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    soul philosophy (analytic treatise)

    Genesis 2:17 “But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you must not eat of it”
    Ego; ( synonyms), “I, Self, Vanity, conceit, self Importance, Narcissism
    Genesis 3:10 “I was afraid, because I was naked and I hid myself”
    With original sin, Man first knew fear, and hid himself from God, creating a separation between himself and all creation, where before he was as one with all. Genesis 3;12 “ Then the man turns on the woman and says “The Woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit from the tree and so I ate”. Genesis 3:5, The Woman ate from the tree originally because she was beguiled by the serpent. Genesis 3:6, But as important “ It was something to be longed for, yes, the tree was desirable to look upon”( Desire is the most important thing to overcome in the Buddhist religion as it leads to all suffering, [(Desire generates suffering), (desire also, as for one to stop suffering),(Also the Eastern religions teach the destruction of the Ego)].
    So Man became defensive with original sin, and out of this defensiveness rose the Ego, whose job is to judge any and all threats, and for the first time, as the Ego is what it is, it gives out rejection. This is how the Soul was generated in Man, isolated into a solitary being or Soul, giving out rejection and acceptance. The Ego is the thing that separates us and keeps us apart. Egocentric as we all are, we are self centered, seeking our own happiness, (all blessings are of happiness), through a world which is based on the dialectical forces of acceptance and rejection.
    All happiness is generated by the process of the individual while in the act or dynamic process of “accepting”. We wear fashionable clothes, jewelry, make up, play acceptably with the groups we are with, defend our values and friends and families because these are the things we are in the act of accepting as we draw acceptance through them. The child hugs the teddy bear and gets happiness from it, she is in the act or dynamic process “of accepting” the teddy Bear, and happiness is generated in this dynamic process. It is the thought in our minds at any particular time that is accepted or rejected, giving us happiness or judgment and rationalization.
    When we naturally smile, or laugh at the pun of a joke, or give applause, we are in the dynamic process of accepting. The way God created our goodness as Soul’s is to get our highest happiness from love, which is generated at a higher level (of value), with respect. We find Love when we bring down the Ego walls, walls of defense created out of the fear of rejection, (which generates respect “with value”)(Love is actually a giving process, as bringing down defensive walls enables the outward giving process of dynamic love to emerge through the protective nature of the Souls isolating walls).
    We find happiness in service to the ones we Love, this is how God created us, to serve him in love and respect. Love has three attributes,(1) a certain depth of acceptance, with a(2) certain depth of knowledge, or understanding, and a, (3) certain depth of appreciation, or value. Fear (learned in original sin), gives a higher Love, as it leads to respect, (with a higher degree of value).
    As Socrates talked of the dichotomy between the self and the other than self, and as Aristotle and Plato explored each of these areas as each individually being the essence of the true reality. (the fact is, that the self is simply a subjective reality in the physical objective world of reality).
    The truth is that, with original sin, the Ego came into existence, and as it did, man was struck with the reality of and to judge the threat of rejection. As stated in the “Philosophy of the Soul” this knowledge led to an “US” vs. “THEM” mentality. With the generation of the Ego came the ability to reject, and as so, the job of the Ego is to become “objective” (seeing as objects), and judge, as whether or not to reject, or to accept.
    Of course one can judge “the self” in its intrinsic role of its judgment and ones own objectification, then one must say “the self” is subjective in its objectification and judgment, as it only possesses its subjective understanding or personal viewpoint with which to make its rational objectified judgment. This is the true nature of the relationship between objective and subjective, within the nature of ones soul, (also one can judge ones own self), objectifying and even rejecting ones self.
    Dialectically, “THEM” denotes a separation, (and even rejection) as judged by the Ego (in the action of moving the object away (distancing) from the defensive self), so also “US” denotes an acceptance (in the action of moving closer to the self), as the object has decidedly been judged by the self, (the degree to which something is accepted (with value) is marked to the degree it is defended). This US vs. THEM mentality is necessary because God is harvesting the souls off the earth, to become soldiers to one day travel the universe in a grand armada of armies of souls. (Lord of Hosts, Adonai of Armies), (unfortunately this characteristic has led to, wars, racism, sexism, but also to sports and games).
    It was stated by an early philosopher that the more permanent (unchanged), something is with time, the more real it is. This is true with the soul, (mind), and of the ideas in the understanding of reality which we have decided are true. (As everything is in motion ”time”)(and with learning, the mind and ideas ((change))). The longer an idea or concept remains unchanged in ones mind, then the more chance that it will reflect more of the truth in the nominal world of physical and true reality. In “The Philosophy of the Soul” the degree of the incorporation or acceptance of, (ideas, understandings, concepts, “US”, (Plato’s Forms))(TRUTH), into the inner matrix of ones soul, can be measured by the degree with which it will then be Defended, (against rejection).
