear you say it. And for proof, Connie's going to video this whole exchange from this point forward." Tamera's eyes widened.

    "I... oh fuck me, shiiiit," Tamera took a deep breath, obviously holding back. "I understand, Tiff. You're going to be so pissed when I outlast your stupid contest and I walk out of here." Her breathing was labored, but the resolve was definitely there. Tiffany just smiled.

    "Did you get all that Connie?" Connie nodded, a handheld video camera having appeared in her hand from seemingly nowhere.

    "Oh yeah," Connie grinned, shifting and giving me a show as her thick tits shook over her chest. I was amazed at how filled with lust I had become. Tamera's body shook as she bit her lips together. Tiffany knew what she was doing with the wand, and after what seemed like five minutes of slow torture on Tamera's resilient pussy, I heard Tiff mutter.

    "Hmmmm, what's this switch for?" The sudden voice snapped Tamera's eyes open and a barely discernible "click" bounced through the room, even over the buzzing. The buzzing itself suddenly got higher and faster sounding, and Tamera's body shook. "Oops," Tiffany grinned.

    The black girl's toned, slender body shook the bed, and Tiffany grinned as she started thrusting her own pussy up and down Tamera's naked abs. "Damn Tamera, that has got to feel good. I can fucking feel this thing vibrating through your pussy. Look at those beaten titties shake while you cum. Remember, you've still got eleven minutes after this first cum to hold out
    for two more." Tamera grunted, gripping the blankets fiercely as she fought against the new, heightened sensations. Her mouth suddenly formed an "O" shape as she exhaled, and Tiffany gently used her thumb to slowly flatten Tamera's nipple. Tamera's eyes rolled into the back of her head as the orgasm rocked her body, and Tiffany kept the wand right on Tamera the whole time. I groaned as I watched the Hooter girl's leader reduced to a quivering mess as Tiffany wrang another orgasm out of her. Tamera's head flopped back and forth while Tiffany forced her defeated opponent to cum. Tiffany pulled the wand away as Tamera shuddered.

    "One," Tiffany intoned evenly, and immediately pulled her right arm, the hand attached to the wand back to Tamera's pussy. Tamera's groan filled the room, and I glanced over to Connie to see her lips turn into a smile as Tiffany slowly worked her pussy over.

    "No breaks for the loser," Tiffany said, running her free hand to Tamera's beaten tit. "I loved feeling this thing fold under my stronger tits. You put up a fight, a really good fight. But now look at you." Tamera's eyes shut tightly as she fought a particularly jarring wave of pleasure. Tamera to a deep ragged breath as Tiffany moved the vibrating tool, loving the looks of Tamera's struggles. Tamera's arms being bound seemed to be a huge issue, as her toned limbs tightened and loosened repeatedly as Tiffany continued to slide the wand gently up and down Tamera's pussy. Connie grinned at Tamera's plight, filming. "You're cumming so easily now that I own you," Tiff said. "I want to hear you tell me I have better tits while I pull your broken body to orgasm," she ordered. Connie grunted, and I glanced over at her bra less tits again. Her nipples were spikes and I could tell she was getting turned on. Connie didn't notice my stares, but I felt myself getting even harder as I watched Tiffany dismantle Tamera.

    When I turned back to my future wife, Tamera had another mouthful of her firm, perfect tit. Tamera moaned around it, sometimes losing the nipple before Tiff shoved it back in. Tamera's eyes were closed nearly the whole time, and Tiff glanced at me and flashed a grin before watching her breast fill the mouth of her defeated rival. I admit that seeing the dark flesh of Tamera's face swelling against my fiancée's tit was turning me on even more. I was nearly hypnotized by the steady suckling until I heard Tiffany sigh.

    "Almost, huh, Tam?" Tiffany said coolly and quietly. Tiffany's hand slid up to Tamera's tit. Tamera kept her mouth on Tiffany's tit, perhaps to distract herself from the feeling in her pussy, though I doubted it was working. Every time I glanced at the bulbous head of the wand, I could see it glimmering with Tamera's juices. Tiffany's hand avoided the usual slap and bounce on Tamera's breast, and I couldn't help but grin in wonder of my girlfriend's plans for Tamera's torture. Her hand gently squeezed Tamera's breast, then her fingers moved to the Hooter girl's stiff nipple. Tamera moaned as Tiffany pinched the tip, squeezing and rolling the rubbery peak as Tamera's eyes rolled back in her head again. "Theeerre we go," Tiffany hummed as Tamera's body began quaking. "Surely the second one is going to make it easier to resist the third? I mean you've already cum. You should feel nice and relaxed." Tiffany leaned forward further and started stabbing at Tamera's breast with her tongue. Tamera moaned loudly as Tiffany manipulated her nipple. "I should have spent more time flattening your nipple in that fight," she whined. "It is so hard." Tiffany sat up again, her hand full of the loser's tit while she brought Tamera close again. "Wow," Tiffany sighed. "I have to admit, the first resistance was impressive. But you can't hold up anymore. I broke your body."

