Couples wrestling
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Thread: Couples wrestling

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    Couples wrestling

    Couples wrestling
    Tina and I had been talking about wrestling with another couple for a long time. Finally we got up the nerve to post an ad on Craigslist “wanted 20’s/30’s couple for competitive domination wrestling. Must be similarly proportioned to us, reply with picture”

    Well we were quite shocked when the first email came from Mike and Beth – Mike was an inch shorter than me at 5’9” and weighed 215 lbs vs my 205 lbs. Beth was 5’4” and 115 lbs – just a little smaller than Tina who’s 5’5’ and 120. We agreed to meet for dinner and see what everyone thought.

    We met Applebee’s on Friday night, Mike and Beth seemed really down to the earth and nice. They said they had never wrestled before either, but the idea really turned them on. We agreed on the following rules: Wrestling only, no punching, biting, etc. We’d wrestle naked in 2 matches. If one couple won both matches, the losers would be their slaves for a day. If the couples split, the winners would each have the loser for ½ hour punishment session. We agreed to meet again the next week and Mike and Beth’s for the match since they had a finished basement we could use.

    The next Friday, we arrived at 6 pm and had drinks. Mike and I agreed to go first. I was feeling pretty confident as I had wrestled a little in high school and thought I was a stronger than Mike despite weighing 10 lbs less. We went down stairs and stripped off our clothes. Beth glanced at my raging cock as Tina played with my balls.

    Then Mike stripped and we both just stared at Mike’s fat, long dick. Beth measured to show it off – 10 ½ inches long and 5 inches around. It was as thick as my wrist. Mike snickered at my barely average 6 inch cock, “when I’m done with you, I’m going to shove all 10 inches up your ass” he said.

    For the first time I was a little scared, I never imagined I could lose, let alone the awful punishment I’d have to endure! Tina seeing that was shaken said “don’t worry, you can take him, just don’t let him get behind you”

    We started our match in a neutral position, but Mike was much faster than I thought. As we pushed and pulled trying to get position, he quickly ducked under my arm and came up behind me in a half-nelson, immobilizing my right side. I tried reaching around with my left hand, then I felt numb…He had grabbed my balls with his free hand and was slowly squeezing the fight out of me. I dropped down to one knee. Mike reached up and put me in a full nelson. I felt his hard dick head push against my ass.

    “no, oh god, no, please, I submit, I submit. Please don’t fuck my ass” I begged, but it was too late.

    Mike slowly pushed his whole thick cock in my virgin ass. I cried quietly as he took my cherry. My wife stood there in shock. The match was over before it even started, really. Now I was lying face down completely humiliated being fucked in front of my wife. Mike reached around and started fondling my balls as he fucked me. I couldn’t believe it, but my dick was getting hard too.

    “I’m going to make you cum when I cum, you little princess bitch” Mike sneered.

    Soon my dick was a full hard-on. After about 10 minutes, I was pushing back against Mike’s dick. I started to like the feeling of it in my ass. I knew neither of us would last much longer, then I felt his dick swell and dump a huge load of cum in my ass. I didn’t even realize I had cum too!

    Mike pulled out and I collapsed on the floor. Mike rolled me over and dropped his big, semi-hard, cum-dripping dick on my mouth.

    “suck it bitch, I want to cum again”

    I obediently took it in my mouth and sucked until it was hard. It didn’t take long until he was cumming in my mouth. Like a good little bitch, I swallowed it all.

    Then they put me handcuffs to watch the next match.

    The end.

    Tina was in complete shock from my match. I was on my knees on their side of the living room, with my hands cuffed behind my back.

    “Your husband didn't put up much of fight sweetie” Beth snidely remarked to Tina. “When I'm done with you, you'll be right next to him waiting for your punishment."

    I could see Tina was visibly shaken, but she managed to sound ok when she said “don't count on it, I'm going to destroy you, while your husband watches!”

    The girls started to strip.

    Tina proudly showed off her perky 34C's, but I could tell that Beth was a little bigger, probably a D. Tina had a very dark, think hairy bush, but Beth's was even thicker. I could tell she never trimmed it.

