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    BBW's in the ring
    " BBWs in the ring"

    By The Masked Writer

    Well, here we are again tonight, at the local arena, jam-packed for another night of TMWW (The Masked Writer's Wrestling). Our first match will be some sort of an unusual attraction since it features a contest between two opponents of the super-heavyweight class, more commonly known as "BBW", or simply "Fat chicks".

    Thanks again to my old partner Jerry Sprinkler who invited those two stepsisters on his TV show and had them take a few swings at each other before security stopped them. Security had its hand full, if I may say so. As usual, I was there and had both girls signing a contract where they accepted to settle their scores tonight in yours truly’s wrestling ring.

    An Earth-shaking event. Almost 40 pounds of difference between the two, and it hardly shows.

    Let the show begin. Here is our first contestant coming towards the ring, I take the microphone and introduce her.

    - "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, for this first match of the evening ! One fall to a finish. Coming to the ring, right now, at 5'7, 301 pounds, 36 years of age, Lisa !"

    As the crowd cheers politely, she walks, not very fast as you can guess, towards the stair that leads to her corner of the ring. Her blond hairs are shoulder-length, she has blue-eyed and a rather cute face. Not impaired by complexes about her weight, she wears a black bikini, so everybody can take a look at her chubby shoulder, her ample breast, giant-sized arms, the rolls of fat piled up along her torso, culminating in an enormous white, soft, belly that overlaps her bikini bottom. The bikini is cut short enough that parts of her round, orange-peel buttock shows, all that standing on two pillar-like legs, each thigh being about the size of a medium woman's waist. Every inch of white skin and cellulite shakes at every step as she climbs the stairs and a red hue appears on her cheeks as she is breathing hard from the exercise. She has some difficulty going through the ropes, because it's hard for her to raise her leg and keep her balance at the same time. She does it, eventually and there she is standing in her corner, as her opponent is approaching.

    - "And her opponent, coming to the ring right now : at 5'4, 264 pounds, 40 years-old,
    Maggie !"

    Maggie has short red hairs and green eyes. Her face is not as nice as Lisa because she has those puffed up cheeks. She is a true red-head, with that milk-like white skin. She wears a one-piece black and pink tankini swimsuit. Being shorter than Lisa she looks fatter, even though she weight almost 40 pounds less. Her arms are not as big and her legs shorter. It's all in her torso, which, even under that one piece-suit looks like one big lump of flabby, sagging fat.

    One can see soft flesh sagging where her shoulder blades should be. Her belly almost touches her thighs, even while she is standing. Her breast goes down to her plexus. It's all trembling and quivering as she climbs the stairs, breathing hard. It takes her a good 20 seconds to find her way through the ropes. Finally, she literally crawls between the bottom ropes and raises to her feet inside the ring, helping herself with the ropes. Her face is red and she is breathing hard.

    Here they are, standing in their respective corners. I give them a few seconds to take back their breath and, I ring the bell.

    Both girls walk to the middle of the ring, staring at each other. Having no ring experience whatsoever, they tend to be wary and prudent. They walk slowly in a circle, studying each other. Finally, Lisa takes the initiative and grabs Maggies wrists. They lock up in a test of strength, trying to make each other loses balance. All that flesh shakes as those two masses collides, chest against chest and belly against belly. The bulges of fat under their arms is jolting as they try to outpower each other. The taller Lisa, having more leverage and being probably stronger, gets the upper hand and immobilizes her opponent’s arms. She then moves one of her leg behind Maggie's, trying to trip her up.

    But at 300 + pounds, with a lean mass probably under 150, it is not that easy to stand on one foot. She loses her balance as well and falls on her ample derrière, taking Maggie with her, face first. The ring shakes as these 765 pounds of flabby flesh hit the canvas, looking like one big blob of jelly-like substance. They did not fall on top of one another and Lisa is sitting while Maggie lies on her right side. Both struggle to get back up. Lisa gets on her hands and knees and makes a move towards Maggie, obviously attempting to pin her. Maggie manages to roll away on her side, and grabs the ropes. She then starts to pull herself up. Lisa then struggles to get up too, a hard work for her arms, cushioned by more blubber than muscle.