    Tiffany turned to the camera. "This is your queen, Hooter girls?" She glanced at the time. "Three orgasms in under 6 minutes!" Tamera tried to say something, but Tiffany gently pushed the wand up a bit, and I could tell that it hit Tamera's clit. Tamera's voice turned into a low moan, then staccato gasps as Tamera gave her chance away, an orgasm that seemed to drain her spirit. She slumped back into the bed, her beaten tits jiggling, and I could tell a shift had happened. Tamera's eyes opened, fluttering to take in my girl's dominant form. "Not your night, Tam?" Tiffany asked coldly.

    "Fuck you," Tamera managed. Tiffany leaned over and palmed Tamera's tit, shaking it gently to a loud moan.

    "In your dreams. Tonight you get this toy." Tamera's eyes widened and Tiffany shook her head. "We've still got eight minutes," my fiancée told her, shoving the wand against Tamera even more sternly than she had. The effect was shocking in its immediacy. Tamera's muscles tightened again, and I could see them rippling under her arms and legs as the power of the wand forced the reaction. Tiffany wasn't teasing now though, I realized, and she continued to push and prod the vibrating machine into Tamera's pussy, this time even through the orgasm. Tamera shuddered, and Tiff looked at me as she saw my face.

    "Oh, baby, I'm so sorry. Come here and play with Tamera's loser tits while she cums again." She grinned at me before leaning back, giving her yet another angle on the machine. I strode over, barely aware of Connie changing angles to make sure she caught me toying with Tamera's top-tier tit. I gripped Tamera's flesh in my hand, and she could barely keep her eyes open. Rather than roughly slap it around, I barely touched her breast with my other hand, slowly spiraling circles toward her nipple. As I reached her areola Tamera looked up at me and I gave her my best impression of a smug grin as I took the nipple between my fingers and released my other hand. Tamera suddenly gasped, cumming as I held her tit up by the nipple. I wobbled it a few times before letting the big jug fall against the beaten woman's chest. Her moans ended and Tiffany looked down at her. "All you have to do is ask," Tiffany reminded Tamera. Tamera didn't respond, still feeling the previous orgasm. I flopped her tit around on her chest, enjoying how loose and liquid it felt. Her flesh rolled away from my hand, and I reached up with my other one to cup Tiff's firmer, stronger breast.

    "Jon," she murmured, though she did nothing to stop my crude groping. "He's comparing our tits now. What's your verdict, lover?" I glanced down at Tamera, her face a half-there mask as Tiffany kept up the pressure. I'm not sure she even heard me when I told Tiffany how much firmer and stronger her tits were than the beaten Hooter girl's floppy rack.

    "I'm cummed out!" Tamera weakly exclaimed it, but I heard the desperation in her voice. No doubt her worn out pussy had had enough. Tiffany slowly pulled the wand away from her conquest.

    "Look into the camera and say it," Tiffany said clearly. She had not, I noted, turned off the vibrator. Tamera paused, and Tiffany lightly brushed the still buzzing machine against Tamera's thigh. Tamera shuddered in anticipation and looked at Connie. Tiffany pulled the wand away.

    "I'm cummed out, Tiff," Tamera said, her voice soft. Another click sent the machine silent, and Tiffany rolled off the beaten woman.

    "Okay. Then that is the last orgasm you'll have tonight," Tiffany grinned. Tamera's eyes closed in what I had to assume was relief, but Tiffany shrugged. "Unless I decide to give you more. I will promise you this, though. The wand is going to be put away." I saw Tiffany pause, and a cruel grin came over her face.

    "After you clean it." Tamera's eyes went wide as Tiffany placed the wand's glittering head at Tamera's face. Seeing the hesitation, Tiffany smiled, a bit more warmly (though not much). "Oh, I'll be nice. You can get away with one lick," she taunted. Tamera balked, and Tiffany pulled the wand back, ready to put it between the beaten titfighter's legs. I reached out and cupped Tamera's breast again, gently drumming my fingers across it.

    "I'll do it," Tamera said, her voice firm but soft. Tiffany grinned and I let go of Tamera's tit. Tiffany turned off the toy and let it hang in front of Tamera's mouth. Whether out of lust or simple desire to not have to do it again, Tameara licked her own cum off the head of the wand with two big, broad strokes of her tongue. Connie groaned in triumph as she nodded to Tiffany, and I grinned as she found her revenge. Tiffany put the magic wand on the bed and smiled at me as she dismounted Tamera. When she was standing, Tiffany leaned over and gently sucked on the softened breast of her rival, slurping it off her chest and letting it fall back onto Tamera's torso with a lifeless thud.

