Recently I was invited to join this awesome game called Fallen Sword. Its fairly new, just released January 2007 this year. There are over 640,000 people now playing this game. Thats an amazing number of players in such a short time. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Well the game is an adventure, so you better be prepared for battle. There are Quests for great rewards in many exotic locations. You will meet many creatures along ya way, some will be Elite fighters, and Champions. You battle for gold and the experience to level. There are two currencies within the game as well, as you buy and sell weapons and armour at the Auction House...they are Gold and FSPs (Fallen Sword Points). If you want to, join a Guild, you will make many friends who will help you kill creatures you alone cant kill. There are maps and guides through out the game, also with many people willing to offer up help if you get stuck. Fallen Sword is continuing to evolve to be better and greater than ever before.

So if you do all of this, in time you too will become an awesome legendary Warrior.

Fallen Sword - Check it out.