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    A work in progress
    This is a work in progress. I thought it might make an interresting Childrens story when I finish. If I could find some talented artist who could draw castles, dragons and princess.

    Julie & The Dragon Of Dreams

    Once upon a time,
    A long time ago
    In a land far far away,
    In a land you wouldn’t know

    There was a magic factory
    that supplys us, all of our dreams.
    From outside looking in
    It is a perfect place it seems

    The owners awarded Julie a job
    She was so proud, coming from common folk
    Everyone said she was lucky
    it was often said as they spoke

    There was a magic dragon used
    As the story was told
    Even its breath was used,
    to keep the workers from the cold

    Mistress Julie showed up for work
    her dress freshly patched and clean
    “I am so thrilled, please tell me what to do”
    “I am here to fulfill my dream

    She was welcomed there
    By the Chairman of the board
    “Your job is very important Lass,
    A job that can not be ignored

    We will pay you well
    In gold coin of the realm
    In packets so large
    You will be over whelmed

    Upon this news, she heard
    She clapped her hands with glee
    “I’m so excited by your news,
    This job, I can’t wait to see

    She was lead to a bolted door
    Thick oak covered with gold
    Her expression changed quickly
    seeing Drangon’s Den, written in bold

    “Oh My” Mistress Julie exclaimed
    I don’t think it is right
    to send a peasent girl
    into a hungry dragons sight

    Don’t worry Julie child
    It’s not upon humans he feasts
    He much prefers to be fed
    Bar-B-Q wilderbeast

    Your job is a simple one indeed
    You keep him happy, clean & fed,
    We will send him his meals,
    You keep fresh straw for his bed

    It’s really so simple, they all agreed
    Through the door Julie slowly went
    Nearing the bottom steps
    She smelled the dragons scent

    Her young body was all a tremble
    As she quitely edged near
    The dragons voice rumbled
    “Come Closer, You have nothing to fear

    She beheld the Wonderous beast
    Shackled with a colar of gold
    A chain encrusted with jewels
    led to this dragon of old

    His once gleaming scales
    Were now covered in moss
    His wings were dry and brittle
    His horn had lost its gloss

    “So my new keeper
    Has finally arrived.
    I am so old now,
    That I’ve outlived the last five

    ...To Be Continued...


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    Roger! This is great! I cant believe I missed

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    A work in progress
    Roger?? When ya gonna finish the story?? I have
    been waiting patiently! *L*

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