CF-27 Monica vs. Mia


This is a match between two women who have absolutely no training and are doing what their instincts tell them to do in a rules catfight.

Mia - A naturally beautiful, mature blonde with nice, large, natural breasts and a sweet smile.
Monica - A naturally beautiful, mature brunette with nice, large, natural breasts. Kinda bitchy-looking, but thereís also a sweetness there. More plain than Mia.

None. Itís a fight.

The Fight:
Well, it was a very good fight. Both women obviously gave it their all, as the fight went back and forth. Most of the time was spent trying to gain a top position, pulling hair, squeezing breasts, and defending. I wonít say who won, but I will tell you it becomes obvious about halfway through. Although the woman who will lose still puts up an amazing fight, itís no match for the woman who wins.
One thing, though, is that if youíre looking for a fight with lots of punching and slapping, you wonít find it here. The girls DO fight with great intensity, which shows in their faces and their reactions during breaks and after the fight, but because of their lack of experience and because theyíre untrained, itís not a brutal fight.
For me, I really like the competition in this fight. I could see and feel it. I was impressed with just how much each girl wanted to win. When the end came, the loser got up and yelled, ďI LOST! JESUS!!!Ē in utter frustration. And, when asked if she wanted a rematch, the loser immediately answered ďDefinitely!Ē
Iíve heard a few people complain about Miaís ďsoap opera screamsĒ. I have to disagree. YES, Mia screams loudly. But, it isnít fake or exaggerated. People scream differently in fights just as people moan differently in sex. It all depends on who they are. Watch TanyaKicks videos. Steele Rose screams LOUD, while Zeta doesnít scream at all! Watch ECNWCís Spanish Cats 1 and 2. Brianna screams a lot and Crystal doesnít, and Crystal LOST in their first match! So, itís all biological. Mia screams loudly. Iím okay with that. Sheís in PAIN. LOOK AT HER FACE!
So, overall, I felt this is what a rules catfight should be like. Both girls were obviously ready to fight, and they fought competitively. No hesitation. No lack of interest. It was a fight between two women who WANTED and were WILLING to fight.
I give the fight a score of:

Lights were really good, as always.
The video quality could be improved, but that will have to wait until they get a better camera. Still, it was pretty good.
Sound was great as usual, except that there were about 4 times when it died out for a few seconds. Itís probably a camera problem.
Iíll mention one thing that bothers me about ECNWC videos. I said it before in previous reviews, and Iíll say it again. Iím okay with husbands or boyfriends cheering for their wives or girlfriends to win or giving them occasional suggestions. BUT, when the cameraman or producer gets involved, it gets annoying. In this video, you can clearly hear someone yelling out repeated phrases like ďGet mad!Ē, etc. You can also hear the same person yelling out suggestions. And, you know what? It didnít help. Not only did the girls not take the suggestions, they also seemed to get discouraged by the comments. I could especially see this in Mia. She REALLY didnít like being told what to do. I could tell it lowered her self esteem. Now, I talked to Bob, ECNWCís owner, about this. He says that many times, the comments are made to help the women learn what to do in different situations. He says that because theyíre untrained, giving them suggestions would help them develop. I disagree completely. First off, it is degrading towards the women. This is because it implies they canít develop on their own. If they needed help, they would ask. Or, if whoever it was that was commenting wanted to give suggestions, I would suggest myself that he give them BEFORE the match. But, to keep yelling orders and suggestions out during a match will not only discourage the women, it wonít do crap. The women donít listen, and itís degrading. My own girlfriend admitted that if it was her, she would get up and slap whoever it was making the suggestions. I feel that the girls should be left to learn on their own during the match. I feel that a lesson learned from EXPERIENCE will stay longer than a lesson learned by word. If left to herself, a woman will think back over the match and realize all the possibilities that were open to her that she didnít take. Then, sheíll remember more easily for next time. Thatís how people learn. So, as I say, suggestions should come before or after the match, but not during. Same goes for encouragement, as it could lower the self esteem of the fighters. ďJust shut up and let the women fight!Ē
I give the production a score of:

Final Comments:
Overall, I was very satisfied with this video. I got what I wanted, except for the talking. Iím glad itís not even close to being as bad as CF-28, but I am still annoyed at times during this video. But, because the fight was so good, I can overlook the chatty people.
Overall, I give this video a score of: