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The Jewelery Shop Again
Copyright AussieGreg 2003 [email protected]

It was one thing to be a wrestler, another to fight under no rules and Lien the Vietnamese 37 year old Jewellery shop owner in Footscray, Melbourne, Australia looked too classy, elegant and refined to take and give in a no rules contest. She and my 43 year old Filipina mother in law were facing each hatred pouring out their eyes. They were there following a dispute that morning at the shop when I was buying my wife?s mother some jewellery, and a challenge that was settled immediately by a full rules submission wrestle and now to be finally decided by a no rules contest that night. When I arrived with my mother in law Rosamond, Lien was waiting, wearing an expensive super tight and short black halter neck cocktail dress which emphasized her outstanding legs and firm small breasts, both of which a woman of her age had no right to possess, and which contrasted with the shorter, stockier Rosamond?s with her hanging small 32b breasts visible through her camisole, rounded arse and belly covered and accentuated with a tight stretch black crepe skirt already molded to her short strong thick thighs.

Stepping out of her dress she stood before Rosamond, flaunting and only wearing the imported French G string she had taken from Rosamond?s defeated body after her victory in their full rules wrestle earlier that day. A fierce leg scissors hold applied after three perfect suplexes had quickly ended their bout 6 hours earlier. She displayed her firm taut body elongated by her extreme platform heels and smallish yet rigid breasts, proud of her 37 year old body. Gone were the 2 rings in each nipple, though these were still erect, long and thin. Removing the G string she exposed her amazing shaven cunt with its 3 inch butterfly tattoo and removed the 8 heavy gold rings starting on her clit hood that made up the insects body. Each removal involved touching her clit and by the time she was removing the last her juices was flowing and the involuntary twitching of her clit could be seen.

?Those surplexes must have damaged what brain you have, Filipina gold digger, because I fight better no rules. I hope you?re wearing another pair of G strings under your skirt for me to take from you, because your man's taste is too good for a slutty old Filipina hag.?

Being able to no longer stand the thought of displaying her superior body and her fucking of Rosamond after her victory that morning she finished herself off and used Rosamond?s G string to dry her cunt. All the time she was parading and displaying her body before Rosamond taunting her.

?Don?t worry in half an hour I?ll be wearing the G string you wore tonight
Are you ready to swallow piss again like you did 6 hours ago?
You?re so ugly when I fuck you tonight I?ll need to put a pillow case over your head.
I?ll stretch your hanging tits so they reach your fat waist you Filipina slug?

Rosamond could do little in reply because she had been beaten that morning and although my mother in law despite her looks was an unequalled fuck, her short thick body, swollen soft belly and drooping tits and ordinary face could not compete with Lien?s. In fact one of the things that first led her to replacing her daughter, my wife as my bedmate was the fact I had bought her lingerie and a tight revealing dress and a full makeover art the beautician for her birthday and encouraged her to show off in public.

However she took her time and made Lien wait, but finally the two were stripped and ready, waiting for me to count down from 5.

Rosamond attacked before I had reached three, rushing across the room with her momentum carrying Lien to the ground. Quickly she entwined her hands in Lien?s permed wild hair and banged her head into the floor hoping to stun her early. The thick mane of hair protected her somewhat but not enough to stop Rosamond gaining the upper hand and following up with several punches into Lien?s face before Lien could grab her wrists to stop the blows.

From her position astride her stunned rival Rosamond was able to pull a hand free and dug her fingers deep into one of Lien?s breasts. Whatever happened in the rest of the fight there would be no doubt of the five bruise marks on Lien?s tit. When Lien tried to prize Rosamond?s hand off with both hands Rosamond used her free hand to attack the other tit. Lien was writhing in agony and my thoughts that she was a wrestler not a brawler looked correct, though I must admit I was amazed she did not scream out. But the sign of a real catfighter is to be able to seize the moment when it occurs and inflict pain. Ignoring the hurting Rosamond was inflicting, she slowly bridged her body, lifting herself and the Filipina woman sitting on her stomach off the floor. Suddenly she dropped flat to the floor and in the split instant that Rosamond?s cunt was exposed drove her rigid fingers into it.

With a shriek Rosamond released her grip and fell backwards off Lien.

Both women circled warily. Lien looking out for a surprise rush from the Filipina, Rosamond wary of the Vietnamese woman?s wrestling skills. Rosamond rushed to grapple but Lien was prepared this time and met her with a foot to the stomach doubling her over. Any doubts I had about the elegant Lien were dispelled as she grabbed Rosamond?s hair and began to drive her knee repeatedly into the bent over Filipina before sweeping her legs from under her and taking her to the floor.

With her lean strong legs encircling Rosamond waist from behind and enclosing and pinning her arms, Lien had her opponent trapped and helpless. Rosamond, as in the morning was unable to break the scissors and unable to use her arms, and her legs though free could do no harm to the woman sitting behind her. It was just like the morning when those superbly muscled legs crushed Rosamond into submission.

Taking her time Lien reached around and raked her nails repeatedly down the breasts of her Filipina rival before seizing one nipple and twisting and pulling it viciously. A savage grin spread across her face.

?I could take you easy and quick, but I want to do it real slow. Give you time to think of swallowing my piss again. Let you think of how I?m going to use you tonight and whether you?ll be able to still fuck after I?ve finished with your cunt. Let you worry about whether I?ll saw your nipple off with my fingernail?

She was interrupted by a howl of pain from Rosamond - the result of Lien shifting her attack to the other tit and using her sharpened nail to produce a cut at the base of the nipple.

