Random Ramblings
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Thread: Random Ramblings

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    Random Ramblings
    Its been months since i wrote anything really original. Sometimes it is like that. You find that you have too much time to do even the simplest of things that you end up not doing them at all. Well its not that i really doubt myself but of late when i browse through my old things ...answer papers and such, a shadow of a doubt creeps upon me whether i was better then than i am now. the streak of originality that was in those things have sadly gone askew. or has it?. maybe its just a dearth of opportunity or practice. i'll try better from now on i promise i intend to put something up for all the world to see. i cant go on hiding out of fear... no that is not the mark of a great writer. i respect Mr Rushdie because he had the courage to stand upto the political prssure of a whole nation. i dont like his books though. i think that these modern writers lack something that the great victorians had aplenty...decency and simplicity. who would want to write something that would make sense only to a couple of critics....that is simply not what literature is about. universal accessibiliy and relevence should be the hallmarks of any great literary work. i promise that if i could ever coax myself into writing something , i'd make sure that it stays as simple as possible. i have written a lot but its mostly babble as the bots say...nothing significant at all ...maybe i should post these ramblings somewhere on the net and see what happens...its a thought.

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    great ramblings, keep it up

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    Re: Random Ramblings

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    Random Ramblings


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