The Start;

OK, this has always been a strong fetish for me. Impossible

to get over it seems. But so are all fetishes? Like the account below

I'm not into women boxing or the vicious girl fight clips you see

all too often on "you tube"

To the action

OK, my two cousins, were suffice to say in their late teens, me about 14.

Experience happened in the mid 80's, and of course they were in sexy little mid length
party dresses, both blue. Both in pantyhose.

What I recall is going to the can, and hearing them argue at the rear exit of the Hall.

Well guess what?, off they go to the back dark area of the property and I sneak along.

They argue in hushed voices to not attract anymore attention than they have to.

It's nearly pitch black, except for the back lane light, covering the area of the dirt

lane they were arguing on. Well from my dark vantage view, I could see

a push a slap, then grunt grunt they fell down and started wrestling. Nylnos ground and dress were up over their asses, as they rolled all over the place collecting dirt and leaves

I didn't get too excited until they tangled up...
these two were both only about five one and weighed in at 90 pounds each.

Their catfight assembly was more of a ball, with limbs wrapped around one another tightly

with a great deal of frenzied rolling. Lots of cusing tearing and squealing.

They rolled towards me and that's when it really happend for me. First and last
time without friction. The sight of them all locked, tattered pantyhose and
muffled grunts from their entangled mat of hair, did it.

Everything about them seemed tied up, clothing legs arms, and especially long hair.

The close up view of their long hair, red and brown, tangled into one another, was
the sexiest site for me. Ever since then, long windy hair really does it for me.

Well an Uncle or two quickly pulled the two apart, this too was not only sexy but

funny to watch. They simply did not want to let go, and even entangled hair and cloth
yanked them back momentarily.

Funny thing is I hated those two uncles from that point on. Other experinces

too, just have NOT done it for me.