Hello, everyone. This is a play-by-post roleplaying forum for use with White Wolf's World of Darkness. This is a modern horror setting including such creatures as vampires, werewolves, and mages. However, this forum does not require you to roll dice or to even own the books (though some knowledge is required).

This particular focuses on the fictional city of Armistice. All of the beings of the World of Darkness have representation in and around the city. They are aware of each other's existence, though not of each others true abilities, and have declared a truce. The Prince of the Vampires, the Alphas of the most important Forsaken packs, and the Hierarch of the Mages have all signed a peace treaty promising to police any of their own who break the peace. At the insistance of Prince Eugenius, an exception was made for sanctioned duels should hostilities between two individuals ever rise to a point at which it becomes a threat to the peace.

Beneath the city lies the labyrinthine tunnels referred by the creatures who inhabit it as Under-Arms. This rather large area has enough room to house multiple Pure Tribes, the more feral of the vampires, and mages of left-handed paths. A notable exception is the city's House of Ariadne, who attempt to create safe passageways for all inhabitants of the city.