    Maggie is the first to be completely standing. She could take advantage of it by charging her opponent who's just getting on her feet but, lacking ring experience, she hesitates and the taller blonde manages to straighten without too much problems.

    Both girls are breathing hard, as one can see by looking at their big breasts going up and down. Sweat drops rolls down their faces. They lock up again. This time, Lisa, using her superior height and range, manages to put a headlock on Maggie. She tries to take her down but her arms are so soft that she can't get a firm hold and Maggie slips out. Then the shorter, red-headed lady tries to catch her opponent in a reverse bear hug. Her arms are almost too short to go around Lisa's ample waist. She manages to join hands, though. Then she squeezes all she can. Lisa emits a deep sigh as air is going out of her lung. She grabs Maggies wrist and tries to take them apart. She succeeds because Maggie's arms are not long enough to take a good grip and she has almost exhausted herself in the attempt to hug her opponents voluminous body. Then, tossing her hips as quick as she can, Lisa sends her buttocks into Maggie's thick midsection, hitting it with a soft noise. Fat quivers and shakes like as much jelly as Maggie lets go a "oof!" and backs off by a few feet.
    Lisa is still holding her wrist, though, and tries not to lose her grip. That proves to be her undoing as Maggie reverses the hold and, snatching Lisa's wrist, gets her in a standing surfboard.
    Lisa then tries to muscle out of the hold. Her flabby arms are shaking, masses of flesh being tossed about under her biceps. Her face twists in a grin but she shows that she is definitely stronger than Maggie as she irresistibly moves her arms and shoulders forward. Maggie tries to reverse the move by putting her feet on Lisa's back but she can't raise her leg high enough. She then kicks the back of Lisa's left knee. Her leg giving way, the big blonde falls on her left knee. Maggie then can pull her arms back again in that surfboard position. She then manages to put her knee on Lisa's lower back, getting a better hold, and a more painful one.

    Lisa again tries to muscle it out but, in that position, she can't do it. It looks like she might have to give up. But then, both ladies are sweating rivers and Lisa's wrists are getting slippery. Maggie as some trouble keeping her balance in that position, standing mostly on one leg. Lisa is not giving up and still trying to pull her arms forward, using all her weight. Slowly, she is pulling her opponent forward. Maggie, not wanting to fall face first, tries to pull in the other direction. Then, her hands slips on Lisa's sweaty wrists. She loses her grip and her momentum takes her backward. She falls and lands on the middle rope, while Lisa falls face first, landing on her ample breast.

    The fall has knocked the air out of Lisa but Maggies, sitting on the middle rope, is struggling not to fall through the ropes, on the carpeted floor outside. She grabs the top ropes and struggles to pull her 264 pounds back in the ring, which is demanding all the strength she has in her flabby arms. Lisa has rolled on her right side and, seeing her opponent in trouble, works to get herself up again. But she is out of breath and has difficulty mustering enough power to lift her 301 pounds back on her feet. She is still on hands and knees, blowing and puffing, when Maggie succeeds in getting herself back in the ring, out of danger of falling out. But the swing of the ropes makes her loses her balance again and she falls on her knees. She manages to get up quicker than Lisa though.

    When Lisa straightens up, Maggie charges her and sends her a left punch to the belly. Spectators can clearly see the shockwaves going through Lisa's flab as she doubles over with a deep sigh. Then Maggie cups her chubby hands together and, raising her arms above her head, prepares to hit Lisa's large back with both her hands. But before she can complete the move, the big blond makes one step forward and sends a head-butt deep into Maggie's mellow, fat belly. Once again, shockwaves runs through both their flesh as those two bulks collides. Maggie backs off a few steps, doubling over. Her big buttock hits the ropes once again but she doesn't fall. She redresses, panting, her back against the ropes. Lisa walks towards her and goes for a right fist to the face. She was a bit out of range and the punch doesn't do much damage, so she goes for a left. Maggie protects herself by raising her arms and Lisa's fist makes a flabby noise when hitting the soft flesh of Maggie's upper arms.

