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Thread: Politics

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    Reply to this message to talk about politics.

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    Kanye West on NBC today, stated that "George Bush doesn't care about black people." This was stated on live television on the East Coast. His statement was edited, and did not show on the West Coast other than on NBC's Entertainment Tonight. Immediately following West's statement, Mike Meyers looked at West, apparantly shocked, then the camera cut to an also shocked Christ Tucker. There is no statement of the incident on NBC's website at all. To those of you reading, I query, what do you think about:
    1. Kanye West's statement
    2. Bush's possible response
    3. NBC's response

    Please reply.
    Peace, and have a good one.

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    Apparantly, the new Supreme Judge candidate John Roberts will take the place of William H. Rehnquist becoming the 17th US cheif justice. Rehnquist died recently, if you weren't aware, due to thyroid cancer. President George Bush Jr. nominated Justice Roberts for the newly opened position in the Supreme Court. According to the KREM 2 news, many were worried about Justice Roberts being nominated due to his opposition to women's rights. (For more on this head over to: WashingtonPost )

    Justice Roberts was supposed to take the place of the soon-to-retire Assistant Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who is the first woman to hold a position on the Supreme Court bench.

    What do you think about the new Justice being nominated by Rep. President George W. Bush, Jr.?

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    Kanye West is a jerkoff

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    Re: Politics

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    Politics is a train wreck for liberty.
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