Where is the Bloody Pics I sent you to post MG
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Thread: Where is the Bloody Pics I sent you to post MG

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    Where is the Bloody Pics I sent you to post MG
    yeah ha now i just need to make friends with a bounty hunter. thanks

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    What are you gonna charge if we get all the plate tempers MG.

    I'm not lvl 7 craft yet so i can't make it as of yet. HMM maybe I need to start back on the lvling grind...

    What I gather is 10 mil for the subs and recipie if someone comes up with the Tempers. So what would you charge clannies to make them one if they got all the subs and tempers together...

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    how many tempers do we need? i have 6 as of now.

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    i already have a bounty hunter friend!!! =D

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    you need 13 parts to make them.

    deal with b grade high end stuff is your better off making a deal with the level 55 warsmith .

    Making higher tier b grade items isn't a single players project, you need help and team work, because its so costly to make and the high chances of failure, b grade is actually probably the items that might separate crafters from non crafters.

    Because nonc rafters will gather and make c and below gear for their own uses leaving the craftsman out of the equation but with b failures and the high costs it might end up where most nonc rafters wont even want to take those failure risks.

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    Where is the Bloody Pics I sent you to post MG
    I have lots of Doom parts and lots of lubercate stuff and all this stuff i get from killing Doom Knights / trives all that stuff. If you needs some items let me know i'm a Mage and heavy armor isn't my need :0 if u got any good mage stuff please let me know i'm interested ^_^

    p.s. i need a high lvl spoil/sweep to lvl with so we can gather good items at the Gateway please PM me PimPinAintEaZy in the game thank you [img]smile.gif[/img]

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