    Tiff looked at the camera. "Long live the queen," Tiffany said, cupping her sore breasts. I leaned in to suck on my fiancée's firm tit and groaned around her. "Jon certainly knows a winning tit when he sees one. Or sucks one." Tiff sighed as I worked her breast over, tonguing her nipple and feeling my arousal shoot through the roof. I pulled off, leaving her nipple hard and glanced down at Tamera. She seemed relieved that she had a moment to recuperate, but her eyes worked hard to focus as Tiff bent over and pulled her shorts and panties off. Connie kept the camera going as Tiffany slid her naked body up Tamera's trapped, nude form. "God, feeling my skin on your tight body is turning me on so much," Tiff sighed, exaggerating. As she slowly slid her bare pussy up Tamera's body I started seeing the bare hint of a slick trail following Tiffany. She stopped right before Tamera's breasts and picked up the Tamera's left tit, motioning to Connie to get a closeup. I felt myself twitch in my pants as I realized what was about to happen.

    Tiffany slid her legs over, bracing with her right and held Tamera's tit from the base. Tamera groaned as she felt Tiffany's now-wet pussy slide over her beaten tit. "What the fuck?" Tamera moaned as Tiffany slowly began grinding herself out on the loser's tit. Connie recorded Tiffany moaning and cupping her own breast with her free hand while using the hand full of the Hooter girl's big breast to guide the dark skinned teat against her trimmed pussy. I watched with wide eyes as Tiffany slapped Tamera's nipple against her clit, and saw a familiar look cross Tiffany's face. Her eyes half closed and she gave the image before her, Tamera's nipple bending against her clit (and vice versa) a lusty smirk before squeezing her right breast and clenching her eyes shut. A long, low, satisfied sound melted through the room as Tiffany claimed Tamera's tit in the most personal way possible.

    Tiff sat there a moment longer than necessary to get her balance before dismissively dismounting her. Tiffany's cum was all over Tamera's tit, and Tiffany held the abused breast up so that Connie could get a clear shot of it. "This is a loser's tit," Tiff sniped at the camera, dropping it and pulling on her shirt. "Cut." Connie turned off the camera.

    "Is it done recording?" Tiff asked. Connie nodded, and Tiff smiled. "Are we done, Tamera?" Tiffany asked.

    Tamera gave a slow, sad moan. "Not even close," she said, taking a deep breath. I glanced over and she hadn't moved. Connie moved to Tamera's tit and pulled down a towel that had been on the nightstand beside the bed. She gently patted Tamera's cum-soaked tit dry, and sat down in a chair. Tiff smiled and stood over Tamera.

    "I'm going to give you another choice, Tam," Tiffany said, her hand finding Tamera's breast and gently kneading it. "Our original arrangement was Jon gets you however he wants you. Well, he was less than nice to me earlier, so there is only one of two ways this will go." Tiff turned to me and winked. "You can either let him have your mouth and tits, but he will only cum wherever you say. Has to be on you, though. Or, I can jerk Jon off onto whatever body part of yours I want. What's it going to be, loser?"

    Tamera glanced up at me and shrugged. Her eyes were nearly closed, and I could tell her body was nearly done. "Let him have me," she muttered. "He can cum on my loser tits," she added. Tiffany smiled down at Tamera.

    "The good news for you is that Jon won't last long. He didn't get to cum at all after the show. Now that I've fucked you stupid, how does it feel to be 0-5 vs our girls?" Tamera glared up at her and Tiffany shrugged. "Oh I figured it had to suck. Of course that's figuratively sucking." She unbuttoned my pants and I let out a sharp breath as she tugged my underwear down. My erection popped out, long and hard. Tiffany made an exaggerated show of gasping, bouncing back. I noticed her tits wobble and shake as she did so, her eyes catching mine briefly. A smile flashed across her face and was gone.

    "Baby, it's never been so hard. Did you really like me riding Tamera out like that? Or is this because I flattened her perfect tits?" Tamera grunted, and Tiffany rolled her eyes. She looked to Connie and the blonde smiled. "There's one in my purse," Tiffany said, and I was surprised to see that Tiffany's purse had made it into the room.

    Tiffany gently cupped my cock, and I heard the purse open. Tamera had her eyes glued to me, which would have been flattering but for the fact that she was tied up. In a moment, her eyes flickered behind me and behind Tiff. I glanced to Connie and noticed a rather sizable bullet shaped dildo.

    "You said you wouldn't..." Tamera began. Tiffany laughed.

    "I'm not using the wand. I'm using Zorro. You know, Hi-Ho Silver? … Nothing? Fine. Suck my fiancé's cock." Tiffany guided me to Tamera's bed. "Just straddle her like I did and make sure the front of your dick ends up in her mouth." Tiffany said after I was being too gentle to her victim. I was a bit nervous, but also didn't want to fall on her. Regardless Tamera calmly stared me down and I groaned as I pushed my cock past her lips. Tamera's mouth opened wider and I let my hand wander down to her tit. Tamera leaned forward and I enjoyed watching her lips travel up my cock.

