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    Re: Anubisx's Sneak Peeks

    Anubisx's Sneak Peeks
    Keep 'em coming Anubis! I'm updating the page as you post.

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    Re: Anubisx's Sneak Peeks


    Summary: Ruby just moved into the penthouse of a building on the outskirts of town. What she couldn't wait for was her neighbor to be a woman IDENTICAL to her: Crystal. The obsession with the other hippie beauty soon forces them into a sexual duel over who is the copy and who is the original.

    Muses: Rachel Cook

    Current status: 10000+ words, 3 full chapters, it needs translation into English
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    Re: Anubisx's Sneak Peeks

    I want to leave here some texts of stories that I started to write but, for one reason or another, I have not continued to write. Some are original, and others adaptations from other ones. Perhaps some of your comments will bring me new inspiration.

    TEXT #1

    The sun was already high in the sky when Raven Lane walked through the maze of narrow, unpaved streets of Moonseed. The small Spanish ecovillage looked deserted, but it was the usual at that time of the morning: under the direction of different coordinators, volunteer groups was learning about sustainable living, eco-construction and organic gardens in the south end of the village. In fact, Raven was one of the coordinators of vegetable gardens, but that day she was in charge of making the food, so she was headed towards the communal kitchen to prepare lunch. There are many volunteers, so I have to make enough paella for everyone, she thought, entering the modest house that had become a kitchen and storage. “Fuck, it’s hot,” Raven muttered to herself, relieved to have sheltered from the hot sun. For a few seconds, her eyes had to adjust to the change of light, but even before they did, a voice made her know that she was not alone. “Hi, Raven.” Raven avoided making a gesture of disdain at hearing the girl that her pupils already managed to see. As an European project, young people from all over the continent lived together in Moonseed. There were people from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Poland… but curiously, Raven had been the only English girl in the project… until the woman who was in front of her at that time came to the ecovillage. “Hi, Dawn,” Raven answered, before adding with some sharpness: “What are you doing here?” “There has been change of plans, and Claudia has sent me here to help you with lunch.” Dawn didn’t even try to hide in her voice that she didn’t want to be there. “Alright…” Raven mumbled. For the next hour, the English beauties didn’t exchange a single word, surrounded by a tense silence that could almost be cut with the knives of the kitchen. Raven tried to ignore the presence of her compatriot, but it was impossible: whenever the other woman was around her, she felt hypersensitive, on guard against an attack that never came, either verbally or physically. Raven had always been a girl with a strong personality, a really competitive and provocative woman, but all those traits seemed to take on a more significant meaning since Dawn Kemp came into her life, two months ago. Raven still wondered how she had reached that level of toxicity with a woman with whom she should have felt connected, both being the only Italians of the project. But perhaps that was just part of the problem, especially given the comparisons that both awoke in Moonseed. Dawn’s physique upset Raven to the point of making her feel challenged and insecure, and not only for the other Italian’s beauty, but above all because physically Dawn and she could be cousins, or even sisters. Forced to live in front of a reflection, Raven felt that the fact that Dawn was also Italian stole from her another characteristic, adding fuel to the fire of resentment that had been burning inside her for the past two months. While she waited for the rice to be ready, Raven risked a glance at Dawn, desperate to find answers to her doubts. The other girl was preparing a salad to go with the paella, so Raven could study well the other Italian’s face: long eyelashes, green eyes, thin nose, thick lips, round chin… features that she could recognize in her own face. Thank God she has dyed hair, Raven grunted inside her head, looking at Dawn’s long blond tresses, a mitigating contrast to her own dark hair. Seeing the black eyelashes of her compatriot, Raven didn’t know if she could have endured that Dawn had arrived at Moonseed as a brunette rather than as a fake blonde. Looking down, Raven turned her attention to Dawn’s blue summer dress. One of the straps had fallen off her shoulder, and an enticing curve of her breast was exposed in a feminine gesture that Raven didn’t believe was casual or innocent. When the blonde was near, Raven found inevitable to study Dawn’s physical attributes, being the other Italian’s boobs the ones that more attention demanded. Even without being the biggest of the ecovillage, Dawn’s tits were beautiful and firm, always seductive and eye-catching under her dresses’ necklines. Raven knew that her own pair stood out high and proud from her chest, two succulent glands that could compete with the size and seduction of Dawn’s jugs… but that didn’t mean she wasn’t upset by what she saw in the blonde’s body. At that moment, Dawn turned to her to put the salad on the table. Raven looked away and, with a subtle but roguish shoulder movement, she let both straps of her red summer dress slide down. Immediately she felt the heat of Dawn’s eyes on her boobs. With pride, Raven turned her face to catch the other girl in the act, but instead she found Dawn looking away, playing sexy with a blond lock as her second strap fell off to match the provocative competition. This was the usual game between them: both playing cat and mouse in a growing tension that always led to the physical side of their toxic relationship, but that never went too far… Until now. That day there was something different in the air, an electric charge that was pushing the girls’ emotions beyond the counterweights of logic and reason. Mutual bad feelings and the other woman’s eternal presence had ended by breaking the weighting scales, and the scraps fell on the glass of contention, blowing it into a thousand pieces as soon as Raven spat her words: I wouldn’t be so proud of those tits if I were you.” Dawn froze when she heard the unexpected and aggressive attack. In front of her, Raven’s heart skipped a beat, her owner as surprised as the other Italian by the words that still resonated in the kitchen. For almost a full minute, the two women stared one another down; the rice was forgotten on the fire, but there was something boiling with much more heat. “Don’t make me laugh, Raven,” Dawn said, her tongue nervouslycoming out of her mouth to wet her suddenly dry lips.You would be fucking proud if you had tits like mine.” The blonde’s eyes fell on the brunette’s chest. “It would be a substantial improvement over what you have there…” “Improvement?” The brunette looked at Dawn’s boobs with insolent contempt. “I didn’t know that small, ugly tits were in vogue now.” “You’re talking about yours, right?” For both women, the sudden exchange of disdain and arrogance seemed unreal… but it was definitely happening. The words had come out sharply, full of hatred and envy, as if they had been hiding too long, as if they had been thought many times but never said. For a few seconds, there were angry glances and the first drops of sweat on breasts and foreheads. The intensity of the first confrontation clung to the hearts, minds and souls of the Italian beauties, putting their bodies in a state of war. “I can’t stand you,” Raven came clean. “I can’t stand you either,” Dawn replied. “Well, you can always leave Moonseed. After all, I was here first.” “Not even in your dreams. If the competition is too much for you, you can scoot your big ass out of the village.” Raven took a step forward, unconsciously raising the skimmer she had in her hand. Feeling threatened, Dawn reached for the wooden rolling pin that was on the next table. For a few seconds, they stared at each other, long-repressed thoughts of violence and hate crossing their minds as they squeezing the unexpected weapons with their hands. Raven’s peripheral vision saw the tension in the arms, in the legs of Dawn, and her own muscles flexed instinctively, excited at the possibility of things getting violent… It wasn’t the moment. The Italians heard footsteps and voices approaching. Reluctantly,they slowly backed away from each other, just as Claudia and a dozen volunteers entered the kitchen. Raven and Dawn licked their lips nervously, trying to compose themselves as best they could. “The paella smells very good,” Claudia said, and Raven had to restrain a growl of fury. Claudia had been the one who had sent Dawn into the kitchen, and now the brunette just wanted to scream at her why she had done that. However, at the last moment, the Italian beauty managed to turn the cry that Raven through her throat into a grunt. “Enjoy your meal,” the brunette groaned scornfully, brushing past the volunteers to get out of the suffocating place… but outside was only overwhelming heat that awaited her. Drying several drops of sweat from her forehead, Raven searched for shade in a small alley between two houses. “Fucking bitch!” she murmured sullenly, without knowing if her insult was for Dawn or Claudia. Lost in her own confusion, it took her a few seconds to realize she wasn’t alone. You are the fucking bitch…” Dawn stood before her, at the entrance of the alley.

    TEXT #2

    Beth keeps speaking badly of you behind your back.” Sitting on the university lawn, the two friends were enjoying the gentle winter sunshine of southern Spain, but not the conversation. Luana twisted her gesture before Alina’s words, the morning light illuminating her beautiful brown eyes as her friend continued to tell her the rumors. “This morning, when I walked into the library, I could hear her telling that stupid Suzie that you’re a dyke.” “Look who’s talking!” Luana replied, her chest swollen with indignation. “That pussy-licker thinks that I’m as lesbian as she is…” “I’m sure Beth and Suzie eat each other’s beaver every day,” Alina said. “Fucking dykes.” “You have no idea how much I hate Beth,” Luana told Alina after a few seconds. “As much as you hate Suzie.” “That’s a lot of hate,” Alina admitted. Hearing their words, it might seem that the two friends’ grudges towards the other girls came from years and years of rivalry and conflict. But the reality is that the college young women only knew each other since the beginning of the class year, barely three weeks earlier. After receiving the Erasmus scholarship, the Italian Luana and the German Alina had moved from their home countries to Málaga at the end of August to study for a year in the Spanish city… just as the French Beth and the Dutch Suzie had done. Coming from different parts of Europe, fate had wanted to bring these four beauties together, something that had been a problem for each of them from the very first moment. “Honestly, I can’t even stand to see her,” Luana said, unleashing the same negative feelings she had felt since she first laid eyes on Beth. “She thinks she’s so pretty, so hot…” It was undeniable that the French’s arrogance bothered her, but the Italian girl wasn’t admitting everything: the physical resemblance between the two was painful was like a dagger stuck in the stomach. Their slender, curvaceous bodies, with firm B-cup tits, flat bellies and wide hips were almost identical. Luana’s perfect ass was equal in every way to Beth’s perfect ass. And their beautiful brown-eyed faces, with their delicate noses and fleshy lips, looked more like the faces of two sisters than the faces of two strangers. Worse still: their dreadlocks, the girls’ main sign of identity, were something they also shared. At least she’s blonde, and I’m brunette, Luana often thought of an attempt to console herself. “Suzie is just as arrogant as Beth,” Alina followed the conversation. “Always with those necklines, as if her tits were better than mine.” The German girl had always been tremendously proud of her D-cup breasts, so meeting Suzie’s fat boobs had been an unpleasant surprise. But the problems didn’t stop there. Like Luana and Beth, she and the Dutch shared much more than similar tits in size and firmness: their bodies and faces seemed to come out of the same mold, with each curve finding their twin in the other figure, their blue eyes and thick mouths resembling a reflection in the mirror. As a final joke of fate, Alina was as brunette as her friend Luana; and as her friend’s rival, Suzie was blonde. The four beauties were predestined to hate each other, in that double competition between brunettes and blondes: hot-ass dreadlocks girl against hot-ass dreadlocks girl, north busty girl against north busty girl. It didn’t take a fortune teller to know that the burning tension between the bitter enemies would soon explode…
    “Did you see her yesterday? With those tight jeans?” Beth’s voice was just a whisper at the library, a confidence among conspirators. “Please, she really thinks her ass is hot.” “Those brunettes are haughty bitches,” Suzie replied, bringing her head closer to her friend. “Didn’t you see Alina just a moment ago, come in here with that cleavage as if her ugly tits ruled this place?” “Yeah,” the French said. “Alina thinks she has the best tits on campus… and Luana thinks she has the best fucking ass…” For both blondes, their problems with the brunettes had been getting worse for days. Not only did they have to bear to a silent competition of increasingly shorter and tighter clothes with Luana and Alina in the middle of winter —even with the good weather in southern Spain, a winter is always a winter—, but they also had to listen to the other college students talking about them four, comparing them daily, commenting on how similar Beth and Luana were, how similar Suzie and Alina were. Beth had become as obsessed with Luana’s ass as much as Suzie was with Alina’s chest, but that compulsive comparison was not exclusive to them. From the looks from the brunettes, they knew that their rivals had similar thoughts to their own; from the comments of the men of the campus, they also knew that evaluations were in vogue outside the self-destructive circle of the four young beauties. “Do you know what? I hear they keep saying we’re dykes,” Suzie snarled in a low voice. “Yesterday, María confessed to me that Luana told her that you are a bumper clam…” “Fucking slut,” the French woman muttered. “The cunt-eater thinks we’re all like her.” “Like them. I bet those two lesbians finger to each other when they go to the restroom together.” “Of course they do.” Beth could hardly believe the hatred she felt for Luana, and she could feel the same flood of animosity in her Dutch friend’s words when she spoke of Alina. There weren’t four girls more popular than them on campus, but the higher they went up the social ladder, the more Beth knew that the fight at the top would be terrible, and very, very dirty. Every day, every time the brown-eyed French licked her own lips, she could feel that the battle of the century was about to break out…
    Finally, classes ended for that day. Luana and Alina came out of the classroom, mentally exhausted after an hour of monotonous, boring voice from the professor of Contemporary History. Those who were not bored now, however, were the men who crossed paths with them. In a perfect conjunction, the brunettes seemed to come out of a wet dream: Alina’s daring neckline and Luana’s tight-fitting shorts exhibited the best virtues of each girl, so seeing them both walking together was like seeing the perfect woman divided into two bodies. The Italian waved her dreadlocks in the air with pride at the attention they received, and the German smiled hotly at her side, aware of everything that was going on around them. The brunette queens are here, babies, they thought at the same time, perfectly synchronized. But when there are preys, predators always appear, and there was enough prey there. Turning a corner of the faculty halls, Beth and Suzie showed up. Immediately, instantly, the four beauties stopped, and the whole world around them as well. As in an old wester duel, no one moved for a few seconds so tense that the air seemed to burst into flames from one moment to the next. For months, when the girls had crossed paths, there had only been bad looks, arrogant smiles that concealed jealousy and hatred, malevolence concentrated on slightly reddened cheeks. Today, however, all that seemed insufficient. “I heard what you’ve been saying about me, Luana,” Beth said suddenly. The first words that one of them addressed directly to another, and it wasn’t exactly to calm things down. “That’s funny, Beth,” the Italian replied, taking a step forward. “I was just about to tell you the same thing.” “I’m sick of the shit you put behind my back, Alina,” Suzie approached the German brunette, her gaze flickering with contained fury. “Like you’re not doing the same shit, Suzie.” Alina said with a growl. In the middle of the corridor, surrounded by two dozen lucky witnesses, the four Erasmus beauties faced each other, paired with their most hated nemesis. Alina and Suzie looked at each other from top to bottom, their jeans and tight blouses covering bodies too similar for them to ignore. Their builds, heights and weights didn’t appear to differ in scales greater than millimeters or grams, something that, together with the resemblance between their pretty blue-eyed faces, made impossible a relationship different from envy and animosity. In the center of it all were their breasts. The girls’ necklines were defiant to the winter, displaying their cleavages with boldness and pride and, now that the other was near, with defiance. The titflesh trembled slightly, its firmness and roundness looming over the fabric under the intense gaze of eyes eager for answers that even that little, light clothing prevented answering. “What’s your real size, Suzie?” the German woman asked abruptly, quickly tackling the matter. Around, an excited murmur of surprise arose. “Without padded bras, I mean.” “You’re brave talking about stuffed bras when you’re obviously wearing one now,” the Dutch spat, her eyes moving between Alina’s cleavage and face. “But you know my answer: my cup size is at least one bigger than yours.” “In your dreams, blonde…” “You can wear all the body-hugging shorts you want, Luana,” Beth was saying next to her friend, just a step away from her brunette rival. “Your ass isn’t gonna look any better for that.” The Italian girl proudly slapped one of her own buttocks proudly, the sound of spanked flesh mingling with the burning murmur of other students. “It doesn’t matter what I wear, or what you wear, because my ass will always look better than yours,” she said. “Bullshit…” Letting themselves go for the moment, Beth and Luana turned their bodies slightly, bending their backs to show their butts to the other woman. For a few seconds, none of them could say anything: the similarities between their bodies, between their B-cup tits, their wide hips and their long dreadlocks seemed even more pronounced when they compared their best attributes, with each Erasmus girl’s ass identical in shape and constitution to the other. The curiosity to see what was really under the other tight-fitting shorts flooded the foes’ heads, their breasts shaking nervously under their shirts as they thought of their next words. “I guess you girls wouldn’t dare bring your asses to the campus party tomorrow, would you?” Luana asked, surprised at her own words. The challenge had come from her mouth without her being able to do anything about it, but she didn’t regret it. However, the Italian beauty wondered what her subconscious mind wanted: a catfight that night? Or simply to see Beth in her best dress to see what her real threat level was? Beth opened her mouth to answer, but her friend Suzie spoke first. “Of course you’ll see our asses over there…” Their blue eyes were fixed on Alina’s equally blue eyes. “…and our breasts.” Alina felt her chest swell at the words of her rival. “We’ll be there, blondes.” “We hope so, brunettes,” Beth growled, ending the tense conversation. With their last defiant looks, the two couples collided shoulder-to-shoulder before moving away from the scene, leaving the audience without what they most desired. However, everyone was clear about one thing: that Friday night was going to be a hell of a night!

