I PICARD !!! ( Star Trek Roleplaying Thread )
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Thread: I PICARD !!! ( Star Trek Roleplaying Thread )

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    I PICARD !!! ( Star Trek Roleplaying Thread )
    ...I Picard, am in my room aboard the Starship Enterprise. Listening to a old 17th century computer melody of classical piano sounds...

    In my skin-tight suit pants and baring my heavily muscled chest. I sat silently on my chair with a cup of hot Coca. In my deep thoughts i ponder at a nagging question on my mind since the disappearance of Riker... " Where has Riker gone? "

    Damn Ship's computer is so useless... It has so much power and compacity, yet it can't trace where someone went on a shuttle...

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    Picard: Q!

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    Picard:"Personal log stardate 64727.3: Im growing more and more worried, that I have made one of the biggest mistakes of my Starfleet career. Hiring that Giordi, he has basicly ruined every single project we have had aboard the Enterprice. I mean, how could we have let this guy running around the bridge, im only too glad we threw him into engeneering, and had this Holographic Illusory Projectory of a Core Ship Control Pad, mounted into engeneering, so that Giordi felt he was doing something. We couldnt get rid of him, even though we have tried on several occasions.

    Finaly we have gotten rid of him, but ofcause he had to drag my #1 with him. Damn..."

    Q Suddently appears: "Muahahahahahaha."

    Picard:"What are you doing here? Get off my ship! I have no time for you now!"

    Q:"Silent little man, be silent. Do you know who Giordi realy is...? Muahahahahahaha"

    Puff and Q disappears in a cloud.

    Picard:"I knew it!"

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    Admiral Jeanway and Captain Fenriz of the U.S.S. Elusive, a StarFleet Security Ship, are cruising along parallel time-lines in their Evaiders. Small, powerful shuttles that are docked at the HT-01 in a V-shaped notch the stern of the Elusive. These are time travelers from the future. They traverse the universe in search of irregularities in the time-line and correct them. Along the way they encounter occurances or events that can be corrected and do so. The Elusive is a cloaked ship and is Warp 12 capable. The 100 Evaiders are also cloaked.

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    Captain Fenriz sat at his desk. Actually it was more like a card table since some wiseass traded his desk for a case of that God-awful Saurian Brandy. Fenriz vowed to throw the culprit out of the nearest airlock if he caught him. Looking at the sensor data on his console, he spent at least a minute out of every hour clicking zapping popups for one piece of Ferengi crap after another. Signing that trade agreement with Ferenginar was the dumbest thing the Federation had done this year, so far anyway. On his screen he was looking at the sensor data from the nebula that the Elusive/HT-01 was sitting on the edge of, waiting and watching.

    Starfleet Security had ordered them to enter the Nebula and find the Marquis. "Don't you mean the Maquis?" Fenriz had asked. "Don't sass me you young whippersnapper! I'm an Admiral not a Substitute Instructor at the Academy." The decrepit Admiral "Bones" McCoy had yelled. Then his teeth fell out and rolled under a chair. Several ensigns tripped over each other trying to fish them out. Fenriz turned off his display and stood up. He was having dinner with Admiral Jeanway and he had to track down Wesley Crusher's miscreant son Skippy. Skippy Crusher was the newest and most eager ensign in Starfleet. He was also about as smart as a glue-sniffing Tribble. He had been ordered to report to Engineering an hour ago and somehow got his head stuck in a repilcator somewhere on deck 12. Fenriz sighed and exited his office.

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    I PICARD !!! ( Star Trek Roleplaying Thread )
    After pulling Ensign Skippy's head out of a replicator, Captain Fenriz heads to the Evaider launch bay to check up on the maintainance team's progress. As he enters the bay he sees Admiral Jeanway climb out of the c o c k pit of her Evaider. She gives Fenriz a strange look. Then Fenriz sees himself step out of the other Evaider. "WHAT THE H E L L?" both Fenrizs exclaim.

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