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About LowOhms
Born 1944. Grew up in Trenton NJ where my Dad had an ALTEC 604 B in the house when I was age 8. Dad ( and his Dad ) were audio experimenters, music lovers.

Graduated Penn State University 1966, Business Administration. Was a stockbroker in Beverly Hills CA, 1968-1984. I once owned a seat on the Kansas City Board of Trade 1984-1988.

I was mentored in audio from 1978-88 by Robert W. Fulton of Fulton Musical Industries. Robert was like a father to me !! 'Best person I ever met in audio. Great man.

Am close friends with Dennis Fraker, who was in the movie theater business all his life, and he now runs Serious Stereo out of Livingston, MT and he still builds the best SE 2A3 audio amplifier on the face of this planet. Very cool friend.

In 2013 I returned to my roots, with a pair of 515 Bs and 802 Ds, and I am slowly building a HI FI A7 for apartment use, near-field listening. I have mass-loaded each A7 825 enclosures with about 290 pounds of concrete patio tiles, atop each box, horn, and DIY crossover.

I employ a unique DIY two stage DC SET amplifier at home. Its half a 12ZBZ7, direct coupled into a JJ 2A3-40 output tube, with a whopping 3 plus Watts output. It has about a 200 Watt power supply. VERY VERY dynamic and good-sounding to "my" ears. I have been designing and building Triode DHT amps since 1982 with Bob Fulton's original mentoring.

I specialize my most recent amp designs by DIY building with a unique power supply topology, low in DCR and low in storage effects..,,, and take my word on it, it rocks on ALTEC speakers !!

Jeff Medwin
Warrensburg, MO


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