    The music rang out in the open-air party, the crazy college students drinking, dancing and flirting under the influence of alcohol and trendy songs. Eiffel 65’s Blue moved the young bodies in mad frenzy, sweat spattering on the improvised dance floor in the middle of the university campus. Far from the center of the city, and from the vigilance of the parents, they all released everything they had inside: freedom, love, passion. For Suzie and Beth, releasing what they had inside meant, however, something very different. Pushed by hatred and bloodlust, they moved through the party, their eyes attentive to all the brunette manes. “Do you see them?” the Dutch girl asked. “No,” the French blonde replied. “I’m sure they’ve chickened out.” For both of them, the possibility that their rivals wouldn’t show up was painful, frustrating. At the same time, and paradoxically, it was also delightful to know that Alina and Luana had been frightened of them. On the other hand, although none of the blondes would admit it, there was some relief; the reckless courage of the beginning had been yielding to the uncertainty of what would happen when blondes and brunettes met at the party. Would a wild catfight burst in the middle of the dance floor? Would they go somewhere private to settle their differences? Or would the two couples just bark a lot but bite a little, leaving the date in a bluff? Beth and Suzie didn’t have time to think about the answer. Between the marabunta of dancers, Luana and Alina appeared, their eyes searching among the people. A couple of seconds later, their glances connected with the eyes of their enemies… “The whores are here,” Suzie said, reading the same dirty sentence on Alina’s lips. That was the starting gun. Approaching each other, the Erasmus girls faced each other, surrounded by dozens and dozens of drunk students shaking their bodies to the rhythm of music. But, at that time, none of them existed; in fact, not even the friend did: Beth and Luana only had eyes for each other, and so did Suzie and Alina. “I’ve had a hard time finding you,” Luana said. “I thought you were hiding at home with your lesbian lover, eating her cunt.” “At least you finally have the guts to say it to my face, girl,” Beth replied. “But if there’s a lesbian here who prefers to eat cunts with her friend, that’s you.” “You’d love for me to be a dyke like you, Beth, but I’m not interested in your fantasies,” the brunette snarled. “You’re the one who fantasizes about me being a dyke like you, Luana, but I don’t like women… or brunette bitches,” the blonde said. While accusing each other of lesbianism, the women looked closely at each other’s faces. Perfectly made up, with lips painted in light pink and gazes highlighted with eye shadows and eyeliners, the girls had to painfully admit that her rival looked prettier than ever. Turning their eyes down, Luana and Beth looked at the modest but sexy breasts of the other dreadlocks girl, barely concealed by the V-neckline of their blouses, the brunette’s blue fabric opposing the blonde’s red fabric. Even further down, the identical tight-fitting leather pants of the rivals clung to their legs and thighs like a second skin; although none could see each other’s butt, the glances that men cast on the other ass spoke for themselves: the other beauty had brought all the artillery to the party. Next to Beth and Luana, Suzie and Alina paid no attention to the bitter argument: they had their own problems in front of them, in the form of smug blue eyes and defiant fat boobs. Aware of what they were going to face at the party, they had decided to put it all on the line with the best necklines and the best bras of their wardrobes. Suzie’s beautiful and body-hugging red dress had an ample, generous neckline, above which loomed two compressed spheres of titflesh, lifted up by a Wonder Bra hat the Dutch girl wore for the first time that night. In front of her, Alina’s blue dress was so tight, her neckline so lavish, like Suzie’s. The Wonder Bra that the German girl also wore for the first time pushed her tits together and up in a show that matched her foe’s chest in size and lust, in appeal and seduction. “You’ve got guts bringing those pity trophies here,” Suzie grunted, going straight to the point. Unlike the affair of asses between Beth and Luana, the problem of tits between her and her brunette rival was much more direct; after all, breasts were right there, in front of both of them, throbbing on their torsos, not hidden in the lower back of their bodies. “I lost track of how many guys drooled on my tits while I was looking for you at the party… Can you say the same about your pathetic sacks?” Alina attacked instinctively, emboldened like a bull to the red cape that were the boobs of her nemesis. “Oh, sweetheart, the only person drooling on your ugly tits is your lesbian girlfriend,” the blonde spat. “Does she know how to suck tits properly?” “It’s your girl who sucks your tits every night, like the good dykes you are,” the brunette answered. Instinctively, she licked her lips in red, and Suzie responded by running her tongue through her mouth covered with reddish lipstick. Made up to create a perfect feminine painting on their faces, the two beauties stared hatefully at the other busty woman. Perhaps the discussion between the four girls would have continued on the same terms for more minutes, but the sudden guitar riff that resounded at the party changed the direction of the confrontation. Lenny Kravitz’s American Woman started, and the sensuality of the song entered the body of the rivals. Huh, American woman, stay away from me. The lyrics exerted a sort of reverse psychology on them. Instead of staying away from each other, they shortened the distance. Luana and Beth offered their hands at the same time, inviting each other to dance, a challenge that none of them fully understood but that they felt was the next step. Alina and Suzie looked at the dreadlocks girls with their hearts racing, as they knew what it meant to them that their friends would dance together. Waved their manes in the air, they looked each other in the eye again: now it was their turn. Beginning to move their bodies to the rhythm of the music, the four rivals managed to clear some space to create a kind of round combat arena in the middle of the dance floor. Surrounded by a multitude of faceless people, by the smell of alcohol and the sound of joy, the beauties danced around each other, staring intensely into each other’s eyes as they let the song speak for them. American woman, get away from me. The women’s lips moved, singing the lines now as a challenge. In response, the young beauties approached each other even more, dancing at such a short distance that they could smell the foe’s perfume and sweat. Alina and Suzie shook their breasts, their greatest virtues shaking in front of each other in their own dance of firmness and roundness. The German girl could hardly believe how sexy the other boobs looked, lush and slightly sweaty in that daring neckline. The blue eyes of the Dutch spoke of the same doubts, fixed on a chest so fat and appealing that the blonde found herself overwhelmed by hatred towards the brunette. American woman, I said, get away. They both threatened each other through Lenny Kravitz’s voice as the other big, hot glands exerted a gravitational power that none of them could oppose. Before they knew it, brunette and blonde crashed torso to torso, chest to chest… and the electric shock that exploded between their tits threw them backwards with a short groan. Don’t want to see your face. As the busty antagonists clenched their teeth after the unexpected and unbearable carnal contact, the dreadlocks girls on their side were playing their own game. The brunette was the first to follow the song; sick of Beth’s beautiful and arrogant face, Luana turned her back on her. Her perfect butt moved seductively to the sensual rhythm of the guitar, the black tight-fitting leather of her pants creaking softly with each feminine wiggle. After obsessively, jealously watching her enemy’s rounded assets for a few seconds, Beth turned around and shook her own ass to show Luana who the boss was there… Some of them, or perhaps both, miscalculated the distance, because just a moment later, the French felt her buttocks crash hard against the Italian’s ass cheeks. The sudden impact between leather and muscle made the women moan, a wave of heat surpassing them and forcing them away from each other. They turned around quickly to confront each other now face to face. You’re no good for me and I’m no good for you. The song read the girls’ minds again. The two couples came together, stopping just before their breasts touched each other. The animosity of the moment was so high that they knew that the smallest contact would be enough to start a catfight. “Keep your pathetic tits away from mine,” Suzie and Alina said at once. “Keep your pathetic ass away from mine,” Beth and Luana said at the same time that her friends. The synchronization of thoughts and words bothered the Erasmus girls, but the party was beginning to be a bad place for what was happening between them. Many students began to realize something was wrong with the beauties, with the memory of the previous day’s confrontation still fresh in their heads.

    TEXT #3

    Laura said goodbye to her best friend Matt with a hug and, with her backpack full of Philosophy books and notes, the young Californian girl crossed the campus with quick steps. That day she started her third year of college, but she was so excited that seemed it was the first time she was there. Her happiness had an explanation: Laura was a very intelligent woman who enjoyed knowledge and discipline. Her love for knowledge was inheritance from her father, a significant Italian sociologist of whom she had also inherited some beautiful Mediterranean factions. On the other hand, her beautiful green eyes and her discipline was a maternal legacy: ‘Rule your mind or it will rule you’ it was Horace’s sentence that she always told her daughter. If Laura’s father was a real source of wisdom in Humanities, her mother was the paradigm of Science as a leading biochemist.

    Daughter of such successful parents, life demanded the same from Laura…but that wasn’t a problem for her. With only 20 years, Laura’s grades in Philosophy were the highest in her college and in all the Western states, but she was also the best one in her fencing class and athletic trainings. Certainly, she was physically and mentally gifted for it, but her strength of will and her clarity of thought were fundamental pillars of her success.

    On the way to class, Laura met two classmates whom she greeted with a beautiful smile of white teeth. She wasn’t cocky, but not stupid either; she knew how her presence affected men, and the eyes of the guys spoke clearly. At 5’8”, Laura had a slender but toned body where every inch was sculpted with gorgeous curves. Her C-cup breasts was really firm and high, defying proudly the gravity even without help of any bra. Her flat belly was the prelude to two long and strong legs, and her ass looked stunning after years of athleticism. But her classmates weren’t only captivated by her hot body, because the face of the young woman was a work of art that every painter would like to immortalize: her long hair, dark as the plumage of a raven, fell on her torso, gently brushing her breasts, and framing a beautiful canvas of eyes as green as perfect jades, feminine eyelashes, elegant nose and two thick heart-shaped lips which were the perdition of many men—and some women—on campus.

    Leaving behind looks of desire and envy, the brunette entered the building of philosophy. Her locker was near the entrance, so she soon opened it to leave there several books.

    “Hey, Laura!” a voice sounded at her side. Before turning, Laura was already smiling.

    “Hey, Rebecca!” She closed her locker before hugging her friend. “Ready for another fencing class year?”

    “You have read my mind,” Rebecca said. “You know that I will win you a duel this year.”

    “We’ll, see, we’ll see…” Laura mocked, knowing that her friend had no chance against her. After all, she had almost gone to the last Olympics with the fencing team, and her friend could barely use her rapier. “See you later? There are fifteen minutes left for Greek Philosophy and…”

    “I know, I know, you like reading the topics of the day to prepare yourself, Miss Perfect.”

    Laura stuck out her tongue mockingly and, with a gesture, said goodbye to her friend. It was already a habit to go to class early so that, accompanied by silence and solitude, she could get ready for classes. Many of her classmates didn’t understand that someone wanted to spend more time in class, but everyone knew that Laura was beyond that mentality. She was studying Philosophy for pure pleasure, since it would be easy for her to start to work with one of her parents; but that was the easy way, and she didn’t like the easy ways. But that was not all: Laura didn’t like to waste time, so she felt she had to take advantage of every minute of the day. That’s why she had been learning fencing for the last four years, that’s why she had been attending athletic competitions since adolescence, that’s why she had sign up for theater classes this year. She was eager to prove herself as an actress just as she did as a fencer, an athlete or a philosopher. She enjoyed the challenges, the more diverse the better. That’s why Laura had diplomas of courses as different as Ecological Agriculture or European History, that’s why she had volunteered with some NGO, that’s why she had won the last marathon of the city. With the economic stability of her family, Laura could have been a spoiled brat, but instead she had tried hard to be the best in every field she touched. But it wasn’t for competitiveness, but because she believed that it was the only way to take things: giving the best of herself.

    Laura looked at her watch when she stopped in front of her classroom. “Good,” she whispered. “I have some time for Plato and Aristotle.” The brunette opened the door, closing it behind her, and walked to her seat, right in front of the teacher’s desk.

    But then Laura realized that the classroom wasn’t empty: a young redhead was there, looking at her silently with a gaze that mixed curiosity and coldness.

    “Hi…” Laura said softly, with a raised eyebrow in surprise. She had never seen that girl before.

    “Hey,” the stranger replied icily.

    After the initial surprise, Laura realized that the other woman was extremely beautiful. Her silky, long reddish hair, her intense blue eyes and her fleshy lips awoke in her an unfamiliar sensation that she couldn’t define. All she could know clearly was that, for some absurd feeling, she wanted the girl was in the wrong classroom and, therefore, she went out of there.

    “This is of Greek Philosophy class,” Laura started to say. “I think you’re in the wro…”

    “Yeah, I know. But don’t worry, this is my class,” the redhead interrupted. “Oh, pardon my manners. My name is Alice.” Getting up, she offered her hand to Laura, as a smile appeared on her face, melting her coldness…but only partially. “I’m new here. I just moved from New York.”

    “Wow, what a big change,” the brunette said, shaking hands with the redhead. “I’m Laura.”

    “Nice to meet you.”

    Laura smiled, with her body relaxing…but not quite. She thought that Alice’s warm hand was squeezing her own hand more than enough, and she responded the same way before separating them.

    “Nice to meet you too, Alice.”

    The redhead nodded, and sat down again. Casually, she was sitting in the same place that Laura used to sit in the previous years, right in front of the teacher, but she knew that saying something about it would sound very childish. So she sat down next to Alice, and took out her book and notes.

    “Do you usually come to class so early?” she asked.

    “Yes, I like to review the subjects before starting,” Alice explained, pointing her own notes. “I like to know what awaits me.” She turned her face to the brunette, and Laura felt momentarily captivated by the New Yorker’s beauty. For a couple of seconds, her green eyes set on Alice’s mouth; at such a short distance, it looked delicious, irresistible. Unconsciously, Laura found herself comparing the thickness of the redhead’s lips with her own pair, but she immediately removed that thought from her mind by improper. It’s not typical of you, she said herself.

    When she looked back at Alice’s blue eyes, she thought the redhead had just thrown a quick glance over her mouth. Had it been real? She wanted to dismiss such an absurd idea, but something in Alice’s face made Laura’s mind keep her doubts.

    “You like to come to class soon too, don’t you?” Alice inquired, with an evaluating look.

    “That’s right. I like to be prepared for whatever comes…”

    “Then you and I will see each other a lot around here…”

    “It seems so.” The brunette wanted to finish the conversation there, but only a few seconds of tense silence forced her to keep talking. “How about Philosophy classes in New York?”

    “Oh, I don’t know,” Alice said. “I’m a Political Science student, but I wanted to choose this course to complete my curriculum.” Her eyes took on a slight arrogant glow, or so it seemed to Laura. “You know, the more the better.”

    “That’s right,” the Californian girl answered, her heart racing at whatever was going on there.

    “And you, don’t you have any extra subjects for your curriculum?”

    “Yes, but none of your major,” Laura said, perhaps too abruptly. “I’ve never been interested in politics.” She licked her lips. “Although, who knows, I can still enroll in some other subject, maybe one of Political Science…” she added, somehow feeling like she was throwing a challenge.

    “Well, maybe you should do it.” The redhead’s face seemed to lean forward a couple of inches. Just then, several students began to enter the classroom, and Alice’s voice dropped to almost a whisper. “I assure you that is far more interesting, and much harder, than Philosophy.”

    Laura grimaced in disgust at the New Yorker’s contempt for her studies, but Alice didn’t see her because she was already looking forward, to the teacher who had just appeared in class. A resentful sensation burned in the brunette’s belly, aware that the talk had made her lose her valuable study time; worse, she didn’t like not being able to respond to the last words of the new girl. Relax, Laura, you’re imagining things, she thought. You’re not that kind of girl.

    However, during the long hour of class, Laura didn’t know what kind of girl she was being at that time. Her green eyes glanced sideways at Alice constantly, sometimes observing with some obsession how the redhead bit her pen. The brunette found the mania annoying, since it deconcentrated her, forcing her to look again and again at the undulating thickness of the other woman’s pink lips. Seeking to blow off steam, Laura started to drag her fingernails across her table. What the hell is wrong with me? she ended up saying to herself, over and over again.


    Alice felt weird, almost out of a mind that she found difficult to recognize as her own. She could barely pay attention to the teacher, her head chewing on the words that she had exchanged with the brunette sitting next to her, on her gestures and looks and the meaning behind them. And the annoying noise of her nails scratching the wood didn’t help either.

    At that moment, Alice remembered a mental trick she always used when she was deconcentrated: rearranging her experiences and thoughts, and analyze them in depth. Actually, it had all started when her mother, an eminence in the field of astrophysics of whom she had received her long, reddish hair, had been called to work in Oakland. A spectacular salary and one of the best teams in the world made the two women move from New York to California, crossing the whole country from east to west. Alice would certainly miss her father, the man guilty of her love of learning, her iron will and her green eyes, but the girl knew that once college was over, the best History teacher of the East Coast would meet them in Oakland.

