post your charaters here.
Quick rules
1. you may have a max of three charaters and you must keep track of them.
2. The currents races are avalible to play as:
- Tau
- Kroot
- Humans (IG and Tau Human Auxiliarys)
- Space Marines
- Daemon Hunter

3. Unless given specal permision your starting posion is as fallows:
- humans: basic infantry (Private)
- Tau: Fire warrior (Shas'La)
- Space marines: Standerd space marine

To join post your charater profile like so:
User Name:
Real Name: (optional)
Charaters Name:
Rank: (changes if you get promoted in the RP)
Walker/Armor: (only if you have some type of walker or specal armor.)
Weapon1: (main weapon)
Bio: (tell us About your charater)
Other: (any thing else you need)
Color: The color your charator speaks in.

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