    The red-head then moves sideway, avoiding getting trapped between the ropes and her opponents.

    Then, both girls, blowing and puffing, starts exchanging clumsy punches to the face, the breast and the shoulders, in a great display of jolting flesh. Their chubby fists leave red marks on their white skins. Lisa gets the better of it, thanks to her superior height and range. Maggie backs off. With her right hands, she sweeps some of the sweat that rolled from her soaked hairs into her eyes.

    Then they stand still for a moment, trying to get their breath back. Maggie's face is of an almost scarlet color and she looks like she is about to faint. Her ample bosom is moving up and down as she breathes as hard as a steam engine. Lisa's bikini allows us to see the film of gleaming sweat that covers her whole body, drops rolling downhill on this mountain of white flesh.

    Though obviously running low on gas, both girls go at it again and march towards each other. Maggie goes for and armlock on Lisa. For a few seconds, their faces become even reddier as they try to outpower each other. Once again, Lisa proves to be the stronger of the two and gets out of the hold. Then, both opponents cross finger and engage in a test of strength. Not very smart on Maggie's part because Lisa slowly but irresistibly, overpowers her. Maggie slowly sinks on one knee, grinning.

    Then Lisa kicks her to her fat belly. She doubles over with a deep sigh. Lisa lets go her opponent’s hands and grabs her by the hair. The big blonde then starts slapping her in the face.

    Maggie then reacts by grabbing one of Lisa's big legs, wrapping her arm around the lower thigh, and pushes on it with all her weight. The blonde loses her balance, staggers on one foot for a second, and fall heavily on the mat, flat on her back with a heavy noise. A painful "Oooomph!" blows from her mouth as the air is suddenly expelled from her lungs. She stays there for a moment, eyes full off tears, trying to breathe, arms and legs spread in a "X" position, obviously dizzy.

    Maggie then tries to get back on her feet. But she is exhausted too and her arms and legs fail to lift her 264 pounds of fat in a standing position. On hands and knees, she tries to recover. Then she straightens and, walking on her knees comes nearer to Lisa. The blonde is recovering slowly but sees her coming. She lifts both her knees towards her belly and, with a kicking move, sends both her feet deep into Maggie’s fleshy paunch.

    The red-head doubles over with a hiss, her face becomes purple, then pales and she falls on her right side, then on her back. Her eyes are still open but she is near unconscious.

    The move has taken its toll on Lisa too, finishing to exhaust her. Both girls are lying down like as a couple beached whales, breathing heavily, their white skins beaming with sweat and their mountains of soft flesh staying motionless. Lisa then tries to get up. She moves her arms and tries to roll on one side. At first, she fails, her weight keeping her down. At the third attempt, she succeeds. She stays on one side for a moment, taking her breath. Then she gets on hands and knees. Maggie is regaining some conscience too and tries to get up, but she has no gas left and can't do anything but agitate her mass with some spasm-like movements.

    Grinning with effort, Lisa succeeds in lifting her 301 pounds on her staggering legs.
    She then walks towards Maggie who, like a turtle, can't seem to get off her position, lying on her back and feebly moving arms and legs. It seems her gigantic belly and breast are crushing her lungs, making it hard for her to breathe. Her black and pink swimsuit looks like a pillow full of jelly.
    Then, Lisa lifts one leg and, putting all her weight behind the move, stomps Maggie's belly. Lisa's foot almost disappears in that mass of soft flesh, sending waves through all the fat that covers the lying body. Maggie squeaks in pain and she tries to grab her padded stomach with her hands. Having no force left, she stays on her back.

