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Thread: Wrestling & Catfight videos updates

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    Cool Wrestling & Catfight videos updates

    SOAP 451 Isamar Gutierrez vs CiCi Rhodes
    download from Academy

    The tall and athletic Ci Ci showed a good knowledge of basic wrestling holds and no mercy at all for an overmatched foe. Just how we like 'em.
    Today it's time for Ci Ci to gets what's coming to her....a match with Academy star Isamar, a woman who has tamed so many fiery newcomers over the years we've lost count.
    Ci Ci goes on the attack immediately...obviously this isn't going to be a cakewalk for the Latina veteran, as she has to pull out some more technical submissions than CiCi knows to gain the upper hand. But Ci Ci is young and strong and competitive and really makes Isamar work here, even getting a submission out of her during this hard fought battle between a two strong willed women.

    Free nude clip here - View - SOAP 451 Isamar Gutierrez vs CiCi Rhodes

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    Re: Wrestling & Catfight videos updates

    ACV 20 Catfights on Amateur Video #20
    download from USA Publications TV

    We had to do it. From all around the world in different locations we packed in 80 minutes of action and a ton of catfights. You’ll find real catfights from Hawaii, in the supermarket, in snow and ice, in a parking lot, on a soccer field, at a music festival, outside clubs, hair-pulling battles, blonds, blonds and brunettes, black on white, between pretty girls, fist fights and more.
    This is one not to miss. 36 catfights, 80 minutes.

    Free video preview here - View - 36 Real Catfights

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    Re: Wrestling & Catfight videos updates

    ACA 333 Rapture vs Scarlett
    download from Academy Wrestling

    Two new wrestlers make their Academy debut , as Scarlett takes on Rapture in an super sensual ACA style video that will have fans of beautiful bodies in action panting for more of these delicious ladies. Stretching and smack talk start the match off before Scarlett, one of the most impressively built women ever to appear for Academy videos (you'll have to see for yourself) goes to work on a sexy, mostly domination match chock full of scissors, headlocks, pindowns and smothers.

    Rapture fights back, but her cocky, fit, big breasted opponent is not one to show mercy. Facesitting fans will enjoy this, and breast men get in line, as stacked to the rafters Scarlett really knows how to use her assets, putting the finishing touches on her opponent with a fabulous breast smother.

    Free topless clip here - View - ACA 333 Rapture vs Scarlett

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    Re: Wrestling & Catfight videos updates

    NVP 595 Classic Catfights Vol. 4: Busty Rumble Cats
    download from Napali

    Experience four of Napali’s best cat fight segments featuring 9 busty superstars in exciting matches. Famous mega-buster Minka vs huge boobed blonde Maxie Mounds. Big busted rivals Melissa Mounds vs Kim Watson duel. Double D Champagne vs Anastasia for underwater supremacy. Dominique vs Sana Fay & Jessica in girl-girl battle.

    Free the hottest titfighting clip here - NVP 595 Busty Rumble Cats

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    Re: Wrestling & Catfight videos updates

    SOAP 450 Olivia D'Angelo vs Iona Grace
    Academy Wrestling Video - SOAP 450 - Olivia vs Iona - Submission & Competitive Wrestling

    Busty and aggressive redhead Iona makes her third Academywrestling appearance. She's got wrestling experience elsewhere, and looks to that as well as a size/strength advantage over her opponent today. Her opponent, Olivia, has been a "part timer" at the Academy for years, and has recently picked up her wrestling schedule quite a bit. Olivia has a pretty face, great smile, and a sexy body. The cute is also rockin' a sexy new hairdo, and likes to battle no matter the outcome.

    This is all out hardcore submission wrestling as the ladies use headlocks, chokes, scissors, armbars and more in their quest for victory. Finally one girl finds herself in a rough headlock/boobsmother and is forced to give, and give herself over to the pleasures of the victor. Full strap on ending, with the winner in charge!

    Free preview clip with sneak to sex round - SOAP 450 Olivia D'Angelo vs Iona Grace

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    Re: Wrestling & Catfight videos updates

    FFC 34 Female Fight Club 34
    download full video from Ozone 8 TV

    Always a Fight Club favorite, the incomparable Claudia returns to battle. This time she faces off against a brash young newcomer– Raven, who thinks her looks and age will triumph over Claudia’s maturity and experience. If only it were that easy. Claudia is a skilled warrior who knows all the tricks. Great stomach punching, kick fighting and cat fight action make this an awesome match. Raven is about to find out just how good she is.

    Free preview clip - Female Fight Club

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    Re: Wrestling & Catfight videos updates

    GND 9 Girl Next Door #9: Jello Wrestling
    get from USA Publications TV

    All amateurs wrestling in different colored Jello. Wrestling in a basement, in a small rubber pool, in backyards, at parties, in bars, with friends, in skimpy bikinis. These girls are sexy and hot, ranging from college girls to porn stars.

    Time: 69 min.

    Free clip - Jello Wrestling

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    Re: Wrestling & Catfight videos updates

    SOAP 453 Bryn Blayne vs Isamar Gutierrez
    download full video at Academy

    Beautiful fetish model and wrestler makes her Academy debut... Hot, fit 5'6", 135lbs. Bryn has a fair amount of experience elsewhere, and has hit the mats with some top women in the business. She is agressive and competitive, and has recently wrestled her opponent today, though under completely different circumstances. This is Academy style submission wrestling, no ref, no points, etc. Many, many more have learned a lesson or two about wrestling, seduction, and "wrestling seduction".

    Isamar loves breaking in new girls. Will she take it easy on Bryn? Will Bryn join the elite club of women to have beaten Isamar on these mats?

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    Re: Wrestling & Catfight videos updates

    SOAP is the best, Ultimate surrender stole the gimmick. Wish they had more popular performers, Janay was great in there & in US--but they sometimes have known adult film stars.

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    Re: Wrestling & Catfight videos updates

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    Speaking of Ultimate Surrender they just posted the same match up today.

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