Bedroom Boxing
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Thread: Bedroom Boxing

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    Bedroom Boxing

    Bedroom Boxing
    Bedroom Boxing

    Usual warning about sex and violence, but no deaths or mutilations this time.

    Sorry ;- )

    Tamara slapped her red gloves together and listen intently to her husbands instruction, He added a bit more grease to her dark eyebrows to stop the sweat poring into her eyes, and then tightened up the strap on her small light weight head guard, a matching red colour to her gloves and skimpy knickers, and made sure her luxuriant jet black hair was fixed out of her eyes, and the long pony tail down her naked back tightly secured in its French plate. While he was smearing on the gunk with his right hand, he had firmly pushed the big bag of cold frozen vegetables up into his wife’s crotch. The light brown coffee au latte skinned Jamaican origined Londoner sighed at this partial relief of the pain in her cunt, and the further drenching of her cotton knickers made no real difference as they were already see-through due the amount of sweat that had poured off the five foot three beauty in the previous six rounds of action.

    Tamara and Samhita as they panted in much needed air and tried to recover from the exertions of the previous rounds destruction quickly progressed from glares of hate to taunts and insults. Sitting at opposite ends of double bed that filled centre of the hotel room the little bitch hissed insults and crowed at scoring hard into the other wife’s small vee fronted knickers, while Tamara returned her comments with choice language about her crushing of the other women’s clit earlier in the fight and brutalising her chest.
    ‘Can’t take a fisting where it matters can you old woman.’
    ‘I’ve already punched in your Paki cunt, Bitch.’
    ‘Call those tits, I’ve seen bigger pimples on a white slag’s ass.’
    ‘That left tit of yours will soon be hanging so low I’ll be able to stamp on it.’
    ‘Your husband’s black African cock will be mine tonight you half cast pig.’
    ‘Why do you think your men like you covered up, deformed Muslim sow.’

    ‘Keep your guard up against her jabs, that left of her’s is really telling on you’, whispered Don, her husband and the Bengali wife’s prize for tonight’s fight. His concern was mixed with excitement that made his wife even more determined to win and furious with the busty Asian women across the room being tended by her own husband. The bitch had wanted a ‘husband services the winner fight’, and she had outrageously flirted with her six foot two ebony lover as soon as they had met in the bar of the little sea front hotel. Tamara however licked her own lips, Raj had a glorious body and she couldn’t help notice the thick erect tool and muscled six pack of her opponents naked second as he bent over his wife massaging her shoulders. Out of season it had been easy to book the rooms and pay off the staff for a bit of privacy. She just hoped she hadn’t bitten off more than she could chew with the early twenties big titted Paki cow from East London. Tamara was from West London, Notting Hill to be precise and she hated all these fucking Cockney shits.

    ‘Muslim Bitch, go hide your ugly face behind one of those black cloaks, you sheep cunted cow,’ growled the experienced fighter, hoping to unsettle the younger less experienced female into a mistake.
    ‘Nigger, your Grannie was obviously a pox ridden white man’s whore,’ hissed back the Bengali, infuriating Tamara, whose near flawless light toned skin was for her an object of pride not insult, and Grannie had in fact married the Scotsman anyway. The Jamaican glared with hatred at the younger fighter, her pretty face belied her age, and in truth she looked only a few years older than the Muslim girl she was fighting.

    The small electric bell on the timer sitting on a shelf by the large mirror sounded shrill until Raj pressed a small button on the side and it reset for the next round. The two topless women rose as one at the electric command, and as their respective naked seconds scooted out of the way to stand and cheer on their lovers from the small corridor to the doorway to the room, both their full brown bottoms received an encouraging pat to urge them on to combat. Both exquisite females were wearing high heels, Tamara’s six inch paten red leather sandal stilettos with thin leather calf high thong strappings showing off her bright red painted toe nails, bringing her to within a couple of inches in height to the tall Bengali wife in her green ankle high ‘bootee’ style three inch heeled points. The younger female also had a good twenty pounds on the slimmer golden skinned Jamaican, but Tamara had experience and cunning and the thirty five year old Black had intended to show the young upstart, fourteen years her junior, just what it was like to fight a real women.