    "You're okay with this, right Tamera?" Tiffany called suddenly. Tamera glanced up at me and forced my cock further into her mouth. She started bobbing her head, gagging slightly, but sending an amazing flurry of sensations through me. I watched Tamera, the Hooter queen tied up and blowing me because of Tiffany and groaned.

    "So amazing seeing this loser suck me off," I groaned, and I heard Tiffany gasp. "Thanks to your tits, Tamera's sucking my cock," I told her. Tamera continued bobbing her head, slowly draining my cock. She pulled back, letting her spit drip down my cock. Tamera pulled back and let her tongue flick at my head. I heard Tiffany and Connie whispering and looked back down at the beaten Hooter girl. Tamera moaned suddenly, and then I heard the click and buzz of the other vibrator. Tiffany was leaning over me, her phone in hand as she recorded Tamera's humiliation again. Tamera saw the camera, but did not pull off of me, instead moving even faster, as if eager to get me off.

    I almost felt bad for her predicament, but couldn't help enjoy Tamera's skilled mouth. Her tongue slowly writhing around just under my head, tickling and massaging me. I reached down and groped at her tit out of instinct, and I couldn't tell if the moans were from my contact or Connie's expert manipulation of the silver vibrator working through Tamera's pussy. I groaned as Tamera's mouth fell off my cock.

    "Fuck you Connie!" Tamera managed before she exploded in orgasm under me. I felt her body shake and quiver, her breasts jiggling and flopping around. Tiffany quickly whispered in my ear "finish with a titfuck." I slid down and gathered up Tamera's softened jugs, wrapping them around me. Tamera barely acknowledged me as I used her tits for a sleeve. Some part of me instinctively knew what Tiffany wanted, and I pushed the loser's tits together firmly.

    "So loose," I lamented. "Where's the friction? It's like fucking water... what a worthless pair of tits!" I glanced at Tiffany to see her hand full of her breast again, pulling at her nipple while her other hand rubbed her pussy as she watched Tamera's destruction. "Hooters thought they had the best tits in town!" I laughed, and I let her tits fall away from my cock. Tamera was a young woman with an amazing rack, but having been softened just a bit, both tits fell fully from my shaft. I fought off a groan as I pushed them together again. Tamera's orgasm subsided, and she looked up at me with a defeated expression.

    "Coat them, Jon," Tamera urged. "Use my tits for your cum. Your girl flattened me... oh fuck!" A jet of my cum hit her right in the neck as I kept pumping. "You fucker," the broken queen complained as another shot hit her in the throat. Two more spurts hit her in the neck and above the breastbone as I used her tits to milk my cock dry.

    "What a load!" Connie said, and I was too turned on to be embarrassed by my best friend's girlfriend. When I finally came down, Tamera's breath was slowly returning to normal.

    "Seems like you really enjoyed that blowjob, Tamera," Tiffany said as I pulled off. "Sorry about his aim," Tiffany laughed. The towel came out again, and Connie rubbed Tamera's torso down. Tamera didn't rise to the bait, her eyes half closed as she felt the towel dry her up. Connie opened the bathroom door and threw the towel inside before gathering a few things. As we all got ready to leave, Tiffany slowly untied Tamera's arms. To do so, she straddled the Hooter girl's body. Tiffany leaned in and whispered something to Tamera, and her long, dark-skinned body seemed to relax. Tamera's hands found her tits and massaged them gently as Tiffany leaned in and kissed Tamera. Tamera moaned, and her body jerked, as if she hadn't been expecting it, and as Tiff leaned even further forward, my girl's left leg slid between Tamera's thighs. Tamera's tits were suddenly trapped beneath Tiffany's superior pair, and I marveled again at the contrast of their skin. Every time Tamera would pull her head away, Tiffany would bring a hand to push the Hooter queen's face back, kissing her hard. Tiffany's thigh slid against Tamera's pussy now, and I couldn't believe Tamera's moaning. I watched as Tamera's tongue met Tiffany's but Tiffany eagerly pushed her tongue into Tamera's mouth. Tamera groaned as Tiffany showed her physical dominance again.

    Once more, Tiff's breasts pushed Tamera's meaty jugs out of the way, all while her thigh was quickly bringing Tamera to another orgasm. I could read Tamera's body language better now. Her hands were at her side, her resistance completely spent as Tiffany used her body for her pleasure as well. My soon to be wife stopped several times to maneuver her tits into Tamera's weakened set. Tamera's breasts willingly obliged, slowly flattening from the point of contact to spread across her chest. Tiffany continued her gentle, languid writhing atop the Hooter queen's body. Tiffany leaned in and whispered something again. Tamera's orgasm was loud and sudden, and she struggled to get the words out as the pleasure seemed to overtake her. "Oh fuck," Tamera groaned. "Your tits are smashing my tits, Tiff. You're fucking me so good. You are so much better than me. I'm cumming all over you!" Tamera's shout turned to moans as Tiffany smiled, pulling up and letting her leg continue to ride Tamera through the orgasm.