    With that in mind, Alice didn’t complain about the change of scene; on the contrary, she gladly accepted the challenge. The redhead had been a smart, educated and perceptive girl all her life, and had never stopped looking for new tests for her brain or her body, making them grow in equal measure. In New York, people can see her at a conference on climate change or in a talk about Japanese advances in robotics, playing a tennis match or learning to play piano. Even, at the age of 20, she had been on the verge of going to the Olympics to compete as a swimmer. She was always the first in everything she did, regardless of their nature. Maybe that’s why the young redhead wasn’t used to the competitive feeling, because no one had ever been able to overshadow her, mentally or physically. She wasn’t competitive because she didn’t need to be competitive.

    The first thing Alice had done when she arrived at her new home was to matriculate in the third year of Political Science to continue the studies she had begun in New York. Later, she had signed up for the college swimming team. It had been then when the redhead had seen a guy had given her a flyer announcing that the theater group was looking for new actresses. Why not? She had thought, completing a weekly schedule full of activities.

    Then came the first day of college, a joyful day really for most of the men on campus, who saw in the beautiful redhead an angel descended from the heavens. Although Alice was a modest girl with respect to her spectacular body, she didn’t have problems with everyone analyzing her from top to bottom, no matter if it was with desire or with hatred. Her long red hair looked like a waterfall that fell far beyond her shoulders; her eyes were deep, suggestive, brightly blue under long eyelashes; her delicate nose preceded two delicious and fleshy lips that asked to be kissed and showed perfect pearly teeth when they curled into a smile. And if Alice’s face was angelic, her body was a sin of curves and feminine strength, with firm C-cup breasts, a flat and seductive belly, an ass hardened by sports and long legs that raised the redhead until 5’8”. Unlike most swimmers, Alice didn’t have a broad back; her body seemed to have absorbed all of the training to strengthen itself more on the inside than on the outside, beautifully toning her exterior at the same time that increasing her stamina and strength.

    The redhead’s mental journey to the present took her until that morning, when she had come to class before the hour as she had always done in her hometown. Her heart still throbbed as she remembered the unexpected appearance of the brunette. Her first thought had been of shock at the stunning beauty of the stranger, followed by what she considered it was a sensation of annoyance, perhaps even irritation. A second later, their eyes had met, and something electrical had sparked in the air.

    Thinking about it, Alice didn’t know what had disturbed her most: Laura’s physical appearance, that she copied her study habits or that the brunette had looked at her lips with such boldness. Certainly, she couldn’t say that it was the first time someone had looked at her mouth like that, but there had been something different about the other girl’s gesture, and also about what she herself had felt about it. There was also the matter of her reaction, with her glancing back at an improper response that still stung her. Alice had always criticized the behavior of some females to compare and compete each other with their bodies, seeing it as something primitive and almost degrading but, at that moment, she was wondered if she had never before fallen into these spider webs because she had never before met a woman like Laura.

    The Greek Philosophy class became eternal for Alice, with those unknown sensations slowly burning within her. To make things worse, the brunette was still scratching her table with a sound that seemed to penetrate her ears and brain. Over and over again, the redhead glanced sideways at the other girl, seriously thinking of telling her to stop doing that. However, she could only continue to bite her pen with nervousness, sometimes getting lost in the thick outline of Laura’s delicious lips.


    It could almost hear the sighs of the two women at the end of the class. Alice picked up her things in a hurry; she had classes in the Political Science building, although there was more than one reason to want to get out of there as soon as possible.

    “Well, Laura, it’s been a pleasure,” the redhead lied, and that was evident in her voice.

    Both beauties rose at once to say goodbye to each other.

    “Likewise, Alice.” The brunette could barely hide that there was something uncomfortable in the air. “See you tomorrow in class?”

    Somehow, that sounded like a challenge.

    “I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world,” Alice replied. “Will you be in the classroom before the class starts?”

    That also sounded challenging.

    “Count on it…”

    With a fake smile, the girls nodded, and the redhead left the classroom. Out of sight of the other, they both dried the sweat drops from their foreheads, aware that the new college year was going to change their lives.


    The sun was setting in the west that autumn afternoon when Alice arrived at the college sports complex, ready for her first training with the new swimming team. On her shoulder, she carried a gym bag with her red competition bikini and warm clothing to put on after training. As she walked down the hallways, the smell of pool came to her nose. Oh, I needed this, she said herself, after a long and disconcerting day in which Laura had continued to appear in her head, even without having seen her since the first hour of the morning. In the water, everything will be different.

    However, as if her thought invoked her, Laura appeared before her blue eyes as she turned a corner. At almost 40 feet, the brunette was talking to another girl, for now unaware of her presence. Should I say hello? Ignore her? Actually, the redhead could take a little detour and avoid the other beauty, but that’s how she was now? However, the dilemma ended soon, as the two girls turned their backs to finally disappear down another hallway.

    “Does she play sports, too?” she whispered to herself, before looking around to check that no one had seen her speaking alone. Following her path, Alice again visualized the tracksuit that Laura wore, but it didn’t give her any clue about which sport she practiced. Somehow, the desire to know it reawakened in her that anxiety that had been born with the appearance of the beautiful brunette in her life.

    TEXT #4

    The heat wave had been in town for several days. The asphalt was burning, a kind of fog covering the streets. But even the new A/C machine in her apartment wasn’t enough for Zoe or her boyfriend Tony. After a week of heat and stress at work, they decided that the indoor pool was just what they needed. “It was a good idea to come to the pool today.” Zoe said, eager to feel the cold water. “There aren’t usually many people in the morning.” “Then we’ll have the pool just for us!” Tony smiled. The guy looked good in her black swimsuit, but Zoe was the one who shone: her sky-blue bikini fitted to her body like a second skin, her bra holding her tight, firm B-cup breasts, her panties squeezing her plump mound of Venus. The woman’s shapely curves seduced with every step, attracting the hot gaze of a boyfriend who knew she was very, very lucky. “You know that bulge down there drives me crazy.” Tony licked her lips, pointing her chin at Zoe’s crotch. The tight bikini lycra rubbed against the girl’s bulky sexual anatomy, exhibiting her greatest pride without secrets. “And you know that feeling the lycra against my pussy makes me horny,” Zoe responded with a cruelly sexy smile, her blonde hair waving in the air as her green eyes flashed with self-confidence. “I really love dating the woman who turns heads everywhere she goes…and who knows what to say to her guy in every moment,” Tony said, kissing her on the cheek. Zoe smiled in reply. She had the looks, but also the attitude. She was so proud of her body and face that she had no hesitation in measuring herself against other women and putting them to shame when she had the opportunity. Her boyfriend always told her that one day she’d get into a mess with the wrong woman, but the blonde always said the same thing: ‘I can’t wait!’ Certainly, that day seemed to have arrived. Entering the pool area, Zoe and Tony suddenly met another couple who, on the other side of the place, were sitting on the edge of the pool, their legs in the water. “Who are these people?” Tony asked. Next to her, Zoe’s body got tense, her crotch throbbing wetly in front of the man she saw across the pool. Thin but muscular, her body looked spectacular in her red swim briefs. Her blue eyes were fixed on Zoe and, even at such a distance, it was undeniable that she was amazed to see the sexual bulge between her legs. Proudly, Zoe pulled out her chest, feeling desired by the two men in the pool. It wasn’t until she checked a dozen times the man’s spectacular body that Zoe remembered that he wasn’t alone. It was then when she saw her: an astonishing dark-haired girl with a sinful body barely covered in a tight red bikini. Her eyes were narrowed, the look on her face giving Zoe a warning: ‘I saw you looking at my boyfriend, bitch!’ The excitement for the hot man mingled with jealousy for the hot woman, creating a kind of burning anxiety in Zoe. It all got worse when she noticed that Tony was also looking at the brunette… and that the brunette, after another murderous look at her, turned her face to Tony. Fucking whore! Zoe cursed, nudging her boyfriend. On the other side of the pool, the other woman did the same thing with the attractive blue-eyed man, angry because she was looking at Zoe. Annoyed by everything that was happening, Zoe ended up sitting on the edge of the pool, and her boyfriend followed suit. Suddenly, she didn’t want to go into the water, but facing that woman who challenged her from the other side of the pool. So she stretched her body, bending her back and raising her arms to thrust her chest out in a supposedly innocent gesture. The other female didn’t delay in imitating the pose, pulling out her breasts with pride as she watched Zoe carefully. The two men could barely contain their erections in front of the hot show, dividing the attention between one woman and another. Half a minute later, her rival raised the stakes: she opened her legs slightly, displaying the bulge of her plump crotch beneath the red cloth. Shaking her hair, Zoe copied her, showing that conceited woman and her handsome boyfriend her own weapons. “Oh, my God,” Tony whispered, her eyes fixed on the woman across the pool. “Can you stop looking at that bitch?” Zoe said, furious at not having all the male glances fixed on her. “You don’t stop staring at her boyfriend,” Tony complained…and she was right. Although Zoe was centered in the other female, her green eyes continually turned to the other man, to her perfect abs and her erect bulge beneath her swim briefs. For an instant, she visualized herself riding that stallion in front of her girlfriend. Zoe lost track of time. Five, ten, maybe fifteen minutes passed while the two couples exchanged glances. The women bragged about curves, and the men couldn’t decide which of the girls looked better. Actually, the two female beauties were giving each other a run for their money, because it was difficult to find two women so close in beauty, appeal and seduction. At least from a distance, their bodies seemed identical, well matched in curves and size…even where it really counted. Luckily, despite the similarities between their facial features—green eyes, small noses and fleshy lips—their faces and their hair clearly differentiated them. Eventually, Zoe became obsessed with what the brunette had between her legs. Arrogantly proud of her private sexual anatomy, the girl could not believe she was in front of a woman as well-endowed as she was. Zoe found her cunt stirring inside her sky-blue bikini panties, a challenge that her enemy seemed to share as she moved nervously across the pool, looking between Zoe’s legs jealously. “Okay, I’m sick of this shit,” Zoe finally exploded, letting her body slide into the water. On the other side, her rival looked at both men before entering the pool too. Under the attentive gaze of their boyfriends, the girls swam, always watching each other as they approached the shallow end of the pool. Emerging from the water like mermaids of curvaceous bodies and wet manes, the two beautiful women rose to their feet and started to circle each other in the waist-deep water, both observing rivulets of water sliding across the other sexy, firm body. “I would appreciate it if you would quit flirting with my boyfriend,” Zoe snarled, her eyes gleaming with jealousy. “You’re the one flirting with my boyfriend,” the other beauty snapped back. “So you better stop doing it.” First words among them, and they certainly didn’t seek to unblock the situation. Zoe felt her nipples stiffening under the sky-blue bra, rubbing against the lycra while she thought of the following words. “What’s your name, girl?” she asked, anxious to give that bitch a name. “Liz,” the brunette grunted. “Listen, Liz…It’s not my fault if your boyfriend looks at me.” As she spoke, Zoe watched as her rival’s nipples hardened under her red bikini. “All men prefer alpha females…” “And what’s your name, darling?” “Zoe.” “Well, Zoe, you’re not woman enough to handle my man, so I don’t think you’re the best suited to talk about alpha women here.” “Oh, please. If I tried something with your man, I’m sure she drops you like a hot potato,” Zoe said. “It would only take me half a minute with your boyfriend to leave you for me,” Liz attacked. “Or didn’t you see the way she looked at me?” “Didn’t you see how your boyfriend looked at me?” While they were arguing, the guys had surrounded the pool to get close to them. From the edge of the pool, they looked at the confrontation with pleasure and guilt. “Your girl is a vicious cat!” Liz’s boyfriend said. “Yours too!” Tony replied. Excited and angered by the conflict, Zoe and Liz ceased to surround each other and came face to face, just a step away from the enemy. “Better back off before you get in trouble…” Liz snarled. “It’s funny,” Zoe grunted. “I was about to tell you the same thing.” Immediately, Liz got in Zoe’s face, nose touching nose. “You bitch. You’re not even close to being woman enough to handle me.” “Stop talking bullshit if you don’t want me to show you how wrong you are, you slut,” Zoe snorted, pushing her nose into Liz’s nose. That had quickly escalated, but it was far from over. Daringly, Zoe took another step in the rivalry by pressing her B-cup breasts against her enemy’s pair. The contact was electric, overloaded with envy and hatred, Liz’s breasts returning the pressure jealously. “You should back the fuck off, cunt,” Liz said gravely, her erect nipples pushing against Zoe’s sky-blue cloth and beyond. “I’m much better than you…bigger than you.” Maybe Zoe didn’t have the biggest boobs in the world, but she was tremendously proud of her girls. Firm, round and sexy, they fit perfectly with the rest of her curvaceous body. And from what she had seen and was feeling now, they were perfect rivals in size and hardness to the brunette’s tits. “Not bigger, whore…softer,” Zoe insulted her nemesis. Immediately, she felt the growing pressure against her breasts, and she pushed her tits deeper against her opponent’s. Suddenly, voices were heard nearby and, almost before the hot women reluctantly separated from each other, a large group of people entered the pool. “Shit!” Liz cursed, looking hatefully at Zoe as she readjusted her bikini bra. “This is not over, you cunt,” she whispered. “Absolutely not,” Zoe replied, looking at her boyfriend then. “Honey, can you wait for me in the car? I have to go to the restroom for a moment.” “Me too, handsome,” Liz hurriedly told her boyfriend. Her green eyes shone brightly when she looked back at Zoe. “But don’t worry, it won’t take long.”
    “That’s right, it won’t take long,” Zoe snarled.

    TEXT #5

    12th floor, “Beauty and Health” offices

    Even from her office, Evelyn could hear them talking about her. She didn’t even need to take her eyes off of the monitor and look through the door, because the words came clear—too clear—to her ears.

    “I met her in the elevator,” Louis, one of her officemates, was saying. Knowing that he was a pervert man, she didn’t need much imagination to visualize his creepy gesture. “She was wearing the shortest skirt I’ve ever seen… You had to see her legs! They’re perfect, just perfect, with those thighs that are so, so…”

    Frowning, Evelyn grunted softly, hating that the man got tongue-tied when he was trying to define the thighs of the mysterious woman that was tormenting her for over a month through third parties.

    “Juicy is the word you’re looking for,” she heard Peter’s voice. ‘That adjective belongs to my thighs, stupid traitor,’ the woman thought, remembering how the man had used before the term with her. After five weeks working at the head offices of “Beauty and Health”, Evelyn had heard how her colleagues praised secretly her spectacular figure, but also how they did it too with the supposedly perfect body of that woman named Lauren. ‘They talk too much about her…and with too much adulating words,’ she said herself, trying to concentrate on work, but with the background flattering echo, it was impossible.

    “Oh, Peter, if they were only her legs. She has everything: a beautiful face, amazing tits, her hips are…”

    “Guys!” Evelyn’s voice crossed the floor, serious and with an angry touch. She put her head out the door of her office and looked at her companions harshly. “Cut the chit-chat and get to work. There’s so much to do.”

    “Sorry, Evelyn,” Louis replied, with his face suddenly turning red. But, despite the scolding of his supervisor, he couldn’t help but quietly add some final words to Peter. “At lunch I tell you more details…”

    The girl watched as both exchanged a knowing look, which it was felt as a stab in her belly. ‘Don’t they have more than enough with me?’ she thought with some bitterness, even despite the fact that the gaze of desire from the two men remained in her face a longer time than it was politically correct.

    But none of that mattered to her at that moment. She needed air, so she got up and, with a muttered excuse, left the office. Not even the passionate impudence with which the dozens of men who were working in her section were looking at her in her escape could comfort her. Reaching the elevator, Evelyn pressed the call button and waited, chewing on an idea that had hanging around her head for days.

    I’m jealous,’ she admitted at last. ‘Jealous for the first time in my life. Jealous of a woman I don’t know, jealous of a woman I haven’t seen yet.’

    The doors opened and Evelyn’s toned legs led her into the elevator with two elegant steps. As she turned around, she caught all her colleagues in the act: they were looking at her ass! The doors closed, with the woman allowed herself to smile. ‘They can talk about Lauren all they want, but it’s really me the one they desire,’ she meditated with some arrogance. However, the mental image that she obsessively had been building from pieces of testimony about the other woman flooded again her thoughts as the elevator down to the third floor. Closing her eyes, she visualized a beauty with smooth skin, dark hair, thick lips and green eyes; she saw a slender young girl with strong legs, firm chest and well-shaped butt, with wide hips and narrow waist. Opening her eyes again, she saw her own reflection in the mirror…and she hesitated. ‘I’m not like that? Am I blending the hype about Lauren with my own body? Maybe I’m confused, and when the guys mutter about a spectacular beauty, they’re talking about me and not about her.’

    Going out to the third floor, Evelyn raised her chin, finally pushing away the ghosts of the elusive woman. The smell of the bar made her stomach to complain, while her throat, suddenly dry, wanted to freshen. But her body was hungry for something else, and the eyes of men and women in the bar gave it her: desire and envy. Widening even more her perfect smile, Evelyn knew at that moment that she had worried for nothing: no woman could outshine her, or even match her in beauty and sex appeal. Her eyes were feline and warm, with green irises and long eyelashes; her nose was gracefully delicate, and her lips formed a perfect pinkish heart with a thick fleshiness that was harmonious with the rest of her feminine attributes. Her beautiful, smooth face was framed by a mane that descended in a cascade of pretty dark filaments which reached the middle of her back.