    The girls were naked and started to circle each other. Beth showed her superior strength and pushed Tina to the ground, she dropped down next to her and put Tina into a scissor lock. Tina tried to loosen Beth's legs, but there was no way she could. Beth squeezed harder and harder, as Tina finally succumbed to the pressure and passed out.

    Beth jump up and hugged Mike. "We did it" they exclaimed.

    My poor wife was laying there on the floor, as Beth went into the other room. She came back holding a small duffel bag. She pulled out a hair clippers and began to shave Tina's thick bush. Then they propped her up in a chair and shaved her head to! I could believe what I was seeing, as I begged them to stop, but they just laughed.

    When she was completely bald, Beth used smelling salts to revive her. She didn't know what had happened, just that she had lost. Beth brought in a mirror to show her. She cried when she saw what they did to her. Beth slapped her face.

    "Now you're going to give me what I really need."

    Beth threw off the chair and onto the floor. As Tina lay there crying, Beth straddled her face and lowered her superior hair twat down onto her mouth.

    "You better suck me good baby, or hubby over there will lose his balls next" Beth threatened.

    My wife had never sucked a pussy, but she obediently began licking Beth. Beth rode her for at least 10 minutes, grinding her pussy into her mouth, until she finally let out a sigh and came all over my wife face. Tina licked it up as fast as she could, as a sign that we had been totally defeated.

    The end.

    I'd love your feedback - send to [email protected] if you like! thanks!

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    Re: Couples wrestling

    I really enjoyed your story. Look forward to your next one.

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    Re: Couples wrestling

    Great story. Did you guys ever wrestle again or did that match curb your enthusiasm for the sport?

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    Re: Couples wrestling

    This reminded me of another old story:


    by Wrstlgrl

    I wrestled a stranger for the first time and came up on the short end. it was a match of me (Tanya
    23) and my boyfriend (Joey 25) vs a woman (Diana) i had hooked up with through a directory and
    her boyfriend (Jose), both of them are 37. i have wrestled many women before but have known
    them through one person or another and my boyfriend has watched from time to time, even
    wrestling twice against some rather unqualified girls. he won both. i won most of my matches but i
    knew this would be different becuase i didnt know the woman and didnt know what would happen ,
    and i knew it would be more competitve. after speaking with her she said she wanted a mixed
    match, her vs my boyfriend (Joey) and me vs her boyfriend.. i didnt have a problem with it because i
    have wrestled and beaten men before but i was nervous for joey who had only wrestled
    inexperienced girls, and mite not know what he was getting in to if he said yes. well he said yes as
    long as he didnt have to wrestle the other boyfriend because he is not gay. i was nervous for him but
    agreed...on June 10th we met at her apartment in brooklyn..Diana was a gorgeous hispanic woman
    ( i think she was puerto rican ) at about 5 ft 9 and 125.. her boyfriend (which i find ridiculous seeing
    as how he was so old the term boyfriend didnt fit) was about 6 ft 1 190. diana had loooong legs that
    didnt end with very ample breasts... she wasnt muscular but very feminine..jose was ripped. thats
    the only word to describe it. I am about 5 ft 8 inch and 120 long legs and a 36c blonde hair blue
    eyes... italian, as is joey who is 6 ft 1 190.. joey is also very musclular but i was worried for him the
    same reason i wasnt worried for me... which is that a woman can very often outlast all the muscle on
    a man... as i think we all know.

    well diana basically laid down the rules as we were in her house.. she said that we would wrestle to
    an orgasm finish, meaning the loser is the one orgasming and the winner the one who has induced
    the orgasm, or a ten count on a pin. again i had no problem and i dont think joey really considered
    he could lose so he figured he would pin the older woman for ten seconds and that would be that,
    so joey accepted as well... no rules... wear whatever u wanted... a coin flip determined diana would
    wrestle my boyfriend first. i was nervous.

