East Meets West (Part 3)
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    East Meets West (Part 3)
    EAST MEETS WEST (Part 3)

    The railing of the treadmill was the only thing propping up my naked, beaten body. My sweaty back rested against the arm rail, with my weak arms dangling over the railing behind me. My knees were slightly bent, knowing that if the arm rails gave out I would drop to the floor in a heap. My head drooped down in exhaustion; my long dark hair covering my face. Through my straight, matted hair I could see my abused body. My dark nipples were raw and throbbing, my brown sweaty breasts were covered in pink scratch marks. Looking further down my punished body, I could see scratch marks running from my trim pubic bush to my inner thighs and lower abs. I was a helpless mess.

    My husband’s mistress, Meredith, stood naked before me. She had me at her whim and knew it. I weakly tried to pull my arms off the railing, but I had no strength. All I could think about was the searing pain in my D cup breasts and stiff nipples. Meredith pushed the dark hair out of my face, and then grabbed my head from behind; jerking it up so I could see my cruel adversary. Keeping my head pulled up with one hand, Meredith reached toward my right nipple with her other.

    “I think these brown fat bags of yours need some more work, Anjali.” she warned, and then viciously twisted my sore tip.

    I screamed as my body jerked on the rails, unable to do anything more than convulse. Meredith let go of my hair with her right hand, and then used it to cruelly twist my throbbing left bud. I kept my head up and cried out in pain, as the mistress now used both hands to twist my nipples in a corkscrew. Meredith twisted my dark, inflamed nips so far around, that her fists were now firmly buried in my tits; with my ample breast flesh pouring over them. I continued to shake on the railing, as this evil bitch starting twisting my nipples in opposite directions like tuning knobs. My hands just helplessly flailed as she started to pull each breast up and down, and then out by the nipple. I let out an agonizing wail as my doughy breasts looked elastic in her hands: stretched and pulled to every conic shape. The pain was unbearable. Mercifully, she finally released my elongated nipples; but I didn’t even have a chance to stop screaming before she slapped the side of my left breast. I groaned as my left tit slammed up against my right one upon impact. I hung limply on the railing behind me as Meredith proceeded to slap my right breast: lifting the abused gland up and over with her open palm. I shut my eyes and cried out as I felt another sting on my sweaty left breast; once again a victim of Meredith’s palm. Back and forth she slapped my swaying tits. Too weak to fight back, all I could offer was cries of pain. Her slaps grew more forceful; sharply stinging my dangling tits and whipping them into a pink mess. With my head drooping down, I opened my eyes long enough to watch my battered breasts flop back and forth with each slap. This cruel bitch even started singing “patty-cake” as she continued to whack my boobs. Occasionally, she would smack the soft underside of my tender breast and push it up on a follow through, and the large teat would swing up and pop my chin. With each smack my firm breasts seemed to soften more, as if she were tenderizing my tits like beef. My poor boobs looked like they were now hanging lower, as Meredith slapped my dangling, defenseless breasts into a pink slop.

    Mercifully, she finally drew back her hand, and I remained limp on the railing. I weakly lifted my head and peered through my unkempt hair to see what torture she had planned next. I helplessly watched Meredith walk over to the coat closet, and quickly dig through it. She pulled out a plastic coat hanger, and slapped it in her hand and grinned as she walked back over toward me.

    “Let’s try something a little more painful.” Meredith explained, as she raised the coat hanger up toward my swaying right breast.

    “No!” I pleaded, and braced myself on the railing for the blow.

    Whap! The first smack stung my right breast, just above my stiff nipple. I screamed and jerked up on the rails, only to fall back limply on my supports. Meredith then smacked the plastic coat hanger across my left tit, stinging the soft underside of my breast. Each time she cracked the coat hanger against my tender breast, I cried out in pain and gyrated on the treadmill arm rails. Back and forth she worked my breasts; my head hung limply down and I could see the red marks forming on my tortured tits. A tear dropped down on my inflamed right nipple, and I realized I was crying. The pain in my breasts was agonizing, as she whipped them into a throbbing embarrassment. After cracking the hanger across my tits a few more times, I dangled defenseless as Meredith reached out with her left hand and squeezed the bottom of my rapidly numbing right breast. This pushed my sore nipple and puffy areola up and out, helplessly awaiting more abuse. I screamed continuously as Meredith used short strokes with the hanger directly onto the tip of my nipple; smiling up at me as she smacked the inflamed bud rapidly in succession. I thought she was going to push the stiff tip back into my breast, the way she kept forcefully stinging my nip with the hanger. I was visibly crying now, as I helplessly watched my engorged nipple fold over and wobble back and forth from the blows. Finally, she pulled back the coat hanger, and I went limp again over the railing; quickly losing feeling in my breasts and right nipple.

