Joanne and Frank had just gotten home from a cocktail party and were getting ready for bed. Joanne was stomping around the bedroom, clearly agitated.

“Joanne… let it go!”

“I can’t … the way the bitch was flirting with you… with me right there. It just makes my blood boil.”

“You and Melissa used to be good friends… what the hell happened?”

“You know what happened. After Chuck died, she lost her fucking mind. She started talking about being free for the first time in her life. Her parents are dead and the kids are all grown and gone, so with Chuck gone she’s totally free. No one around to keep her from doing stupid things… like flirting with her best friend’s husband. Well…ex-best friend.”

Joanne continued getting ready for bed. She was deciding what to wear to bed when she suddenly stopped and looked over at Frank. Would he ever…? No… not Frank. But instead of grabbing her usual frumpy nightgown, she grabbed a sexy little negligee and headed for the bathroom.

When she emerged, Frank had turned down the bed and wearing just a pair of pajama bottoms was getting ready to climb in. He looked up at his wife and did a double take.

“Oh yes baby… I was hoping you’d … I mean… um… you look great babe.”

Gliding across the room, Joanne wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed… a long, passionate kiss. Half way through they slid onto the bed and rolled from side to side. Finally coming up for air, Frank began kissing his way down her neck, heading for her expansive breasts. Totally natural, which was something of a rarity in their neighborhood; Joanne’s breasts were firm, delectable DD-cup mounds of fun, which Frank never tired of worshiping. Actually, Joanne had a very respectable shape. Even after raising four children she was one hundred thirty five pounds of energetic sex appeal on a 38DD-30-37 chassis and standing 5’ 7”. She spent enough time in the gym to keep herself tight and firm, with out becoming a gym rat.

Laying back and moaning, Joanne reveled in the sensations her husband was imparting on her. Looking down she watched as her man pulled her negligee down enough to get his lips onto her hardening nipples, to lick and suck. Rubbing his head and playing with his hair, Joanne urged him on. Then…

“Um… Frank?


“Um… have you ever… um… I mean Melissa was really been coming on to you lately. Have you ever thought…? I mean she is a beautiful woman, with a great body and dynamite boobs. Have you ever fantasized about… I mean it would be perfectly normal…”

Looking up Frank said “Jo… are you asking me if I fantasize about sleeping with Melissa?”

“Um… well yes… I mean you are a very virile man… it would be quite normal…”

Stopping her Frank said “Jo… I don’t fantasize about sleeping with other women. Every woman I WOULD fantasize about, I already sleep with… nightly. And sometimes, when she’s not asking dumb questions, I get to do more than sleep with the woman I sleep with.”

Smiling Jo kissed him again then said “So you don’t fantasize about other woman?”

“Um… well…”

“Oh I knew it… spit it out. You do fantasize about other women.”

“I said I don’t fantasize about SLEEPING with other women, not that I don’t fantasize at all. I… um… do… a little.”

“So what do you fantasize about?”

“Um… well… about you.”


“Yes… about you… and other women.”

“What? You fantasize about me with other women? Having sex… with other women?”

“Well kind of. I… um…. Well I fantasize about you fighting other women.”


“Yes… sometimes it’s a catfight, sometimes a tit fight and but mostly it’s a sex fight.”

“How come you’ve never mentioned this before?”

“Well… it’s never come up before. And beside’s, I figured you might think… well… you might think I’m perverted or something.”

“Yes… I can believe that. Well it is kind of perverted… but now that you say it… it is kind of erotic… kinky, but sexy. My rolling around with some blousy bitch like Melissa… ripping her clothes off to get at her boobs… than mauling her till she gives up. Making the slut eat me… worship at my all natural hooters.”

Panting a little and nuzzling her neck, Frank gasped out “Exactly.”

Kissing some more, Jo slid a hand into Franks PJ’s and grabbed the object of her desire. Some how it felt larger than normal… kind of pumped up. Oh…

“Would you like me to tell you what I’d do to your girlfriend Melissa if I ever got her in bed?”

“Oh god yes….”

For the next hour Joanne described in delicious detail how she would strip her former friend; maul her manmade breasts; rub her pussy till she came on herself; suck her nipples till they were full and hard, then bite them till they bled; and finally force the bitch to eat Joanne’s pussy over and over.

Frank came four times during the hour, and truth-be-known, Joanne came three times herself. She found she really got into the role play of her fighting Melissa. Finally they were both sated, exhausted, laid out on the bed.

“Um… Frank… would you really like to see me and Melissa go at it? I mean in real life?”

