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    -lvl 35 scout goin plainswalker at 40
    -play around 6 hrs a night on weekdays, sats and days off the sun usually comes up before i go to sleep
    -only other mmorpg ive played is diablo back in the day, didnt get very far, in lin2 so far most of my pvp has been bounties on people, and bot raids
    -im currently in Blackwatch, i wish to join primes, because my current clan is not active enough for my liking, theres never any grouping in high lvl spots, and the recruiting is way outta wack taking basicly whoever applies. i just havent found what i am looking for in my current clan
    -i see groups of primez in cruma and other places, tearin stuff up and killing as a clan, something i lack in my current clan
    -i personally am an agressive style character, im not afraid to engage in pvp or take beatings from mobs, i know my limits, and i also know when to buckle down and obey orders

    i hope yall will consider me as a member of yalls clan, i should be 40 by mid next week at latest

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