    Shaking her hair in the air, the young woman spread her pheromones around the bar while she asked her breakfast to the bartender, a young man named Tiago who was totally in love with her. If Evelyn had something in abundance, it was undoubtedly femininity. Absolutely every gesture of her, conscious or not, oozed feminine finesse, suggestion in its purest form. It was impossible to resist Evelyn’s charms, even for those who weren’t targets of the brunette. With 27 years old, the femininity of the girl had perfected until becoming in an irresistible mechanism of seduction along with her beautiful face, but her body was the one that turned everything into a deadly cocktail. Her 5’11’’ figure was a perfect thesis for every student of symmetry and the use of curves. From an early age, Evangeline had developed big, attractive and firm breasts that were still far from being affected by gravity; she was so proud of her tits that she had never hesitated to go topless on the beach or at the pool, being able to keep the same tanned color all over her body.

    Beyond an enviable waist-hip ratio, the woman exhibited a hard ass, provocative to a fault. The heels that she wore daily stylized her body even further, in a kind of torture for her office colleagues, especially when Evelyn wore tight clothing that allowed them to see her amazing things and her small G-string thongs.

    But if there was something particularly provocative in the brunette, it was her perfect legs: her greatest virtue, her greatest satisfaction. Strong, toned, feminine, long as highways to heaven. The beauty exhibited them day and night, in summer or winter, thanks to skirts or shorts, as if neither the cold nor the rain could prevent that she bragged about them.

    At this moment, Lauren returned to her head, assaulting her thoughts with boldness. From the first time Evelyn had heard about the legs of the other woman, she had become obsessed with them. In the presence of her own stunning legs, hearing about Lauren’s delicious thighs, or her fleshy calves, or her beautiful feet was more than her ego could stand. In this world nothing had ever bothered her more that knowing of the existence of the legs of the mysterious brunette.

    She can’t have legs like mine,’ she was saying herself, furiously biting her toast, feeling angry because the feeling of superiority had disappeared from her so quickly. Her skin made tense, her hair stood on end; something in the depths of her stomach throbbed, engendering a corrosive bile for her throat. The frustration about the possibility that another woman could overcome her proud legs began to take its toll on her, especially considering that Lauren seemed to copy each of her virtues. In fact, when her colleagues described a beautiful brunette with perfect legs, sometimes Evelyn think they was talking about her, not about Lauren…and this was the case on many occasions.

    I’m sure she avoids me,’ she thought with some paranoia. She wished with all her soul run into Lauren once and for all, but the luck didn’t seem to be on her side after weeks of work. ‘Surely she has heard about me many times thanks to her officemates, so she doesn’t dare to come closer to my office, or at this bar.’

    “Breakfast is four dollars, Lauren.”

    The bartender’s voice pushed Evelyn out of her thoughts as an unexpectedly slap. “What!?” “How did you call me?”

    “Oh, sorry, Evelyn,” Tiago apologized. “I mistook you for someone else…”

    The fire in the green eyes was enough to silence him. With hurried steps, Evelyn left the bar, snarling under her breath. “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” she muttered to herself, not sure if she was referring to the bartender or to Lauren. Furious, she entered the elevator, back to her office on the 12th floor.

    For the first time, she knew she had reached her limit. ‘Whatever it takes, I’m going to find you, damn evasive girl, and I’m going to put you in your place,’ she ruminated, convincing herself that if she could put her eyes on the other girl, she could enumerate so many defects to her companions that they would stop being so stupid. ‘Only a woman is able to see how another woman really is. And you, stupid bartender, you will never again confuse us…

    52th floor, “Beauty and Health” offices

    The working group of the 52th floor of the skyscraper owned by “Beauty and Health” had just finished an important meeting, and now everyone was relaxing on the large table, chatting animatedly with each other in groups of two or three. In the room there was only one woman, but the whispers of the men were divided between two females.

    “I’m telling you seriously,” John was saying. “My heart stopped when I met her in the hallway. What beautiful legs, my friends, what beautiful legs!”

    Lauren rubbed her teeth, hearing the background comment more clearly than the words that her partner Albert was saying at her at close range. Trying to follow the thread of the conversation with the man, she kept listening how others spoke indistinctly about her or the mysterious Evelyn, extolling the virtues of one or another. On more than one occasion, she couldn’t distinguish for whom they drooled, since for a long time she had learned that “gorgeous brunette”, “stunning legs” or “big tits” weren’t exclusive terms for her.

    After five weeks working for the multinational, she had heard of Evelyn fifteen or twenty times a day. At first, the unconscionable flattery to the unknown woman had seemed a cheap trick to praise Lauren; she had believed that her colleagues had invented the beautiful girl to talk about her virtues in front of her. But since Lauren had realized that Evelyn was real, she felt every compliment toward the other beauty as a personal attack to her femininity.

    “From now on, I’ll take care of all the paperwork related to Evelyn’s working group. So, guys, the 12th floor is mine now… and the beautiful brunette too!”

    John’s comment was followed by a welter of complaints and laughter, but for Lauren’s ears sounded like heavenly trumpets. Her heart stopped, and her face froze in a strange grimace.

    “Something wrong?” Albert asked her, finally realizing that her stunning supervisor wasn’t paying attention to him.

    “I just remembered something!” she said too vehemently. Lauren said goodbye with a quick gesture, running into her office and slamming the door behind her. ‘At last I’ve found you,” she shouted in her head, as her heart was racing until nearly jump out of her chest. After weeks anxiously praying to see with her own eyes that beauty that everyone loved in her office, her desire seemed to begin to come true.

    That’s why I have never seen her,’ Lauren deduced. ‘We’re separated by forty floors!’ An odd sensation, similar to vertigo, seized her, almost as if she was noticing in her womb each floor between her and the mysterious Evelyn. ‘If she isn’t 6’7’’ and has three tits, she won’t be at the same level of her fame,’ she thought ironically as she evoked all the compliments that the woman had received in her presence. “She will not be so perfect…

    Sitting in front of the computer screen, Lauren minimized the project in which she was working and opened the internal mail of the company with anxiety. “You have to be there,” she said to herself, selecting the working group number 12. “Beauty and Health” owned each of the 88 floors of the skyscraper and although not all of them were for offices, they were distributed among different and small—usually, one per floor. Each section used to be numbered according to the office floor to facilitate the organization, so Lauren was working in the group number 52, and Evelyn, that elusive beauty, must be at number 12.

    Unfortunately for Lauren, the connection seemed to have trouble that day because the mailing page was taking forever to load. Or, perhaps, her obsession was so intense now that, close to the time she had waited for weeks, her mind couldn’t stand any longer waiting.

    “Too bad there are no photos to see,” she growled alone in her office. Actually, the company’s instant messaging service didn’t offer a single private data. To each worker was given a mail automatically, consisting in several numbers whose logic only the bigwigs understood. So when Lauren finally gained access to the mailing list of the group 12, before her beautiful green eyes appeared just a list of thirty-odd numeric entries. Guessing which belonged to Evelyn was statistically improbable, so she had to think of another plan.

    “Who the hell are you, bitch?”

    As soon as she murmured the question, Lauren put her hand to her mouth. She didn’t know from where it came from the b-word but, of course, it had emerged from her.

    I need to see her once and for all or I’ll go crazy,’ she thought, remembering with bitterness the painful compliments that her coworkers had dedicated to Evelyn. Her obsession for the woman refilled her body with envy and rage, forcing her to grumble under her breath. ‘Bullshit! She’s not so hot!’ she thought. ‘They’re just exaggerations of a few stupid jerks who don’t know what they have in front of them.

    Moving several long strands of dark hair from her beautiful face, Lauren tried to guess what numeric entry choose until that, overwhelmed by frustration, she opted for a desperate shot into the air. She pressed on one of the first emails, and typed:

    <Hi, colleagues of group 12. I’m Lauren Belle, from the group 52. We have excess of stores’ calendars for next season. If you‘re lacking for the next campaign, let me know. An affectionate greeting of your colleague.>

    Without hesitating for a second, the girl hit the send button and, trembling slightly, leaned back, settling herself on her office chair. ‘It’s done’. That was when she heard the whispers of her colleagues outside her office. She wasn’t stupid: she knew they came back to talk about her. For a moment, Lauren wanted to shout to them that they didn’t have to try to find outside what they had right there, before their eyes. She had always been the most popular female in all circles that she had moved: high school, college, her previous job. ‘And I would have to be the most popular here… if that Evelyn didn’t get in my way,’ she complained mentally, eager for answers. For the first time in her 27 years of life, she wasn’t the only center of attention… something that she couldn’t stand.

    “Why they didn’t stop talking about their fucking legs?” she whispered to herself, stretching her beauties in front of herself to see her greatest virtues; she enjoyed the strength and the femininity of her legs, wondering how anyone could prefer another woman’s legs instead of hers. “No woman has surpassed me in this area. And that Evelyn isn’t an exception, whatever her legs Lauren be…”

    Standing up, Lauren approached the full-length mirror in her office. Days ago, when compliments about Evelyn had climaxed in her working group, the girl had decided to bring the mirror, in an act that was closer to strengthening her will that simple immodesty. Now, every hour she lost at least a few minutes to admiring her reflection.

    “She will never get over my legs, but neither over my pretty face or the rest of my body,” she said smugly, watching her curves. Her firm, big tits were the perfect complement to a thin but toned torso; the brunette’s hips were wide and visibly powerful; her ass, tight after hours of gym, stood out under her short skirt as two wonderful prologues to her thick and magnificent thighs. “No, this cocky girl isn’t better than me,” Lauren added, enjoying the view of her full lips, delicate nose, green and feline eyes, smooth skin and long jet black hair.

    Back in her chair, Lauren waited, waited and waited for a few eternal minutes…

    12th floor, “Beauty and Health” offices

    “I have received an email from Lauren!”

    The peace in the office broken into pieces, with chairs falling to the ground as several men ran toward the lucky worker. However, Evelyn felt genuine aversion: towards their colleagues, but also towards the other woman. Being the only female in the office—and not any female—she expected to be the queen of the place, but from who knows which floor of the skyscraper, that other girl seemed determined to steal what belonged to her since adolescence, since her body flourished in the sculptural beauty that she was today.

    And then she knew… As if the revelation flow through her like an electric shock, the beautiful brunette jumped out of her seat to head the tumult. ‘At last I will know where that slut is hiding!’ she shouted in her head…and a second later she abruptly stopped her quick steps. ‘What I just…?’ she mused. Had she called slut to a woman who she didn’t even know? In what was she becoming? For a moment, a feeling of guilt struck her stomach, but the frustration that she had suffered for weeks soon buried the pain as she remembered the terms with which men had been referring to Lauren: “perfect legs”, “hottie”, “stunning ass”…

    Screw her. She was who has sought it, with her short skirts and her provocative necklines.’

    Pushing aside a colleague, Evelyn read Lauren’s message on the monitor… or she tried, because as soon as she saw the group to which she belonged, she could hardly see anything else.

    52!’ It’s 52!’ she exclaimed, before hearing everyone volunteering to go for calendars.

    “I’ll take charge of the answer,” she said firmly.

    “What? She wrote to me…”

    “I have a pending case with someone in that group,” Evelyn insisted, hardening her gaze. “So it’s my business…Or do you want me to talk to someone about what all of you are doing during work hours?” Even she hardly believed she was able to throw this threat but, fortunately, it worked.

    “Alright, Evelyn,” the man said, visibly discouraged while the others returned to their tables. The brunette memorized the number of Lauren, unable to keep from smiling. Returning with long strides into her office, she heard her colleagues began to discuss quietly that perhaps the famous beauty would appear on their floor at some point.

    Be glad for now, guys, because when you see Lauren and me together, you will know who is really the boss here.

    52th floor, “Beauty and Health” offices

    The sound of incoming mail quickened the heart of Lauren. Finally, after endless minutes, she had her long-awaited answer. Nervously, she pressed the icon to open the mail. Would it have worked her plan to make the famous and stalker beauty came to light?

    What appeared on her screen was far beyond what her most optimistic dreams could even imagine: a response from Evelyn herself! Lauren’s heart didn’t know whether to stop or to hurry, and for what she felt under her chest, her heart did both things at once.

    <Hi, Lauren. I'm glad to finally meet you. I’m Evelyn Pretty, from the group 12. Yeah, we’re short of calendars, so we would love someone to bring us calendars…you, for example. Anyway, send me an invitation for direct link between our terminals, so we can collaborate in real time. I’ve heard a lot about you, and seeing all we have in common, I think this would be the best way for us to solve any problems that arise between our groups…or between us. A sincere hug. PS: Isn’t Belle a surname too pretentious? Without acrimony, colleague.>

    If there had been someone near Lauren at that time, he could have heard how her teeth gritted against each other. She could hardly believe it, but certainly her previous thoughts about Evelyn now fit perfectly with the reality. ‘Bitch!’ she repeated in her mind, this time without restrain her vocabulary, this time with intent, as she reread the mail. The message between the lines, with each and every one of the slights and challenges that the other beauty threw over her, was undeniably obvious to her green eyes.

    Her fingers moved over the keyboard restlessly, anxious to respond to the other woman with words that she would never forget, to respond sending the request for a direct link. ‘I’m not a coward like you, Evelyn. I’ll tell you absolutely everything I think of you.’ But she didn’t type anything, she didn’t send anything. Her eyes moved again and again through the message, analyzing every detail of it. It was then when she realized something…

    “She have heard about me…” Lauren muttered to herself. “A lot about me…”

    That completely changed the scenario. Suddenly, the mysterious beauty seemed earthier, closer to a common woman that an all-powerful goddess. Beyond her words, Lauren could sense a feeling she knew well. ‘Am I intimidating her as much as she’s intimidating me?’ she mused. ‘It’s possible? Have we suffered the same situations in our offices? Am I so famous in hers as she is here?

    Yes, that changed everything. Her fingers didn’t move…until that, taking air, she closed the invitation to a direct connection. Of course that both would eventually be linked that way, sooner rather than later, but she wouldn’t be the one who would yield.

    “You will be who invites me,” Lauren growled softly. “You will be who begs me to accept your invitation.”

    12th floor, “Beauty and Health” offices

    Evelyn’s green eyes were wide with surprise; her mouth—not to be less—, too. She could hardly believe what she was reading on her screen.

    <Hi again, Evelyn. We’re glad you have the calendars we need. Unfortunately, the most important projects of the company have me busy right now. Would you be kind enough to bring them to the floor 52? Personally, if you think you’re capable of. In my office there are many people looking forward to meeting you once and for all. By the way, I agree that a direct link between our computers would facilitate any matter that we have to solve, regardless of its nature. So, when you feel ready, don’t hesitate to send me a link request. An affectionate kiss. PS: Belle is a common surname in my region. But without wishing to sound arrogant, it fits perfectly to reality, as you know from your officemates. Anyway, I’m not the only one with a pretentious name. Right, Pretty? Without acrimony, my dear.>

    For a few seconds, Evelyn visualized her monitor being thrown out the window of the office. For five weeks, she had hated that elusive woman, but now she knew she had reasons for it.

    “Fucking cocky whore,” she spat between clenched teeth, feeling good exhaling her jealousy.

    Both can play the same game, Lauren,’ she ruminated. After losing so much time wishing to discover where was hiding that brunette beauty which she had heard so much, now at last she had located her. But, incredibly, she was doing just the opposite of what she had longed for. ‘You’re going to be the one to come here. You’ll be the one to send me the invitation.’

    Somehow, Evelyn felt that there was an arm-wrestling between them. Reading between the lines, Evelyn could clearly see how the scenario in the office of group 52 must be similar to that she lived every day on the 12th floor. She felt that Lauren already knew her before all this, surely by her officemates, but she also felt the frustration that transmitted Lauren’s words; so much frustration that the other girl hadn’t hesitated to plunge headlong into the game of double meanings and indirect challenges.

    “If I had known it before…” she cursed. For a long time she had felt, in one way or another, less than the unknown woman without a face. The fact that her colleagues seemed to want more to Lauren that she had been a mortal wound, a wound impossible to heal. But that Lauren suffered the same contempt, with men reminding every day that she wasn’t the alpha female of the company, matched the stabs. Now, all came down to a simplicity that frightened and relieved Evelyn at the same time: the resolution of the problem was only task of both females. Tied from the beginning, only they would decide who was the better of the two.

    The beautiful woman knew that the first game had already begun… and it would be one that would test the willpower of each supervisor. Over and over again she said she wouldn’t give up: if someone had to look for someone, it would be her rival the one who would have to look for her, and not vice versa. But when her lovely eyes again read Lauren’s email, a curse escaped from her thick lips.

