This was the blog on our investigation done on our apartment a little over a year ago. Thought it might be a little bit interesting for some people.

Saturday, June 23, 2007
Daniel and Kristin's Apartment

Hey everyone, Sorry it's been a while for us to update on here. We've been workin on the experimental labs, and video IS coming soon so look forward to that. In the meantime, we've added some pictures from Daniel and Kristin's house. They called me up one night and told me they had some stuff goin on so hope you enjoy what happened..... Daniel called me up one night and said that they've been seeing shadows, and hearing things in their apartment; on top of that, Kristin had been waking up in the morning to something holding her down. So I called John and said we needed to head over there. Well when we got there John could sense something very negative right away. So Daniel was telling us that when he sat on the pot he would have the door cracked and once and a while could see shadows move across the doorway. He cracked the door about the distance it usually is, and I looked in the bathroom and all I could see was the mirror. It reflected the shower across the way. They have a sliding door shower and I was lookin and watching for something....then I looked up at the ceiling in the corner, and saw a large black mass swirling about then I watched it just DROP behind the shower door. I stood in awe....I was trying to figure out if I really saw what I saw, and as I continued watching, I noticed something in the shower move around. I told John to come over and just look in the mirror and to tell me if he saw something. He stood for a second and then said..."In the shower?" I said yep. He then said "Towards the bottom?" I said yep, and then he said "Yeah, something is in there." He said that it felt very negative in there. So we continued into the bedroom and John could see a small three foot "creature" that looked like cousin it from the adams family huddled in the corner. So John tried to rid the home of whatever it was by spreading sea salt and burning sage. That technique will either do the job, or backfire and piss whatever is there off....well it backfired. The next day Daniel called again and said that everything that had been going on intensified, and while he was standing at the toilet he had the black mass come up right behind him. So we decided to do an official team investigation, and we brought in two new members that I knew could help with what we were doing. Nathan, who knows a lot about demonology, and other paranormal topics who has dealt with demons, and has trapped and rid them before. He also is a clairvoyant. And Betty, who is clairvoyant. gets REALLY interesting...... John, Nathan, Betty, and I show up at Daniel and Kristin's. John, and Nate stood outside to smoke before going in and I went in with Betty and Kristin. I brought the EMF meter and went straight to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom, and was standing outside, it started going haywire. I tried to trace it to a source, but it only went into the bathroom, but to no set location. As I was trying to trace it Betty had something touch her, and her hand turned really cold and she could feel something draining her. I called John and Nate in, and we got to work. The bathroom was really hot this night (as in temp). We sat a voice recorder in there, and set up base in the kitchen. I set the camera up to record down the hallway to the front door of the bathroom. After all was set up Nate had already picked up on a spirit of a cat in the home. I went into the bathroom to to EVP. It was still really hot in there, and the voice recorder in the bathroom was voice activated, and I witnessed it recording when there were no noises. After a while I came out and went into the kitchen. This time, Nate had the "cat" in his lap and was petting it.....and there was someone else there. A spirit from an old free mason cemetery was in the kitchen. Also Betty witnessed an orb right after I went in the bathroom. I stood behind the camera, and started taking pictures. Every flash, she could see a woman screaming. John could see her without the flash. Now by "see" I mean mentally, not physically. Then Betty got very uncomfortable and almost collapsed. So Kristin took her outside to regain herself. When they came back in, I took them into the bedroom to see if we could see the creature. Nathan and John stayed in the kitchen to figure out who the mason guy was, and why he was there. The girls and I sat on the bed looking at the closet and right off the bat Betty asked what was in there. Kristin told her that it was just clothes and normal closet stuff and Betty's response was "No, there's something else." Then asked Kristin "where is the knife?" Kristin didn't know what she was talking about until she brought up a dagger that Daniel owned and told Daniel to go get it. When he brought it to Betty she said, well this has blood on it. Meaning it had been used to kill. Then she had them open the closet and Betty could see something visually moving around and every now and then we could see a little shadow movement. So we called Nate and John to join us. When Nate came in Betty wanted Nate to hold the dagger. He took one glance and said "I'm not touching that thing..there's blood on it." Weird huh? Then she pointed at the closet and said "what is that?" He took one look and said..."It's a f*cking three year old girl." John agreed and said that the first time we came she must have been huddled in the corner with her hair over her. So that debunked the creature. So after a while of talking with the little girl, we set about on getting rid of these spirits. ..... Spirit 1. Masonary- Daniel had brough home graveyard dirt to protect his home. When he said that he got it from a cemetery, John said that he recognized the name that they got from the spirit. Thomolson. He said that headstone is in the back of the cemetery, and Daniel said that was where he got it. So to get rid of that one Daniel had to take the dirt back. Spirit 2. Cat- After the investigation, Daniel showed Nate and John a picture of his cat he used to have, and both agreed that it was the same cat. Well, they didn't mind that spirit being there so they let it stay. Spirit 3. Woman- John and Betty figured out that the woman was actually a guardian of Nate's. He couldn't feel or see her whatsoever. But she was following him, and wasn't in the house before this night. John described her to Nate, and he didn't recognize her by the description. Spirit 4. Demon- We asked Nate to take care of the demon so he grabbed his crystal. Went in the bathroom and spoke some things. Walked out and said "Done." I walked back in and it was very cold in there. I'm not sure what all went on in there, but I myself was amazed. I never believed in psychics or anything like this before this night. Since then, Daniel and Kristin have not experienced anything beyond the normal. Case closed.

Written by Brian Robertson of C.A.S.P.E.R. Investigations