    diana went down to her black bra, stockings and panties, joey was naked, i was in my black bra
    and garter, i prefer to wrestle with no underwear, and jose was naked as well... me and jose were
    on opposite couches watching. i was impressed at first with how comfortable joey felt, she was
    older and much more expereinced and i feared she would dominate him. basically they grappled,
    vying for position, rolling on the floor etc. but because diana had very long legs it was almost
    impossible for joey to get into a dominate postion. he was beginning to sweat and so was she . they
    were on the floor , he on his back with her in a reverse bearhug... but everytime he tried to to spin
    her onto her stomach she reached out the long legs and didnt move... and joey was wasting
    energy..after about 8 minutes joey was breathing pretty heavy and i was getting nervous. diana was
    letting him try to throw her around but she used her long legs when standing or on the floor to gain
    leverage and eitehr shove him back or roll with him and he couldnt do anythng to her. she wasnt
    tired and i could see joey was getting very spent. she was 37 and calm and relaxed and looked like
    she was getting ready to be the older woman teaching the younger boy a thing or two... joey was
    getting exhausted after about ten minutes . he was holding diana on the floor from his back and
    decided (it looked like) to let go and start over from a standing postion. diana got to her feet and
    joey to his knees. that was basically the end. diana took two steps foreward and slammed the
    bottom of her foot right into the side of my boyfriends head... i screamed "JOEY!" while jose let out
    a huge laugh.. as did diana.. joey went to down like a tree.. she went over and high fived jose... joey
    got to all foors and she rested her foot on his back and pressed down, forcing him face first to the
    floor again. i had my hands over my face while she raised one arm in mock celebration. "Its over
    now sweety, your boyfriend is finished!" I couldnt believe it... she picked him up by hair and started
    laying back chops into his chest.. he was resting against the wall and she calmly kept laying them about 14 minutes she brought joey by his hair to the middle of the room and laid one more into
    him. he spun on to his knees with his head resting on the couch next to jose, and then fell back on to
    the floor , flat out...she had chopped him down like a tree after about 14 minutes. i was hoping she
    would just pin him.she sat onto joeys chest and crossed legs, reached down and started milking his
    penis.. he didnt fight back..i was crying .. we could all see joey was about to come... diana stood up
    and with her foot, smoothly finished the job... joey was a coming mess on the floor.. diana was
    laughing with her hand in the air, my boyfriend beneath her on the floor and her foot masturbating
    himso that he was shaking on the floor...i was so upset and crushed i hadnt even considered i was
    supposed to wrestle next. i had no will and was broken having seen this... i rushed over to help him
    and bent down and WHAM!!! diana leveled me on the backof the head with her foot as well.. i
    went down face first.she rolled me onto my stomach and placed her foot on my throat. jose spread
    my legs put a belt around them and handed it to diana to hold my legs up while she had one leg on
    the floor and the other foot on my throat. i was upset about joey, and in pain and crushed. my head
    was spinning and i felt no hope.. i felt something go into my pussy. it was the empty avian bottle
    from next to the couch. jose worked me for about 5 minutes which seemed like a half hour and i
    came... i was coming, crying, humiliated , bound, and had lost in about 6 minutes... keeping her foot
    on me diana sat back and crossed her legs... i could see joey was on his knees and hands now and i
    guess i was quietly hoping he could help me but was really hoping he woudnt try and the whole
    horrible ordeal would end. you could still see he was exhausted and in worse shape than me. he
    started to crawl toward me and jose grabbed him from behind which enraged me and made me cry
    even mroe. joey wanted no part of another man. but with my legs tied and diana on me there was
    little i could do . jose just pulled joey back and started a choke. diana rolled me on to my stomach
    and took her bra off and tied my hands with it.both jose and diana were laughing really good and i
    was hoping they woudlnt hurt or humiliate him. jose had taken most of the enrgy now out of joey
    and he held him by the hair on his knees.. diana walked over and slapped joey right in the face open
    handed , and he went straight back and down. he was breathing so heavy and i coudlnt do anythign
    to help, diana was just laughing saying how she hadnt humilated two young kids in so long she was
    beginning to thinnk she had lost it. jose was screaming he had to get off... diana forced joey to his
    knees and all fours and pulled his head back by the hair.. jose slammed his dick in to joeys mouth
    and began fucking his mouth.. i was beyond crying.. i wanted to do anythign to help.. the look in
    joeys faded eyes was terror and confusion. jose's penis was so big it looked like joey was choking.
    he didnt have the energy to fight or suck, so he was forced there by the hand of diana to take the
    slamming.. jose came in about 1 minute all over joeys face, he looked like if he could he would be
    screaming for help.. diana casually let him fall to her feet face first when jose was donejoeys face
    had landed on dianas right foot and he laid there totally broken, as if pleading silently for it to be
    over.. it was.diana let my hands go and said to come back when my boyfriend needed another face
    fucking or when i wanted to be tied and fucked by a watter bottle again. she and jose went in to the
    bedroom. i undid my legs and , well , went over to joey to try and see how he was mentally.. more
    so than physically.

