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    The Silent Partner, Part V, by JB57

    The Silent Partner, Part V, by JB57
    The Silent Partner, Part V

    The other woman had her right hand buried between her legs, working her clit and fingering her pussy at the same time. Her other hand was kneading her huge tits, occasionally pausing to squeeze and caress her swollen nipples. Roberta decided her best strategy to control her nemesis was to go hand to hand.

    The woman’s legs were spread, bent slightly at the knee. Her juicy pussy was fully exposed. The intoxicating odor of hot cunt wafted up from the bed. Taking a deep breath, Roberta finally moved. She kneeled on the bed, directly between the woman’s spread legs. Before the woman could sense and react to the new weight, Roberta grabbed each of the woman’s hands in her own. The brunette’s eyes flashed open as she screamed in surprise. Her eyes widened even more when she saw who was attacking her. Roberta interlaced their fingers and squeezed the woman’s hands tight, palm to palm; the woman squeezed back. Taking full advantage of the situation, Roberta pushed herself up and over the woman’s body, so that her tits swung down like meaty orbs, almost touching the other woman’s tits. Roberta shoved the woman’s hands out to either side of her body, even as she brought her weight down on the bitch. Both women gasped in a shock of pure pleasure as their massive tits, both sets fully aroused, mashed. Thick, taut meat crushed hard, rock hard nipples stabbed deep into dense titflesh. Roberta closed her eyes in ecstasy as her flesh covered and slid deliciously on the luscious body beneath her. Her belly slapped tight to that of her rival. She used her outer thighs to force her opponent’s thighs further apart.

    “You fucking cunt,” the brunette gasped. Even though she hated the intruder in her bedroom, she loved the feel of Roberta’s lush body on her own. “Get out of my house!” The woman wriggled and bucked beneath Roberta, trying to throw her off. Roberta pushed the woman’s hands harder into the bed. She thrust down with her hips and slammed her succulent pussy into her enemy’s fuckmeat. Both women gasped and let out low, hot moans as their genitals caressed wetly, sex-slick fuck lips sliding on slick fuck lips. The frictionless kiss sent a thrill of pure pleasure arching through the women’s lush bodies.

    “Oh fuck, yesssss,” Roberta groaned, as the delicious sensations rippled up from her cunt, filling her flesh with heat and tension. The woman under her let out a low, intense moan, as she threw her head back. Roberta rolled her hips, grinding herself down into her enemy’s twat. The women’s genitals fused with a hot, wet hiss as the thick meat spread and vaginal lips opened under the pressure, cunt sucking at cunt.

    “You’re mine, you little fuck,” Roberta gasped at the dark-haired beauty under her. “You want to match clits and tits? Then we’re going to fuck until your cunt gives out, until your tits are flat as pancakes. My body is better than yours and I’m going to prove it, no matter how long it takes!”

    “You dirty cunt,” the brunette shot back. “I fucked your brains out in that sauna and I’m going to do the same to you now. You want to fuck? Then let’s fuck, little girl!”

    The brunette spread her legs even wider, tilting her hips and giving Roberta even better access to her juiced up twat. Roberta rammed herself harder into the whore under her. Her body shuddered as the intense sexual pleasure poured through her; she felt her enemy trembling too. For both women, their shared sexual lust and obsession was finally being fulfilled. There was no more holding back. They were locked together on a bed, in private, with no possibility of interruption and hours and hours in which to fuck each other raw. Both sexed up vixens were determined to settle their unspoken rivalry, body to body and tit to tit.

    Roberta closed her eyes and reveled in the delicious sensations and exquisite pleasure as she fucked and fucked the woman under her. Her powerful ass pumped hard, her muscular hips jerked with each driving thrust. Her clit was lodged deep in the folds of her rival’s wet labia, stroking and stabbing against the other woman’s engorged clit. Their bellies were hot and wet, sliding together erotically. Their tits burned like fire, nipples stabbed and wrestled, sizzling like coals as they fought. Roberta loved it; her rival moved with her, keeping their bodies glued together, flesh on flesh, sharing Roberta’s desire to just keep fucking and fucking and fucking.

    Roberta released the woman’s hands and grabbed her hair on either side of her face. The woman gripped Roberta’s thick, dark hair and pulled hard. But she soon slid her hands down Roberta’s sweaty, curving back and sank her fingers and her nails into the thick, rippling meat of Roberta’s perfect, powerful ass. The women pressed nose to nose, sharing hot breath as they gasped and panted in each other’s gorgeous face, Roberta’s dark hair falling down to form a veil around their heads. Eyes burned into eyes, the women stared into each other’s souls, seeing the shared hate and pure, unbearable lust that made them want to consume the other. The other woman twined her legs through Roberta’s calves, locking their bodies as muscle strained against muscle. Their bellies undulated against each other. Snarling, the women drove their mouths together. Hot spit sloshed back and forth as their tongues wrestled. Their moans and cries of pleasure grew louder and deeper as they fucked. Roberta slipped her hands under her rival’s ass. Gripping each other by their flexing, thrusting buttocks, the women fucked mercilessly, clit riding on clit, tits rolling and throbbing, nipples stabbing and fencing.