    “The bitch doesn’t give me many options,” she sputtered, focusing on a challenging sentence. “Personally, if you think you’re capable of,” she recited aloud. “Fucking…”

    Evelyn felt as if the two powerful waves strike her from opposite directions. On the one hand, she didn’t want to be the first to falter, going to her anticipated meeting with her nemesis. But on the other hand, don’t appear in Lauren’s office could be taken as an act of cowardice. Whatever it was, the other woman had the initiative in her hands… and Evelyn hated her for that.

    Think, Evelyn, think…’ the girl ruminated, looking at herself in the full-length mirror in her office. Her formidable legs flashed in the reflection in a sensual display of smoothness; that swelled her pride, reminding her why she had brought the mirror to the office: to never forget that, as much as she would hear talk about the long legs of Lauren, hers were better. ‘Think, think…

    52th floor, “Beauty and Health” offices

    The seconds seemed like minutes, and minutes, like hours. Seated, Lauren kept moving her legs, twisting her fingers. She bit her lower fleshy lips, restless. Why the other girl hadn’t answered her? Had she made a serious mistake by not accepting the terms of Evelyn, no matter how arrogant they were? Cursing, Lauren knew that write something now, so late, acceding to the demands, would be a greater sign of weakness… but there weren’t many more options. The waiting was killing her.

    Then finally came the reply…and the heart of the young brunette this time exploded under her chest as her throat dried.

    <My dear colleague, thank you very much for the invitation. At another time, I would accept it without hesitation, because I have no problem going personally for calendars…and greet you as I want to do for weeks. However, I’m one of the most important assets of the company, so I take care of a task for the president himself. Anyway, I’ll be working in the photocopier room on the 32nd floor for the next hour, in case you are able to take a little time for me…A big hug for you. PS: Yes, where I come from, Pretty is also a common name. And in my case, it falls short, as you Lauren have heard from your officemates. Without acrimony, my dear.>

    A murderous lust ran through Lauren…but then another sensation tamed the beast. ‘An empty floor…’ she said, recalling that the small group working on the 32nd floor was responsible for deliveries, so in all likelihood they wouldn’t be back up within an hour or two. ‘Good thinking, you slut.’ Obsessively, she read the mail again…and a third time…and a fourth one: it was undeniable that Evelyn’s message was a direct challenge, overloaded with an arrogance that could have been her own. The other woman was daring her to meet her alone in a neutral ground, when both would even have to go over the same number of floors to meet each other for the first time.

    With the skin of the back of her neck bristling, Lauren wrote her reply:

    <My dear colleague: the president has also put me in charge of a task of paramount importance, as he always does with me. He must be preparing me to move me up from floor supervisor to section supervisor. So I will also be on the 32nd floor, photocopying some documents for him. I guess we’ll see each other there…alone. It will be a perfect time to discuss any matter that concerns our colleagues and their peculiar tastes. An even stronger hug for you. PS: If in the end you don’t show up, I’ll understand it. Without acrimony, honey.>

    Swallowing, Lauren hit the send button before getting up and, with a nervous feeling at the bottom of her belly, she readjusted her blouse and skirt. Then she opened a drawer of her desk to take her little makeup kit. For several minutes, the brunette carefully retouched herself, emphasizing especially her female eyelashes and her full lips.

    “We’ll see if you can overcome this,” she said when she was ready, taking a last look at her proud reflection.

    12th floor, “Beauty and Health” offices

    Evelyn crossed the office, for once ignoring the stares of desire of her officemates, whose pervert eyes were locked on her lavish curves, on her beautiful made-up face.

    “Where are you going so dolled-up?”

    “I have an important meeting,” was all she said. ‘You have forced me to have to find answers for myself, so now you have no right to know anything,’ the brunette growled in her head with rancor, just before leaving office.

    The elevator doors opened to her just at the moment when a few words that she had heard a few day ago crossed her mind: “She has perfect legs: long, terse, muscular but feminine.” Evelyn didn’t remember whether Peter or Louis had said that but, more importantly, she still didn’t know whether the compliment was addressed to her or to the evasive brunette of floor 52. Lowering her green eyes on her legs, the girl was aware of what Lauren’s body part she would look first… and she intuited which part of her own body will Lauren look first.

    Then a sudden image hit her chaotic thought: her amazing legs, with each of her muscles in sight for the effort… a beautiful and self-satisfied vision that she witnessed every afternoon after the hard training she had been doing for years in the gym. Her legs were always displayed as two extraordinary, unprecedented virtues, but if there was a moment when they reached their highest excellence, it was just when the girl finished her leg exercises: from top to bottom, every muscle boasted about definition, strength and femininity.

    Evelyn knew what to do: ignoring the elevator, she headed toward the stairs, ready to walk up the twenty floors that separated her from the 32nd floor… and from Lauren and her legs.

    32th floor, “Beauty and Health” offices

    Stepping outside the elevator, the brunette stopped in front of the door of the offices of the 32nd floor. Lauren then heard the distinctive sound of heels clanging through the stairs. ‘It has to be her!’ she shouted in her head, almost smelling her rival. The steps of the other woman still sounded far away, as if she had just come out of the 12th floor.

    She’s not using the elevator…’ she said herself, a bit puzzled for a couple of seconds… until she understood what the other female was trying to do. ‘Oh, do you really think that tone your legs before our meeting will help you?’ she growled, looking at the steps that, beside the elevator, were heading back to her office. ‘Two can play the same game, you bitch.’

    Without further ado, Lauren began to go upstairs, back to the 52th floor. More than 400 steps were waiting for her legs, but she knew that the test would be nothing compared to the exercises she did every afternoon in the gym. In return, when she used the elevator to go down to 32th floor again, her muscles would be so defined that Lauren was sure that there would be no doubt about which pair of legs was the best between the two brunettes…

    32th floor, “Beauty and Health” offices

    As she expected, the 32th floor was completely empty. Evelyn moved through the lonely office, hearing the sound of her own heels resonating against the walls. Her formidable legs throbbed slightly after climbing twenty floors on foot, but the reward was worth the effort: her pair looked strong and toned, with an almost imperceptible layer of sweat that added a sensual glow to her silky skin. ‘That bitch will know which legs are the bosses here,’ she thought, directly going to the photocopier room.

    Opening the door, Evelyn walked into what was to be the first battle arena between her and her mysterious antagonist: a small room on the far end of the office, with a single window through which the morning sun was watching as the sole and privileged spectator. There were only two photocopiers, placed on opposite walls; indeed, in other floors were rooms with more photocopiers—Evelyn’s office had four photocopiers—but the brunette had not thrown the challenge looking for any machine… she was only looking for privacy.

    Then she heard the heels: a woman had just entered into the floor… Her heart accelerated until reach a speed of thousand miles per hour. Of course, Evelyn knew who was in the floor now…

    Touching up her hairdo, readjusting her blouse, the girl puffed out her chest, strategically standing before the window, with the sun behind her. When Lauren entered into the small room, her unknown antagonist would literally become dazzled by the sun, with the curvaceous figure of Evelyn highlighting among the light beams.

    TEXT #6

    This is the story of Fang Mei and Xiu Li, two women whose beauty was present even in the meaning of their names, two women destined to meet each other in one way or another. Not even Beijing, with its almost 22 million inhabitants, was big enough for two women like them, with bodies that seemed to have been outlined by the same draftsman and given shape by the same sculptor. Their long legs, wide hips, slender waists and hard asses called the attention of men and women around them, but it was their magnificent breasts the ones that awakened lust and desire. Eye-catching, thick and firm, their D-cup boobs were always exhibited through bold necklines and semitransparent fabrics, a show of feminine pride that had given them love and hatred in equal measure.

    Fang Mei was a policewoman, Xiu Li was a firefighter; there was a chance that they would meet each other in an emergency, at a security meeting, or even at a town hall ceremony…but, in the end, the two incredible beauties met each other in the most mundane and typical way possible—through a man who played both sides with them.

    Xiu Li stretched between the sheets, her curvaceous body shining naked in the sunshine of the first morning of July. Outside the house, the heat suffocated; inside, the air conditioning kissed the sweaty skin of the young beauty. Sex has been wonderful, Xiu Li thought with a smile. Her boyfriend had gone to work shortly before, but the images of the man riding her like a wild stallion still flooded the woman’s mind. Yuan Hong is amazing. I can’t lose him.

    Suddenly, a cell phone started ringing. Xiu Li recognized the ringtone. “Did he forget his phone here again?” she said, shaking her head. “How distracted he is! He couldn’t be perfect…” she joked as she was picking up the cell phone. Xiu Li didn’t know it yet, but her life had just changed the moment she pressed the accept call button.

    “Where are you, sweetheart?” The words came across the line, a soft, seductive female voice clutching at the ear of Xiu Li. The woman hadn’t even had time to say anything when she took the call, and now she was paralyzed for a few nervous seconds.

    “Sorry, I think you have the wrong number,” Xiu Li could finally say. “Who are you looking for?”

    “I’m looking for Yuan Hong.” The voice on the other side sounded surprised. “Isn’t this his number? Are you sure about that?”

    “Yeah, this is Yuan Hong’s number. Who are you, then?”

    “I’m her girlfriend. Who are you?” The voice rose slightly.

    “What kind of joke is this? I’m her girlfriend!” Xiu Li grunted.

    “What? Dare to repeat that!”

    “I’m her girlfriend! Who the hell are you?!”

    “I’m Fang Mei, bitch. And you?”

    “Xiu Li, you slut…”

    For a few seconds, none of them were able to keep talking. Only the girls’ tense breathing was heard through the phone line. The consequences of the unexpected discovery filled Xiu Li’s mind with fear, doubt, jealousy, anger—a cocktail that drove her next reckless words.

    “I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but I want to meet you right now,” she grunted. “Do you know Qingxian Yashe Pub?”

    “Of course,” the other woman said. “In 30 minutes?” she asked, anticipating the thoughts of Xiu Li.

    “Yes, in 30 minutes.”

    “I’ll be there…bitch…” And the call ended.

    The two-faced boyfriend’s cell phone flew through the air to crash and smash into the wall. Xiu Li would deal with that adulterous bastard, but before she had a date with that whore named Fang Mei…


    At that time of day, the club was practically empty. A couple of early drinkers and a young man drowning in mijiu his love breakup were all the clients of the place. Just when the clock struck 11:00, Fang Mei arrived; seeing no woman, she sat at the most secluded table of the club, where the pale lights were barely reaching.

    She didn’t even have time to order the drink. Just seconds after she sat down, she heard the door open…and her eyes widened as she saw the woman entering the club. Tall, slim, busty, with fleshy lips and black hair, the beauty that should be Xiu Li was so similar to her that it took Fang Mei a moment to react. With a gesture, she caught the attention of her rival, and now it was Xiu Li who was paralyzed for a few seconds, her dark eyes fixed with surprise on the other woman, before she moved towards her and sat on the other side of the table.

    The comparison was worse at close range. It didn’t matter if they contrasted faces or bodies: they were so similar that, at first glance, they looked like twins. Even their temperaments seemed identical, seeing the hatred and jealousy that each gaze contained, and the ease and promptness with which they had met at the club.

    “So you’re the bitch who wants to steal my boyfriend,” Xiu Li broke the silence, trying to ignore the exuberant twin beauty of the other woman.

    “I can’t steal something that already belongs to me, bitch,” Fang Mei replied. “Yuan Hong is mine. Period.”

    “Who the hell do you think you are?”

    “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

    Before they could go on arguing, a waiter appeared next to them. “What do you want, ladies?”

    Baijiu, please,” Xiu Li said.

    Across the table, Fang Mei nodded. “For me, too. Bring two shot glasses and one bottle, please.”

    “Right away, ladies.” The waiter left, leaving the girls alone again with their rivalry. However, the hatred was so intense that no one could say a single word for a few seconds—but women don’t always need words to communicate. Their eyes remained fixed on the other gaze in a silent duel of repulsion and frustration in front of such a similar face, before going down to the impressive bust of the other beauty. Xiu Li swallowed saliva as she saw the size of Fang Mei’s breasts under the silky sky-blue blouse; she had seen very few women who could match her tits in size, but no doubt her rival for the man of her life was as well endowed as she was. Across the table, Fang Mei had similar thoughts as she analyzed what was under Xiu Li’s pink blouse. Certainly, Yuan Hong had a taste for busty women, but the real question was: which one of them was the bustiest one?

    The waiter came back with the Baijiu bottle and two shot glasses. “Here, ladies. Can I get you anything else?”

    While looking at her enemy, Fang Mei spoke: “We would like some privacy.”

    “Of course,” the man said. “Follow me to one of the private booths, please.”


    The first shot of Baijiu was a powerful, hot adrenaline recharge. Behind the curtains of the private booth, Xiu Li and Fang Mei had sat on a long sofa, facing each other as their bare legs rubbed against each other. The tension between the girls electrified the air like they were in a summer storm.

    “Do you usually drink this before you fuck him?” Fang Mei said unsubtly, her right leg hooking up with her rival’s left leg.

    “We drink a lot, before and after I fuck him,” Xiu Li replied as her free leg searched for Fang Mei’s other leg. “What about you, bitch?”

    “Same thing, you slut,” Fang Mei answered. “But this…” she said, pointing to the bottle of Baijiu at the small table beside them. “This it’s too soft for what I usually drink.”

    Xiu Li’s eyes trembled softly at what she saw as a challenge. “Yes, it’s a soft drink…but I asked for it because I didn’t want you to lose consciousness before I put you in your place.”

    “Oh, please,” Fang Mei rolled her eyes for a second, her legs tightening their muscles as the two pairs of long limbs intertwined like boas. “I can outdo you drinking any day or night you want.”

    Xiu Li leaned forward, her dark eyes staring intently at the equally dark, equally feline gaze of her nemesis. “I doubt it very much.”

    Fang Mei bent her body forward, the faces of the females barely separated by a few inches. “Let’s see it, whore.”

    Filling their shot glasses again, the girls once again heated their throats with burning Baijiu. Then came a second, and a third shot. Self-confidence in their alcohol resistance was high in both beautiful brunettes, so the fourth and fifth shots came quickly. Despite herself, Fang Mei began to feel a certain admiration for her rival: Xiu Li drank fast, sure of herself, and hardly seemed to be affected by alcohol beyond a slight and growing redness on her beautiful cheeks. The admiration however quickly gave way to envy and frustration, feelings that Fang Mei saw growing in the other woman’s gaze. The desire to win the first psychological battle between them grew in the private booth as more and more alcohol flooded the bodies of the rivals.

    “What do you think, bitch, if we make this more interesting?” Xiu Li said, seeing that there were only a few drinks left in the bottle.

    “I’m ready for anything, cunt,” Fang Mei grunted. At this point, both lower bodies were totally intertwined, and the upper bodies were threatened each other at hot, close range.

    “Two truths, one lie. You know the game?” Xiu Li asked, her hot and alcoholic breath kissing the face of Fang Mei as her foe nodded. “Well, whoever misses the lie will have to drink a shot…and take off a piece of clothing. You dare?”

    Fang Mei’s lips twisted into an erotic, alcohol induced smile. The possibility of humiliating the boyfriend thief and, by the way, actually checking her rival’s body was too tempting to let it pass. “Oh, yes, of course I dare,” she accepted the challenge. “Let’s do it to the end, if you’re not afraid…”

    “I can’t wait to see your pathetic naked body and see what he’s seen in you,” Xiu Li growled disdainfully, looking down at her opponent’s chest.

    “That makes two of us,” Fang Mei returned the gaze, her dilated pupils fixed on the bust of the other beauty. “I want to see the flabby body that’s trying to keep my man away from me.”



    The women pushed the foe, standing up to face each other on their heels. Alcohol made their veins and mind boil with thoughts of war and competition.

    “I’ll start this,” Fang Mei said before Xiu Li opened her mouth. “I fucked Yuan Hong on that same sofa, I have bigger boobs than you…” She took a dramatic pause before filling her voice with sarcasm. “…and you’re gonna keep seeing my boyfriend.”

    “I don’t think you know how the game works, slut,” Xiu Li groaned. “I’ve heard three lies, one after the other, and no truth.” She took one step toward the other beauty. “Let me show you how it’s done: I fucked Yuan Hong on that same sofa and he came inside of me as he was screaming my name…I have much bigger boobs than you…and you’re gonna keep seeing my boyfriend…” Xiu Li lowered her voice to an arrogant whisper. “Oh, and let me help you: the lie is the last one.”

    Fang Mei came nose to nose against Xiu Li. “Keep living in your fantasy world,” she snarled before pushing her back. Then, she filled the two glasses with Baijiu, and gave one to her nemesis. “We’ll both drink…and take our blouses off.”

    Knowing what the other woman’s words implied, Xiu Li nodded seriously. Taking the shot offered by her rival, she drank it in one gulp. In front of her, Fang Mei did the same thing.