    it was degrading and humiliating and a loss. and worst of all my boyfriend had to suffer the worst
    humiliation at the hands of a superior woman.

    i am curious to hear ur thoughts or of similiar encounters of ur male vs female encounters.
    particuraliy if someone faced the humiliation i went through.

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    Re: Couples wrestling

    Hammer016 are you going to write about what happened during your day of slavery. I for one would love to read it.

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    Re: Couples wrestling

    Great story can't wait to read more.

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    Re: Couples wrestling

    Kidman - that was a great story!!

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    Re: Couples wrestling

    hammer, great story!

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    Re: Couples wrestling

    wow! great! couples stories! wow! please more. I love them.

    Here is one I wrote ... however in German

    Besuch aus Antwerpen


    Der Kontakt zu Maike und Tom erwies sich fruchtbar für unsere weitere "Kampfkarriere" und wir lernten zahlreiche weitere Paare kennen, die ebenfalls mit uns kämpfen wollten.

    Dazu gehörten John und Sarah aus Antwerpen, die uns letzten Sommer in Wien besuchten. John war ein Kumpel Toms und ebenso wie Sarah atletisch gut drauf. Er war 28, 175 gross und wog knapp 70kg. John sagte mir, er könne Karate, wie ich ja auch und meinte, je nach dem wie ich wolle könnten wir mit Kicks und boxen oder ohne, ganz wie ich wolle, kämpfen.

    Auch dieser Kampf sollte eine starke erotische Note haben, doch Sarah, die erst 21 war und ein 160 Zwergerl aber recht atletisch, und John machten klar, dass das bei ihnen so zu verstehen sei, dass der Sieger den Verlierer ordentlich rannehmen kann - gnadenlos, wie John es ausdrückte und dabei immer freudig grinste. Auch wurde er nicht müde zu betonen, dass für ihn jede Freundschaft im Ring endet. Udn gewinnen wollte er offenbar sowieso um jeden Preis.

    Bei näherem Kennenlernen erzählte mir John, der gerade erst 28 war, er kämpfe schon seit dem er 16 ist, erst Judo, aber seit 7 Jahren eben auch private Kämpfe und seit er mit Sarah zusammen sei noch mehr, da diese es liebe, zuzusehen, wie sich Männer ordentlich hernehmen. Ich wusste nicht recht, ob John ein Mords Angeber war oder ob da wirklich alles so war. Eine Aussage Sarahs fiel mir auf: Sie sagte nämlich, es sei ihr eigentlich gleich wer gewinne, Hauptsache der Sieger sei klar dominant und "gibt es dem Verlierer so richtig". Dabei funkelten Sarahs Augen, die übrigens ein süsses, draufgängerisches und geiles Lächeln hatte. Wir hatten es also ganz klar mit zwei Sado-Maso-Anhängern zu tun.

    Schliesslich einigten wir uns als Regeln auf Boxen und Kicks, auch mit dem Knie, sobald der Kampf aber auf den Boden geht nur mehr Griffe, dafür jeder erdenkliche Griff. Gewonnen würde durch Aufgabe oder K.o. In jedem Fall sollte der Sieger seinen Triumpf noch 15 Minuten nach dem Sieg auskosten dürfen, was durchaus Erotik beinhaltet. Einen "Domination Freefight" nannte John das.

    Der erste Kampf war noch am Abend in unserer Wohnung angesetzt, der Kampf zwischen den Frauen war für den nächsten Vormittag angesetzt. Gekämpft wurde in Slips, doch war es ausdrücklich nicht verboten, diese dem Gegne herunterzureissen.

