Best Titfighting and Sexfighting Videos... EVER
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Thread: Best Titfighting and Sexfighting Videos... EVER

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    Best Titfighting and Sexfighting Videos... EVER
    Hey, everyone. Basically, this topic is where members can post what they think are the BEST Sexfight and Titfight videos ever. All opinions are welcome. I'll start!
    CF20 - Sasha vs. Monique
    CF33 - Mishell vs. Jessie
    CF35 - Veronika vs. Alissa

    California Wildcats
    Wild Things - Nadege vs. Amy O
    Loss by Ecstasy - Teanna Kai vs. Jana Cova
    Violent Love

    ECNWC #30
    ECNWC #29

    Tanya Kicks
    Duel at Dawn - Demi vs. Steele Rose
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    XP , How about one from Tanya Kicks Tiger Lily vs Zeta a real good tit fight. Thank You peteTR25

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    Ooops. My bad. Just read the fine print. It was limited to titfighting and sexfighting videos. Sorry guys.

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    There is a music video by Duran Duran that has two female fighting clips in it. I thought they were highly erotic. One was the women stuggling as they straddled a phalic symbol. Topless, skimpy panties and oil and the good news you see these women going at during most of the song.
    Second clip also highly erotic shows one woman getting out of a limo and another arriving in a limo. If I recall correctly they are wearing long coats. One woman is standing there with a challenging posture and the other walks up to her. It has been a while since I have seen this but as I recall they peel back their coats and check out each others boobs. I think they are wearing lingere. I have been looking for this music video on DVD has anybody else seen it yet?
    Also the movie Liar of the White Worm has a leggy Stewardess Catfight in it. Can't say much for the movie but the erotic overtones of this fight play on the imagination. I mention these films because sometimes a little skin and a lot of trash talk,posturing, and the scenario that pit women against each other can be far more erotic than two fully nude women acting out a script. Don't get me wrong I love the big production company stuff as much as the next guy and it would be hard to top some of the performances some of these women display. I just thought I would add my two cents because the topic is most erotic, which is subjective, but it looked like we were missing inputs from other genres.

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    That's ok John. I saw those too. You can still get the Videos and DVD's on I checked.

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    Check out the freebies at
    Also California wildcats has some real good free samples too, along with a full video page at

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    There was a bit of a Sexfight at the end of the
    Amazons Movie. The 2nd fight in that Movie, in the
    Lightning Room I call it.

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    Hello, Matrock Adventures has quite the line of sexfight and wrestling videos. How are there videos compared to other companies out there.

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    i like it very much, i am wondering there will be more and more this kinds of movies

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    Best Titfighting and Sexfighting Videos... EVER
    I would say California Wildcats "Best Chest" is the best titfighting video I have seen. "Violent Grudge 2" is good for a combination titfight/sexfight/catfight video.

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