    However the first six rounds had not gone at all according to plan, and Tamara had been floored thee times, forcing her Husband to hand over to the smiling Raj a £100 for each count she had had to take. She had floored the brown cow twice but once her man had argued it had been a slip, and her husband having shouted back his protests in the end agreed, as he realised the crafty Bengali had in fact earned his wife an extra minutes rest while the men argued, successfully allowing her to ride out the final two minutes of the five minute round and get safely to the bell.

    Samhita also knew how to box, which had not come across at all in the three vids they had been sent of her victories when the Asian couple had sent there challenge to Don via the Bedroom Boxing web site. Three victories over three creampuffs and then the cheeky bitch had challenged the South East Area champion, ‘Fucking Cunt,’ Tamara had thought, ‘she needs to be taught some respect’, and had eagerly agreed the fight dates and consequences. The fights were mainly for money, but sexual favours were also often demanded and given, it was not unusual for the winner to have the vanquished female’s lover for the night for a threesome, but Raj had been quite up front about.
    ‘Samhita wants your man for the night when she wins, and if your up for the side bet looser get’s handcuffed to the bed and has to watch the three of us.’ Tamara had felt like punching the arrogant Paki’s face in then and there, but had just forced herself to smile back and accept the terms. The rules as such were limited, ‘No Time Limit, Five minute rounds with one minute rests, £100 every knock down, Seconds to help up his lady to meet scratch and fight on, Fight goes on until one women can no longer come out to meet scratch or her Hubby ends the fight for her, Winner also gets £500 bonus on top of the KO money.’

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    Re: Bedroom Boxing

    Samhita came out for the seventh and started off where she had finished the sixth, her long left snaking out to probe at the shorter women’s defences, and then quickly scuttling round the bed to trap the retreating Tamara up against the wall near the two cheering husbands. The left had been finding its target nine times out of ten as the light skinned Black found she was outreached by maybe five inches by the brown skinned babe, and even with the head guard her right check and eye was becoming puffy and bruised due to the continual pounding by the younger female. However Tamara had also worked out her strategy which had successfully kept the athletic bitch at bay. While youth charged, in two clubbing rights went in one after the other into the hanging pendulous breasts of Sami. The Bengali muffled a scream and backed back towards the bed in the middle of the room, allowing Tamara to shake some sense back into her noggin before quickly moving in to trap the big girl up against the bed and maul her tits some more.

    The two females mixed it up close and personal in a tight clinch. Battered teats rubbed across their opponents similarly traumatized milkers while fists probed low down below the ‘panty line’ to pop in punches, tenderising each of the young females tight hard muscled lower bellies, aiming to crush and wreck wombs and baby makers. Tamara felt the taller heavier bitch try to bear down her weight, but a deftly lifted right knee to the base of her neon green knickers had the Bengali quickly clenching her legs together and standing up, taking advantage of her height to stop the cheating black women she gutting her with knee lifts. As she worked Tamara continued her taunting of her agonised victim, now beating repeatedly on the ballooning left tit she was threatening the bigger girl as they ground their head guards together in the clinch.
    ‘Soon so I’ll have made it so fat it will rupture. Poor little Wog baby and Mummy can’t feed her,’ she whispered poisonously into the younger mother’s ear while continuing her assault on the girl’s big 38 D’s.

    Tamara’s full bodied compact, and still after two children, up thrusting 34 C’s were also well bruised by the pounding from the light weight gloves of the Asian. Red marks and welts from the hardly padded 4oz training gloves showed up clearly on her skin, but she could not hide a smile as she poked a straight left into the teat of Samhita's swollen puffy left milker. The dark brown sucker disappeared as the red colour coordinated leather splashed home driving the teat in so that even the big girls overlarge three inch across aureole disappeared with the punch. A feminine grunt from the shorter lighter West Londoner confirmed she had put all her power into this blow, and the Bengalis wailed and toppled over onto the bed, tears flowing down her face as she sobbed holding her demolished left breast in both her gloved hands weeping.

