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Thread: New story BlackCat vs MJ

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    New story BlackCat vs MJ

    New story BlackCat vs MJ
    Well its been forever since I wrote anything, but I promise Ive worked on this in bits in pieces for a while. I actually wrote it up once then decided to start from scratch because i didnt care for some of the paths I took. Im still not completely satisfied to be honest, but what can ya do? I'd be writing until the end of the Mayan calender if I waited until I was happy with it. Either way, the latest chapter in this series. If you havent caught the stories leading up to this, you can find them on my yahoo page Yahoo! Groups or here if you dont mind digging. Either way, as always I want ANY criticism. Its the only way I can improve. By the way, if someone wanted to edit this a bit, maybe clean it up, space, and spell check, I'd owe them a favor lol. Yes, Iam a lazy writer.

    Black Cat leaned against a huge stone gargoyle several stories above the surrounding buildings. The gothic style statue was nearly as old as the city itself, and seemed out of place on the roof of a towering corporate building. Apparently some of the more overpaid executives thought they could add a little historical taste to their steel tower by purchasing the beast from a local church that was facing bankruptcy. Still, Felicia had grown rather attached to it. Her and Spider-Man had shared not only their first kiss there but also their first intimate encounter. It was a frenzied and passionate session between 2 superheroes suspended in midair by webbing. The stone gargoyle witnessed the entire thing, though both were fairly certain he would remain a silent observer. Unknown to either Pete or Felicia, both used this same place to unwind, enjoy the New York skyline, and discuss life's little issues with a mutual rocky friend who was always willing to lend a ear.

    Tonight Felicia mostly talked about how she missed Pete. Peter Parker had left a week earlier and would be gone for roughly three more while he helped Tony Stark resolve some issue in the Negative Zone. At least she thinks it was the negative zone. Hard to keep all these alternate dimensions seperate. Either way while he was out working his mind she was back in New York losing hers to boredom. Since the couple got back together, crime was rarely a issue. The occasional mugger here and there werent enough to keep her mind and body busy. She yearned for the excitement of taking on the Shocker or Scorpion or anyone more threatening than some drunk hooligan with a switchblade.
    Most of all she wanted to fight. The memory of her destruction of the Invisible Woman still made her wet. Pounding the titts of that haughtly little cunt turned her on like few other things could. Sue would never agree to a rematch though. At least not without the use of her powers. Fighting a woman who can crush buidlings with a invisible forcefield didnt appeal to Felicia. Mary Jane Watson would be a even more desirable fight, but the redheaded bitch apparently left the city after her last and most humiliating loss to the tall platinum blonde. Felicia sighed.

    "Well buddy, its about time I head home. Sweet of you to listen." she said as she patted the gargoyle on the head. The statue kept its menacing expression. Felicia turned to see two large metallic cables whipping at her. Her reflexes were at the height of human capability, but still she only barely ducked the first tendril, which utterly destroyed the statue and send huge pieces of debris to the streets below. She couldnt however avoid the second tendril, which crashed violently into her stomach and sent her flying at least twenty feet across the roof. She landed and rolled several more feet, coming to rest near the edge. All the wind had been knocked out of her by this surprise attack, and she was certain at least a few of her ribs were broken. She collected herself and looked up just in time to see another large tendril swinging down on her position. She rolled away just in time as it crashed where her head had been just a second earlier. A large piece of stone broke off and fell to the street below followed shortly by a the alarm of a car which was crushed below. The identity of Felicia's attacker soon became clear. Two metallic tendrils grabbed Felicia's wrists and effortlessly lifted her off the ground. Two more secured her legs at the ankles. At the end of mechanical arms was none other than Dr. Otto Octavius, more widely known at Dr. Octopus. The bulbous scientist used one of his human hands to adjust his sunglasses, a usual mannerism of his indicating he is about to go off on a supervillain monologue.

    "Ah, right where they said you'd be, and without that annoying wall crawler anywhere to be found. Of course someone of my intellect would easily hatch a perfect plan to take what Spider-Man holds most dear." the arrogant Doctor said with a sneer. Despite the pain racking her entire body, Felicia wondered how many times he had rehearsed this speech he was giving before her left home tonight. Ignoring who "they" were for now, Black Cat replied.