“That’s a tough question to answer. Would I like to see TWO women do that to each other? Absolutely. Would I like to see you do that to Melissa? Better believe it. But would I want you to really take on Melissa? Definitely NO. See we control a fantasy or role play. In real life it might be you on the bottom… getting mauled… being forced to cum on herself… being forced to eat Melissa’s pussy. In other words… you might lose. And that I would not wish on you.”

“Gee thanks… I mean I’m not sure if I should be flattered for your putting my well being before your fantasy or be insulted that you don’t think I could take Melissa.”

“Oh I’m pretty sure you could take her… but what if…?”

“Yeah… I see what you mean.”

Over the next several weeks Joanne used Frank’s fantasy to arouse him to heights he had never reached before, and to arouse herself damn near as much. She was enjoying it almost as much as Frank. At first it was her versus Melissa… sexfights… titfights… and on one exceptional night, an all out catfight, where Joanne slapped the shit out of her nemesis, pulled her hair, scratched her tits and punched her pussy till she was begging Joanne to stop.

After that, Joanne began pitting herself against other women in their social group. When ever they went to a cocktail party, barbeque, dinner party or especially a pool party, Joanne would pick a likely opponent then get face to face with the woman, which also made them tit to tit, so Frank could compare them. Then that night they would ‘discuss’ the ensuing fight. Of course Joanne never lost.

They started looking for material on the web, and found quite a bit. Stories, pictures, movies… there was a plethora of sexual and sensual material for their viewing delight. Sex was so good and so energetic, that Joanne started getting worried about Frank having a heart attack, but evidently the exercise was good for him. His stamina improved; both his regular physical stamina and his ‘sexual’ stamina. Joanne was regularly getting him to cum three and four times a night, and she was cumming just as much.

Joanne began selecting opponents from the ranks of the porn stars they were seeing on the web and movies. Sex was incredible, better than it had ever been in thirty years of marriage.

But under it all… deep in the back of Joanne’s head, was a nagging question. Could she take Melissa? Did she really want to risk it? If Frank was present, and she wouldn’t even think of doing it with out Frank being there, and she lost, Melissa would undoubtedly fuck the shit out of Frank. Could she take that? Would her marriage survive? Thinking about, pondering it, going over it in her mind time after time, Joanne finally decided the answer was yes to all questions. Now… did she really want to do it?

There were two things urging her into doing it. One was the sexual thrill of the fight, win or lose. Winning, and then using and abusing Melissa would be icing on the cake. The second thing was fucking Melissa thinking she could try to seduce Joanne’s husband without Joanne doing anything. It pissed Joanne off to no end that Melissa obviously thought Joanne was such a wimp that she’d just let Melissa come on to Frank. Melissa continued to flirt with Frank at every opportunity, getting more and more brazen each time. At one pool party, Joanne could have sworn that Melissa was about to pull her bikini top off to entice Frank with her boobs, when Joanne walked up and Melissa hastily adjusted her top. Well Joanne would show that bitch a thing or two. Joanne decided that the next time Melissa came on to Frank, Joanne was going to slap the sluts face. We’ll see who the wimp is then.

Joanne didn’t mention her plan to Frank, mostly because she was half afraid he would try to talk her out of it… and half afraid he wouldn’t. But also she wanted the fulfillment of Frank’s fantasy to be a surprise. She meant this to be a fight he would remember for the rest of his life.

After Joanne had made her decision, the tough part was the waiting. Unbelievably, Melissa was no where to be found. They went to party after party… no Melissa. It was like Melissa had read Joanne’s mind and was intentionally lying low. Was that possible? Well not the mind reading, but had Joanne really come to this decision subconsciously some time before and some how used body language to warn Melissa off. Would Melissa be warned off? Joanne doubted it. So something else must be going on.

Sure enough, Melissa finally turned up. She had been visiting her sister in California for three weeks. Wait a minute… Melissa’s sister was as straight laced as they come… shit… she’s even married to a Methodist Minister or something. Melissa probably had to behave herself the entire time she was there, which meant that she was probably horny as hell.

The next party was a pool party, and when Joanne and Frank got there, it was astoundingly obvious that Melissa was there and exactly where she was. The big group of men, both husbands and older sons, was a dead give-a-way. Joanne and Frank greeted their hosts, got some drinks and began wandering around. Both were in bathing suits with a cover, an unbuttoned shirt for Frank and a lacy see through coverup for Joanne. Joanne’s bikini was slightly risqué but nothing that was going to start rumors.