    ‘Gotcha’, hissed Tamara as she hovered threateningly over the down women until Raj pushed her roughly out of the way to tend to his stricken lover.
    Don was also quickly by her side giving her another small pack of frozen peas to slap up against the side of her head and try to stop the swelling by her eye. Then her man hit the button on the automated ‘knock down’ timer and Raj had a slow count of Ten, voiced by some gruff Australian, as that was where the clock came from, to get his female back on her feet and ready for the fight. At eight the sobbing Paki was ready and Raj slapped the timer back to reset, and as he took his time in getting out of her way Tamara had no hesitation in giving him a quick shove so that she could get back at her victim.
    ‘Going to knock that tit right off you this time bitch,’ screamed the pocket Venus as she urged the beaten Paki’s lover out of her way. Samhita however returned the slur with a hissed insult of her own.

    ‘This is where you get your‘s Nigger.’
    To the veteran fighters surprise Sami seemed to know all the tricks, as the protesting man slowly moved out of her way Tamra found Samhita instead of back peddling towards the locked toilet door had instead shot forward and before she cold get her fists down or turn her hips to deflect the blow the young vixen had cunted her again. The small green glove ploughed into the unresisting sheen of see through red cotton, smashing in the obviously clearly visible cunt lips of the older wife, and with a gurgled scream Tamra was swaying back across the room bent double holding her battered sex.

    The ‘Rules’ as such were minimal for Bedroom Boxing or BedBox as it was know by aficionados. Who wanted things like that getting in the way of two vicious women fighting to the finish? The major one was the obvious one, its boxing not wrestling or cat fighting, and you had rounds and knock downs, but other than that pretty much everything else goes, so Samhita ‘s deliciously low blow was not a foul. Kicking, kneeing, head-butting and biting were all frowned upon, but well, when a women gets angry what male is going to step in and stop her, particularly when usually any misdeed did not go unpunished, and a tit biter was likely to find her misdeed rewarded with a stiletto in the cunt for her troubles. So as the crippled Tamara wobbled away moaning, nor was the grabbing roughly hold of the other women’s pony tail to keep her in place and then swinging back high a clubbing right fist with the intention of bringing it down with ultimate force across the exposed neck of the injured women. A dangerous rabbit punch intended to conclusively turn the lights out on ones whimpering foe.

    Tamara had already been caught by one of the younger females ‘fanny fuckers’ as she had relaxed at the end of the sixth. Letting her guard drop before making sure your opponent had heard, well lets say ‘obeyed’ the bell was the first thing one should have learnt, and the milk coffee skinned vixen had paid the price as the brown bitch had cunted her. When Don had pulled down her small red string knickers to see the damage both her sex lips were swelling and her clit red and blue from the dirty blow. Most cunt punching was reserved for when you had already nearly finished off your victim, and it was an enjoyable way to spend a round punching in the cunt of a blowing, semi conscious, out on their feet enemy. It was however quite dangerous to attempt on a boxer who had any sense or ring craft at all. Cunting blows were easy to deflect onto the hips or block with a raised knee, and to punch that low you had to have your own guard right down or be bent so low as to risk rabbit punches or an ‘oh so accidental’ knee in the face.

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    Re: Bedroom Boxing

    ‘Looks like that thick ribbed black cocks mine tonight, over the hill cow!’ Screamed Samhita exalting as she quickly advanced on her cunted victim. As Tamara wobbled away, trying desperately to stay on her stilettoed feet, the pain in her sex throbbed through her whole body; she could not believe the tall Paki had gutted her again. With both her small gloves caressing her groin and trying to rub away the agony blossoming behind the thin strip of fire engine red cotton that was the only protection her love box had against assault, she only dimly heard Don's shouts for her to go down, and it was only when she felt the young Bengali wife grab hold of her hair that she realised her danger. Samhita leaned into the smaller women, propping her in place with her left thigh and spread her legs to give full effect to he finishing blow, and that of course was her downfall.

    Below the belt boxing was a speciality of the more experienced Jamaican women, and though a good fist to the groin was very painful, especially to a fully sexed up female fighting in front of two naked men, one of whom she was hoping to fuck the brains out of tonight for the very first time, it still did not have the same effect as a powerful kick in the pods for a man. A women’s really sensitive and delicate bit only came out when she was assured of victory, only revealing and engorging itself when the victrix was about to be crowned, and even then nearly impossible to get at with a gloved fits. As the black beauty whimpered, preparing for execution at the hands of the dirty fighting Muslim, she found herself looking across at the stretched and transparent strip of green than barely concealed Sami's thrusting dominant sex nub.