    Tiffany rolled off, landing on her feet gracefully. She looked at Connie and finished untying Tamera. Connie leaned over, allowing me another view down her shirt as her freed tits swayed in front of me. Tamera stood, and I was amazed at how thoroughly the black woman had changed. When this started she was an iron pillar of confidence. Her stature both physically and mentally seemed to be a threat to my girl the entire fight at the tournament. Her exhaustion, was now apparent, however.

    Tamera's shoulders were hunched, and as I looked down her body, my eyes were drawn to her tits. They were still relatively pert on her chest, but having seen them before the fight, they definitely looked more lively. Her posture may have had something to do with it, as she seemed to have some trouble holding herself up. She took a deep breath and pulled herself up straighter. I noticed her breasts wobble softly. Her legs still looked powerful until she moved. They were slow deliberate movements, and as she stood, she glanced at Tiffany.

    "So how do we end tonight?" Tiffany asked, pulling on her shorts. Tamera's eyes closed and she took another deep breath. Tiffany smiled. "The same way you were going to end it," she said. Tamera nodded, and Tiffany touched her arm softly. "I am going to enjoy this part," Tiffany said. "And you will do what after tonight?"

    "I'm staying out of your damn business," Tamera said, the line obviously rehearsed. Tiffany nodded and stepped closer. Connie turned on the camera and took a nice close up of Tiffany's left breast lining up against Tamera's right.

    "Why are you staying out of my business?" Tiffany asked as she pushed on Tamera's tit. Her dark flesh offered some token resistance as Tiffany pushed in, but eventually her beaten sack pushed only enough to slightly distort Tiffany's victorious tit. Tiffany made it slow, though gentle, pushing enough that it proved how much firmer and stronger her own bruised breasts were.

    "Because your tits are better than my tits. Oh fuck," Tamera said as Tiffany used a hand to hold her face. She finished Tamera's tit off for the camera while looking directly into the fallen Hooter queen's eyes. Tamera felt her breast pancake against her chest, trapped between her own body and the more powerful breast. "You just flattened my tit. I can't even see it, but I can feel your big, rock hard jug crushing mine," Tamera moaned.

    "Connie, did you get that?" Connie nodded, seemingly dumbfounded. Tiffany looked at Tamera. "That one's just for me and Jon," Tiffany said. Tamera looked at me, obviously embarrassed. "But because you were so good at getting my guy off, we won't show this part to anyone else." Tamera let out a sigh of relief. "Goodbye, you broken-titted queen." Tamera's eyes weren't angry. Only relieved. I was amazed to see the change. We gathered our things and made our way to the door.

    "See you next week," Tiffany said “Oh, and Tam, Connie will be getting with you about your new uniforms and what we expect when we visit your restaurant.” Tamera nodded as the door closed. I looked at her and she glanced up at me meaningfully. "I'm full of surprises," she promised. Connie laughed as we made our way to the elevator. Tiffany seemed to get an idea as we made our way to the elevator, and smiled at Connie. "Go home, Connie. Thanks for everything. Jon and I are going to stay here a bit. I want to check on a few things before we disappear." Connie nodded and said her good byes. Just before the doors closed, Connie gave me one more down blouse view of her big swinging tits. As the door closed, Tiffany turned and marched right to Loni's room. She looked down at the maid's outfit and glanced at me, unable to hide a grin. "I can't tell if you want Sabrina to wear this more," she said, lowering her voice as she continued, "or if you'd love to come home to me in it."

    I grinned, but said nothing. Tiff was riding high. I did file the note away. Tiff grinned as she saw me thinking it through. "Maybe when you're in a more talkative mood, you can tell me what I'd be doing," she teased. She slid the keycard into the door and the keypad groaned. When we walked in, I felt myself do a double take. Hailey and Loni were sitting on the couch. Hailey's head was leaning against Loni's right breast and they were almost cuddled together. Loni's hand was draped over Hailey's big right tit, squeezing and gently bouncing her conquered breast.

    "We own your Hooter asses," Loni said, though I'm not sure either Hailey or Loni heard us come in. Hailey looked up to Loni and nodded, lifting up her head and slowly sucking Loni's breast. Hailey pulled the tit to her mouth and sucked on it as Loni sighed. On the TV was a video I couldn't quite make out. I glanced at Tiffany and she smiled as she watched Hailey gently sucking on Loni's tit.