    They broke their kiss, gasping for breath as their fuck intensified. Cheek to cheek, moaning and crying out in shared ecstasy, Roberta and her rival rode each other to a devastating climax, both struggling to hold out just a little longer than the other, hoping to ride the other woman into a submissive orgasm. For more than 20 minutes, the women fucked, their bodies trembling with pre-orgasmic tension, their cries of pleasure turning to whimpers of desperation as they tried to keep from cumming, their writhing bodies growing slick with sweat. In the end, the woman under Roberta shrieked in erotic ecstasy as a powerful orgasm roared out of her core. Her cunt contracted hard, squeezing Roberta’s pussy, and her vagina gushed with cum, spraying their lower bellies, injecting hot ejaculate into Roberta’s hungry pussy.

    “Aaaahhhhh!! Oh fuck!!,” the woman screamed. “Oh God, cumming! Cumming so hard!!”

    “Yes,”Roberta hissed, pressing her cheek harder to her rival’s cheek, turning her head to lick the woman’s face, to press her lips into the bucking woman’s ear. “Cum for me, you little fuck – show me who’s got the better cunt now!”

    “Fuck you, whore,” Roberta’s rival gasped. Her pussy convulsed again, more hot cum flowed into Roberta’s twat. Roberta could not resist any more. The sensation of the woman’s pussy convulsing on her’s, the heat of the liquid ejaculate flowing into her pussy, the woman’s clit grinding electrically on her own, was too delicious. Rearing up, screaming in pleasure and relief, she let her cunt go. The woman gripped Roberta’s ass hard, pulling her down, as Roberta shot stream after stream of steaming cum into her enemy, coating their lower bodies with her ejaculate. The women groaned and strained, muscle against muscle, as they came again and again. They bit at each other, then locked into a savage kiss as they rode each other to the end.

    For some time, Roberta lay sprawled on top of her rival, floating on a cloud of erotic bliss. Her hot body covered the brunette’s hot body, voluptuous flesh fused to flesh. Neither woman wanted to separate; both enjoyed the pressure of tit on tit, belly to belly, long legs twined, muscles pulling against muscles.

    Finally, Roberta rolled off of the woman beneath her. She collapsed on her back. The women’s dark hair mixed on the pillow. Thick strands of gooey cum linked their hot, naked twats. Their bodies were drenched in sweat and cum. For long minutes, the nude women lay side by side, their bodies pressed shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip, their breath coming in hot pants. Their beautiful, equally heavy tits lolled on their chests, pushing up against each other where their bodies met. Some more time passed. Roberta slid her hand down her rival’s flat, muscled belly, over her navel, and down to her hot, wet pussy. Roberta cupped the succulent fuckmeat and slid a finger up and down the woman’s sex-slimed slit. The woman slid her hand down Roberta’s belly and gripped her cunt hard, sliding two fingers into her twat. Roberta and the woman gasped in unison, then turned their heads to glare at each other.

    “You dirty whore,” the woman rasped. “You’ve broken into my house. I could call the police and have you charged with trespassing. I’m a lawyer; I know people who can put you away for a long time.”

    “Fuck you, bitch,” Roberta panted back. “You want this as much as I do. You spread your legs for me and begged me to fuck you. You won’t be able to explain that to the cops.”

    “Oh God!” The woman sat up abruptly, pushing herself into a sitting position. She glared down at Roberta. “You fucking lying cunt! You broke into my house and raped me!”

    “You lying whore!” Roberta snapped back, sitting up beside the woman. “You loved every minute of it! You came like a fire hose, you filthy skank! You screamed like a slut!”

    “Fucking slut,” the woman snapped, her voice flat. She turned so that she was facing Roberta on her knees.

    “Dirty cunt,” Roberta shot back, also getting to her knees to face the other woman.

    For a moment, the two women glared at each other in the half-light, their eyes shining with heat and passion. Their tits heaved, causing both women’s eyes to fall to the other’s jiggling chest. Their eyes locked again.

    “Alright, fucker,” the woman snapped. “You want to fuck this out? Let’s do it. Let’s settle this, woman to woman. Let’s see what your little girl tits are made of.” She reached out to fondle and gently stroke Roberta’s right tit, tracing the thick meat up to the hard nipple.

    “I’ve got more and better meat than you have,” Roberta shot back. She reached out to caress the other woman’s tit. “We’re the same size, but my girls are thick and firm; yours are flabby bags.”

    “Fuck you, slut,” the brunette replied. “I’m bigger than you and firmer than you.”