    The bigger female’s love lips were fully spread and outlined perfectly by the translucent material and as she leaned in, trapping her victim to the wall by the bed, she exposed her sex even more, and for her own cunting Tamara wanted payment with interest. Before the Bengali wife even realised what was happening the coffee coloured, battered and bent double beauty, roughly pulled away the film of green glossy nylon with her left gloved hand, exposing Sami’s cunt lips in their trimmed vee of curly black woolly wire, and before Samhita’s winning blow could descend onto Tamara’s neck the Jamaican had ‘thumb punched’ the brown cow in her sex. All good dirty fighters know how to blind and gouge with the thumb when close infighting, so that separate ‘movable’ thumb gloves have almost disappeared in the real ring, but light weight practice gloves have no such restrictions and in a no rules ‘Prize Fight’ can be very useful.

    From the floor Tamara had swung her fist up at the sopping wet sex of her foe and with the ‘spike’ of the thumb fully raised entered the brown lovely’s pleasure hole. Poor Samhita was shocked rigged, hand still held high as the explosion of pain erupted across her womb and sex as her clit was crushed and gouged. She literally seemed to jump over backwards, arms flailing, legs going everywhere to land spread eagled in the centre of the bed. Her unearthly scream of agony was cut short as she fainted with the pain, while Tamara herself collapsed by the bed groaning holding her own brutalised femininity, but she could not resist one last taunt into the face of the moaning young Asian.
    ‘Clit crippled you, didn’t I,’ gasped the bronze skinned Amazon through her own agony. ‘No sex for that big brown boy of yours, unless you’ve got any sisters, wonder if he’ll get a new wife, you’ll end up in the kitchen, a dried up old hag,’ she spat.

    Both men had rushed across, Raj shouting that the ‘Nigger’ had bitten his wife, but Don had given him a hefty punch in the kidneys to remind him that, ‘No fucking wog’ could use that language around him and ‘if he looked, he’d see the better women had won with a clit buster.’ Both men then attended their wives, but it was obvious Sami was finished. Even using water and smelling salts, and the extra minute for the end of the round Raj’s lover was still in a delirium of pain and dripping blood onto the bed sheets from her torn clit at the restart, and stood no chance of making scratch. Raj needed to take Samhita to accident and emergency, but not before Tamara demanded a taste of his cock, which to Don’s disgust he seemed only to willing to oblige, even with his wife crying in agony looking on. The golden beauty sighed and gobbled up every drop of the muscled boys seeds, licking his tool clean of cum while stroking and fondling his hanging pods. Then In compensation for not having the handsome Asian man for the night Tamara sauntered over to the tearstained vanquished Bengali, pulled of her head guard, and shoving her own smooth, shaved and hairless, bruised cunt in her defeated face, and made her lick her to climax, squirting jizz all over the Asian wife’s face.

    ‘Your Face needs a clean up Paki,’ growled the Jamaican, and then before the two men cold stop her she golden showered the puffy swollen face of the other wife, as the defeated women was again racked with another bout of sobbing and a fresh cascade of tears. Don had cut the gloves off his wife and before the victorious couple left with their winnings, a light wrap around coat just covering the naked victrix, Tamara roughly ripped off the sweat and blood stained green knickers from the cunt-busted wife.

    ‘Any time you fancy another try at taking my panties, Bitch, just post us on the web site.’ She could not resist laughing as she left, knowing it would be along time before the physically and mentally crippled girl was in any state to fight again.


    Hope you enjoyed that, ‘BedBox’ may become a series if enough people like it.

    My inspiration for this was the JM Rolen boxing fights. Have a look at the Yahoo group, some of the pictures there are just awesome.

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    Re: Bedroom Boxing

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    Bedroom Boxing
    Tamara vs Samhita as much as I could get, (in a break)

    They are however, Jamaican and Bengali.

    Not naked though.



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