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Thread: University Sound Ling Altec Diffusicone-8 Speakers

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    University Sound Ling Altec Diffusicone-8 Speakers

    Hello all! I just picked up a pair of Diffusicone-8, Series 200, 8" full-range "diffaxial" speakers. The boxes say they were made by 'University Sound, a division of LTV Ling Altec'. I've found a little info on them online, but not much, and was hoping the Altec afficianados here could fill in the blanks.

    They're unused (one box is still sealed) and I have not tried hooking it up at this point. From what I've found, they were likely made in the early to mid 1960s and were not exactly top-of-the-line, but quite decent.

    Along with the M-8s, I got two other University speakers. They're in boxes measuring 10"x10"x4". One is opened, but the speaker itself is wrapped in a foil paper (so I haven't gotten a look at it) and marked with a MIL-SPEC number and other identiying information. It says it's also a 'University Sound' "loudspeaker, PM", MFR P/N M-8, and has a stock number (?) at the top of the stamp of 5965-296-6053. The box is totally un-marked.

    So, any thoughts on what I found? Further information (or questions)? Recommendations for use? I'd love to hear they're one of those "Holy Grail" finds, but I ain't holding my breath. Honestly, any new info would be great.

    Thanks everybody!!


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    Re: University Sound Ling Altec Diffusicone-8 Speakers

    Nowhere near "Holy Grail" I'm afraid, but usable for a small project. The word "decent' would apply. Lower cost Hi-Fi speakers.

    This is 3 or 4 years older than your speakers but prolly close.You will see the Diffusicone 8. Again you have slightly newer ones.

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    Re: University Sound Ling Altec Diffusicone-8 Speakers

    Here is a vintage project. Scroll down to the 27.07.06 group.

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    Re: University Sound Ling Altec Diffusicone-8 Speakers

    small tube amp and these will sing ...

    `````````````````````````````````````````````````` ``

    i have a 'uxc-123' that i'm quite fond of.
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    Re: University Sound Ling Altec Diffusicone-8 Speakers

    Most of the best hi fi transducers and systems by University in the 1950s and 1960s were the work of Abraham Cohen, their chief engineer. This guy was good! He also wrote very well, authoring numerous magazine articles and his essential book "Hi Fi Loudspeakers and Enclosures" in at least two editions. Somewhere I have the article he wrote explaining the Diffusicone series. Basically a wide range dual cone driver a la Lowther, the whizzer is damped by being tied back to the main cone at its periphery. I believe Cohen may have been following up on earlier work by Dr. Harry Olson of RCA, who described such a driver in the late 1930s. I once had a pristine Diffusicone 15 and let it go cheap on ebay... bad move. My brother and his family are still using the Cohen-designed University Classic three way horn systems I fixed up for them years ago, though.

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    Re: University Sound Ling Altec Diffusicone-8 Speakers

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    Thanks for all the feedback and info! You've pretty much confirmed my thoughts on them - not top-of-the-line and not junk; well-made, but kinda average performance; and I ain't gonna pay off my car with 'em. They're all on eBay now, along with a pair of University "M-8" in sealed (mystery!) boxes.

    Guess I'll go back to my planned resto on the AR-2As - I've put them off for too long! Thanks again!!!


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