Site Wide Announcement: Wednesday, August 14 2019

Well it has been a rather long time, but were still here...

We now have a new developer on board and are addressing (2) items immediately.

1. RECAPTCHYA as a few reported no longer works as it was using an outdated Google API. While I disabled it for the time being we will be updating the code to Google's latest version.

2. The link allowing you to use your FaceBook account to login has not worked for some time due to outdated APIs. This is also going to be addressed.

Both of these features are specifically tied to the core code of vBulletin and has nothing to do with any of the Hostboard code in itself.

Once these are taken care of I will be diving back into the Hostboard system with the developer and trying to resolve any known/found issues as well as looking for further enhance the system over all.

Thank you as always for staying with us,
Team Hostboard