    “Yeah?” Roberta snapped. “Then prove it, bitch. Let’s see what you’ve really got.”

    The other woman squeezed Roberta’s massive tit harder, lifting and weighing her rival’s incredible boob. The woman’s eyes shone with lust as she manipulated the thick gland.

    “My tits are more beautiful than these ugly sacks on your chest,” the woman breathed, her hungry eyes betraying her true feelings.

    “My tits have been in the best men’s magazines for more than 10 years, cunt,” Roberta growled. “They are the best tits you’ll ever see.” She gently kneaded her enemy’s juicy rack as she spoke, her desire building.

    “Then they’ve been getting second best,” the brunette murmured, squeezing one of Roberta’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

    “Fuck you, whore,” Roberta hissed. “Let’s see what your tits can really take.”

    With that, she leaned forward, tilting her head towards the woman’s right tit. The woman immediately understood what Roberta planned to do; she shuddered in anticipation. Using her left hand to squeeze and lift the heavy tit, Roberta gently licked the nipple head; the brunette gasped. Roberta licked around the areola; with her right hand, she squeezed the woman’s left breast. Her rival gasped louder and buried her right hand in Roberta’s thick black hair, but she did not pull just yet. She placed her left hand on Roberta’s shoulder, but did not push her away. Roberta continued to lick the thick nipple, teasing and taunting with her tongue. She took the nipple in her teeth and bit it gently, then began to suck hard, taking more and more titmeat into her mouth until she was chewing and sucking at as much of her opponent’s oversized tit as she could. The woman’s moans of pleasure grew louder and more insistent. With her other hand, Roberta tweaked and crushed the nipple of the woman’s other breast, before sinking her fingers into the taut meat and squeezing.

    The brunette suddenly yanked back on Roberta’s hair, pulling her painfully, but Roberta continued to suck and gnaw at her enemy’s boob. The woman used her left hand to push Roberta’s right hand away from her left breast. Gasping, she pushed Roberta’s body back far enough to give her the space to lower her head to Roberta’s succulent right tit. Roberta moaned deep into her enemy’s boob as the brunette wrapped her lips and teeth around the centerfold’s luscious titmeat and began sucking, licking and eating with ravenous hunger. The women’s shared moans spiraled higher and higher.

    On their knees, leaning into each other, Roberta and her enemy devoured each other’s tit, sucking and eating until their nipples were harder than ever and exquisitely sensitive. The cones of their breasts grew slick with spit and reddened from teethmarks. When they were ready, both women pulled on the other’s hair; they released their spit-covered tits and, for a moment, licked and nipped at each other’s faces, cursing each other, sharing obscenities, before locking into a deep, spitty kiss, then shifting their heads to go at the other woman’s remaining tit.

    For another 20 minutes, they sucked at the other tit until both women were gasping with pleasure and arousal. Their tits throbbed with heat, feeding the tension between their legs and pulsing in their clits. Finally, they were ready. The women pulled their mouths from the other’s breast, leaving nipples dripping with spit, little strands of saliva pulling from their red lips. Glaring at each other, eyes flashing with hate and incredible desire, the women pressed their over-sized tits directly into each other, unbearably sensitive nipple to nipple, spit-slicked head to head.

    “Oh god, you fuck,” Roberta sobbed. It felt like her nipples were melting into her rival’s nips, heat and electricity flowed through their incredible bodies as the fleshy swords met and fused.

    “Cunt, oh fuck, you cunt,”the brunette cried out, tears of pleasure and pain streaming down her gorgeous face.

    Nose to nose, gathering their strength, the women pressed their massive tits together as hard as they could. They wrapped their powerful arms around each other’s backs and squeezed tight. They cried out in unison as the four meaty masses compressed, taut titflesh quivering under the pressure, but giving only so far before holding firm and thick, forming four thick, meaty pads. The women rubbed their tits back and forth, up and down, nipples savagely scoring and digging into dense, yielding flesh, as they struggled to break each other’s boobs. The women understood that much of their rivalry was focused in the competition between their breasts, in the question of which set of tits was stronger, tighter, thicker, bigger and more beautiful. Both women prided their tits above, perhaps, everything else; they had to settle which of them had the better pair.

    On and on, the women ground at each other, using their backs and hips to drive tit to tit, their bodies writhing and undulating, flesh on flesh. They were desperately hoping to feel the other woman’s nipples softening, to feel the other rack spreading out and giving up. This did not happen. Instead, their burning, throbbing tits grew tighter and swelled bigger as they grew more aroused and more stimulated. Their nipples became, if possible, even firmer and thicker, stabbing into the swollen, blood-engorged titflesh even more deliciously. They occasionally arched their backs, slapping their flat, muscled bellies tight, abdominal muscles rippling against each other, deep navels sucking and releasing with gentle pops. Cheek to cheek, occasionally sharing deep, tongue-twisted kisses, Roberta and her nemesis titfucked for more than an hour, trying to destroy each other tit to tit and finding, instead, they were feeding the erotic need growing in their cores.

