Content Wants, Needs and Ideas
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Thread: Content Wants, Needs and Ideas

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    Content Wants, Needs and Ideas
    One of the driving forces behind what we're going to need to do is what we want to provide. Obviously, we'll have the weekly stats, customizable leagues, rosters, scoring, etc. But what are we going to provide that is interesting and unique?

    The hosting packages we are looking at seem to somehow include forums and 'blogging', so that is somewhere to get started. I'd like to write a column, and I know Mike Y would like to write a column.

    We need to look at a way to provide convenient player status updates, as Yahoo! does with the Note icon next to players names. This may be something we'd end up paying for (I was looking at's packages, and they are not unreasonable).

    I have gotten really into 'Salary Cap' football this year while playing at Yahoo. It uses the same player statistics as normal FFL, so I don't think it'd be a huge drain on system resources, and would be something fun and different that we could do.

    Survivor and Pick-em type games are always interesting; while they would require a little bit of specialized work on finding statistics, it probably would not be all that hard.

    For my class at UNF, I am working on a web/mysql based poll management system, so we could adapt that to easily add polls to the site as we see fit.

    This is basically what I envision. What other things do you see us reasonably able to provide, or what crazy-impossible dreams do you have for the site?

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    I would like some kind of email notification system. Like emails you with injury reports or news on your players and such. I don't know what kind of packages kffl and the like offer...

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    Depending on how the email system works with whatever package we get, it is exceedingly easy to send mail in .NET, so we'd just have to determine when it'd be appropriate to send mail. I know the teams release their player statuses on Wednesday morning; I'm sure there's somewhere we can go look at em and try to figure out what to send.

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    I don't know if any of you have StatTracker that yahoo offers, but it will give you your "optimal" score. I want to keep track of how you do and how you would do if your lineups were set optimally. It helps me realize how I screw myself out of points every week...

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    Content Wants, Needs and Ideas
    That is interesting. I suppose that would be simple, given that we'd be tracking bench player points as well...


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