Joanne left Frank talking to one of his buddies to go gossip with some of her friends. It wasn’t long before Melissa saw that Joanne was not with Frank. She adroitly lost the crowd around her and made her way over to Frank. His buddy had left and Frank was standing alone drinking. Melissa came up behind him, and putting her hands up his shirt began rubbing and massaging his back.

“Guess who?”

Frank sighed and said “Hello Melissa… you really shouldn’t do that… Joanne will be pissed.”

Coming around to face Frank, she began running her hands up and down his chest. “Is this better? Besides who cares what your wimp wife thinks. What’s she going to do… yell at me? Big freaking deal.” Frank pushed her back by the shoulders then gawked as he took in the site of Melissa clad in a string bikini with a diaphanous coverup. The bikini barely covered her 38DDD-28-36 figure and left very little to the imagination.

A hand grabbed Melissa’s arm and spun her around. “No… I’m not going to yell at you.” Joanne slapped Melissa across the face, sending the flirting blonde stumbling back to bump into Frank. Joanne stepped forward menacingly and Melissa found herself trapped between Frank and Joanne. Joanne pressed her breasts into Melissa’s rack. Between the look on Joanne’s face and her boobs pressing into Melissa’s boobs… well let’s say Melissa choose flight over fight.

Melissa slid out from between Joanne and Frank, and slowly backed away, rubbing her cheek. Realizing that everyone must be watching, she suddenly straightened up and said “Well… that was totally unnecessary. I’d teach you a lesson but I refuse to lower myself to the gutter with you.”

Spinning around, Melissa made as dignified an exit as she could. With her departure, the silence that had descended with the slap was suddenly broken and everyone began gossiping. Friends rushed forward to praise Joanne, voicing their approval and congratulating her on getting rid of what everyone considered a danger to their marriages. No one likes a single woman in the land of the couples. Especially a single woman who isn’t so much looking for a husband, as she is looking for sex.

As soon as the accolades began to subside, Joanne pulled Frank toward the exit, urging him toward the car. Getting in, Frank was puzzled by the sudden departure.

“What’s up babe? You hurt your hand or something?”

“NO… no my hand is fine… I’m just hotter that a $3 pistol right now. God… slapping that bitch was so good… I just want to fuck your balls off right now.”

Frank had the car started and was speeding for home before Joanne could take another breath. She reached over to massage his cock, only to find it already primed and ready. Frank almost hit a tree when she grabbed him and only his utmost concentration kept the car on the road as Joanne lowered her head to his lap.

Fortunately their house was close. They were able to get home before they had an accident and before Frank came in Joanne’s mouth. They pulled into the driveway, bolted from the car and ran to the back door. Hustling across the house, they were half way up the stairs when the front door bell rang.

“Shit… fuck… god damn it. Babe… go on up and get ready. I’ll get rid of whomever is at the door.”

Frank stumbled back down the stairs and yanked open the front door.

“Yeah… what do you wan….” Frank found himself again gazing upon the magnificent figure of Melissa. She stood 5’ 6”, was one hundred and twenty pounds of blond sexual energy, and sported a glorious 38DDD-28-36 figure. The boobs were artificial as was the hair color but men don’t care about that shit. Tits were tits, whether God made them or the local surgeon.

Grabbing Frank, Melissa pulled him to her and kissed him passionately. Pressing against him she could feel his erect cock against her belly. As they kissed, she slipped a hand into his trunks and massaged his cock, gratified at the size, both length and girth.

Finally breaking the kiss Melissa breathlessly said “We’ll finish this later… where is she?”

Gulping, Frank mumbled “Upstairs… bedroom.”

Melissa climbed the stairs and after a brief moment, Frank hurriedly followed. Melissa walked into the bedroom to find Joanne laid out on the bed, nude.

“Oh good… you’re ready for me.”

Sitting up abruptly Joanne said “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Fuck is exactly right… but first fight, then fuck.”

Climbing up to her knees, Joanne growled “Sounds right to me!”

Looking over at Frank and grinning, Melissa reached behind her neck and untied the knot holding up her top. Letting the top drop, she extended her arms out to the side and shook her boobs at Frank, laughing when he licked his lips, staring at her bodacious mams. She quickly untied the rest of the knots and climbed nude onto the bed.

“Bitch, I am going to fuck you up. I’m going to make you cum so much you won’t want to fuck for a week.”

“Oh, you want to do this as a sex fight? Fine with me… I’ll show you and Frank how much better a woman I am than you.”

Grabbing each other, the two slammed their breasts into each other and begin grinding. Back and forth, up and down, the two ground their breasts together. Nipples flicking off nipples the two stimulated each other. Being face to face it seemed natural to kiss, lips grinding into lips, tongues dueling between open lips. Melissa grabbed Joanne’s ass and pulled her in tight. Their bellies met and hairy bush became tangled with hairy bush.