    "Perfect Plan huh? Attacking me from behind with your slinky arms? I hope you didnt spend too long on that. At least guys like the Green Goblin are a little creative." she said through labored breaths. Even under the best circumstances Dr. Octopus was a extremely dangerous enemy. Still his ego had always been his weak spot. Felicia hoped to somehow exploit that now. "Is it my turn to kick your ass this month? I swear time flies when you're sending fat squid themed assholes like you to prison every other week." Felicia spat. Dr. Octopus would take no more. With a roar he released her left ankle and pulled that tendril back for what would be a killing blow. It whipped forward but stopped inches from Felicia's torso. The Doc's expression changed from anger to amusement. A wide lustful grin came across his face. The tendril began to carress Black Cat's thigh. Felicia shuddered in disgust then winced from the pain in her ribs.

    "You wont be able to bait me that easily anymore you little tart. Do you remember the first time we met. I left you nearly dead. Your costume was in ruins. Its a image thats stayed with me ever since. A man of science is still a man afterall."

    "Yeah I remember, and I also remember Spider ripping those freakish arms of your off and leaving you in worse shape than I was in." She hoped that'd snap him back to reality, but she doubted he even heard her. He was too focused on his artificial appendage. The tendril slowly moved up her body towards her breasts and suddenly Felicia felt like a character in a pornographic japanese cartoon. The metallic arm cradled each of Felicia's magnificent orbs for a moment before moving towards the zipper. The 3 arms restraining her pulled her in close to the Doc. So close she could smell the stink of cheap cigars on his breath. It clamped on to the zipper and gradually lowered it, exposing more and more of her massive titts as it went. Just when Octavius' attention was as focused as it could get, Felicia slammed her unrestrained knee squarely into his erection. She felt it buckle like a derailed train under the force. Instantly all four of his robotic arms fell to the ground lifeless. The neurological link between his brain and the tendrils was clearly interrupted. His face screwed up in silent horror as his hands shook, moving slowly towards his compacted penis.

    Free from his clutches, Felicia took a step back from the disabled scientist and sized him up. "Take away your creepy arms and all you are is a chubby nuclear physicist with a bad haircut." she mocked. Drawing way back, she put everything she had into a nasty punch directly between the helpless doctor's eyes. His sunglasses split apart and dropped, followed shortly after by the merficully unconscious villain. "Typical megalomaniac." she said quietly to herself. Her hand drifted up to her ribs. What to do with him now? Even without her injuries she wouldnt be able to carry him off to the police station. Just one of those mechanical arms weighed at least 400 pounds. And how would she get back to the apartment for that matter? No way would she be swinging home in the shape she was in. A taxi perhaps? Most cabbies wont stop for masked, costumed customers. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of quiet applause. She spun to face her audience and was suprised to see her former rival Selina Kyle dressed fully in her Catwoman costume sneering at her while she clapped mockingly. A second shadowy figure was standing behind her, still concealed in the shadows.

    "Impressive. I would have thought someone like Dr. Octopus would completely destroy second rate trash like you. Oh but I do suppose the cliche is true about it being hard to find good help these days."

    "Selina? What the hell are you doing here? What are you up to bitch?" Felicia demanded, quickly realizing the set up and betrayal. "Do you really want another go at me? Last time I stopped at just beating you, this time you arent going to be able to walk away!" she threatend. She was badly injured, but still felt confident at her chances with Selina. Last time they fought she had only narrowly won. However she also has learned a lot since then, and knew Selina was perhaps nearing the twilight of her costumed career. Still the tall brunette was a dangerous opponent.

