CL HEADS UP  Altec 9815-8A
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Thread: CL HEADS UP Altec 9815-8A

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    CL HEADS UP Altec 9815-8A

    CL HEADS UP  Altec 9815-8A
    I would love to buy these but they're way too far for me to drive! Second pair of Altecs I've found today that I would be interested in if they were nearby. More than I'd like to pay but worth close to (??) his asking price of $1,000 (maybe 700-800?) IHMO if drivers are mint.

    Altec Lansing Speakers

    Found some specs on them here courtesy of Altec Users Board member Earl K (scroll down to photos etc.):

    Altec 9815-8a need help

    REAL Altecs with Mantaray Horns and 909 tangerine drivers (and 16" frame woofers)---If he would budge a little on the price for the pair I'd be in my car driving to audition these right now if they weren't in Dallas. Any members here near Texas in a haggling mood? I'd love to see someone pick these up for $700 or so for the pair if they're in great working order..... Anyone know what woofers are in these?

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    Re: CL HEADS UP Altec 9815-8A

    Neat find. Ditto.

    Too many horses in the stable to go that much on them atm, but also not seen much imo.

    ...and I like black!

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    Re: CL HEADS UP Altec 9815-8A

    Don't expect maximum performance from them without the acousta-mate processor and proper personality module for your space that they were designed for use with. i sold mine with processor and 3 modules for 450 a few years back, i wouldn't pay that much to get em back.

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    Re: CL HEADS UP Altec 9815-8A

    Cool, good input.

    At first glance...
    ...seems a lot like the Aphex Aural Exciter.

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    Re: CL HEADS UP Altec 9815-8A

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    CL HEADS UP  Altec 9815-8A
    To be honest, i had unrealistic expectations of them. I was expecting something on par with model 19 sound.

    They were part of an install from a bar that was housed in a commercial building that a contractor friend bought via a foreclosure sale. He asked if i was interested in the sound system and if i was to just make him an offer on removing all of it in preparations for renovation.

    Once i got them home i couldn't make myself fall in love with them. For high level listening they were pretty good, and probably were in their original install too. But, in my living room i just could not live with them.

    While i never had the chance to compare them side by side, i definitely prefer the 9846's in my living room. They are smoother/better balanced at lower listening levels yet remain coherent and still reproduce with authority at higher listening levels.............. i still like to twist the big knob now and then.

    I'd like to visit those Mantaray horns in the 9846's....................


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