Placenta Accreata Support
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Thread: Placenta Accreata Support

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    Placenta Accreata Support
    Have daughter who just had beautiful baby girl on aug. 30th.. this past sunday the 11th. of june she started hemerage rusded to E.R. admitite tried to do DNC couldnt stop bleeding went in to explore.. had four units of blood massive antiabotics..and had hystrerectomy. I see many have had this happen before or during but not after such a long time.. Just looking for some information. and My heart goes out to all of you...thanks Lorena

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    Hi Ladies!

    I can't tell you how relieved I was to find this website. I have read all of your previous messages and it gives me comfort to be able to talk with you.

    My daughter was born a year ago. My pregnancy was normal except for in the last month and a 1/2 my blood pressure was slowing rising and my platelet count was very low.

    Because of this my doctor induced my labor at 38 weeks. After 21 hours of labor (three of them pushing) my doctor did a csection and discovered my placenta accreta. It took them along time to stop the bleeding. Thankfully I did not have a historectomy. My baby and I are now both healthy.

    The scary part is now my husband and I would like to have another baby. I am scared of the complications for the baby and my self. We are going to meet with our doctor in a couple of weeks to ask questions before we start to try again. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for questions I should ask? Anything you wish you would have done differently? Thank you for your support. I hope that all of you are doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!

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    Hello all,
    I have had two previous accretas and I am 20 weeks pregnant with my third baby. My youngest child is 6yrs. old, so it has been a while since my experience of delivery and accreta. I am terrified!! Today i went for my routine ultrasound. The Doctor said he would be unable to see any accreta even if it did exist. He said that he would only be able to detect the possibility of incrtea and percreta. 20 minutes later he told me that there was something wrong with the placenta. He can see no definition between the placenta and the uterus. He didn't seem to want to elaborate on what it meant, he just said to wait til' my 32 week ultrasound. He did squeeze in the comment that if i knew how serious this was that i would not be pregnant with this child at all. I almost did not make it with my last delivery. Surgery, blood transfusions, the whole nine yards. I guess not losing my uterus was not enough. I am out of my mind with worry. I would like to enjoy my pregnancy without the morbid thoughts of what may be. I have 2 beautiful children, and I am afraid they will be left without a mother. to make matters worse, I have Crohns disease. Just feels like more than I can bear right now. My husband just keeps telling me not to worry, and that everything will be fine. I need honest support and understaning. I know things arent fine. Just wanted to let some of that out. Any opinions or options would be great. i am lost and alone.

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    Had my baby girl 8 months ago, which was one of the most terrible days of my life. Labour was long but sweet and finally my angel was born. I had a little moment with her before the midwife attempted to remove the placenta. It hurt and I told her so. She stopped but then tried again. This time she tugged hard and it came out. I thought everything was sweet until her face dropped as she was trying to piece the placenta together. A specialist came in and confirmed that less than half the placenta was out. With no pain relief he attempted to manually remove it right there and then. I was terrified, felt like I was in a horror movie and they were all trying to kill me. The whole thing seemed so barbaric! After about four attempts it was agreed I was to go to theatre. Five hours later I was awake to find out I lost 2000mls of blood and needed a blood transfusion, but apart from that all was fine. Eight months later after finding out how lucky I was that both of us survived, i'm still suffering and traumatised. I am on the waiting list(about 6 months) for a D&C to get rid of the placenta that is left. I have been constantly bleeding since the birth, giving me a constant reminder, and all doctors have been doing since is prescribing hormones.Its a relief to know i'm not the only one out there!

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    It has been very interesting, and at times heartbreaking, to read all the previous posts. I have had retained placenta with all 3 of my previous live births and with one of my 3 miscarriages. I am now 28 weeks pregnant with my 4th and am worried that it will happen again. I don't think that with the first birth that I had any risk factors for developing PA. (Although I have been diagnosed with PCOS, and endocrine problem that puts a woman at risk for a plethora of complications including irregular periods and thick uterine lining. I believe this is why I had 3 miscarriages.) While 3 months pregnant with my 2nd I had to have an apendectomy, more abdominal surgery, and after the delivery with my second child I had PA again. There was still a small piece of placenta retained, (about 1.5mm in size!) that caused me to bleed profusely and I had a D&C 4 months later. After that I had one more D&C to remove an incomplete miscarriage, (could it have been from PA?) I had two more miscarriages after that, but they both resolved on their own. It was then that I was diagnosed with the PCOS. I was put on medication, (Metformin), and was able to concieve again. I had no complications with the pregnancy, but was worried about having PA again. I asked my OB about it, (the same one since my first baby). I was wondering if a c-section wouldn't be a better option for me. He told me that there was no reason to believe that it would happen again. So I went about my merry way and trusted that all would be fine. When it came time to deliver my doctor was not the one on call, but he made sure all the nursing staff new to call HIM and no one else regarding my labor. He was there, (bless him for it!) when my third child was born and new exactly what to expect when yet again my placenta would not detatch. As with the other two my blood pressure dropped dramatically (about 60/35), and they had to give me another IV and some meds to put me under in order to remove the placenta, (I think yet another D&C). I've never lost enough blood to require a transfusion, but with my history I'm really worried about it this time.
    My husband and I have agreed even before getting pregnant with this one, that 4 kids would be our limit. I was planning on getting my tubes tied after this one anyway. I wonder if my doctor thinks a c-section would be advisable for this pregnancy with that and my history in mind? He hasn't been one to just schedule one unless absolutely necessary. And I'm worried that even if I do have a c-section I am at a higher risk for hemmoraghing than if I don't have one.


    PS. My mother had PA with me, but none of my 4 sisters. Strange, huh?

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    Re: Placenta Accreata Support

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    Placenta Accreata Support
    I went through this ten years ago. Thankfully my twin boys were healthy, and after a day in a coma, an emergency hysterectomy, and a lot of time, I am okay.

    My question is to those of you who have gone through this or who know of people who have gone through this...

    What have your sisters pregnancies been like? Any Complications?

    Thanks for any insight.

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