    "Kitten, you really dont know me do you? Im not one of those self righteous bitches with some high moral code. Honey, I fight dirty." On that cue, the 2nd figure stepped out from the shadows. Felicia's eyes widend. It was Mary Jane Watson! Only, different. For one her long luxerious red hair that Felicia had cut was completely grown back. Secondly she was in a spandex costume of her own. The middle portion covering her inner legs and thighs, stomach, and chest was white while the outside borders were green with gold trim. She wore a gold half mask as well as a gold belt. The sleeves and ankles both flared out. The last and most noticable difference was her size! MJ had always been several inches shorter than Felicia, but now she stood as much as 2 inches taller, putting her over 6 feet tall. Height wasnt the only thing that increased. Her lowcut costume revealed that now she easily matched Felicia's awesome rack. Not to mention that Felicia estimated she put on about 20 more pounds of muscle as her once lithe arms were now well defined. Her thigh and calve muscles were easily seen through her tight costume.

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    Re: New story BlackCat vs MJ

    Mary Jane saw the look of shock on BlackCat's face and smiled widely, her pearly white teeth glistening in the moonlight. "Dont look so suprised sweetheart. You really thought I'd walk off quietly and let a dirty cunt like you put your hands on my man? Not a chance bitch. Im back and better than ever." MJ ran her fingers over her crotch, up her stomach, and finally cupping her newly massive titts. "Im a knockout, no?" she stated more than asked.

    "Knockedout is more like it. I dont know what you did to yourself Mary Plain, but you're still just a wannabe." before she could continue, MJ cut in.

    "Oh, its not Mary Jane anymore. I realized Pete will always judge us differently because you dress up in your little hooker outfit and go out with him at night. Now Im going to be doing that. You can call me Jackpot, as in hes going to hit it when we get back together."

    "Spider judges us differently because Im what he wants, and you're a useless homemaking doormat." Felicia mocked.

    "Enough of this shit." Mary Jane stated, her smile turning into a hateful sneer. She reached behind herself and picked up a small backpack. She removed a camcorder and handed it to Catwoman. "Make sure you get all of this. Since he cant be here, I want Pete to have something he can see when he gets back. Proof that Im the better woman. We'll watch it while hes riding me skank, which is about as close to him as you're ever going to get again." Mary Jane walked towards Felicia, ready to engage her longtime nemsis in what she planned to be the last battle. she had lost to this bitch too many times, and after each her life got worse and worse. This time would be different. She was different now, enhanced in every way. Oh she had paid dearly to become what she was now, but it would soon be worth it. Selina Kyle and Dr. Octopus were just a added bonus. Selina was a 'alpha bitch' and could never abide having someone who had beaten her as a friend. It was her idea to wait until Spider-Man was out of town then hiring that psycho Otavius to attack her. Soon she would have her modeling and acting job back. Soon she would be back with the man she loved. Soon she would kick this bitch's ass.

    Felicia met her halfway, keeping a wary eye on Catwoman, who herself kept a electronic camera eye trained on her. As they neared, both ladies moved to attack potions. They clashed, hands interlocking above their heads, massive chests slapping together. Two gorgeous peak human women locked together over 30 stories above the city in a epic struggle. They both grunted quietly as they pushed and jockied for a dominant position. Muscled tensed as they strained. As their chests banged together Felicia noticed how much firmer MJ's titts were than before. Always Felicia dominated their titt battles. It was her favorite form of humiliation for the redhead. This time wouldnt be so easy. She felt MJ's nipples harden, coming out to meet her own for battle. Mary Jane smiled threw clenched teeth as she held her own in both the test of strength and the titt war, neither of which wouldve been possible for her just a few weeks prior. Deciding to exploit Felicia's injured ribs, MJ drew back then slammed her chest into hers. BlackCat's impressive rack refused to yeild, so she repeated the move. This time she got a grunt from the platinum blonde. MJ wasnt satisified, not by a long shot. She was beating Felicia's already weakend ribcage, not her breasts. Many long nights the redhead layed awake, agonizing over her losses to this man stealing whore. She swore vengeance and dreamt of crushing this bitch's awesome titts that she and apparently Peter were both so fond of.

    Felicia's head was spinning after being rammed for the 2nd time by her strangely larger rival. She knew her girls could stand up to it, but the rest of her body wouldnt last much longer. It was taking all she had to keep from being overpowered and forced down by the large redhead, so she knew she had to do something drastic. Driving forward, she caught MJ by suprise and pushed her back into the brick wall surrounding the stairwell. Pulling away from MJ's hands, Felicia backed up a step, creating a small amount of room between the two.

