all this hype and focus on shark attacks, if people would just step back and look at the facts. majority of shark attacks (the very few there are!) happen mainly around australia or africa..why...because humans bait them! they bait sharks in for tourism and study, how long did people think it would take untill the shark started associating the humans they are seeing in the water with them to the food they baiting them with. there are more car accidents in a day then there are shark attacks in a decade!your more likely to get hit by lightning than you are eaten by a shark, but people still drive their cars and still go out in storms. the weather people cant controll but for some reason they take it as the lords message to kill or capture every shark in sight to make the waters "safe". while their at it maybe they should take out the box jelly or portugese man o war. sharks are the top of the food chain in the ocean, they balance the marine eco system, they are slow and low breeders and cant keep up with us slaughtering them. these creatures have been around LONG before us and will probably be here when we arent one day, we need to watch and study from afar and leave these amazing creatures be, they do not hunt us, they do not look for us and most of the time if not all of the time they dont mean to attack us. one of the most famous shark attack victims ever know is rodney fox and even he understands it was not a vendetta against humans, he is worldy known for promoting a deeper understanding of great whites. if i was diving and saw one i wouldnt be in the slightest worried, to understand is to appreciate, the sooner people get that the beter, i want these species around for my kids to see and respect the way i do. help promote an understanding instead of driving a fear.