    “Spread ‘em, bitch!” Meredith ordered, as she reached down and pulled my bent legs apart.

    My head jerked up and I screamed at the ceiling, as my husband’s cruel mistress crashed the plastic coat hanger across my naked pussy. Shockwaves of pain surged through my lower extremities, as Meredith started to whip my sensitive sex. I wailed again in agony as she landed another blow squarely across my dark trim bush, stinging my tortured lips. I was too weak to do anything but keep my legs spread apart for my beating, though with each blow I instinctively tried to close them. Meredith would give me a sharp reminder to re-open them, either by pulling on my long hair or pinching my nipples. I screamed continuously and stared at the ceiling, as Meredith pussy whipped me into submission. My tender sex was throbbing in agonizing pain, as this evil bitch crashed blow after blow across my defenseless pubic mound.

    Mercifully, Meredith dropped the plastic coat hanger, and stepped back to look at my dangling, beaten body. My heaving, sweaty, tear covered breasts were coated with pink marks. I was afraid to even look down at my whipped bush. I was sobbing heavily now; realizing that this was the most humiliated I had ever been in my life. Well, at least up until this point.

    “Come here, cunt.” Meredith ordered, grabbing my long dark hair and pulling me off the rails.

    I screamed as she forcibly pulled me off the treadmill arm rails by my hair. It felt as if she was going to pull my hair out by the roots, as I weakly threw up my arms to try and offer some type of defense. Meredith jerked me across the den by my hair, slinging me back and forth like a rag doll. With one final vicious tug on my hair, she threw me across a chair. I hit the padded chair stomach first, unable to brace myself, and folded over it like an accordion. I was too exhausted to push myself up, as I kept my feet on the floor and my upper body bent over the front of the chair. My arms rested on the chair seat next to my head, and my matted hair covered my face. I knew Meredith was standing behind me: staring at my firm, defenseless ass, sticking straight up in the air.

    Whack! I cried out as I felt Meredith’s bare hand land across my right buttock. I shook up in the chair, only to limply pour myself back over it. I screamed again as the mistress cracked her hand across my naked ass once more. My feet turned back and forth in pain, but I kept them on the floor as Meredith spanked me again. Another blow stung my tight ass, and I cried into the chair pad. I think Meredith started crashing both hands against my ass cheeks, because the blows were coming more rapidly, as she stung my butt with reckless abandon. I barely had time to clinch up my ass cheeks before another blast rained across them. I screamed continuously now as this dominating bitch spanked my runner’s cheeks into a throbbing mess. Never in my worst nightmares could I have imagined this: another woman bending me over a chair, and having her way with my ass. She slapped her hand time and time again across my exposed butt, and I shook my head back and forth; resting it upside down on the seat of the chair, tears flowing down on the fabric. Finally, the blows ended, and I remained motionless and bent over the chair, groaning at the realization that this cruel bitch may not be done with me.

    “Get up, ho!” Meredith blurted out, as she pulled both my hands roughly behind my back; pinning them there and pulling me upright all in one motion. “Let’s see what fun we can have in the kitchen.” she added.

    With my dark hair covering my face, Meredith manhandled my weak body across the floor to the kitchen; pushing me forward and pinning my arms behind my back. All I could offer was a faint groan as she pulled my head back by the hair with one hand, and kept my arms pinned behind me with the other. My punished breasts had been given a momentary reprieve, but my ass was on fire from the beating. Meredith forced my naked body over toward the oven, and I jerked my head down to see what she had in mind. When we reached the waist level oven door, Meredith released my head and used her free hand to open it. To my relief, the oven was turned off. I had no idea what she was planning on doing to me. With the door open, Meredith started to bend me forward; keeping my arms pinned behind me with her strong hand. As my large breasts dangled over the open oven door, a wave of anxiety rushed over me as I realized what she was about to do.