    "You want a titt war? Mary Plain you could never match me, especially in that department." Felicia mocked. She hoped MJ would be so enthralled with this personal vendetta that she would focus more on defeating her chest than on overpowering her. The ploy worked.

    "Not this time, cunt. Things are different. Im different." The redhead replied as she thrusted her massive chest out, answering the platinum blonde's challenge.

    Felicia grabbed the zipper on the front of her costume and lowered it the few remaining inches, allowing her perfect breats to spill out. Mary Jane's eyes focused like a hawk on its prey. As much as she hated Felicia, she was in awe of her naturally perfect titts. Well no longer. MJ pulled down the spandex material of her costume, liberating her own pair of amazing breasts. Felicia did her best not to appear impressed. Not far from the combatants, Selina Kyle raised her head from the camera's lense to see both sets of assets with her own eyes. Being inferior to one other woman was intolerable enough, but the possibility of a 2nd? Selina quietly thought to herself that this partnership might be shortlived if this redhead got out of line.

    Silently the two locked fingers and colided. Selina Kyle was snapped out her thought by the sound of bare flesh smacking together. She resumed filming the titanic struggle in front of her. Felicia had the better position, with the redhead against the wall, but MJ was fresh, confident, and sporting a enhanced body. Their nipples found each other quickly, almost as if they remembered one another and had their own grudge to settle. Mary Jane's breasts were now marginally larger of the pair, and the same applied to her areolas. They rubbed and pushed each other, neither having any clear advantage early on. Pushing her larger foe against the wall, Felicia was able to force her nipples directly into the redhead's. She had hoped through technique and experience she could end this here, but that would not be the case. MJ's titts were soft but had no give to them. Both women winced with pain and exertion. Several minutes passed as they pushed and thrusted their breats together, with neither gaining a advantage. Knowing she wouldnt last in the condition she was in, Felicia decided she would have to break this stalemate. Releasing MJ's hands, she quickly wrapped her arms around the big redhead and in one quick motion, violently lifted and threw her to the ground. MJ was caught completely by suprise, as she was focusing completely on their titt struggle. She fell hard to the pavement, and before she could react Felicia was on her. BlackCat quickly straddled Mary Jane, grabbed two handfuls of red hair, then slammed her head on the hard surface of the roof. MJ grabbed her wrists and bucked wildly, trying to avoid being slammed again. She managed to partially sit up under the tall platinum blonde, thus preventing a repeat. She looked up just in time to see Felicia cocking her fist back, ready to deliver a haymaker punch to her wide open face. It never came. A sharp snapping noise followed by Felicia being pulled off her was all MJ needed to regain her cocky grin. Selina had stepped in, using her famous bullwhip to grab Felicia's arm mid-punch and yank her off. BlackCat stumbled, unable to balance herself with Catwoman pulling her backwards. When she finally stopped she was met with a particularly nasty kick to the stomach. Her perfect ass shot out as she doubled over. All the wind in her body leaving with a "Ooof!". Again Selina yanked her whip and Felicia stumbled forward. This time Selina drove her knee up between her bare breats. She was turned on more than a little to feel one of them being compacted through her knee high boot. Felicia fell to her bottom, her free hand covering her titts. She felt two hands grab her hair from behind before being painfully drug backwards by MJ.

