who are the worlds top ten most powerful militaries?
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Thread: who are the worlds top ten most powerful militaries?

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    who are the worlds top ten most powerful militaries?
    my list looks like this...........

    1) America-the world's lone superpower and the global "police".

    2)Russia-though russia is just re-building due to it's swith to capitalism, its technology is some of the best in the world as is it's military

    3)china-the world's largest military and a giant economical force

    4)India- india is the most populous democracy on earth. it's population would completely overpower some of the smaller, more advanced nations.

    5)UK-a major diplomatic power in the world and it's close relationship with the USA gives the UK this title

    6)Japan- Japan's defensive force is probably the best in the world, aside from israels and its economy gives it immense control over itself and also gives this country the ability to form a very formidable military machine.

    7) Israel-the best defensive force in the world and a close relationship with the USA

    8)France-France, in my opinion, is a highly overrated nation on the world scale but it still deserves a spot in the top ten.

    The 9 and ten spots are difficult to assign but i would say these spots are between: Germany, Pakistan, Korea South, or egypt


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