    “Let’s see how those sloppy udders looked mashed in the oven door!” Meredith warned, pressing on my back so that my breasts were now swaying in the opening.

    “No!” I screamed, as Meredith slowly pushed the door shut on my tits, keeping me bent forward by pressing on my back. I screamed in agony as the metal door trapped my battered breasts, pressing them flat as she put added pressure on the oven door. I shook my head and wailed as she continued to pin my arms behind me with one hand; too beaten to push her off me. The mistress used her free hand to open the over door back up, and I quickly glimpsed down at my dangling, abused tits. A pink stripe ran all the way across the upper part of my breasts, where the top of the stove had pinned my boobs. I faintly cried “no” once more, as Meredith shut my tits in the door again, and then pressed them flat. Tears streamed off my cheeks onto the stove top, as I felt nauseous looking down at my beautiful breasts get flattened into pancakes. The pain was excruciating, as Meredith continued to hold my arms behind me and press the door farther into my tits, crushing them beneath me. Once again, she pulled the door open, and I helplessly awaited another painful squash.

    “Please!” I begged, bawling like a baby as my throbbing tits swayed in the momentary opening. “What do you want from me?”

    Meredith paused, holding the oven door open beneath my helpless breasts. Then she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I want to show you how I fuck your husband.”

    I wailed in agony as Meredith pushed the door shut again, squashing my softening breasts into grotesque shapes. In one swift motion, she then pulled the door open and released my arms. I fell in a pathetic heap to the kitchen floor, resting on my back and caressing my battered breasts. My tits felt like they had been stomped on, and just pressing my fingers against them caused me to shudder in pain. I lifted my head up slightly, took a quick glance at the pink stripe covering my tits, and then dropped my head back to the floor.

    Meredith meanwhile, was pulling a roll of plastic sheeting out of the utility room next to the kitchen. That couldn’t be a good thing I thought, as I lay there and watched her naked, unmarked, flawless body prance past me. I weakly turned my head and watched her carry the roll of plastic to the bedroom. When she returned, she was carrying a bottle of something… it looked like it could be baby oil. Too weak to even lift myself off the kitchen floor, I helplessly lay there and watched this evil bitch put the bottle in the microwave. She heated it up for a moment, and then pulled it out of the microwave with an oven mitt. Meredith took the bottle back to the bedroom, and then slowly walked back into the kitchen with a devilish grin on her face.

    “Get up slut, you’re in luck.” Meredith declared, as she tried to pull me up to a seated position by my hair. “You’re going to get laid tonight.” she added.

    I groaned as Meredith jerked me up on my ass by the hair, and then she slid in behind me on her knees. With my head drooped down, I watched her slide her arms under my armpits and start to lift me up. The strong woman brought both of us upright, still supporting me with her arms under my pits. My knees buckled a bit, but she straightened me up and started to lead me down the hallway: my weak arms dangling to my sides, held up by her strong arms pointing straight forward. My mind raced at the thoughts of the horrors that awaited me in her bedroom.

    When we reached her spacious bedroom, the first thing I noticed was the plastic tarp laid out across her bed. She pulled her arms out from under my pits, caught me to keep me from falling, and then shoved me hard onto the bed. I screamed as I fell face first onto the king size bed, and then weakly rolled on my back to face my tormentor. My legs were slightly spread apart and my arms at my sides; as I noticed my sweaty, battered breasts heaving up and down in fear. Meredith picked up the bottle of hot baby oil off the nightstand, and climbed up on the bed next to me.

    “How does this feel, Anj?” Meredith asked, and she proceeded to pour the hot oil all over my stomach. I jerked up in pain, and then quickly fell back to the mattress; shaking as she covered my stomach with the lava. Another round of screams left my lips as she moved the hot oil up to my breasts: covering them quickly with the painful liquid, and burying my nipples in a pile. All I could do was raise my hands up far enough to cover my eyes, as Meredith continued to douse my naked body with the baby oil. Another painful sensation surged through me as I realized Meredith was now pouring the oil over my abused pussy. I screamed again as the hot oil found its mark, coating my tiny trim pubic hairs. Meredith had quickly covered me in a slick hot lather, and I shuddered at the ominous thought of what was next.

