MWU 66 Let Me Wrestle! - Coco vs. DJ
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MWU Videos had a day of tryouts tor new ladies to appear in videos. One lady arrived after the tryouts were over. She was a beautiful ebony model named Coco. At 6 ft. tall and 150 Ibs. she thought she had what it took to wrestle. DJ, owner of MWU Videos, told her the bad news that the tryouts were closed and besides since she was a model she'd be too dainty for wrestling anyway. Coco was angered by DJ's remarks and said if she was given a chance she could prove that she could wrestle. DJ grew impatient and demanded that she leave the premises or else. Coco got impatient and while still wearing her dress grabbed DJ and threw him to the floor! They then started wrestling and even though she was wearing a dress Coco was whipping his ass! Eventually DJ agreed that they should both wrestle in proper wrestling attire and then we'd find out if she was indeed good enough to wrestle for MWU Videos. Coco changed into a hot bikini and then they went at it again. Would she be good enough to wrestle for MWU Videos?

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