    Nach einer Kennlernphase rückte unser Kampf näher. Wir hatten bereits alle Möbel zur Seite geschoben und zur Vorbereitung auf den Kampf ging erst John ins Bad um sich umzuziehen, ich wartete im Wohnzimmer, während sich Sarah und Sabine noch eifrig unterhielten und sich um uns anzufeuern ihrer Sommerkleidchen entledigten. Als er im Bademantel zurückkam ging auch ich ins Bad und als ich dort nach fünf Minuten wieder heraustrat, verliess Sabine eben die Küche, wo sie den Wasserkrug nachgefüllt hatte, und griff mir an den Arm. "Hast Du John eigentlich gefragt, wieviele solche Kämpfe er schon hatte?" "Nein, aber es werden schon einige gewesen sein sagte ich." Sabine sah mich sorgenvoll an und flüsterte: "Über dreissig, bitte! Und Sarah behauptet mit Stolz er hätte die letzten 12 gewonnen und den Gegner jedes mal restlos fertig gemacht!" Mir wurde ob dieser Statistik etwas mulmig, doch immerhin hatte ich gut 5 kg Gewichtsvorteil und war auch einige Zentimeter grösser als John. Andererseits, trainierte er ja schon 12 Jahre...

    "Bereit?", hörte ich plötzlich, als ich noch so in Gedanken versunken war. John stand in seinem Bademantel da und Sarah hatte es sich schon bequem gemacht. Sabine stellte den Krug auf den Tisch und setzte sich ebenfalls nieder. Ich betrat nun unseren grossen Teppich, der uns als Ring dienen sollte und stellte mich John gegenüber auf. "Also runter mit den Bademänteln!" reif Sarah, geil auf den Kampf.

    Langsam liess John seinen Bademantel hinabgleiten. Er hatte ein grosses Tattoo eines Drachen quer über die Brust. Noch bedeutsamer aber: Er war echt erstklassig trainiert. In seiner Brustwarze steckte ein Piercing. Er trug einen hautengen Slip unter dem sich offenbar einiges verbarg. Nachdem auch ich mich meines Bademantels entledigt hatten stellten wir uns erstmal vor den Mädels auf. Da meinte John, Sarah müsse ihm noch das Piercing rausdrehen und er ging zu ihr. Interessanterweise blieb er genau so vor den beiden Mädels stehen, dass Sabine seinen Slip direkt vor sich hatte - der Kerl wusste, wie man sich Fans schafft.

    Dann kam er zurück. "Keine Gnade im Ring", sagte er ernst. "Ich bin gnadenlos und erwarte mir das auch vom Gegner!". Sarah knicherte freudig. "Klar!" sagte ich. Dann stellten wir uns in Kampfposition auf und Sarah rief "Fight!".

    Wir umkreisten uns. Da kickte John, aber ins Leere. Ich versuchte es mit einem Sidekick auf seinen Obeschenkel und taf! Aber keine Reaktion. Wieder gingen wir auf Distanz. Da dreht sich John plötzlich vor mir und versuchte mich mit einem gestreckten Bein zu treffen - und er verfehlte nur knapp. "Wow, was für ein Kick, dachte ich", da stiess er schon das andere Bein vor und traf mich hart im Bauch. De rKerl hatte echt Kraft in den Beinen und das sahen die Mädels wohl auch an meiner Reaktion. Sarah schrie nun weit lauter udn shcien schon recht in Stimmung. Nahc einer Minute klammerten wir erstmals und versuchten nun gegenseitig mit dem Knie den Körper des Gegners zu treffen. Obwohl wir zu nahe für harte Treffer waren, rammte John sein Knie kraftvoll inn meinen Oberschenkel, immer wieder und Sarah schie bei jedem Treffer "ole!". Schliesslich versuchte ich John auf den Boden zu bringen, da ich mir dort bessere Chancen ausrechnete, doch er löste statt dessen den Klinch und kickte mir in die Seite. Als wir wieder etwas auseinanderstanden und ich schon heftig atmete, fragte er "So, bist du jetzt aufgewärmt, dann können wir ja anfangen!"

