May i add another story to those we search ?
(IDEA : a thread for stories we look for ?)
I have read it many years ago. NOT in this forum, if i remember well.
Two women. One of them had given birth to a baby, 2-3 months ago.
The other one is her best friend. Also married with children.
The one who gave birth to a child had problems with her breasts. She can not take out milk for her baby, she is somehow in pain.
The other one tries to help her. She tries to suck her friend's breasts as they lay on the sofa (the baby is sleeping).
After some tries they gradually turned hot. After some tries as they turn hotter and hotter they end up on the bed making love.
(gradually they turned hot but they tried to hide it. No lez experiences till then. Not possible to hide their excitement after a while).
Hot story. Quite long. I do not remember if their love session is a sexfight for fun or not but it has trib action for sure (among other erotic activities) and a building erotic tension between the two women which is very exciting.
Any ideas ?