    “Come on, bitch.”

    “Yeah, come on, you cunt.”

    Unbuttoning their blouses, the two hot brunettes opened them, letting their D-cup breasts come out, barely covered by white lace bras. Any doubts about the size of the other chest grew exponentially as the enemies threw their blouses on the sofa: what they both saw in front of them was far more impressive than they had expected.

    “Oh, you whore,” Xiu Li snarled jealously. Without taking her eyes off Fang Mei’s tits, she grabbed the Baijiu and took a long drink, straight from the bottle. “My two truths and my lie,” she said, her breath smelling heavily of alcohol. “You’re a cheap bitch who doesn’t know what her place is, your tits are trash bought with your daddy’s money…and you’re gonna walk out of here in one piece.”

    Angry, Fang Mei plucked the bottle from Xiu Li’s hand. With one last, long gulp, Fang Mei finished the bottle before throwing it aside. “Here are my three truths,” she spat, affected by alcohol and envy. “You’re the biggest cheap bitch in the world, your fake boobs are no match for my fat girls…and you’re gonna eat my tits before I’m done with you here.”

    “Be careful what you wish for, slut…because I bite,” Xiu Li growled.

    “And I’ll bite back, cunt…” Fang Mei replied. “Now, take off that stuffed bra so we can end this stupid game once and for all.”

    “You first, bitch.”

    “No, you first. Show me what you got.”

    “What are you gonna do if I don’t take it off, you tart?” Xiu Li snarled.

    “Then, whore, I’ll have to take it from you,” Fang Mei spat.

    “I encourage you to tr–”

    Before Xiu Li finished her sentence, Fang Mei’s hands were already on her chest. With a muffled groan, Xiu Li watched as the other brunette’s fingers pulled at her bra. She grabbed Fang Mei’s breasts herself, desperate to rip her bra off. However, both beauties went much further—their hands were milking the other tits hard, testing each other’s firmness and size.

    “Bitch!” they both cried out at once, several moans of pain coming from their throats as the women kneaded the seductive flesh under their white bras.

    “Slut, if I were you, I’d be careful not to get my tits ripped off,” Fang Mei grunted.

    “We’ll see who rips the tits off who, you nasty cunt,” Xiu Li replied.

    In spite of the mutual threats, none yet dared to open the door to a dirtier and bolder fight. After a couple more breast squeezes, the two brunettes focused on the fabric of the other bra, pulling it until, seconds later, the tearing of the straps was heard in the private booth. Surprised, Xiu Li and Fang Mei fell to the floor, their rival’s bra in their hands.

    TEXT #7

    The dawn of a new day awakened the jungle. An intense, lush green, son of the sun and the rain, shone on trees and bushes while the drizzle of the morning fell on the Amazon River. The jeep moved slowly along the riverbank, on a narrow path full of potholes and mud which caused the complaints of the driver.

    “Fucking map. Wasn’t there a better way to the temple?” Sophia cursed, her volatile temper about to explode. The heat and humidity seemed to affect any animal that was in the jungle, and the feline blonde was no exception. Like a jaguar, she felt in a state of constant tension, with her muscles taut by the smell of the prey, with her hearth driven by the hunger and the lust of the end of the hunt. For five years, Sophia had sought the location of the legendary Serpent Temple among dusty books and old maps; if her investigations were correct, that last day in August would be the day in which her name would become part of the history of the explorers… but above all, it would be the day when her greatest dream, her obsession for years, could become a reality… if the myth about the ancient scriptures of the Serpent Queen was true.

    As the map indicated, the path ended abruptly. Stopping the jeep, the woman got out of the vehicle and, grabbing her backpack and her machete, began to make her way through the thicket. The burning sun filtered through the trees onto the soft voluptuous curves of Sophia, lighting up her luscious creamy thighs, barely covered by khaki shorts, as her toned leg muscles moved her on the muddy ground. Her sparkling blue eyes looked at the map and the position of the sun.

    “I’m close,” she whispered as her machete cut more and more plants. Beginning to sweat copiously by the effort, the young woman filled her lungs with deep breaths that expanded so much her fat boobs that the buttons of her tight khaki blouse threatened to explode in freedom. Soon, overwhelmed by the heat, Sophia rolled the blouse up and tied it in a knot at her breasts, exposing her flat, firm belly with pride.

    Suddenly, with a last machete stroke, the blonde found herself in a jungle clearing. The place was amazing, with a pond of sparkling blue water fed by a small waterfall. Behind the water curtain, there was a cave whose entrance was decorated with old symbols that Sophia knew from her books. The blonde’s eyes opened with surprise… but not because of the place, but because there was another woman!

    Sophia’s heart almost skipped a beat when she saw the dark-haired beauty, holding a machete and examining the entrance to the cave. With a quick slash, the woman cut a vine that stood in her way to the interior; the blonde noticed how the muscles of her right arm and the back of her legs knotted and bunched under her creamy skin, showing how toned she was.

    Is she another explorer?’ Sophia thought, watching the brunette’s clothes. The other woman was wearing fitted army green shorts that showed every curve of her sweet ass, and a body-hugging blouse of the same color, also tied in a knot at the height of her chest.

    Taking a step forward, Sophia stepped on a branch, alerting the other woman of her presence. The brunette whirled around, raising her machete defensively.

    “Take it easy, girl,” the blonde growled, squeezing the hilt of her own machete. “I’m not a jaguar.” But she entered in the clearing walking like one.

    The brunette put her weapon down, but she was still tense. Sophia saw her plump tits rise and fall under the green blouse, and her own breasts responded by moving in the same way.

    “Who are you?” the other woman asked with her eyes half-closed.

    “Sophia Peyton,” the blonde replied. “And you?”

    “Amelia Bona.”

    Sophia’s heart started to hammer her chest, but not for the brunette’s name: she had never heard of her. But the tension that flooded her came from what she saw before her: if someone had told her that she was looking at a long-lost sister, she would have believed it. From the brunette’s gaze, the other woman seemed to be thinking the same thing.

    Standing about five meters away, the females intuitively adapted a challenging position, analyzing each other with their hands resting on their hourglass hips and their feet planted widely apart. Speechless for a moment, Sophia and Amelia drank from every centimeter of the other body, noticing the combination of female beauty and power. The sexy and muscular legs, the seductive and hard bellies, the wide and strong hips, the delicate and toned waists, the curvaceous and raised boobs, the feminine and well-built arms… They were daughters of the same body mold, twins from the neck down even in the creamy skin tone… but none wanted to admit it.

    Angered at the body they saw, both looked up to examine the other face, but that didn’t calm them. Sophia’s blue eyes confronted Amelia’s green eyes in the same way that the blond hair antagonized with the brunette hair, but that was all. Both mouths were identical, with fat, red heart-shaped lips that almost always were twisted with disdain, and dazzling white teeth that flashed with cruelty when the women smiled arrogantly. The noses of the women were equally delicate, and their cheeks equally beautiful, especially now that a slight blushing filled them with discomfort and envy.

    “What are you doing here?” At last, Amelia was able to break the spell of the other female, spitting her words with undeniable tension. After five years of hard research, after losing countless hours in remote libraries and ancient monuments around the world, the brunette could not bear the meddling of the blonde in the moment of truth. The Serpent Temple and the great secret of her Queen was waiting for her, so she didn’t want to waste any more time with that body thief.

    “That’s what I was going to ask you,” Sophia said, matching the fire of Amelia’s gaze with her own flames.

    For a few seconds, no one spoke, no one wanted to be the first to recognize what they were looking for in front of a woman who, undeniably, was also an explorer. While the eyes spoke of a newborn rivalry, the bodies began to exhibit slight changes: the pupils dilated, the lips dried and the tits started to harden under the blouses as both women felt a tingling sensation in their stomachs that was slowly approaching their loins. For some strange reason, they had never been so infuriated and excited.

    Then Amelia saw the map that Sophia had in her hand, and she recognized it. Her green eyes flashed with hate.

    “The Serpent Temple is mine, you copycat bitch,” she spat bitterly. The brunette wasn’t surprised by the harshness of her own words, because it wasn’t the first time she had to mark her territory before another female. From the hard stare coming from the blonde, she knew that her rival was the same kind of woman.

    “You fake lookalike,” Sophia grunted. “The Serpent Temple belongs to me, slut, I have earned it.”

    “I was here first!” Amelia groaned.

    “I don’t care!” the blonde exclaimed.

    Both lost the control of their breaths, sweating copiously under a drizzle that, as if understanding what was happening in the jungle clearing, began to intensify. The women felt their boobs rising and falling rapidly now, aware that they were about to get into trouble with their almost exact double, physically and mentally speaking.

    Allowing herself to become carried away by her competitive impulses, Amelia threw her machete over the mud that, under the light rain, was already taking over the clearing. ‘I didn’t need any help to put this whore in her place,’ she thought, remembering her fight with some native girl five months before. It had been a savage struggle between enraged she-cats, a hot body-to-body war on the banks of the Amazon River. Amelia’s strength and stamina finally overcame the other woman, the last female conquered by an unbeaten brunette whose rivals had nicknamed her as ‘the Boa’ for her close and tight way of fighting. Remembering every battle, even the first one in high school, Amelia started to get excited; her nipples stiffened as she revived the close contact with the other female bodies, and her face became flushed when she visualized the same close contact with a body as formidable and hot as the blonde’s.

    A few steps from her, Sophia also dropped her machete. ‘I just need my bare hands to beat this bitch,’ she said herself. Her healthy body felt alive, her blood blasting through her veins before the challenge of the brunette. The feeling wasn’t strange to her, since it had accompanied her since high school years, when she had begun to get into fights with other women and had started to be known as ‘the Python’ because of her taste for close-range combat. The blonde had never lost a struggle, not even her last and grueling conflict against a tough huntress, almost half a year before, on the northern border of the jungle. Every time Sophia thought of the close, hot body contact between them, she trembled in ecstasy; now, seeing the brunette’s incredible hot body, that ecstasy was more like a huge fire that hardened her nipples as much as flushed her creamy skin.

    “Has the cat got your tongue?” Eager to begin, Sophia broke the silence. Unconsciously, she rubbed her thighs hotly together as she evoked the powerful feeling of being on top of the other struggling girl.

    “You’d better turn around and get out of here, before you get into a mess you can’t handle,” Amelia threatened, knowing she would never let her rival leave now that she could almost taste the flavor of the fight. Images of her old rivals, trapped beneath her body, begging for mercy, assaulted her head.

    “You bitch,” the blonde hissed. From her hurried heart, innumerable electric shocks ran through her body until reaching the pit of her stomach, where the voltage started to weave and knot a tight, electrifying ball that flowed into Sophia’s loins. “You don’t know what you’re getting into…”

    “I know it perfectly.” A huge band of butterflies were flopping their wings inside Amelia’s belly, stirring and expanding the inner fire until the flames began to heat the brunette’s loins. “I’m getting into a fight with a cheap copy that thinks that she can come here to steal my discovery.”

    “Don’t talk about fighting if you have no idea about how to do it.”

    “Funny, I was thinking of telling you the same.”

    The two amazons dropped their backpacks and maps and began to circle each other warily. The usually noisy jungle became quiet as the two women stepped on the mud with their brown leather boots, with only the waterfall and the soft rain whispering in the silence. It almost seemed as if hundreds of eyes, hidden among the branches or behind the lush undergrowth, were gazing intently at the combatants in the clearing. For a few seconds, only the women’s eyes spoke, full of hatred and conflict, full of fire and electricity.

    Step by step, the circle became more and more closed, with the women approaching each other. Hands up, claws out, the rival explorers could already smell the other pretentious aroma, a mixture between the juicy mango fragrance from their shampoos and the feminine rose scent from their body lotions.

    “Do you also copy my smell, pretender?” the blonde asked, watching meticulously the other woman’s body. She had never seen anyone as powerful and dangerous, as close to her league.

    “I don’t blame you for wanting to smell like I do,” the brunette said, her green eyes running over the body of her foe. “The candidates to become a real woman always look at the alphas females,” she added, even knowing that the blonde could be a threat greater than any girl she had ever fought before.

    “If you want to see the only alpha female here, open your fucking eyes, because you have it right in front of you.”

    The circle was still closing. Now, both beauties could almost hear their hearts pounding viciously as one, just behind her throbbing tits. Crouching lightly, their succulent globes were almost spilling out of their blouses, shinning under drops of sweat and rain thanks to the red-hot sunlight of the morning.

    “Ready, bitch?” Amelia challenged.

    “Come here, whore,” Sophia replied.

    Like hunting jaguars, the beauties charged against each other. The mud jumped as if exploding under their boots, the rain burst against their bodies in assault, the branches of the trees shook for the birds flying in disbandment.

    Excitement and envy collided first, and then came the bodies. With the clash of hot flesh echoing in the jungle, both women’s arms circled the back of their opponent, searching for the best position to take hold and squeeze. For both beauties, it was natural to start with such a direct and close way, as it was the best way to show the rival which body was the boss; in the past, the tactic had always intimidated any unfortunate woman who dared to face them, since the opponent clearly felt against what formidable body she was fighting. But this time, as soon as the amazons got tangled together, they both knew that the nemesis would be much stronger and aggressive than any other woman they had fought. Feeling the power of arms and legs, the thrust of breasts and pelvises, the firmness of bellies, Sophia and Amelia understood that this was going to be a supreme test of agility, strength, stamina… and something else, something that came back from their loins.

    Fighting for the best position in the bearhug, the arms wriggled, tightened and locked, causing Amelia and Sophia to come closer. The full body-to-body match accelerated their hearts, with the scorching blood pounding and strengthening the assets of the women where they needed more hardness. Their nipples soon felt like silver bullets fired persistently against such a firm titflesh that both females opened their eyes with surprise and, half a second later, bitterness.

    “You’re not as big as you think.” The envy took control of the brunette’s mouth, giving form to some primary thoughts that the blonde shared.

    “It only matters that I’m bigger than you,” Sophia replied with hostility, suddenly conscious that, as soon as their amazing bodies had made contact, this was no longer just a physical struggle, but also an angry competition between their female appeals. Against such a similar body, only the direct comparison of virtues could solve the great question: who was the original and who was the copy?

    Breathing heavily against the other mouth, the rivals tried to push back the other girl with their pelvises to achieve the first advantage of duel while her hard nipples stabbed through the blouse material. From top to bottom, the muscles of the amazons were tightened to the maximum, reinforced by a stubborn will to win which filled the rivals’ heads with images of the other arrogant copycat in the mud, with them on top, squeezing with all the might they could gathering and without anyone being able to break up the fight.

    The reality however was different from the wishes. The nemesis didn’t give way, didn’t step back, resisting any push with a body that stood in the way of a woman who firmly believed that she should have the upper hand in the fight.

    “Give up before I break you in two,” Sophia gasped, infuriated and excited. The tight heated contact between bodies had brought her face against the brunette’s face, with only a few centimeters separating their angry lips.

    “Give up if you don’t want to return home in two pieces,” Amelia replied, as exasperated and stimulated as her antagonist. With their eyelashes brushing together, the brunette took strength from the sparks of lust and hatred that flashed in Sophia’s blue eyes.

    For a few seconds, both tried to fulfill their threats by squeezing the other body with their toned arms. But although the pressure on their spines was tremendous, the tense accumulation of titflesh caught the attention of the two women.

    “Are you going to give up, slut, or do I get to flatten you here and now?” the blonde said suddenly. As soon as she threw down the gauntlet, Sophia understood the weight of her words just seeing Amelia’s nostrils flaring by the offense.

    “It’s too late for that, you fucking bitch.” Amelia’s white teeth were parted in a fuming sneer of hate. “Just look down there,” she grunted, with both beauties moving their eyes to the tight conflict of boobs. “You’re already being flattened, and you can’t do anything to avoid it.”

    Sophia’s answer was physical: agonizingly, she moved her strong breasts up and down against the brunette’s, dragging her thick flesh and her rock-hard nipples to try to find a weak point in Amelia’s defenses. In front of her, the other explorer moved her heavy tits from side to side, trying to break Sophia’s momentum with her dense flesh and her tough, stimulated nipples.

    Unconsciously, the two females found themselves relaxing the hug to better maneuver with their breasts. It wasn’t the first time their boobs competed for space with a rival’s chest, but what was happening in the middle of the jungle clearing, under the rain, it was something they had never felt before. The need to dominate the other woman with strength and stamina was suddenly spiced with the need to dominate her through raw femininity… starting with her tits.

    “Say goodbye to your girls!” both cried at unison. Uttering lusty squeals and grunts, the women relaxed their arms a little more, allowing them to take impulse to crush together their fat breasts with a painful clash.

    “Oh, you hard bitch!” Amelia reluctantly conceded.

    “You fucking tough whore!” Sophia had to admit.