    Meredith laid down on top of me, pressing her firm C cup breasts into my flattened Ds, and then rubbed her chest up and down over mine. I let out a soft moan and watched the warm oil from my breasts copy onto her own. She kept her knees to the sides of mine and her hands on the bed next to my shoulders, and continued to slide up and down my body; forcing me to share my punishing oil. Meredith slid her wet breasts down my stomach, and then came back up and locked our crotches. She grinded her aroused pussy into mine, stealing the oil from my trim bush. I groaned and turned my head away in disgust, as she used my body as a wash cloth: covering her own with warm oil.

    Suddenly, I let out a weak shriek as I felt her wet finger enter my slick pussy. I offered a soft “No” as she slid her finger in further, exploring my violated sex. Meredith kept her finger probing me, as she used her free hand to throw my limp arms back behind my head. This lifted my battered breasts up and out, but my oil covered glands were of no interest to her. My sensitive pussy was about to become her next play thing. I turned my head up a moment to watch her slide her finger through, and then turned my head away in a wave of nausea. This dirty bitch was fingering me, and I was too weak to offer any resistance; as I kept my wet legs spread apart and my arms above my head. Just as I felt her caressing the upper wall of my vagina, I felt her slowly insert a second finger. My tight pussy easily accepted her, as the large quantity of oil had loosened my resistance. Meredith now rested next to me on her right elbow, using her left hand to probe me at will. She continued to slide two fingers in and out of me as I faced the other way, unable to believe that this woman was finger fucking me. I could feel her warm breath on my tits; the pace of her breathing picking up, as she was obviously growing aroused at fingering me. I felt her spread my wet lips apart with both fingers, before releasing them and slipping her fingers back into me. I had always been disgusted by the thought of being with another woman… but part of me admitted that this was starting to feel good. In and out she continued to slide her fingers, as two separate feelings started to battle within me: nausea and pleasure.

    “Well, you should be good and loosened up by now.” Meredith stated, as she pulled her fingers out of my wet pussy, and quickly got up from the bed. “Let’s see if you can hold a little more in there.” she added.

    My worst fears were realized. Meredith slid open the small drawer of the nightstand, and pulled out a black strap-on dildo. It was the same dildo that she had desired to use on my husband Ismael in her e-mails. I groaned and turned my head away, keeping my limp arms above my head. Meredith quickly strapped on the thick device, and then slid back up onto the bed; her firm breasts and tummy covered in oil. She knelt to my side wearing the dildo, giving my wide brown eyes an up close and personal look at the haunting device. Meredith leaned down and kissed me hard, burying her tongue deep in my throat. I grunted as she practically gagged me with it, and then she pulled my head up by the hair; drawing out her wet tongue.

    “If you resist this cock, I will hurt you with it.” My mistress warned, as she ran her fingers along the thick shaft with one hand, and pinched my greasy nipple with her other; eliciting another cry of pain.

    “Open up, bitch!” Meredith warned, as she pulled my legs further apart.

    Meredith positioned herself on top of me; putting her toned legs inside of mine, and propping herself up with her hands next to my shoulders. I gasped as I felt the hard shaft daintily enter my body. Meredith grinned as she slowly pulled all but the plastic tip out, and then softly pushed as much as I could take back in. I closed my eyes and groaned, completely repulsed that this whore was taking me against my will. I opened them again as I felt Meredith place one hand on my arms above my head, pinning them there in case I resisted. Thoughts of resistance were far from my weakened head, as Meredith had slowly broken my body and mind. She used her other hand to hold herself up above me, continuing to slide the black member in and out of my abused sex. Meredith was groaning as she continued to impale me; obviously turned on that she could exude such dominance. My eyes welled up with tears again, as I contemplated how this cruel bitch had fucked my husband, and now she was fucking me.