    Loni heard Tiffany come in, and grinned over Hailey's head. "Come in, Tiff!" Hailey immediately pulled off and Loni rolled her eyes. "Newb here has been on my tit all night. She was taking a break a minute ago so we could get that silly uniform off her." Loni grinned when she looked at me. I recognized the look now. Loni was going to say something she found funny. "Jon! Hailey's probably missing her boyfriend. She seems to be having a lot of fun with my tits if you want to test her out!" Hailey turned to Tiff, a look of stricken horror on her face. Loni couldn't contain her laugh. "Oh damn, newb, you made that fun. Back to my better tit." Hailey shuddered and turned back to Loni. As Hailey's mouth closed in on Loni's big tit, Loni reached over and slapped Hailey's naked ass, sending waves over her skin. "Hey Jon!" Loni yelled.

    I couldn't help but look. "Watch! It's like throwing a rock into a lake." With that announcement, Loni took her index and middle finger and slapped Hailey's ass relatively gently. She wasn't wrong, I realized as I watched Hailey's ass ripple from the spot Loni's fingers had made contact. "Lake Hailey!" Loni laughed. Hailey groaned. Loni grinned down at the Hooter girl at her tit. "Get me my phone, Hailey," Loni ordered.

    Hailey leaned back, pulling off Loni's big tit and grabbed Beta O girl's phone from the nightstand. Loni grabbed it. "Back on my tit." Hailey sighed and leaned in. "You can send this one to your boyfriend," Loni said as she snapped three or four photos of Hailey working her big breasts over. "I'm sure he's enjoying them." Hailey moaned against Loni's tit. "You think he'd like you in that maid outfit?" Loni asked, as loud as she ever had been. "I'd certainly like to see you perform for him," Loni grinned wickedly. Tiffany rolled her eyes and marched in.

    "Dammit Loni... whoa, what the hell?" I looked at the screen as we walked further in, responding to Tiff's obvious surprise. "Are those... Kara's tits?"

    "Hell yeah!" Loni said proudly.

    "That's from the oil fight! Where did you get a video?" Loni leaned over and Hailey pulled off her tit looking at Tiff, then at me, then back down to Loni's breast. Loni tapped on the keyboard. "Not a video. GIF. And it's all over the internet, now. This is a really popular set of images." I watched and realized it was the moment Loni exposed Kara's floppy jugs during the match. The post on tumblr had nearly 3,000 either likes or reblogs, and there were several other pictures floating around the one Loni was looking at that looked like different moments of the oil wrestling match. They all had one thing in common. Kara's breasts were flopping all over the internet. I couldn't help but grin.

    "Why the hell didn't you tell us?" Tiffany asked. Loni leaned back and pulled Hailey's head to her tit again. I swear even in the relatively dark room I could tell that Hailey was blushing.

    "Oh. Forgot." Tiffany glared at her. "What? Been a bit busy," she said defensively. It was obvious Tiff wasn't too angry, and she sighed.

    "Fine. At least we know now. Can you send me a link after you're finished with Hailey?" Hailey started to pull off, but Loni's hand kept her victim's mouth on her breast.

    "Sure. We'll be done soon. She's really good at helping out." Loni said, with a more pointed emphasis than I would have expected. Tiff nodded.

    "We'll let you guys to it, then," Tiffany said. Loni suddenly stood, her tit popping out of Hailey's mouth. Haily gasped and caught herself as her victor stood.

    We left, and as the door closed something dawned on me.

    "Why do you have a key that gets you in every room?" I asked. She grinned.

    "So I can keep some control of the stuff happening," she replied. "But mostly to check in on the destruction of these big titted serving girls."

    Tanya's room was apparently next, and Tiff opened the door to find Sydney on one of the beds. Tanya was on the other bed, her breasts wobbling as she seemed to be just sitting down. For the first time in a while, Tanya greeted us both warmly.

    Sydney craned her neck to gaze at us, but my eyes had already begun taking in her body. Her long hair was spread behind her like some halo and her smooth skin shone even the dim light of the hotel room. Tanya was already walking toward us and when she reached Tiff, they two embraced.

    Tiffany's tits had taken quite a beating, so they did not display their usual firmness as the two pairs of breasts met. Tiffany was wearing a loose t-shirt that offered no support, and even still I could tell from the light contact that Tanya and Tiffany's breasts met and both spread slightly. It was almost the same as Tanya's boobs flattened a bit, then began pushing outward. But Tanya's bigger rack also began pushing more slowly against Tiff's breasts, and even in the shirt I could see my future wife's softened tits slowly getting pushed in. Tanya grinned at me as she obviously felt the same thing. She took a deep breath and spoke.

    "Your tits are still entering mine a bit. Even after that fight. Your boyfriend is so lucky." Tanya's eyes closed. "Please don't flatten me in front of Sydney," Tanya whispered. I felt my cock stiffen and she pulled away. "Sydney's been a pleasure..." she looks at the blonde, who actually has a slight smile. "A mutual pleasure."

    "So everything's all right in here?" Tiffany asked as Syndey flushed and I was able to see it as her entire, perfect body was on display to me. Her full, slightly bruised tits shook as she shifted gently, trying to find a comfortable position. Tanya looked down at her conquest.