Melissa slipped a hand between them and cupped Joanne’s pussy, bringing a gasp from the wife. Melissa ground her boobs into Joanne as she rubbed the wife’s pussy. Joanne had already been three quarter aroused and now found that she must be highly bi-sexual also because her arousal shot up as soon as Melissa touched her. Moaning and panting, Joanne did nothing to stop Melissa from grinding their tits together and rubbing her pussy. When Melissa slipped in a finger and began finger-fucking Joanne, the wife slid back onto the bed and spread her legs. She was totally defenseless and really, really into this. Melissa followed Joanne down to the bed, finger still pumping into Joanne’s pussy. Melissa put her lips to Joanne’s left nipple, licking and sucking. Joanne gasped, then pushed her tit up into Melissa’s mouth.

Joanne began rocking her hips up into Melissa’s penetrating digit, trying to get her deeper into Joanne’s pussy. Grabbing the back of Melissa’s head, Joanne urged her rival to suck and lick at her nipple. Joanne began panting and gasping, then a long “Ahhhhhhh” come out, signaling to Frank that Joanne was cumming.

Melissa sucked and fingered Joanne right through her orgasm, then mounted her adversary and began mauling Joanne's ample rack. Squeezing and twisting, Melissa took Joanne from the peak of pleasure to the depths of pain in seconds. Joanne yelped and grabbed at Melissa's wrists trying to pull the blonde MILF off her boobs. For several minutes the two struggled, Melissa attempting to wreck Joanne’s full natural tits, and Joanne trying to get Melissa off her. Succumbing to the pain, Joanne’s arm fell back to the bed and she laid and cried as Melissa mauled, squeezed and twisted Joanne’s boobs. Joanne looked up and saw the malevolence in Melissa’s eyes, saw the glee she was taking in destroying her former friend’s breasts. Squeezing her eyes closed to shut out the site of Melissa above her, Joanne was terrorized by fear of what would be left of her once beautiful boobs.

Melissa glared down at her pathetic rival. She’d show this slut who was boss and show Frank who was the better woman at the same time. Grasping Joanne’s left breast, Melissa squeezed hard to tighten the skin, then began scratching a big ‘M’ into the top of Joanne’s boob. Joanne’s eyes popped open and she screamed. Anger (or possibly adrenaline) pumped through her. Melissa’s boobs were hanging in Joanne’s face and she lunged for them.

As soon as Joanne dug into Melissa's tit's the other blond gasped and began to scream. She immediately released Joanne’s tit and leaned back, arms and hands quivering, gasping and crying out as Joanne mauled her cones. Either Joanne had much stronger hands than Melissa or Melissa's boobs were much more sensitive... possibly a combination of the two.

Melissa cried and withered in Joanne's grasp then slid off to the side and thrashed on the bed as Joanne continued to maul her boobs. Finally, Melissa was able to get a leg up, planted her foot in Joanne's belly and pushed the two of them apart. Melissa's tits stretched painfully as Joanne's fingers slid down the length of her boobs, then popped off, snapping Melissa's tits back to her chest.

Melissa pushed her self right off the side of the bed and she thumped down to the floor. Joanne went right after her, reaching down and pulling on Melissa's hair, dragging the wanna be husband fucker back onto the bed.

Wanting to repay the earlier mauling, Joanne grabbed Melissa’s tits and slung a wildly wailing Melissa from side to side. Joanne dug in with her nails and blood began to ooze down Melissa’s tata’s. Joanne threw Melissa onto her back and savagely dug into her boobs, ravaging and mauling. Melissa couldn’t believe the pain as she withered on the bed, pushing on Joanne, trying to grab, tug, push or shove anything she could get a hand on to get the demented wife off her.

Wilting from the pain, Melissa collapsed back onto the bed wailing, as Joanne did all she could to destroy Melissa’s man made jugs. Finally satisfied at the damage she had delivered to the bitches tits, Joanne sat up on Melissa's belly, and slapped her face... repeatedly. Back and forth... left, right... over and over Joanne slapped the bottle blondes face till her cheeks were a bright red and she was crying profusely. Joanne stopped and looked over at Frank.

"Want to see her cum?"

Shuddering Frank stammered our "Y...yeah!"