Delighting in the pain she was causing to the woman trapped between her thighs she slowly and deliberately abused Rosamond?s tits, her long deliberately sharpened finger nails drawing blood on both of them. I control she extended her arm so her fingers could open her victim?s cunt, expose Rosamond?s clit and savage that with her fingernails. Despite Rosamond?s writhing she could not break the scissors grip around her waist that pinned her arms helpless to her side.

Lien applied a full nelson, stood upright dragging Rosamond with her.

?You don?t win every fight for 18 months in the Malaysian camp for Vietnamese boat people without being real good, you Filipina slut. You?re out of your depth?

Lien was an exception because most Vietnamese value their looks too much to catfight, preferring to belittle their rival in a sexfight or by fucking their rival?s man and then letting the other woman know. Total humiliation to come from fucking the man in front of the rival or their victory piss over the rival as I had witnessed earlier that day.

Rosamond was a true Filipina. She lacked fighting skill but would absorb any pain to inflict some sort of damage herself, and did not know the meaning of give up. Most women would have already submitted to the prolonged tit and nipple attack of Lien.

?Remember the suplex this afternoon, well its time again, Filipina?

With no G string to hold onto this time she bent Rosamond forward, wet her index finger and rammed it into the bent over Filipina?s arse to give her a grip before executing a repeat of the suplex that I had witnessed before that morning.

Rosamond lay crumpled and moaning on the floor and I expected Lien to finish her and piss over her as she had already done once that day, but she lay on top of Rosamond and took her nipple between her teeth until Rosamond was struggling and twisting beneath her. With her other hand she found Rosamond?s clit and started delicately arousing it. Despite the pain Rosamond responded, her clit became erect and her usual excessive flow of love juice started. Turned on by the pain and pleasure she was dealing out Lien was masturbating her own clit with her other hand timing her climax to match Rosamond?s. Both women came, Lien pleasurably as she prolonged it massaging her clit, Rosamond?s orgasm ending abruptly as Lien raked Rosamond?s clit violently before squeezing it viciously between her fingers.

?You?re mine for 24 hours. I can make your body do anything I want it to, and I can take any woman or man for 24 hours straight?

Lien leant forward to whisper in Rosamond?s ear what she had planned, but recoiled as if bitten by a snake her face covered with Rosamond?s spit.

Following it up immediately Rosamond straight armed Lien in the face, rocking her backwards before grabbing Lien with both hands around the back of her neck and delivering a knee to her unprotected breasts. Once, twice, three times her knee drove upward into the breasts before she stepped back and kicked her brutally in the cunt. The agony finally dragged a long moan of pain from the doubled over Vietnamese. Grabbing Lien by her head she pulled her upright, and the swept her legs from under her. Lien fell with at thud to the floor. Rosamond briefly stood over her before dropping both knees into Lien?s hard muscled stomach. A gasp of expelled air echoed round the room and before Lien could recover, Rosamond was atop of her foe who was still gasping for breath, her left fingers embedded like steel hooks into Lien?s left breast and her right fingers into Lien?s cunt

I thought it was over, but incredibly Lien responded and her fingers dug into Rosamond?s smaller tits. For over 4 minutes they strained for superiority. The only sound was their rapid forced breathing and moans and sobs. Neither would give into the pain and defeat from the hands of the other woman. Suddenly, Lien released her grip and frantically tore at the wrists and fingers implanted like claws into her breast and cunt, but her efforts were fruitless as Rosamond maintained her vice like grip digging deeper into the soft underside of Lien?s tit and raking her cunt.

Soon Lien was thrashing helplessly and unable to retaliate when Rosamond stood up. She pulled Lien up by the tits and dragged her to a window where she put the Vietnamese woman?s head through the open window that gave visual access from the living area to the shop, pulled the window down and wedged it shut with a short handled Asian broom. Lien was trapped, her body bent at the waist with her head jammed through the window.

Rosamond limped to her bag nursing her throbbing and scratched tits and took out and put on her dildo harness before selecting a double prong attachment. The bottom dildo was about 10 inches long and two inches wide, with the one above 7 inches long and about 1 inch wide. She handed me her Video camera and I started the tape rolling. Rosamond spread Lien?s legs apart and leisurely fingered the helpless Vietnamese transferring the wetness on her fingers into the bent over woman arsehole. Then without warning she struck ramming both dildos into Lien with a savage, violent thrust of her hips.

Lien?s body shook at the vicious double invasion and I am sure her cry of pain could be heard both in Saigon and Manila. Rosamond?s strong legs powered her rhythmical thrusts as she fucked the defenseless Vietnamese. She trash talked the Vietnamese as she fucked her telling her what lay ahead for the rest of the night, and her graphic description of the part I had to play had me hard and throbbing in anticipation. After 10 minutes Lien?s legs gave way and she buckled to her knees, but Rosamond merely rested Lien?s stomach on a bar stool and continued her rape.

After another 15 minutes she stopped, released the window and watched Lien slump to the floor. Rosamond faced Lien?s feet and straddled the semi conscious Vietnamese face,
her clit oozing her victory juices on to Liens face as she lowered her cunt onto the defeated prone woman, She then tucked Lien?s legs under her arm pits and bent Lien?s body so both holes were well within her reach. Just as I hoped to see her to do to her daughter and my wife Enri she worked her fist quite easily into Liens bleeding stretched pussy, and slowly eased her index middle and third fingers into the Vietnamese woman?s arse. Next she wriggled and squeezed her little finger, then finally her thumb then hand into Lien?s arsehole. She then delivered a full Filipina fist fuck, fisting both Lien?s cunt and arse as she rode her cunt on Lien?s face to her own screamed orgasm.