    "You lost, Syd. You don't get to be comfortable." Tanya's voice changed from the soft whisper to a confident command. Sydney looked up at Tiff and sighed. The blonde Hooters girl nodded and I detected a slight submissive streak as Tiffany sat on the foot of the captive woman's bed and Sydney made room for her. Sydney bit her lip as Tiffany ran her hands up and down Tanya's victim. Sydney winced, but Tanya had a big smile on her face. Tiffany looked to Tanya several times, but Tanya nodded each time, and each time, Tiff's hands made it closer to Sydney's beaten tits. When my fiancée's fingers first touched Sydney's left breast, the blonde Hooter's girl gasped.

    "You have amazing looking breasts," Tiffany said. She gently squeezed them and Sydney moaned. "They feel amazing, too." Sydney sighed as Tiff groped her tits. "Did Tanya treat them well after she bulldozed your chest?" Sydney groaned, but somehow managed to say "yes". Tanya smiled widely at Tiffany as my girl explored Sydney's gorgeous body and moved over to me.

    "It felt so good to tame those, Jon," she murmured. "Tiff reminded me I still owe her from when she dented my big, perfect breasts. When she asked if I'd be okay with you there, I told her it would be amazing," I felt myself stiffen and I looked at Tanya.

    The blonde nodded. "Oh I didn't think I'd like her, but we wiped the floor with those soft-titted bitches, and your girl was the biggest reason. I figure I'm just paying up on a debt. She's earned my respect." Her voice grew even softer. "And when she asked if you could have my breasts, my big, succulent breasts, I couldn't say no to that." Tiffany had stood and come behind Tanya. Tanya slipped out of the way with an "excuse me," and we said our goodbyes.

    As the door closed behind us, Tiffany glanced up at me. "I told her to tease you, not make you cum in your pants," she laughed. My eyes closed and I took a deep breath. "Did you want Tanya to do it?" she suddenly said. "Maybe I can make a deal with her. One more fight. Double or nothing. She walks without consequence if she flattens my tits. Otherwise, we get her for one whole night."

    "And I'm pretty sure she wouldn't take the match, but I'd love to crush Sydney's tits for you. I'd love to feel those perfect, model-esque tits flatten under mine." Tiffany's voice was low and full. "Honestly, I know she wouldn't, but I'd love to have her for our sex-slave for a weekend." Tiffany looked at my face and stifled a laugh.

    "Oh, now I am going to have to take care of you. We only have one more room to visit before we're in the car. Did you want a blowjob in the car?" I groaned again. "Seriously, can you hold up for one more room?" I looked put out and she laughed. "Ok, stud," she said. "I don't want to hear any complaints about how hard you are."

    The last room was Cassie and Maria's room. Tiffany slid the keycard into the room and walked in to moans and gasps. Maria was handcuffed to the bed, her slender, bronze body trapped in a seated position. Cassie was currently straddling her, leaning in and gently kissing Maria's softened breasts and nipples. Maria was moaning, and I knew there was no chance that the Hooter girl had heard us. Cassie pulled off Maria's tits and rolled her eyes.

    "C'mon in," she sighed. She rolled off the bed, wearing a pair of shorts and a cut or torn t-shirt. Cassie's toned midriff was bare, and her breasts shook as she walked. Her nipples poked gently through the fabric as Cassie walked up to hug Tiff. They both avoided contact as Cassie leaned in for the embrace. I kept my eyes on Maria, bound, with her tender breasts thrust out from her chest. Maria eyed me warily, but didn't seem too put out by my presence.

    Cassie leaned over and hugged me, whispering in my ear. "She did good, Jon." I patted Cassie's back and she gave me a warm smile. "Still no blowjobs though!" she said loudly and I felt my face flush. Everyone chuckled at my expense, even Maria, who was shaking her head.

    "Unless Maria wants to give Jon some head," Cassie said even more clearly and loudly. Maria's smile quickly turned to a tight-lipped look of shock and dread. Tiffany giggled and sauntered over to the bound Latina. Maria's eyes narrowed at Tiffany. Cassie glanced at Maria and gave her a pointed look, and while Maria relaxed, her anger didn't. Rather than taunt or mock the bound and beaten Latina, Tiffany leaned in and whispered something into Maria's ear. Maria looked taken aback for a second, but she looked at me and rolled her eyes. Maria glanced at Tiffany and nodded, and Tiffany's response was immediate. She leaned over and took what seemed to be half of Maria's right breast into her mouth. Cassie grinned as Maria moaned, and Tiffany kept sucking at the Latina's loser tit, and as she pulled off the first, Maria's eyes had become slightly glazed.

    I took a couple of tentative steps forward to get a closer look and Cassie slid up next to me. "She has amazing tits," Cassie whispered into my ear. "So firm. I'd love to see her take on Tiffany. Do you want me to set that up?" I groaned and Cassie chuckled.