Joanne began playing with Melissa's nipples... tweaking, rubbing, and pulling. Quickly, Melissa's teats began to harden, getting rigid and full. Joanne played with her till she had them as hard as she thought she could get them, then slid forward till her pussy was over Melissa's boob. Joanne began rubbing Melissa's nipple on Joanne's pussy, over her lips, into her gash, rubbing up on her clit. Joanne began panting and Melissa was clearly stimulated also, head back on the bed, rocking from side to side and moaning. Suddenly Joanne reached back and began rubbing Melissa's pussy, playing with the outside, rubbing up and down, then slipping a finger in and fucking the bitch. Melissa had gasped when Joanne grabbed her cunt, then groaned loudly when Joanne slipped her finger in. In fairly short order, Melissa was cumming on Joanne's hand.

Joanne went back to using Melissa's nipple on her pussy and after a couple of minutes dumped her own juices onto Melissa's tit. Sighing, Joanne slid back and laid on the bed, side by side with Melissa but head to toe. Quickly recovering (thanks to her work outs with Frank), Joanne slid her leg under Melissa's and forked her, rubbing their pussies together and bringing a gasp and moans from both women.

Joanne began tribbing the blonde homewrecker, rubbing her pussy into Melissa's. The two laid back on the bed. Joanne propped herself up on her elbows so she could look down her body at Melissa... watch the other woman's breasts dance on her chest as Joanne banged and pounded her pussy... watch Melissa's head roll from side to side as she moaned and gasped, reveling in the fucking she was getting. Joanne turned her body a little and her engorged clit made contact with Melissa's. Joanne was ready for it but Melissa was caught by surprise... caught by the sensations pulsing into her pussy... cunt lips kissing cunt lips... clits dueling... rubbing and flicking off each other. Melissa wailed and unable to hold it off came again. Joanne rode her through her orgasm then quickly disengaged, pulling her pussy away. She had almost cum herself with that one.

Swinging around Joanne planted her lips on Melissa's nipple and began worshiping at Melissa's tits. Joanne's other hand rubbed Melissa, belly, down to her thighs, into the inner thigh then up to her pussy. Joanne switched tits and sucked hard, putting all four fingers into Melissa's cunt as she did. Melissa cried out as Joanne slid her hand into Melissa's pussy and began pumping. Melissa withered on the bed as Joanne again fucked her, pumping all four fingers in and out, going in as deep as she could. Melissa was so wet she didn't even feel it when Joanne added her thumb and pushed her whole hand into Melissa's cunt... well not at first anyway. But when Joanne went in deeper, Melissa suddenly realized that Joanne was now fisting her pussy.

Melissa cried and thrashed, begging Joanne to take her fist out. Joanne laughed and pounded in deeper and deeper with each stroke. Melissa spread her legs wider to try to take the fucking easier but Joanne was deeper into her than anyone had ever been. Joanne hit her with a particularly hard punch and Melissa screamed, begging Joanne to stop... telling her that Joanna was destroying her pussy... telling Joanne she was the better woman... screaming that she gave up... begging Joanne to allow Melissa to eat her pussy.

Joanne, stopped her pumping but left her fist deep in Melissa's cunt.

"Now then... I'm not going to have any more trouble from you am I?"

"NO...NO... please Joanne... no more... please... I'll never bother Frank again."

"And any time I call, you're going to come running right over here to eat my pussy... right?"

"Yes Joanne... yes... I'll eat your pussy anytime you say... please... please no more."

Slowly Joanne pulled her fist from Melissa's pussy. Melissa wailed and cried all the while, then when Joanne was out, Melissa tried to roll over onto her side away from her conqueror. Joanne pulled her back and sat on her belly.

"OH... and I hope you like sucking cock too, because Frank needs it right now." Motioning him over, Joanne grabs his incredibly hard cock and guides it to Melissa's lips. Melissa reluctantly opens up and Joanne slides Franks prick into her mouth then grabbing his ass, pushes him deep into her maw and gets him pumping. He is so over stimulated that it only takes four strokes and he is cumming down Melissa's throat.

Frank pulls out and stands next to the bed watching as Joanne grabs Melissa's left tit, squeezes it to make the skin tight, then uses her thumb nail to scratch a big J into the top of Melissa's boob. Switching to the other tit, Joanne again squeezes the tit, this time tightening the skin of the aureola and nipple, puts her thumb nail on the end of the teat, and pushes straight in, splitting the nipple. Melissa has been looking down, watching this whole process and wails as Joanne splits her nipple. Finally satisfied, Joanne rolls off to lay on the bed next to a sobbing Melissa.

"You can get the fuck out of here now. Next time you're over, you'll have to tell us how your visit to the Emergency Room goes. I can't wait to hear the reaction of the doctors when you tell them how you got beat up, fucked and had your nipple destroyed by the wife of the man you tried to steal. Now get out."