    “You will regret this!” With a quick thrust, the brunette violently jammed her bosom against blonde’s. Taking the blow with a furious groan, Sophia rammed her tits back into Amelia’s pair, drawing out an irritated growl of her nemesis.

    “It seems like you’re the one who will regret this!” the blonde retorted as she attacked the other beautiful chest with another cruel bang. Amelia’s retort was hurried and malicious, a powerful thump that made the two pairs of tits tremble.

    “I don’t think so!” the brunette argued.

    Without knowing how, the explorers ended up grabbing each other by the elbows, giving one another enough space for a total collision war. With the rain soaking the couple from top to bottom, the gorgeous women swayed back and forth, seeking to butt the other hard tits until the antagonist accepted who had the best chest. The water jumped violently after every clash of tits, splashing angry faces and brave torsos; the tied blouses were now so wet that the see-through cloth showed the exotic amazons’ bras: Amelia’s tiger pattern bra and Sophia’s panther pattern bra collided like two hungry, wild felines, anxious for freedom and for ruling as the superior animal.

    The fighters grunted and hissed for two, three minutes as they kept engaged in their mean breast-smacking battle with their upper bodies. Sometimes, after an impact, they meowed like cats as hard nipples met hard nipples through wet fabric, sending hazardous electric shocks along their frenzied bodies. The annoying firmness and conceited density of the other bosoms, the piercing nipples that didn’t stop stabbing… Everything seemed prepared to make jealousy grow inside the girls, pushing them more and more into a fight for female supremacy that both desperately wanted to win.

    “I’m going to destroy your ugly tits and enter the Serpent Temple as I deserve!” Sophia shouted, feeling the pain growing in her battered chest. But she didn’t care about suffering, or how ruthless she had to be to achieve her goal. She had to beat that brunette slut, whatever it cost physically and mentally.

    “Not as long as me and my tits are here to stop you and your weak tits”, Amelia grunted. Her breasts throbbed under a wave of pain, but the brunette knew that wouldn’t stop her. No matter how much damage she would receive, because her suicidal determination to be victorious wouldn’t let her surrender. She had to beat that blonde slut, whatever it cost physically and mentally.

    Trapped by the elbows, the women continued to struggle around the jungle clearing, with their boots and legs now full of mud, until the tenacious fight took them to the entrance of the cave. Protected from rain but not from mutual hatred, the women continued to slap their boobs together aggressively, hearing how the clash of solid titflesh echoed in the cave. As if this intimidated them in some way, Sophia and Amelia got tangled in a close, grinding breast duel that increased the tension of the effervescent feminine rivalry.

    “I have no problem squeezing and scrubbing our tits together, loser, if that’s what you think,” Amelia whispered, as if she didn’t want her voice to resonate on the irregular walls of the cave.

    “I knew that a cheap bitch like you would have no problem fighting close and dirty,” Sophia murmured like her rival. “But don’t worry, I’ll give you everything you want, and more.”

    “You’re such a stuck-up whore,” the brunette insulted, feeling the weight of the other woman’s tits against hers, feeling the four fat glands sliding together in struggle for a space that didn’t exist. “You’re the one who prefers to fight with our boobs instead of fighting with our fists, but I don’t mind getting down to your level if that’s what I need to kick your sorry ass.”

    “Just admit that my tits are winning, and we can start punching each other,” the blonde exhaled, with Amelia’s rough nipples sticking close to her areolas. In revenge, she pushed her hard daggers against the flesh of her rival, forcing her to gasp. “One way or another, a cocky bitch like you don’t stand a chance against me.”

    Suddenly, the sound of cloth tearing reverberated in the cave. The girls momentarily paused their bitter verbal dispute to look down and see the blouses begin to rip apart. Somehow, this accelerated the breast rubbing, as if both beauties wanted to destroy the other blouse first. Trapped in the ring formed by the strong arms of the rivals, their tits wiggled, slid and scrubbed, bulging outward as brunette and blonde forced their hard weapons into hot contact in search of a first victory. But that wasn’t fast enough for the restless females, who ended up bringing their nails over the blouses and tearing them violently from the other torso.

    Finally, after a last and agonizing exchange of savage boob crushes, the explorers broke off, with the remains of the other shattered blouse between their claws. Stumbling backward, they leaned against opposite walls of the cave, gasping anxiously and glaring at each other furiously. Amelia knew that her assaulted tits were reddened, swollen by excitement and beating, with her fat nipples aching to break free from the oppression of her tiger pattern bra; she knew all this without looking down, because she could feel it… and also because Sophia’s boobs showed, in front of the brunette’s ravening eyes, the same consequences of the merciless and unfinished breast contest. Throwing the ruined blonde’s khaki blouse to the ground with disdain, Amelia pushed herself away from the wall, arching her back and thrusting her tits out proudly.

    “Have your tits had enough?” Her gaze was fixed on Sophia’s panther pattern bra. “I hope not, because I haven’t finished with them yet…” Amelia’s tongue moved sensuously around her full lips, trying to keep moisture on them.

    “Look at these tits,” the blonde purred with satisfaction, also pushing her bosoms out. “Do they seem to have had enough? Not even close, you tramp.” Sophia’s eyes seemed to glow with a darker blue color, charged with the energy of the female competition. Then, the blonde moved away from the wall and, before Amelia’s gaze, she raised her hand with the remains of the brunette’s green blouse. “This is a metaphor of what is going to happen to your tits if you tangle them again with mine,” she concluded, throwing the blouse aside.

    “I’m not afraid of your small girls, ‘cause mine are hard enough to smash up yours good.” Amelia let her jealous gaze rest on Sophia’s chest for a moment, mentally gauging what the blonde had under the bra.

    “There is nothing small in my tits, as you have already felt,” the blonde replied. Amelia looked back up into Sophia’s eyes to see the other explorer’s pupils studying her boobs with an envy she couldn’t hide.

    “It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about tits or nipples, slut, ‘cause you’re obviously outmatched in both departments.”

    “Are you sure?” Sophia whispered viciously, walking towards the dark-haired woman.

    “Really sure,” Amelia hissed like a snake, going to meet her blonde rival.

    The women went nose to nose with the other beauty, this time bringing their breasts together with deliberate slowness. Both eagerly wanted to prove who was right about who was bigger so, at least for now, violence should wait. That attitude was against their primal instincts, against their explosive temperaments, but since both of them had met the other cocky explorer, everything had been off script, starting by fighting breast against breast—something that they had never done before—with surprising spontaneity.

    For a full minute, Amelia and Sophia just breathed into each other’s faces silently. No one heard the rain falling on the jungle as they gauged the firmness and especially the size of the rival’s tits. The blonde twisted slightly her face as she felt that Amelia’s nipples were outrageously longer and thicker than she’d felt in the titfight through the blouses, but she found some relief in her own nipples: she had never felt them as big as they were in that moment, with that state of hot overexcitation hardening her whole body.

    “Do you really want to find out who’s bigger, slut?” she asked.

    “Who’s bigger and firmer,” her foe replied. “That’s what I want, bitch.”

    To Sophia’s surprise, Amelia’s fingers suddenly reached the bottom of her boobs. The blonde exhaled a rough, hot whimper as the hands kept rising, pushing her hard but pliant titflesh upwards, with the brunette’s strong fingers curling around the heavy glands, poorly protected by a delicate bra.

    “Yes, as I thought…” Amelia’s voice sounded haughty and malicious. “Mine are bigger and firmer.”

    With resentment in her blue eyes, Sophia cupped brunette’s breasts in revenge. The lips of her rival parted with an erotic and venomous pant, feeling how the cruel claws of the blonde kneaded her thick twins through the thin bra.

    “I feel something very different,” Sophia hissed, wicked and arrogant. “Two small, soft tits that can’t stand the punishment.”

    The rivals breathed into each other’s mouths, serving and receiving solid, enthusiastic squeezes full of questions. Separating their bodies slightly and opening their legs for a better balance, blonde and brunette honored their profession and explored the other feminine flesh, squashing tits, flattening nipples, ruining bras. No matter how full the beauties’ hands were with the nemesis’ titflesh, it never seemed enough.

    The passing of time lost its meaning as the females damaged each other’s beloved assets at the entrance to the cave. Outside, just a couple of meters away, the rain was getting more and more intense, but it wasn’t enough to drown out the moaning and gasping that the overexcited squeezes were forcing out of the throats of the two beauties. At last, Sophia felt Amelia squirming under her assault more than she was squirming under the brunette’s fingers; that fueled her ego, knowing that she was about to humiliate the other woman. But her confidence fled in the next second, as Amelia’s grasping fingers found her long nipples. Feeling her nubs pinched and twisted, the blonde complained in pain; the thin fabric of her panther pattern bra wasn’t enough to protect her hard nipples, excessively sensitized by the fierce, hot encounter with the other woman. Momentarily managing the suffering, Sophia tugged on Amelia’s stiff nipples, stretching them out with a cruelty fed by the anguished groans of her rival.

    “You think you’re a pretty tough bitch, but you have very weak nipples,” the brunette spat, with her green eyes filling with tears as much as Sophia’s blue eyes.

    “It didn’t take you long to put your dirty fingers on them, whore. You couldn’t wait to feel the hard, thick nipples of a real woman, right?” the blonde scoffed.

    “Maybe you thought that before, but I’m sure that now that you have my long and strong nipples in your hands, you’ve already noticed that your little things are playing in an inferior league to mine,” Amelia said.

    Both beauties grunted, redoubling their vicious efforts, assaulting one another heatedly as the nipple argument kept heating up.

    “Do you really think your fragile nipples can compare to my hot weapons?” Sophia requested.

    “Mine are bigger, stronger and nicer,” Amelia bragged. At that moment, she felt her enemy’s body losing momentum; the punishment she was giving to the blonde’s nipples was paying off, so the brunette accelerated the mistreatment in search of a victory that would make her forget the pain that was running through her own nipples.

    “Nothing in your body is bigger, stronger or nicer, you slut,” Sophia replied huskily, regaining her energy and moving her fingers with so much skill and cruelty over Amelia’s nipples that the brunette hated to know that the blonde was far from being defeated.

    Eventually, the anger and the lack of capitulation of the other woman led the two amazons to open their hands and crush again all the titflesh that they could grasp. Both bodies trembled, gradually losing control under the pain assault but also under something deeper: the mutual rough squeezes were sending shock waves of dirty pleasure straight to the most private area of the girls; a familiar sensation for them, because they really enjoyed tying up with other woman in do or die struggle for supremacy. But this time, in front of the incredible and identical rival, the battle was electrifying them beyond measure, was heating their bodies and minds like never before.

    “Take your fucking bra off!” The cry emerged from the throats of the explorers in unison, pushed by the desperation that throbbed between their legs. Inmediately, Sophia slapped her nemesis’ claws away from her tits and reached behind Amelia, pressing her sore boobs tightly against brunette’s as she tried to untie her bra. Amelia copied her, engaging her adversary’s firm breasts with equal force. Matched chest against chest, the beauties fought to strip first the rival, to open the other hook and eye closure, wincing as the other woman’s angry nipples jabbed and the other dangerous boobs flattened.

    “Bitch!” Amelia and Sophia screamed, for the first time in their lives unable to unfasten a bra. Actually, no one had never had the instinct to bare the tits of another woman in a fight, even when on more than one occasion they and their challengers had ended up topless in the course of the confrontation. But they weren’t before an ordinary challenger, nor in an ordinary confrontation.

    “This is a fight, you tramp!” Amelia exclaimed, trying to convince herself that the increasingly powerful sexual of the rivalry wasn’t the main motivation of the female conflict.

    “Of course it’s a fight, fucking slut, although you’re looking for something different!” Sophia was trying to deny the eroticism that was flooding her body, telling herself that this was a matter of female honor between her and the brunette.

    Amelia was faster, but only for a second. Almost breaking the straps of her blonde rival’s bra, she opened her fastener to feel immediately how her own bra was unhooked by Sophia’s eager fingers. Pushing each other abruptly, the amazons broke apart, and their bras fell to the cave floor… exposing their beautiful, full trophies.

    Again, the fight stopped, proving that the duel went far beyond an ordinary struggle. Hurting the other woman was a delightful idea, but when the eyes worked as hard as nails, it meant that the priorities were different. Since minutes ago, perhaps even since Amelia had appeared in the clearing where Sophia was, everything had moved around variables like size, firmness and beauty, and not so much about who could pull out the most hair or make the other one bleed. That is why the naked exhibition of the formidable weapons of both beauties wasn’t a simple truce in the fight: it was a fight in its own right.

    Rain kept getting heavier as green and blue eyes staring at the jutting globes of the other woman. Both pair of bare boobs rode high and mighty on their chests like epitomes of femininity and youth under layers of rainwater and sweat. Licking her full lips, Amelia stared at Sophia’s bosoms sullenly as the blonde placed her hands on her hips provocatively and moved her naked breasts outward, making them look even bigger… and more dangerous. This bitch isn’t ashamed of her tits at all, Amelia thought angrily, pushing her chest out with pride to match her rival as she compared Sophia’s attributes to her own. Despite having felt her foe’s glands against her boobs, under her fingers, Amelia was surprised at what she saw in front of her… because that’s what she saw every day in front of the mirror. Like her own breast, Sophia’s tits were surprisingly round for her size, two wrecking balls culminated in puckered areolas and obscenely erect nipples. With no clear advantage in size, shape or beauty in the tits department, Amelia felt her feminine ego hurt.

    “You think your boobs are so great, don’t you?” Those same words were to be spit out by a jealous Amelia, but they had come out of the mouth of an equally envious Sophie. “Well, yours may be useful to deceive stupid men, but only another woman knows not to judge a book by the cover. No matter how big your babes look, they’re not firm enough.”

    Taking a step forward, Amelia shook her shoulders gently, and her full-sized bare breasts trembled for a couple of seconds before settling down on her torso in a quick demonstration of firmness. “Don’t talk about how firm my tits are when you’ve felt mine against yours and you’ve ended up losing in that area.”

    “Losing?” Sophia approached her opponent, her blue eyes flashing at the same time that a distant flash of lightning crossed the overcast sky of the jungle. “I think something’s wrong with your head if that was your impression, bitch. Obviously, I have the best pair here. The sexiest and strongest pair… and I plan to keep it that way for the rest of my life.”

    The last words stopped the brunette’s heart for a second, their implications tightening the atmosphere even more. “I knew it,” she whispered. “Ever since I saw you coming out of the jungle, I knew it. With all the secrets that the world still hides, two beautiful and young explorers like us have decided to look for this temple…”

    “And for the ancient scriptures of the Serpent Queen…” Sophia said.

    “The secret of eternal youth…” Amelia concluded.

    Chapter 2
    Embrace of the Serpent

    Five years had passed since Amelia ‘the Boa’ Bona had found an ancient inscription on a lost pyramid in a Central American jungle; five years since Sophia ‘the Python’ Peyton had read the lost pages of the chronicles of the explorer Francisco de Orellana in an old library in southern Spain. It was then that both 20-year-old women had discovered the existence of the myth of eternal youth, and had become obsessed with it. They searched for the truth behind the legend, and found the story of the Serpent Queen, the ruler who had been beautiful and young for two centuries before the jealousy of one of her wives led the eternal woman to death. After the destruction of her Temple, her secret had fallen into oblivion for two thousand years.

    Five years had passed since the discovery that began everything, five years in which Amelia and Sophia had moved heaven and earth to find the Temple and seize the ancient scriptures of the Queen to live in endless youth. Their bodies, endowed with impressive natural beauty, had been fanatically toned to exhaustion in gyms during all those years, both women aware that, if the myth was real, their figures must be immortalized in their best fitness shape.

    Five years had passed, and there they were, in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, in the cave that led to the Serpent Temple, with their bodies at the peak of her physical beauty and strength… and with an almost identical woman, a 25-year-old topless beauty who threatened to steal the secret of the eternal youth.

    “The ancient scriptures are mine, cunt,” Amelia said after what seemed like an eternity. “If there’s a face that deserves to be young forever, that’s mine. If there’s a body that should never grow old, that’s mine.” As if they were responding to the brunette’s words, her brown-tipped nipples hardened, extending to almost two centimeters in length in a striking display of youth and vigor.

    As if it were an invitation to battle, Sophia’s reddish nipples lengthened in front of Amelia’s gaze, matching her rival’s stiff weapons in size. “You can’t look at this body of mine and say that seriously, bitch,” the blonde snarled. “The myth says that only one woman can stay young at a time, and that will be me. No one would waste the eternal youth on a body like yours.”

    Breathing hard, the girls felt their naked boobs rising and falling on their torsos. Inside their loins, hot competitive rushes incited them to fight, to carry the battle to the other woman in every possible way before the disdain they were receiving. But, above all, the rivals sensed the demand to demonstrate an absolute and total feminine superiority over the other beauty, the pressure to demonstrate who deserved to be the heiress of the Serpent Queen and her most precious secret.