    "Oh Ive been dreaming of this day for a long time, bitch. This is for stealing my man." MJ snarled. She drew back and delivered a soccer style kick to Felicia's stomach. The tall blonde gasped as she was knocked on to her back.
    "This is for taking my apartment!" She stomped Felicia's stomach, heel first right above the belly button for maximum effect. Both of BlackCat's hand reflexively went to her stomach as the air was driven from her and her already possibly broken ribs were further injured.
    "This is for ruining my career!" This time she stomped BlackCat's titt, bringing a sharp moan.
    "And this is for cutting my fucking hair!" MJ finished with a well place stomp to Felicia's pussy. BlackCat screamed in pain and she instantly went to the fetal position. MJ felt so fucking hot right now. She rubbed her fingers over her crotch. Even through the spandex material she knew she was soaked, probably near orgasm in fact. With a bigger smile than she'd worn in months, she stalked up on the downed blonde. She had planned this for a long time, and had no shortage of tortures and humiliations in mind. Grabbing two handfuls of platinum blonde hair, she lifted Felicia's head off the ground. The agonized look on her face alone made her nipples hard. Positioning herself near her hate rival, she wrapped her legs around Felicia's head and applied a figure four head scissor. She flexed her newly muscled legs periodically, forcing the heroine's face deeper into her crotch. Holding Felicia's hair with one hand, she began rubbing her bare breasts with the other. The feeling of this bitch's face pressed tightly in her crotch, the warm breath escaping against her pussy as she fought for air, and the overall sense of dominance pushed her over the edge. She began to spasm, lightly at first then stronger and more frantically as her body was overcome with one of the best orgasms she'd ever had. She was forced to release her headscissor, she really didnt have the composure to maintain it at the moment. It wouldnt matter, Felicia was barely conscious at this point. The blonde gasped and choked for air. As she began to collect herself, MJ scanned the rooftop to make sure Selina was capturing this with the camera. The brunette from Gotham was setting the camera in a position where it would record the beating while leaving her free to participate.

    Crawling towards her prey, the redhead got close to Felicia's face. "Its good to be on the other side of this, bitch. Tell me, how does it feel to be the one who gets her face fucked?" the redhead whispered. Felicia gazed up helplessly. Refusing to give her any satisifaction, she defiantly replied "Ive fucked yours like three times, why do you need to ask me?" This infuriated MJ. She swung around and straddled the blonde. "You wont be tittfucking my man anymore, whore!" Mary Jane rained down a flurry of punches to Felicia's chest. Every blow carried all of MJ's anger and fustration. Felicia tried to cover up, but her hands were pulled out to the side. Selina had decided to involve herself again. The purple clad brunette smiled down at her cruelly as MJ batted her titts around in every direction. After a few moments of this, she began to strike with a bit more control. She aimed more at flattening them than simply punching them to the sides. Felicia squirmed beneath her, but it was futile. MJ sank her hands into her tittflesh and squeezed as hard as she could. Felicia's back arched and she screamed out in pain. Long red nails dug into her breasts.

    "Remember what you did to me in that warehouse? You made me say all that shit about how much better you were! You beat the shit out of me while I was fucking tied up! Then you gave me a "fair" fight wearing one of my bras when I could barely even stand let alone defend myself. All thats going to come back on you tonight. No more using my body to get you off. As a matter of fact I think I might just fuck you until the sun comes up. But first lets really have some fun." MJ looked up at Selina and nodded. They had talked this part over already, and both women were excited for it. MJ got off Felicia and with a little help, got her to her feet. MJ held her up in a full nelson. Felicia was mostly limp in her arms. When she did raise her head to see what was going on she instantly wished she had. Selina had retrieved her bullwhip and eye'd her intently. Felicia's eyes went wide with terror at the though of having her titts lashed with that thing. Suddenly red and blue strobe lights lit up the night sky, and lound screetching sirens broke the still of the night. The police were arriving at the building. Obviously someone had called to report the falling debris that so often goes along with these superhero battles above the city. Generally the local police would come fashionably late, hoping to avoid dealing with whatever super powered maniac that was destroying the city this week.

    "Hurry up and whip her damn it!" MJ demanded.

    "Hon, I really dont care to spend my night behind bars. We wait any longer and we are going to have a lot of cops to avoid to get out of here. Im game for that, but are you?"

    MJ thought for a moment. She whipped her entire body to the side, throwing Felicia down violently. "Fine. But not without the film." MJ retrieved the camera and returned to Felicia who still layed prone on the ground. "When Pete gets back, we are going to watch this over and over while we fuck. Hes going to see that I really am better than you, first on TV, then in bed. Think about that tonight, bitch." MJ couldnt help herself, she kicked Felicia one last time in the titt before following Selina down towards the stairwell.