    "You're still so easy," Cassie whispered. "Suck the other one, Tiff," Cassie encouraged my fiancée. Tiffany pulled off and gave a glance to Cassie followed by an approving smile. Cassie grinned back as Maria continued moaning. It was fascinating to watch her first reactions blocked by her bound wrists. Instead, she began arching her back, thrusting her firm tits into Tiffany's waiting mouth.

    By the time Tiffany was done I was achingly stiff and so were Maria's nipples. I groaned softly as I watched Tiffany continue to play with Maria's tits, stroking her now hard nipples and gently squeezing and rubbing her breasts. Cassie suddenly took a sharp breath.

    "You conniving bitch," Cassie whispered and looked at me. "Your girl is going to take my fun," she said, though her eyes were shining and she was smiling as she said it. "Though to be honest, I wouldn't have thought of this."

    I was about to ask her "Thought of what?" but the words were interrupted by a short, low, lingering moan as Tiffany worked the Hooter girl over. "Tiff says you have a thing for Maria's tits?" Cassie asked. I looked a bit put out, but the conversations between Tiffany and Cassie were becoming more second nature.

    "Yes," I whispered, in a tone that I hoped made it obvious I wasn't exactly pleased with the conversation.

    "Well, I think she made this show just for you," Cassie said and I felt her lean in to whisper in my ear. "And she's going to own that bitch's tits in a very creative way." Maria's body was tensing, and for a moment I thought she was trying to escape the bonds. I realized as Tiffany continued her gentle, sometimes firmer, treatment of Maria's tits what was going on. Maria's hands were clenching as she seemed to be as surprised as I was. "I'm really good at this," Tiffany said. "And you won't be the first," Maria groaned up at her and suddenly stiffened again. Tiff's hands were gently plucking at her nipples, and Maria's eyes traced each movement up and down her firm breasts.

    "These are some very firm tits," Tiffany said. "I'd love to take them on when we've both had some time to heal. If I win, I know Jon would love to show you how wonderfully he treats a nice pair of tits." I felt my cock lurch, and Cassie felt or saw my reaction.

    "I'm just as turned on as you," Cassie whispered. I glanced to Cassie and saw her cup her firm, round breasts. Her nipples were scraping against the fabric of her top, and I fought every urge to take one of her perfect breasts out to play. Instead I took a deep breath and looked at the bound Hooter girl. Tiffany's hands suddenly covered Maria's tits, and her wrist started rolling around. I could tell she was just scraping the palms of her hands over Maria's no-doubt sensitive nipples. I'd done the same thing to her, but never with the intensity that Tiffany was bringing to Maria. The Hooter girl suddenly groaned, her eyes opening in shock before clamping shut in pleasure.

    "Holy fuck!" Maria gasped as she came. Cassie sighed and chuckled slightly, shaking her head in bewilderment. Tiffany grinned as she let Maria's tits go, the latter's nipples straining insanely hard. Maria let her head fall forward, taking deep breaths to recover. Tiffany smiled and strode back to us.

    "Thanks, Cass." Tiffany said. "Let's go babe," she said to me. I followed, realizing that Tiffany was planting a seed in Maria's mind.

    "Maybe a rain check on another blowjob?" Cass whispered in my ear. I felt myself groan and followed Tiffany into the hallway. The door closed behind me as Cassie sat down next to Maria. I saw Maria's head lift slightly as Cassie leaned in for a tender kiss before the door completely shut. I groaned and Tiffany laughed.

    "Can you wait until we get home?" Tiffany asked. "I've gotten myself so worked up I'll have to take care of myself in the car," she teased. "I promise it'll be worth it," she added. I took a deep breath, then nodded.

    "Absolutely," I told her. She laughed.

    "I'd make a joke about that being the hardest thing you've had to do..." She trailed off after looking at me meaningfully. "Just remember," she added, seeing a flicker of frustration on my face. "Darla and Kara are waiting for some very inventive punishments when we get back to our place." Tiffany let her hand drift to her right breast and gave it a healthy squeeze over her shirt.

    "What if I promise you another video. Whatever you want?" I groaned, my mind flooded with too many ideas. I finally laughed.

    "You win," I told her. "But let's get there," I told her. Tiffany smiled. "We have a couple of things to take care of."

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    Re: Best Friend's Sister, Part Thirty-Eight

    I sure Kara’s breasts grew even bigger so they can sag even lower.
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    Re: Best Friend's Sister, Part Thirty-right

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    Best Friend's Sister, Part Thirty-Eight

    Great chapter as usual!!!! Like I said in previous post. Tiff has managed to navigate through recent events unscathed!!! Her team went undefeated in the tournament. She managed to defeate the unbeaten Hooter Queen as well as humiliate her after the tournament. Will Tiff continue to be the victor in these future scenario or will it all coming crashing down on her???? I am anchasly waiting to see!!!! As always keep up the great work!!!!


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