    Then Lisa places her feet on both sides of Maggie's face, standing over her like a towering mountain of snow-white quivering flesh. The blonde bends her knees and let herself go down, sitting on her opponent's chest, making a mellow sound as fat falls on fat. She goes for a schoolgirl pin, her thighs and legs weighing on Maggie's weak shoulder as her enormous buttocks sits on her opponents equally big and flabby breast. Lisa's 301 pounds finishes squashing the air out of Maggie's lungs. Maggie is only making feeble attempts at moving her opponent's off her. Futile attempts as she obviously can't budge that 301 pounds of flesh. Lisa twists her buttocks forward and changes the schoolgirl for a facesit. Maggie's head disappears under the mountain of flesh sitting on it. Her short, chubby legs, briefly kick the air and then, becomes limp. That's it.

    The referee comes in and counts 1, 2, 3.

    Lisa raises her arms as the crowd cheers. With difficulty, she gets off Maggie and grabs her swimsuits straps, trying to strip her. Maggie is not defending herself at all but Lisa just can't lift her high enough to pass the straps over her arms and get the swimsuit off. She has too much difficulty breathing, doubled over like this. She pulls the straps, then tries to lift Maggie's enormous body. Lisa gives up and walks towards her corner. The crowd is a bit disappointed but Lisa has spent all the energy she had in her obese body.
    I take the microphone and say :

    -Your winner, Lisa !"

    The winner looks actually completely wiped out. She leans on the turnbuckles for a while before going through the ropes and leaving the ring. She wobbles towards the locker room. Maggie is still breathing but that's about all she does.

    Well, the crowd seems happy. I'll have to thank Jerry again.

    Maggie is slowly starting to move.

    Things will soon be ready for the next match.

    The End

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    Altho most BBW's aren't THAT out of shape, it was well done and entertaining. Looking forward to the next match.

    BTW: if you don't have them planed already, how about a mother/daughter match? Maybe both are overly endowed sluts that foundout they're dating the same guy?


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    Well, since I like the curvy women myself, I have to admit you're right about BBWs not being necessarily in such a poor physical shape, but, since I wanted a BBW match, I felt I had to make it as "BBWish" as I could. Meaning that a fight between two big chick in good condition would be more or less like a fight between two smaller ones. At least when it comes to telling the story.
    so I took as inspiration two women I saw on a "BBW bash" site. Really fat ones.

    As for your idea of a mother/daughter fight I keep in mind, though I am right now working on a story requested to me, on another board by a guy who fantasized about seeing his 54yres-old mother being trashed by... a wrestling diva.

    I might post it on this board as well.

    The Masked Writer.

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    Well, I do write stories on request, though not necesserally all requests I get but more than just a few ones.
    so I am interested to read some descriptions of the women you are talking about.

    The Masked Writer

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    Good story, I like to read about BBW's in either in either a catfight or NHB wrestling match. I have a cousin that is a thick to BBW and my MIL is a BBW, I have pic's and would love to read about them in a story. Write me if you interested. Cheers ! T

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    Masked Writer, where should I send my pic's, with stats and background information on the women to be feetured in a catfight story ? [img]cool.gif[/img]

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    Members do not see advertisements
    BBW's in the ring
    Well, i never worked with pictures so they are not really necessary.

    As for the description, you can simply post them on this topic.

    wht I aske for, usually is :

    The first name of the woman (doesn't have to be her real nam, of course...)
    Hair color, eye color, age, height weight.
    Description of some features such as : if she is fat, or skinny, big breasted, flat, muscular, fit flabby etc.

    Some things about her temper : is she fiery, a coward, a whimp, is she tough and so on.

    Once I have this I might ask some questions if I need some precision.

    And I take it from there.

    But as I said, I make no promises.

    The Masked Writer


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