    Felicia struggled to her feet. Her chest was a bruised mess. Her crotch was throbbing. As she stumbled towards the fire escape, she was already thinking of revenge. First against her "friend" Selina Kyle. Then again MJ. She decided that whatever happend, their next fight would be their last.

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    Re: New story BlackCat vs MJ

    You continue to be my hero. I loved that, and cannot wait to see the ostensible conclusion!

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    Re: New story BlackCat vs MJ

    Uuuuuuuuuuuh... Best story EVER? ^_^ Seriously... fucking incredible. One of the hottest things I've ever read!

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    Re: New story BlackCat vs MJ

    Welcome back. It has been a long time but well worth the wait. You story is excellent. While I usually don't like two on one scenarios, this scenario provides for a lot of options. Black Cat can do a real beat down on Cat Woman and send her into early retirement permanently. The new enhanced (steroids, no doubt) MJ appear to be ready to do battle on equal footing with Peter Parker as the ultimate prize. That also provides some very interesting alternatives especially if Peter is the referee.

    In your Group, you had asked for suggestions. Well, I thought that Black Scorpion would be good canon fodder for Black Cat or even MJ. She is a big breasted crime fighter who has a tendency to get into a lot of fist fights with villianesses. Unfortunately, she manages to get knocked out about 50% of the time when she goes one on one with the female criminals.

    Also, wanted to pass on that I found some excellent cartoon vidoes of super heroines and villianesses fighting on YouTube. Such fights as Black Cat vs. Black Canary; Wonder Woman vs. Power Girl, Rouge vs. Eleckra; Batgirl vs. Cheetah; Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman and many more. The videos are high quality. They can be found on YouTube if you search on Pepeloco9999. Pepeloco also has a Yahoo group that highlights topless fights between super heroines with more graphic action. Unfortunately, I have been unable to download the videos but I will continue to try. You should check it out. If they are as good as the videos on YouTube, they would be fantastic. Member of the group vote and the voting defines what happens in the fight. Best of all, all of the videos are free - including the topless material.

    Well, Thanks again for your contribution. It is well received by this person. You may want to post it on the Titfighting and Sexfighting Group since it would appear that the fight is already going in that direction.

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    Re: New story BlackCat vs MJ

    This actually strayed pretty far from my original plan. Initially I wanted to do this more Kill Bill style. Possibly having Sue Storm and maybe a 4th character (Silver Sable maybe) all team up for various reasons (mostly revenge) against Black Cat. The sequels would have her scratching names off a list as she fought through them individually similiar to the film. Unfortunately working it all together was a bigger undertaking than I had planned, so I altered it. Im happy some of you enjoyed it though, and will definately make more of a effort to post in a more timely manner.
    Im not sure who the black scorpion is, but yeah like I said I really wanted to add one more character in. As for MJ, I had something else in mind that explained her sudden growth. Im hoping to take the horrible 'One more Day' storyline along with the 'Brand new day' one and put a different spin on it. If you've read either you'll see what I mean when I write up the next one. I'll just say that her Jackpot persona made a deal that will likely bite her in her shapely ass.
    Lastly, Iam a big fan of pepelocco's work. I'd suggest going to the links portion of his yahoo site and checking out similiar work done by "Matadore". He has a lot of fights up, updates a bit more frequently, and has characters you dont expect to see, such as Stature and Kitty Pryde.
    Anyhow, thanks for the comments. Feedback, both good and bad (as long as its constructive) are really the main reason I write at all. Thanks again!
    (And you need to write again Foreshadow. You're too good to squander it!)

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    Re: New story BlackCat vs MJ

    RedHotRash>Thanks for the compliment... I'd like to try writing something again, but working two jobs eats up a lot of my free time. Still... this story really got my blood boiling again. If you don't mind, I'd like to take a stab at editing this... I have a few ideas on how to expand on it a bit after going over the old notes you sent me (which are probably out of context now that you've reimagined it). I'll drop you an e-mail.

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    Re: New story BlackCat vs MJ

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    New story BlackCat vs MJ
    In then next day or so expect this entire story to be rewritten. Ive gotten a TON of help from Foreshadow as far as editting and rewriting goes, and it flows a lot better. Will post ASAP


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