    The word “Philosophy” means “Lovers of Wisdom”, but “the wise” are necessarily, always ready to reconsider or reevaluate, (objectively judge), anything, and everything, and decide to reject the misunderstood, and find the changing understanding of truth and reality. (they must understand that (as Souls), we are simply and truly subjective creatures and that the learning process continues with the reevaluation of our subjective viewpoint, rejecting what we have learned is not true and accepting those things we have decidedly learned, are of the truth and reality)( In the Bible God calls himself “the Grand Instructor”, and the lessons will continue throughout eternity)(Many lessons are to be learned from history) (Heaven is in essence an eternal learning University)(The change in ones understanding is called the learning process, and this reveals that since we are fundamentally subjective in viewpoint, it is therefore with this knowledge that we know that we cant be objectively “absolute” about any knowledge or lessons learned). Therefore the “wise” do not believe in “absolutes”, as they are always willing to reconsider, reexamine and reevaluate their errors in understanding truth and true reality.
    The existentialist says “I think therefore I am”, and says this is the proof for the existence of the self. A better argument may be; if the statement “there are no absolutes” is a true statement, then when this statement is applied to “the statement” itself, it logically cannot be self inclusive, as “the statement” in and of itself is necessarily an absolute statement. This can be interpreted that the one absolute is “the Self” or “the Soul” .
    All is art; (behold and dynamically accept). The most useful (pragmatic) form or relational formula is the Tao or dialectic, as it is the base natural structural relationship to everything living, spiritual, and of the physical universe. The teleological (Goal orientated), final state of the evolving soul, refined through eternity, is higher and higher happiness, as we fulfill the purpose for which God created for us, to explore, and discover understanding, as we ultimately travel the universe, in a grand armada of souls under an All powerful God who’s nature is full of loving kindness, ruling over us, in love, kindness, (justice to make safety), and righteousness, (right judgment). As we desire to please our God, this desire will become our will, or driving force, and will in its satisfaction, it will bring us pleasure and happiness.
    The more we please our God, the more we will come to love and accept ourselves, (self actualization),as the more we will lower our defensive walls, the more will emulate love from our inner souls, and the more we will become beings of higher and higher happiness. We must maintain the highest value, or respect for individual souls, as everyone and anyone, has an utmost important service to almighty God, and each and everyone, must be treated as the most beloved, by Almighty God himself, (as was Job and David).
    As the intellect is the servant of the will, instinct leads to intuition which in turn propagates the intellect, (as this is the process of inductive reasoning).
    We all have free will, which is simply bound by our happiness, and since we were created to get our highest happiness through love, our free will is necessarily bound and focused in love.
    The highest form of government is the 3 branch constitutional democracy, with the executive, legislative and judicial.
    I must tell you; that the Bible, is in essence, God telling the world about himself, and his relationship with his creation. You must understand that he has taught me, he is always ready to change his mind, and that the most important thing he wants from his creation is trust.
    I will now attempt, to describe, a symbol ; It should be drawn in the image of the symbol for the Tao; with one side labeled the body and the opposing side labeled the spirit; the spot representing the inner relation within the body is labeled the soul, whereas the spot within the spirit side, must be labeled the mind, now the circle is complete as on the half of the body side; on the drawn circle itself, needs to be drawn a large solid arrow, riding on the outer circle itself, this may be labeled, “God”, on the opposite side of the circle, there needs to be drawn a small single lined arrow, labeled “the self”,,, both arrows need to be pointed in a clock wards position. This symbol is pragmatically useful, as it shows that everyone has an important personal relationship with Almighty God, and that we are both body and spirit and mind and soul, which are all in dialectical relationships and of which is described with this described symbol.
    Causality is generated by the will, which is the initiator and generator of action. The will is generated by desire, to end the suffering for ourselves and the ones we love, as they have a desire, and so suffer with it. This is the root of compassion, and God is pleased to see it in his creation.
    The Sadist gets his happiness from others pain and suffering. This is what Satan and the demons are, and an unrepentant sadist just gets worse and worse until it becomes a monster of pure rejection and they have no fear of God. This is what God hates and he will destroy them in the lake of fire, Revelation 20:14.
    A more complete treatise which fulfills Isaiah 11, is found on the world wide internet at;

    Yours Truly; fcrusa13210

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    soul philosophy (analytic treatise)
    Originally posted by fr:

    The Sadist gets his happiness from others pain and suffering. This is what Satan and the demons are, and an unrepentant sadist just gets worse and worse until it becomes a monster of pure rejection and they have no fear of God.
    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">What about the massochist?

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