    Roberta moaned, grunted and gasped as she and the other woman swayed back and forth on their knees, rubbing bellies, writhing in each other’s arms. Their pussies leaked enough juices to the bed that they were both moving in small puddles on the sheet. Their bodies dripped with sweat, slicking their tits, making them slide and rub against each other even more erotically, as if they were covered in oil. Roberta was sure they were not far away from incredible nipple orgasms; her tits were so hot and throbbing so powerfully, a drumbeat echoed in her pulsing clit. She did not think she could hold out much longer. Roberta felt her enemy’s hand slip around from her back, trace her hip, then slide down her flat, muscled belly to slide her fingers on Roberta’s wet, dripping cunt. Roberta instantly returned the caress.

    Eye to eye, panting in each other’s faces, their bulging tits pressed tight and pulsing with infuriating heat, the women began to finger-fuck each other. First, they traced each other’s slick cunts, running their fingers up the tight slits, teasing and stroking. The women clenched their teeth and shut their eyes tight as the incredible sensations tortured them. They moaned in agony. Then, as one, Roberta and her nemesis plunged their two middle fingers into their opponent’s dripping twat, pumping, stroking, caressing aching clits, exploring the sensitive inner recesses of the other woman. Their fingers not inside the other woman’s twat rubbed their slick cuntlips, feeding the intense heat in their twats. They stifled their moans and cries with deep, angry kisses. Saliva dripped from their locked mouths to the shared cleavage of their mashed tits. The sound of eager fingers moving in wet cunts filled the bedroom. The women’s hands were soon soaked with the other woman’s vaginal juices as they masturbated each other viciously.

    The fingerfucking went on, both women stroking, stroking. Their swollen, throbbing clits threatened to explode, already on the verge of orgasmic release after an hour of titfucking. Both women grabbed the other woman’s hair and held on; they leaned into each other, keeping up the pressure on their crushed tits. Roberta felt the end coming; she could not hold back the orgasm churning in her core much longer and her enemy was proving to be an expert at touching and caressing her cunt in just the right places. Roberta whimpered, still locked in a deep kiss, and managed to suck on the brunette’s tongue. The woman groaned desperately. Her body trembled with pre-orgasmic tension. The brunette slipped her hand down Roberta’s back and slapped her ass hard, spanking her, beating her taut meat like a drum.

    Roberta had not expected the spanking. The shock of pain and pleasure pushed her over the edge; she only had an instant in which to strike her enemy’s rippling ass hard, the cracks of her counter-attack punctuating the gasps and groans of their sexual combat.

    The women broke their kiss in a spray of spit. Throwing back their heads, they screamed out in unison as powerful mutual orgasms rippled through their bodies.

    “Oh god, fuck, fuck….,” Roberta gasped. She continued rubbing, masturbating the other woman, even as her own body convulsed in orgasmic ecstasy. She was sure she felt her nipples ejaculating into their crushed titmeat.

    “You cunt, filthy fucking cunt…” the other woman moaned, her hand moving vigorously inside of Roberta’s twat, torturing Roberta’s clit with unbearable pleasure.

    The women came all over their opponent’s hand. Their hot cum splattered the bed. Crying out, sobbing and screaming, the women masturbated each other until neither one could take it anymore. Their bodies quivering, their twats dripping with discharged ejaculate, Roberta and the brunette fell to their sides on the bed, finally releasing each other. Shoulders touching, hair mixed on the pillow, the sexual rivals lay side by side. Panting, tits heaving, the women gathered their strength. They were both too spent to move but neither beautiful brunette was ready to surrender. The battle would go on.

    To be continued:

    Just one more chapter to go! It should be up in the next few days, maybe by the end of the weekend.

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    The Silent Partner, Part V, by JB57

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    Re: The Silent Partner, Part V, by JB57

    Being caught by surprised I thought was going to be a little bit unfair to the other woman.

    But it was part of the cool build up I guess. But the other woman didn't seem to give a shit.

    This chapter had a fuck fight, and then a tit fight. Followed by a mutual finger fuck - WOW.

    The masturbating at the end was just sooooooooooo good. Loved it.

    Thanks JB57.

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    The Silent Partner, Part V, by JB57

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    Re: The Silent Partner, Part V, by JB57

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    The Silent Partner, Part V, by JB57
    Been away for a couple weeks and it was certainly a thrill to catch up with parts I - V of another awesome JB story.

    Love the way you set up each successive scene, and especially the build-up to the fight on the brunette's bed after the break in. There is a voyeuristic element to this section as Roberta creeps around, sniffing her rival's thong and observing her surreptitiously that adds something extra special to this highly erotic tale!
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