    “If you want the ancient scriptures of the Temple for yourself, prove to me that your body is better than mine,” the brunette growled, her long red tongue slowly licked her full lips as she watched warily the blonde’s naked curves: the thick roundness of Sophia’s twin glands challenged a war of crushing, and the astonishing length of her red-tipped nipples called a fencing duel. “Prove to me that you’re harder, bigger… sexier than me.”

    Hearing Amelia’s words, Sophia felt her nipples burning. Like two rock hard rubbery spears, her rods pointed directly at the brunette’s long weapons. “There’s only one way to find out the answers to all that,” the blonde said, thrusting her chest outwards challengingly, her blood pounded in her veins like a runaway train, her eyes staring at Amelia’s dangerous erect nipples, at her breasts hardening after every inhalation of the cold air from the cave. “Hardness against hardness, size against size… your sexiness against my sexiness…”

    Amelia looked down, and saw with pride how her nipples were standing stiffer than ever before. Then, her female ego recharged with vanity, she looked back at her rival. “I’m not backing down from anything. Do whatever you and your little boobs want to do.”

    Sophia’s breasts throbbed, drawing the blonde’s attention. She lowered her eyes to meet her own prodigious, imposing nipples, standing in the center of her pinkish areolas. “You know what we want to do,” she whispered, now staring then at Amelia’s green eyes. “After all, your weak girls asked for it… slut.”

    “Cunt,” the brunette grunted. “If you want to tit wrestle, your nakedness against mine, then let’s tit wrestle.”

    The girls couldn’t hold on any longer. They’d had a hard time controlling themselves during the discussion, the weapons of the other explorer boasting beauty and sensuality right in front of their faces; now they wanted more than anything to crush their bodies, their tits against their rival’s, so both of them walked ahead, hatred and determination shining in their feline eyes.

    Half a second before the collision, Sophia turned her torso with a quick movement to the left. Waiting and hoping for a frontal collision, Amelia didn’t see it coming: her nemesis’ thick right tit smacked hard on the side of her left boob, sending the gland into a terrible crash against her own right breast. The attack was followed by a left and another right breast slap, every smack accompanied by a shrill gasp of pain from Amelia’s mouth. Sophia’s white teeth were bared as she continued the onslaught, bumping her bare tits now frontally against the pair of the brunette who, caught by surprise at the sudden attack, could only retreat, her bosoms rapidly turning red from the blows she had absorbed.

    Suddenly, the rain fell on Amelia. Sophia’s assault had taken the beauties out of the cave, returning them to the jungle clearing where everything had begun. The hot water from the tropical storm made the brunette finally react and, with a war cry, she regained her warrior composure charging against the other woman. The impact was devastating, full of rage and vengeance, a frontal collision of breasts that pushed Sophia back several steps to her surprise. Amelia quickly lurched forward, taking advantage of the situation, and in a flurry of right and left tit slaps, she forced several stressful moans from her nemesis as she kept pushing the blonde back.

    Feeling her breasts burning under the beating, Sophia forced her boots in the mud, determined not to yield another step before the brunette’s angry boobs. Amelia’s tits bumped into hers again, and then a short, hot close combat broke out. Putting every ounce of energy and strength that they had into each breast thump, blonde and brunette could not help uttering upsetting moans and fuming groans until, seconds later, both explorers backed away from each other.

    “You fucking bitch!” Sophia’s boobs were stinging from the pain that Amelia’s naked weapons had inflicted. “I’m gonna destroy those tits you’re so proud of, you hear me?” she howled against her rival and against the rain.

    “Not before I crush your haughty tits with mine, you stupid whore!” the brunette cried, her chest pounding under an invisible cloak of pain and furious frustration. “When I beat your girls, we’ll both know which pair will be young until the end of days!”

    “That will be my pair!” the blonde shouted, ramming towards her rival, and Amelia ran to meet her under the rain, both beauties trembling in anticipation before the inevitable physical punishment but aching to measure their breasts against the other tits once again.

    Locking against each other in a clumsy test of strength with their hands, Amelia and Sophia crashed their breasts together in a frontal collision where they both yielded a double howl of pain instead of steps. Planting their feet on the slippery ground, the women started simultaneously to throw right and left blows with her boobs, their naked torsos moving at a terrific pace as that kind of close tit-boxing match was exploded with surprising spontaneity in women who’d never done anything like that before.

    “You filthy cunt!” Amelia snapped, her anger growing by the minute… but that wasn’t the only thing growing on her. Hearing the sound of her breasts crashing into the blonde’s, a sound that seemed to echo through the jungle, even above the storm, the brunette felt an increasing wetness around the crotch of her army green shorts.

    “You dirty slut!” Sophia replied, as sore and excited as her dark-haired rival, her khaki shorts not only soaked with rain and sweat. Her blue eyes moved between Amelia’s enraged face and their four dueling boobs, firm curves that never stopped trying to squash each other.

    “Your tits are no match for mine!” the brunette grunted. Receiving and delivering toxic breast blows, the green-eyed explorer clenched her teeth, her face twisted in a grimace of pain and hate.

    “That’s not what I’m feeling!” the blonde groaned, a feeling of swelling beginning to dominate her thick, fat glands under the constant abuse. “Your girls are weak!”

    “Yours are small and soft!”

    Suddenly, Amelia managed to break Sophia’s bust defenses, at last forcing her to retreat on the muddy battlefield. Grunting and squealing lustily with every boob slap, the brunette hit her rival breasts over and over again, Sophia panting as her hard bosoms returned each strike with despair, rainwater splashing in all directions after every wet impact.

    Finally, Amelia’s left boob landed a particularly stinging blow to Sophia’s chest, and the blonde fell backwards… in the pond. With a scream of surprise, Sophia kicked in the water before regaining balance, her half-naked body soaked from top to bottom, her wide hips kissed by the pond water. Then, the blonde’s fire-filled eyes looked up, and the girl saw Amelia standing triumphantly over her, the summer storm losing strength behind her, the rain beginning to fade in the jungle clearing.

    “Stay there, bitch,” the brunette said, her hands massaging her reddened victorious tits. “The Serpent Temple belongs to me and my young boobs, so don’t even think about following me or I’ll humiliate you again.”

    Sophia’s breasts stung terribly, but the sight of the arrogant Amelia in a higher position and the sound of the brunette’s overconfident words were enough to make her blood burn. “This titfight is far from over, tramp,” she growled. “In fact, it won’t be over until your ugly boobs are completely flat.”

    “That will never happen.”

    “Get down here, and I’ll show you.”

    Licking her lips, Amelia descended to the pond without stopping to look at her opponent and her reddened breasts; even after all the beating they had taken, they still looked firm, full, dangerous. For a moment, the brunette’s heart palpitated nervously, Amelia knowing that although she now had the upper hand, she still had to face Sophia’s stubborn firmness.

    With thunders and lightnings more and more distant, the rain ended up ceasing, and a timid sun peaked through the dark clouds of the sky, making shine the blue water of the pond and the waterfall… and the bodies of the beauties. Around the amazons, a slight mist began to take shape under the rising heat, the fog surrounding them like a halo from a different, ancient world where fairies and nymphs were real.

    TEXT #8

    Roaring like wild tigresses in heat, the two naked beauties slammed their pussies together, the wet blow echoing in the jungle of Thailand along with the suffocated scream of both beauties. That wasn’t the first contact between their hot sexes, nor would it be the last one: the hungry crotches collided again, this time keeping up against each other to rub together lustfully.

    “Fuck!” one of the women growled, her sexual anatomy being tested against the rival cunt. “You bitch, you always wanted this, since the first time you saw me. Admit it!”

    “You whore! Ow, fuck!” the other woman moaned, the burning sensations jumping from one body to another, from one nakedness to another. “It was so obvious that you desired me that I don’t know how I didn’t realize it before. You admit it!”

    Behind the girls, the stones of a ruined temple gleamed in the last light of day. That place was where the search of the fighting women should have ended, the final trial of a long journey through old libraries and minor temples; however, it had been nothing more than the place that preceded the real trial, a trial in the shape of a beauty with a spectacular body and a conceited ego.

    “You don’t deserve it, and you know it!” one of them screamed, her snatch rubbing up and down against the other woman’s pussy. She was Fujiko Mine, a name that were as well known in Asia as her love conquests and her spectacular thefts. The 28-year-old gorgeous, mysterious brown-haired burglar was the woman that everyone wanted, a femme fatale whose suggestive face and devastating body were the greatest treasures of her native Japan.

    “You’re the one who doesn’t deserve it, you should know that!” With her cunt locking labia to labia with her enemy’s crotch, the other woman gasped against Fujiko’s face, the hot, heavy breath of her foe mingling with hers. She was Emanuelle Poirot, the stunning Belgian aristocrat whose grandfather had been the legendary detective Hercule Poirot. The blond femme fatale reigned over the European nobility thanks to her wealth and, above all, her breathtaking body and striking face. Not only that: at the age of 28, her extravagant adventures were already on the front page of most newspapers in Europe.

    Undoubtedly, this was the ultimate adventure for Emmanuele, the ultimate theft for Fujiko. What contained the small carved box that had fallen near the beauties contained the world’s most valuable object for both of them, the only thing that would lead two hot femme fatales like them to fight like they’ve never fought before in their lives: their naked bodies entwined in the jungle soil, seduction against seduction, sex against sex.

    “Ugh! Ugh!” Emanuelle emphasized every pelvic blow with a gasp. “You better think about giving up, Fujiko, ‘cause you can’t beat me in something like that!”

    “Awk! You’re gonna lose badly, Emanuelle! Ugh!” Fujiko grunted. Between her legs, she could feel the vaginal juices of both women starting to come together in fiery fusion.

    Finally, after two hours of girl-on-girl action, the overexcitement began to break the formidable sexual defenses of the enemies, and the desperation made their whole bodies tremble as the cunt bumping intensified and accelerated into a final paroxysm.

    “Oh, fuck, fuck! Shit!” Fujiko and Emanuelle spat at the same time, clenching their teeth while they lost control of their bodies. “I’m not gonna lose! No, no, not yet!”

    Then... the explosion. The two beautiful, wild she-cats roared loudly, their sobbing faces looking up at the first stars of the night that came. Anger, frustration, pain, jealousy dominated the girls… and the devastating pleasure pushed Emanuelle and Fujiko into a state of semi-consciousness, a temporary lethargy to safeguard their injured egos before the next assault.

    Almost breathless, full of sweat, mud and sex slime, the beauties could not help but wonder: how did they come to this? For that they had to go back for a few hours, when the sun that was now disappearing was rising in the east. It was then, in a beautiful villa outside Chiang Rai, when Fujiko and Emanuelle met for the first time…


    For a beautiful woman like me,
    the most beautiful in the world,
    only time, only time is the enemy.

    Fujiko’s melodious voice barely sounded above the noise of falling water. The steam of hot shower rose through the air as the attractive chestnut-haired woman soaped up her firm, hard body. The foam partially covered her big, firm breasts, Fujiko’s proud brown nipples peeking beyond the soap as the water flowed through her perfect 5’6’’ frame. Below, her rock-hard abs tightened when she thought about what was going to happen that day. Finally, after months of searching, I’m going to get it, she thought, her vagina throbbing excitedly. And then I’ll celebrate with Lupin… my way. Turning her head back, the Japanese beauty let the water fall on her stunning face, on her fleshy lips and her closed brown eyes. Hot water streams slid past her narrow waist to kiss her ample hips and her curvaceous ass, prelude to a powerful set of creamy thighs.

    Five minutes later, Fujiko was stepping out of the shower stall, surrounded by a thick steam mist that clung to her body with the passion of a lover. Wiping off the clouded mirror of the bathroom, the radiant cat burglar looked at her reflected face and took a breath, knowing how much was at stake that day. Fujiko, remember to watch every step you take in the temple, and be careful with traps, she thought. Taking her time, she applied mascara and eye shadow around her alluring brown eyes, covered her thick mouth with red lipstick and brushed out her long hair.

    “Even in a ruined temple, a girl has to look pretty,” she smiled. Coming out of the bathroom, Fujiko headed to the bedroom to get dressed. First, she chose a tiny G-string that emphasized the striking volumes of her sexual anatomy; then, after deciding that she wouldn’t cover her big tits with any bra, she dressed in a one-piece, green explorer’s suit. The Japanese beauty unbuttoned the two upper buttons, displaying the power of her cleavage; down below, the suit ended up on a skirt that exposed much of the woman’s thick, delicious thighs, and her strong legs.

    Pleased with what she saw, Fujiko wore a pair of boots to complete her spectacular appearance before heading to the front door, backpack on her back, ready for the most important day of her life.

    But she didn’t get very far. As soon as she opened the door, a small pink pistol was pointed at her beautiful face.

    “You must be Fujiko Mine.”

    Behind the gun, a gorgeous blonde was smiling cruelly. Raising her hands, the Japanese felt trapped in the deep blue eyes of the woman for a few seconds.

    “Yes, I’m Fujiko,” the brown-haired girl said, trying to stay calm and waiting for her chance to act. “If you come looking for money, I…”

    “I’m not a common thief,” the woman with the gun cut off. “I just want one thing from you… The map with the location of the temple.”

    “How do you…? I mean, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Don’t play stupid. Lupin has told me everything.”

    “What? No, he never…”

    “There’s no secret I can’t get a man out, honey.” The smile of the blonde widened.

    Containing a grunt, Fujiko looked down at the other female’s curvaceous body, and she knew why Lupin had spoken too much: big tits, narrow hips, strong thighs. The Japanese beauty had to admit that the blonde seemed capable to match her extraordinary body, their breathtaking measurements being almost identical.

    “What’s your name?” Fujiko asked grudgingly, suddenly the gun no longer being the most threatening thing in that woman.

    “Knowing that won’t change anything, darling,” the blonde said, taking a quick look at Fujiko’s body. Her blue eyes flashed for an instant, as if her thoughts followed a path similar to the brown-eyed girl. “I’m Emanuelle Poirot,” she finally said. “And now, give me the map.”

    “Ok…” Fujiko moved slowly, grabbing her backpack and opening it to take the map. “But I hope you know the Scriptures would be wasted on someone like you,” she snarled.

    “The only waste would be to let you use the Scriptures with a body like yours,” Emanuelle growled in response, abruptly grabbing the map Fujiko offered her. “And now…”

    Suddenly, Emanuelle leaned forward, kissing Fujiko’s mouth, both cherry red lipsticks mingling. Instinctively, the burglar let herself be carried away by the softness of the blonde’s thick lips, and kissed back as she somehow wanted to prove something, and Emanuelle intensified her kiss as if she wanted to prove the opposite. But a few seconds later, Fujiko fell to the ground, unconscious from the poison of her rival’s lipstick.

    “Sleep well, Fujiko,” Emanuelle said. For a moment, she looked at the stunning body of the fainted Japanese, and thought seriously about doing something about it. However, the prize that awaited her was too valuable to lose because of a matter of female rivalry with a newly known beauty. So the blonde turned around, with the map of the temple in her hand. At last, after months of searching, the Scriptures would be hers…


    The Holy Scriptures of Eternal Youth. That’s what both women were looking for: the secret of endless youth and beauty, hidden in a temple devoured by the hungry jungle of northern Thailand. A small box carved by a forgotten goddess that contained some scrolls from ancient times, written with ink of kraken and feather of griffin according to legends.

    For two women like Emanuelle and Fujiko, real femme fatales who based their ego, confidence and personality on their looks, sexual appeal and seductive abilities, there was nothing more tempting than the spell that the Scriptures contained. In fact, it was a vital issue.

    That’s what both women would end up fighting for.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm really sorry that the forum destroyed the format of some of the texts, but...
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    Re: Anubisx's Sneak Peeks

    Text 1:
    It fits. Classic fight over who stays and who leaves. Or worse, whoever is defeated will have to live at the mercy of the winner all the time.
    There could be clashes in one of the two girls' rooms (if they are in separate rooms, in the middle of the night one of the two goes to the other's room).
    Text 2: Come on, 2 vs 2 is better than 1 vs 1. One couple will fight to prove who is the hottest (assfight?), The other who will be able to go around showing proudly their breasts after a hard titfight
    Text 3: Honestly, I don't know. I have no ideas apart from one: I read a long time ago (a long time ago) a story in which a redhead and a brunette fought for the brunette's husband. The clash was almost one-sided for one of the two women. You could make a similar one since you don't read many such stories
    Text 4: Clash in the pool in front of everyone. Pool party with show. Maybe you describe the fight from the perspective of a spectator / Tony
    Text 5: I honestly don't know.
    Text 6: Cute concept. You could do an all in one. Catfight, titfight and sexfight. Asian pride is not easy to break.
    Text: 7 Like 5
    Text 8: Anything can become a masterpiece with your skill and these two characters.

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    Re: Anubisx's Sneak Peeks

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    Anubisx's Sneak Peeks
    very good!

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