    Ich hielt das für einen Scherz, doch kaum hatte ich einen weiteren Kick an seinen Schenkel geknallt, sprang er mich an und rammte mir das Knie in den Leib. Ich fing das zwar durch die Deckung ab, doch war mir nun klar, das John extrem trainiert war. Jedenfalls ging ich wegen der Wucht des Kicks einen Schritt zurück, da sah ich schon das nächste Knie seitlich kommen. Als ich dies nun decken wollte und dazu mein Knie anhob, setzte er den Fuss ab und trat mir mit dem anderen so von hinten an die Kniekehle, dass mir das Bein weggezogen wurde und ich hinfiel. Natürlich drehe ich mich sofort auf meine vier und will aufstehen, wundere mich noch, dass John sich nicht auf mich stürzt. Aber er lässt mich gerade auf meine Knie kommen, da drescht er mir einen Side-Kick auf meinen Schädel, dass es mich halb-KO auf den Teppichboden schleudert.

    Als ich benebelt daliege und versuche, mich aufzurichten, spüre ich wie John mir den Slip abzieht und beobachte, wie er ihn, wie eine Trophäe an Sarah weiterreicht, die heftig jubelt. Dann widmet er sich wieder mir, und fordert mich auf, hochzukommen. Da er "noch längst nicht fertig sei" mir mir! Ich komme langsam hoch, da fordert Sarah John auf, der "Gerechtigkeit halber" auch nackt zu kämpfen. Da ich ohnehin noch nicht auf den Beinen bin, geht John nun zu den Mädels, stellt sich vor Sabine und fordert diese auf, ihm den Slip runterzuziehen. Sabine zögert etwas. "Keine Sorge, Chris hat da nichts dagegen!" versichert John, "ich werds dir zeigen!"

    Mit diesen Worten kommt John zu mir. Ich stehe inzwischen wieder. John fordert mich auf anzugreifen, doch kaum mache ich einen Schritt, drischt er auf mich ein mit umbekannter Gewalt. Ich versuche mich zu decken, doch er ergreift mich beim Hals und rammt mir nun wiederholt sein Knie - erst in meine Schenkel, dann in meine Bauchhöhle. Sabine sagte mir nachher sie habe mitgezählt, es seien mindestens 50 Kicks gewesen, davon 20 schon an der Wand an die er mich lehnte und mich hochhalten musste, da ich sonst KO niedergegangen wäre. Seinen letzten Kick setzte John brutal zwischen meine Beine, dass ich glaubte, soeben kastriert worden zu sein. Durch die vorangegangene Behandlung meiner Bauchhöhle hatte ich so keine Luft, dass ich keine Ton herausbrachte, sonst hätte ich vor Schmerz geschrien. Ich lag nun also wieder auf dem Boden und wand mich vor Schmerz. Da setzte John erbarmungslos zu seinem nächsten sadistischen Akt an. Er drehte mich auf den Bauch, setzte sich auf meinen Rücken und packte mit der einen Hand meine Haare, an denen er mich so hochzog, dass ich genau in die Augen der Mädels blicken musste. Nun musste ich auch noch sehen, wie sich Sarah an meinem Leiden erfreute und aufgeregt jubeln umhersprang, während Sabine bekümmert da sass und mit mir litt. Kaum hatte ich diese Demütigung realisiert folgte die nächste: John griff mit seiner freien Hand durch meine Schenkel hindurch meine nackten Eier, und nahm sie fest in die Hand. Dann flüsterte er mir ins Ohr: "Wenn ich jetzt gleich nochmal aufstehe, dann befiehlst Du Deiner Frau, mir den Slip abzuziehen und sobald sie das getan hat, mir einen zu blasen! Denn wenn Du das nicht machst, komm ich zurück und mach Dich komplett fertig! Bisher war ich gnädig!"

    Zur Bekräftigung kniff er nun seine Faust zu und Quetschte mir die Eier wie noch nie zuvor. Ich schrie vor Schmerzen. Ich sah wie Sarah das giefiel und sie John lautstark anfeuerte, während sich Sabine entrüstete und meinte, das könne doch nicht sein, doch Sarah hielt sie zurück und meinte, daran "sei noch niemand gestorben". Schliesslich liess John los. Ich fiel in den Staub und wie er auf die Mädels zuging und wie ein Matador vor Sabine stehen blieb. Dann sah er sich nach mir um.

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    Re: Couples wrestling

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    Couples wrestling
    Awesome!! Thank you for postng. Hope to hear more from you or others. I wish someone would translate the story from areheis...seems like a good one.
    Keep this thread alive...!!!

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