    As disgusted as I was that this cunt was molesting me, my body was starting to think otherwise. I had become noticeably wetter and looser, as Meredith continued to pierce my slick slit. Meredith noticed this as well, as she started to move from a slow insertion to a faster, deeper throttle. I was aware that my breathing had picked up pace and my hands started to tingle, as Meredith held them above my head. Her long blonde hair hung over me, and I could feel her excited breath on my face. Meredith was fully pounding my dripping pussy now, and I closed my eyes and tried to fight it. In and out she gorged my sex with the plastic piece, as I tried to turn my thoughts to a tropical island. But one was nowhere to be found in my thoughts, and I opened my eyes again to see the passion in Meredith’s. My legs spread further apart, though I was sure I didn’t try to move them. My lower back lifted slightly from the mattress, though I was certain I didn’t mean to arch it. My breath grew choppy, and my inner thighs tinged; as my mistress continued to pound me with reckless abandon. Cock in, cock out. Cock in, cock out… I couldn’t fight her. I felt the shaft press my engorged bud and twist it, and my legs started to tremble as I let out a high pitched squeal. I couldn’t find another breath; as I closed my eyes, curled my toes and exploded.

    “Take it, bitch!” Meredith yelled, barely audible over my screams of ecstasy.

    Meredith slammed the sloshing shaft through every inch of my throbbing sex, as I continued to gyrate on the member in rhythmic harmony. I subserviently kept my arms above my head, unable to feel my numb hands as waves of pleasure crashed over my body. My juices poured down my inner thighs as Meredith punctured me after every wail. I tried to catch a breath after each cry, and felt the sweat on my body mix with the oil. I shook my head back and forth, trying to signal to my mistress that I couldn’t take anymore. A few more thrusts of her member started to rub me raw, and she mercifully withdrew the shaft. I groaned again as the tip exited my body, carrying a trail of juice with it. My open pussy throbbed in pleasure in pain, as I struggled to regain my senses. My breathing slowly started to subside, and I wondered when I would regain feeling in my arms and legs. My entire body tingled as my oily breasts heaved and my nipples had protruded to unseen lengths. Meredith finally pulled her hand off my arms, and smiled as her eyes ran up and down my trembling body.

    After my mistress had her way with me, I lay completely still and exhausted from my rape. My arms still rested above my head on the mattress, with my legs spread and my pussy still throbbing and tingling at once. I rolled my head to the side to helplessly watch Meredith climb off the bed, and pull the sticky strap-on dildo from her oil covered body. Her naked body glistened in the lamp light, as she placed the messy dildo on the night stand next to us, and then quietly lit another cigarette. Meredith stood upright and proud beside the bed: taking a deep breath of toxins, and then climbing back on to the bed with the cigarette dangling from her lips. I let out a soft moan as she pulled my paralyzed arms down to my sides, and then pinned them there with her knees. Meredith plopped her firm ass down on my oily flat tummy and sat there; momentarily forcing the air out of my lungs as she used my stomach as a seat cushion. I didn’t even attempt to move my weak arms; stuck to my sides by her tight quads. I turned my head back up to face her, and watched her tauntingly pull the cigarette off her lips, and slowly start to lower it toward my slick breasts.

    “I’m not done with you yet, slut.” Meredith warned, holding the lit cigarette inches from my dark, protruding left nipple. “If you offer any resistance, I will hurt you even more. Is that understood?”

    I let out a blood curdling wail as Meredith lightly pressed the tip of the lit cigarette against my stiff left nipple. The pain was unbearable. I convulsed on the bed as this sick bitch singed my oil-covered bud. I tried to answer her, but could only scream as she slowly flicked the cigarette around my puffy areola. I lifted my head up to watch the torture, and Meredith quickly tapped my right nipple with the cigarette; causing me to wail and shake uncontrollably.

    “Yes, please!” I begged, as she flicked the ashes on my large lathery tit. “I’ll do anything you want… please don’t hurt me anymore!”

    Meredith slowly pulled the cigarette away from my breasts, and took another deep drag. She was a brutal portrait of dominance: sitting on my stomach, with her firm oily breasts dangling in front of me; taking another satisfied breath of smoke. Meredith took the cigarette out of her mouth, and then leaned down toward me; placing her pretty face only inches from mine. She blew a large cloud of smoke into my face, and I turned away in disgust.

    “Now it’s my turn to cum.” she warned.


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    COOOOOLLLLLL!!!!! Oven door.... OUCH!!!

    You get better every story. (and that wasn't even the finale)


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    This story is really getting more exciting. Thank You. pete

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    East Meets West (Part 3)
    Just gets better and better, you certainly can tell them me ole mate, this is a gem of a story let it continue


    PS Leave the football to the video get writing the rest of the story


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